In Paris.

On the outskirts of the city, a manor’s lights were bright. Strangely, none of the passersby noticed this mansion and completely ignored it. The owner of this Manor was a well-known entrepreneur. Of course, the Manor is now owned by the Aiken family.

Mr. Aiken was wearing a velvet shirt and was leaning on a luxurious rocking chair with a blazing bonfire beside him, and his face was a bit sour.

“Damn it.” The soot accidentally burned Mr. Aiken, but there was no pain on his face, only a gloomy look.

His right hand holding the cigarette was much older and withered than the hand of a man his age; even if ashes fell on it, he would not feel much pain.

Mr. Aiken threw his unsmoked cigarette into the fireplace, and stroked his pale silver left hand with a grim expression.

Because of Grindelwald’s spell, his left hand disappeared permanently. No one can perfectly break this curse, and Mr. Aiken finally chooses to do something. That is to completely drain the vitality of his right hand in exchange for a usable left hand.

Mr. Aiken’s face was gloomy, and there was a trace of fear that would never be erased. He said that he would capture Grindelwald. Since the previous Manor was burned, Mr. Aiken chose the new Manor in the west of Paris, which is far away from Pere Lachaise.

His son went to Hogwarts, and he knew that he was looking for revenge on that Wallup kid. Mr. Aiken didn’t object to this. He was just a kid in the third grade. He was able to use Grindelwald’s name for protection, but now it’s not the same as before.

Mr. Aiken still supported his son for this. After all, his wife passed away early, and he was his only son and the Aiken family would be handed over to him in the future.

While Mr. Aiken was thinking, there was a sudden movement outside. He subconsciously bounced off his chair.

“Master…” The painful voice of a house elf can be heard.

“Go away, you!” A young man’s loud voice can also be heard.

Hearing his son’s familiar voice, Mr. Aiken frowned. He wondered why his son had come back suddenly. Although Grindelwald burned down the previous Manor, and many magic items inside were burned, some are still useful to him.

For example, the special key at his son’s feet can be used in several places, and only those with the password are the Aiken family. Only he and his son know this password.

A house elf in a rag was timidly lowering his head at the door. He didn’t even dare to cry out in pain at the young master’s kicks.

Fabian seemed to be getting more and more angry. He kicked the house elf out and cursed angrily, “Get out of here, you lowly thing!”

“I don’t want to see you on this premises!”

The house-elf stood up tremblingly, not daring to speak.

“Go to the basement. You are not allowed to eat tonight.” Mr. Aiken walked out of the door and ordered the house-elf.

Mr. looked at Fabian with a serious face, “I told you not to let anger take over your mind.”

Of course, the Fabian he was talking to was Sean. He learned everything from Fabian’s memory and has no problem dealing with his father.

Sean’s eyes were red, and his chest heaved violently a few times. He glanced at Mr. Aiken, but he took a few deep breaths in the end.

“Look at you. Come with me to the study room and tell me what’s going on.” Mr. Aiken said in a deep voice.

Sean kept stroking his hair back and followed after taking a deep breath. This is what Fabian usually does.

The two came to the study room one after the other. Mr. Aiken closed the door and asked, “Did your plan fail?”

Sean clenched his teeth. His eyes were gloomy, as if they were about to drip water.

“That Mudblood…” As he spoke, he walked to the wine cabinet, took out a bottle of wine, opened it, and took a sip.

“Fabian!” He looked at him seriously and said, “How many times have I taught you that no matter if you fail or succeed, you must be calm.”

Sean panted, glanced at Mr. Aiken, and calmed down under his gaze. Finally, he gritted his teeth.

“Fine…” He took a deep breath and regained his calmness.

“This is what the heirs of the Aiken family should do.” He nodded with satisfaction.

His son is easily overwhelmed. Although he didn’t achieve satisfactory results this time, he was able to calm down quickly, which can be regarded as progress. This is what he wants to see. As long as Fabian can control himself, then nothing will matter.

In front of Mr. Aiken, his son took another bottle of wine and two glasses and handed them over after filling the wine.

“I’m still too far behind.”

Hearing his son’s words, old Aiken showed a hint of relief in his eyes. Being able to become more and more mature is a good sign. Mr. Aiken picked up his wine glass and took a sip in satisfaction.

“Failure is not a bad thing, Fabian. Tell me, what step went wrong in your plan this time?.”

As he spoke, Mr. Aiken’s eyes suddenly widened, and he felt his tongue being quickly numb, and then the numbness spread rapidly. He wanted to reach out and touch the bright silver necklace on his chest. However, just as his hand was stretching, it was knocked down.

In the study room, Mr. Aiken slumped on the carpet with wide-open eyes. A gentle magic supported his body, but he was immediately overwhelmed by a huge force.

“Every step of your son’s plan has problems. Forgive my bluntness; an incompetent father is often responsible for the death of his stupid child.”

Mr. Aiken was just like Fabian an hour ago; he could do nothing.

Naja slowly swam out of Sean’s sleeve, then swam towards Mr. Aiken’s necklace. Sean asked Naja to take off his necklace.

Fabian remembers that his father’s necklace is a powerful magic item. But just like any other item, it only prevents magic spells and doesn’t work against magical animals because they think that non-human magical creatures are inferior and not worthy of attention.

Sean walked out of the room and then put on Fabian’s face again.

Outside the house, several wizards hired by the Aiken family were discussing.

“What happened to Master Aiken?”

“The lights in the room are all turned off. It seems that something big happened.”

“I feel bad for whoever was involved in that problem.”

Suddenly, the door was pushed open, and a voice shouted, “Everyone, come here.”

Fabian stood at the door and shouted to everyone.

“Looks like he’s going to tear my skin apart…” Someone said

“Suck it up, just listen to him and you’ll be fine.”

Soon, nearly ten hired wizards gathered. Seeing Fabian’s face, they greeted them casually and led the way into the house. A few people followed, the house was a little dark, and the huge room made people feel a little uncomfortable.

After turning around the corner of a corridor, they suddenly saw that their young master turned to face them. He closed his eyes, and there was a smile on the corner of his mouth.

They saw that in the darkness behind him, a huge head was coiled in mid-air, and a pair of yellow, huge, and terrifying vertical pupils were staring at all of them.

Their body fell heavily to the ground. At the back, a wizard who hadn’t turned around yet saw this chilling scene. He only felt the chill go straight to the bones, took out his wand, and prepared to retreat quickly.

However, before he could move, a thorny sheath hanging under the lampshade of the desk lamp beside him suddenly grew bigger, piercing his throat. The only sound left in the room was the bubbling sound of blood bubbling in the throat.

All the wizards hired by the Aiken family were wiped out.

“Thank you.” Sean pressed the button in his hand, and the Basilisk’s blindfold was closed again.

“It’s easy for me to do this.” The Basilisk hissed a little happily. This was its first ‘task’ after following Sean.

Hearing Sean’s voice that he did well, the Basilisk is very satisfied. It swept its tail, smashing all the stone carvings.

On the other side, Dave confirmed that the wizard he was talking about no longer had any breath of life. It spread its wings and flew back to Sean’s side.

“Wash.” Dave opened his mouth actively.

“I know, it’s time to brush your teeth as well.” Sean gave Dave water to wash his mouth.

Fabian’s memory gave him information. These wizards hired by the Aiken family either had a dirty background before being hired, or they did a lot of shameful things for the Aiken family after being hired. Therefore, after doing all of this, Sean didn’t care at all.

He wasn’t afraid of being discovered at all.

After collecting his animals, Sean walked to Mr. Aiken’s bedroom, where some treasures of the Aiken family were kept in the secret room. A moment later, Sean came out of the secret room with a hint of distress on his face.

Too many of them were burned by Grindelwald. His family’s treasure should be a lot. Most of them are just a large pile of Galleons, and Mr. Aiken doesn’t like to save money in the bank.

Sean sighed, released Pudding, helping it move them into the ring, and walked back to the study room again. As soon as he entered the door, Naja climbed onto his thigh with a necklace in his mouth, like offering a treasure.

“Thank you.” Sean touched Naja and praised her.

He took the necklace with a look of surprise in his eyes.

Fabian also described his father’s most precious necklace in his memory, but it was only when Sean got it that he realized the excellent craftsmanship of the necklace. Just feeling the magic power, the ancient runes carved in the necklace made Sean dizzy.

More than ten armor protections, two trigger emergency healing spells, five active fast healing spells, five anti-curse jinx, five anti-hypnosis spells, and counter spells such as stun spells, petrification spells, and many more.

Sean tossed the necklace in his hand in admiration.

“Well, thank you for this, Mr. Aiken.” Sean smiled and stroked him, who was still lying on the ground.

“Let… let…” Mr. Aiken’s will was tenacious. Sean’s paralyzing potion could paralyze a small fire dragon, but he was still struggling to spit out a few words.

However, Sean didn’t care about what he said at all and took out his wand.


The flame didn’t understand mercy. It engulfed Mr. Aiken and didn’t allow him to utter a word or make a noise. Sean stepped out of the door, and flames were licking everywhere except Sean’s clothes.

The fire wanted to dance wildly, but they were trying to restrain themselves around Sean.

Sean turned his head. There was no gentleness in his eyes.

The Portkey distorted, and he disappeared in place.

After that, the flames broke free and rose wildly around the Manor.

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Published On: January 4, 2024

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