“Sir, sir!” Director Rudne Brent from the French Auror Office had just put on his pajamas and was about to fall asleep with his wife. A knock on the door awakened him.

“Ugh…” Brent cursed and put on his clothes, walking towards the door.

“If it’s not the news about Grindelwald and the group of dark wizards who attacked Muggles, I swear I would cast a hundred curses on you.” Brent walked to the door.

“What happened? Anything special?” Brent asked in a deep voice.

The Auror breathed and quickly replied, “We may have found Grindelwald’s whereabouts!”

“What?!” Brent was shocked.

He asked, “What’s the situation? If you find info on Grindelwald, don’t act rashly. Do you remember that?”

Just relying on the Aurors of the French Ministry of Magic, finding Grindelwald, and catching him back would be a great success.

He hurriedly replied, “Our people didn’t arrest him immediately. To be precise, we didn’t see each other in person.”

“Tell me the full situation.” Brent put his hands behind his back and returned to his previous composure.

The Auror took a deep breath, “On the westernmost side of Paris, a manor that originally belonged to a Muggle caught fire. But the people we patrolled found a fluctuation of magic power, and someone recognized that house. That should be Aiken’s manor.”

Hearing this, Brent’s eyes sank. Of course, he knew that the Aiken family had bought a house there, and in order to get it at a low price, Mr. Aiken also used some magic on the original owner of the manor, which was a serious violation of the Secrecy Act.

But that was Mr. Aiken, the number one man in France. Therefore, Brent chose to ignore it.

Thinking of this, he could no longer maintain his calmness and asked, “How is the situation there?”

“There is nothing left after the fire. Someone discovered the remaining wave of magic power…” The Auror gulped, “It seems to be the same spell that Grindelwald used in Pere Lachaise…”

“So, we haven’t made a move yet huh? Brent let out a sigh of relief.

“What about the rest?”

“They are all stationed now. Do you need anything?”

Brent pondered for a while, “Call everyone up. Let the forensic observe the scene.”


Twenty minutes later, all the French Aurors gathered in the western suburbs of Paris. In front of him, the originally luxurious manor had been burned to the ground. It wasn’t until the flames finally settled for a bit and the forensics signaled that everything was safe.

All the Aurors raised their wands and slowly moved toward the ruins. After some inspection, the Aurors breathed a sigh of relief.

Grindelwald is not here.

Brent came forward from behind and ordered, “Put out the fire, check the situation, and see if there are any survivors.”

Hearing this, several Aurors looked at each other. The fire has been burning for at least half an hour, it would be a miracle if there were any survivors. Of course, Brent knew this, but there must be something.

The fire was extinguished, and the Aurors entered the ruins in groups.

“Sir! Sir!” Suddenly, someone shouted.

“Don’t scream! Don’t embarrass the French elite wizards!” Brent reprimanded.

He walked steadily towards the scene surrounded by Aurors. Passing through the crowd, Brent saw the scene before him. He felt his scalp go numb as if that horrible night a few months ago was about to reappear.

In front of him is the only place in the whole manor that has not been burned. On the gorgeous marble floor, ashes were neatly piled up.

An Auror trembled and whispered, “According to our investigation, Mr. Aiken and the wizards he hired are living here. There are exactly eleven people in total. We don’t know whom this might be, but we suspect that it may be Mr. Aiken and the others.”

This scene made Brent feel cold all over; he could have even seen the scene here an hour ago. Grindelwald pushed the door open with a smile and walked in casually. He killed everyone here as easily as greeting an old friend.

The flames rose, and all the bodies were burned to ashes. The ashes were used to warn them who came after him.

Mr. Aiken has been completely burned to death.

Brent took a deep breath, retracted his clenched hands, and tried to maintain his composure.

He told the other Aurors, “Go inform the Ministry of Magic, the Guards, and the International Confederation of Wizards about this incident.”



At this time, at Hogwarts Castle.

Sean returned to Umbridge’s office. He hid all his figures and passed through the Aurors and the Guards. His clone illusion was dozing on the chair.

“Hmm…” Sean stretched his waist without paying attention.

He looked at the wizards who did not guard him strictly and asked lazily, “Fabian doesn’t seem to come back. Should I be allowed to go back? I’m only a student in the third grade.”

The Guards and Aurors glanced and finally put away their wand.

“It seems that Fabian Aiken has indeed framed you. You can go back. We will start the process of pursuing accountability on him.”

Sean stood up and twirled the wand in his hand, “Really? If there is any news about him, please let me know. I wanted to sue him.”

The Guards glanced at him and shook his head.

Sean passed through the crowd and stopped at the door. He turned around and asked, “I almost forgot. What are you going to do with Umbridge?”

An Auror replied, “Using the Unforgivable Curse on a student is a serious offense. If there is no accident, she will already be sent to Azkaban.”

“Oh,” Sean asked curiously, “Will the ministry send another senior investigator over?”

The Auror thought for a moment and replied in a muffled voice, “That depends on the decision of the Ministry.”

“Well, I hope that an honest and responsible investigator can be sent this time.” Sean said with a smile and left.

After he walked away, the remaining people looked at each other. The Guards grabbed his cloak and said casually, “Imagine being threatened by a third grader. You didn’t catch what he said, did you?”

The Auror gave him a cold look and said firmly, “At least I didn’t have to deal with that Aiken kid.”

After a few conversations, the two groups walked out of Hogwarts one after the other. They returned to the hall of the British Ministry of Magic together.

They were stunned by the scene in front of them as soon as they arrived.

It was already late at night, but the Ministry of Magic was as lively as a weekday afternoon. The difference was that the faces of the anxiously walking crowd all had serious expressions on their faces.

“What happened?” The Guards’ leader stopped a person he knew.

When he finished speaking, he froze in place.

The Aiken Manor was burned down, and all the wizards guarding it were killed. Even Fabian, who might have returned home, was turned into ashes.

This means that Grindelwald is back.

He suddenly thought of something he heard about.

The sentence that Sean had just said.

“If there is any news about him, please let me know. I wanted to sue him.”


In a certain villa, a wizard with a violent expression and pale face walked quickly towards the bedroom. Before walking to the double doors, he restrained all the expressions on his face and knocked gently on the door.

“Master Grindelwald, I’m sorry to disturb you at this time. But I have something important to report.”

“Come in, my friend.” He opened the door and walked in, seeing Grindelwald smiling at him.

“Don’t be so nervous. We are comrades in arms who conspire together for great things.”

“Yes, Lord Grindelwald.” He relaxed a little.

“Lord Grindelwald, I have received news from an informant that something happened in Paris, and our people are on the scene.”

Grindelwald leaned comfortably on the chair with one foot raised. He listened to the report, and a smile gradually appeared on his face.

“Tell me a little more about it.” He ordered.

“Yes, it was like this…”

Listening to the detailed information, Grindelwald smiled even more.

“Hah, Interesting.”

The man asked hesitantly, “My lord, the Ministry of Magic of various countries has now identified you as the wizard who wiped out the Aiken family. I know you don’t take their words to heart, but there is a person who is pretending to be you. Should I get him?”

Grindelwald smiled and waved his hands, “No need. Tell them that I did this thing. Take it as a signal that I will be returning.”

The man’s eyes became completely frantic. Knelt down and said respectfully, “Yes, my lord.”

When he closed the door, Grindelwald smiled and walked leisurely to the window.

“Smart use of the current situation. It seems that they were dealt with quickly and provided sufficient alibi…” Grindelwald looked at the sky hanging high outside the window. He smiled even wider, “Sean, you did a good job.”


Sean, under the blanket, sneezed. He rubbed his nose and muttered something.

“I wonder who’s talking about me?”

In his hand, he was holding a few magic items he got from Mr. Aiken.

Needless to say, that necklace is very powerful. In addition, Sean also found some magic items with fewer functions. Although they are not amazing, they are enough for offense and defense.

A total of five items were found, and Sean decided to give Hermione and Daisy one each. The remaining three copies will be given to his parents and younger sister. Although they are not wizards, defensive spells can also be triggered automatically so that he can feel more at ease when he is not around them.

In addition to these items and a large pile of Galleons, Sean also found a few other interesting items.

A landscape crystal ball with something in it, this thing is more like a magic toy than a magic item. When someone gets close to the sphere, snowflakes start falling from its top.

The number of falling snowflakes is the person’s age. Sean’s birthday was November 15th, 1979; now it is 1993, just a few days before his birthday, and fourteen snowflakes have fallen.

He held the ball and approached his roommate. It was also accurate. Even Dave can also be measured.

Accurate is quite accurate, but it is not very useful.

Sean just played with it for a while and then threw it back. The airwing bird likes round things very much.

The second thing is a book of spells. This book does not come from a certain publishing house, but Mr. Aiken himself should write it, and it contains many spells.

Among them, most of the spells have been seen or used publicly, and there is one that makes Sean’s eyes shine.

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