Augustus Rookwood, one of the Death Eaters, was formerly employed in the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry of Magic.

Of course, Sean knew Rookwood, one of the fanatical Death Eaters. However, because his brain is not very good, Sean does not give him the Dark Mark that can directly contact him as Barty Jr. and Bellatrix did. He can be classified as one of Barty Jr.’s internal henchmen in the Ministry of Magic.

When Barty Jr. lost contact, Sean acquiesced that Rookwood was arrested or had defected.

Sean kept his expression unmoved and glanced at Fabian lightly.

Fabian licked his lips, his eyes were bright, “Wait for me to come back.”

He left the hall directly. Sean still kept his expression on his face, he just glanced at Umbridge when she walked out of the hall. Walking to the corner, Naja walked back from the school gate, and after getting into Sean’s sleeve, it gave a soft cry.

“Thank you for your hard work.” Sean smiled and touched her head.

He sighed regretfully.

“I thought there was some kind of trick.” Sean left here quickly.


After the afternoon class, the students rushed to the hall. According to the rules set by Umbridge, they would be punished if they didn’t eat on time. In the bathroom on the third floor, Horrison, who had clashed with Ottoman that day, was cleaning with a gloomy expression.

There was a faint white mark on his exposed left arm, a remnant of his back-to-back punishment with Umbridge on the other day.

Suddenly, there were footsteps behind him, and Horrison turned around, only to be surprised to find that Sean was waving his wand, and a smooth spell emerged from the tip of his wand.


Sean smiled at him, “We are wizards, aren’t we?”

“But Umbridge won’t let me use it…” He sighed.

Sean let the mop clean up by himself, walked to him, and whispered, “Bexley, No. 19 Iris Road, by the way, the flower garden is blooming beautifully.”

The address reported by Sean made his eyes widen. It was his home, and the family he had been worried about lived there.

Sean looked at him, “Your home is very close to a hospital in my home, and I have to tell you that everything in your family is fine. You haven’t sent a letter back for a long time, which makes them a little anxious. I asked someone to bring them a message that you have more classes at school, so you are not free for the time being.”

He threw the mop to the ground and grabbed Sean’s hand, “Really? Sean, have you connected to the outside world?”

“Shh, keep your voice down. I didn’t want to say it, but I think it should make you feel at ease.” Sean said with a smile.

He let out a long sigh of relief. His family’s safety is a huge rock hanging over his head, and now he can finally feel relieved.

He said gratefully, “Man, thank you so much. I really don’t know how to repay you…”

“It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.”

He shook his hand, glanced outside again, and immediately whispered, “Thank you, Sean. But you’d better go quickly. Umbridge has been trying to find a way to catch you repeatedly.”

“Don’t worry.” Before Sean finished speaking, a voice came from outside.

“Mr. Wallup.” Umbridge clasped her hands, the excitement on her face almost uncontrollable.

“Oh, aren’t you going to eat? Mrs. Investigator?” Sean raised his eyebrows.

“I think catching you foul is more important than a dinner. Mr. Wallup, I made it clear to all students that students cannot act alone, and at the same time,” Umbridge glanced at the cleaning tools that cleaned themselves, “This is Mr. Horrison’s punishment. I also made it clear that he cannot be helped. This will ruin his chances of rehabilitation. Now, Mr. Wallup, please follow me.”

Sean shrugged and walked straight out.

Instead, he stopped in front of him with a calm expression, “Mrs Umbridge, I asked Sean to help me clean, because I helped him last year, so he couldn’t refuse me. “

Neither of us had spoken a few words last year, and Sean shook his head at him with a smile, then turned to Umbridge.

“It doesn’t seem like it.” Umbridge glanced at Sean with satisfaction and expectation and gave Sean an uncomfortable look, then turned her head and left.

Sean signaled to him not to worry and then followed. It didn’t take long for Umbridge to bring Sean to his office. Umbridge’s robes and tablecloth merged into one. She took out a piece of parchment and a black quill with a very sharp tip and pushed them in front of Sean.

“Please begin, Mr. Wallop, by writing ‘I, Sean Wallop, will no longer violate the new Hogwarts rules issued by Professor Dolores Jane Umbridge.'”

Sean replied casually, “It’s very long, Professor. How many times do I have to write it?”

Umbridge grinned numbly, “Write it until you won’t forget.”

“Okay.” Sean smiled slightly and raised his right hand.

Umbridge unconsciously looked at his ring, and the surface of the ring turned into a jet-black round spot.


Thirty minutes later, Sean covered his left arm and left Umbridge’s office. After he had left completely, ten minutes later, a figure walked into the office.

It was Fabian, and behind him was a member of the Guards.

Umbridge saw Fabian walking in and looked puzzled, “Didn’t you go to the Ministry of Magic?”

Fabian was playing with the wand in his hand, and he picked up a black gemstone, “Madam, did Wallup try to resist you?”

Umbridge frowned, “Why does he dare to resist me? You haven’t said why you came back. Also, what is that in your hand?”

Her words were interrupted by a spell. The people brought by Fabian directly controlled Umbridge with the Imperius Curse. Only then did the black gem in his hand tremble.

“My detection gem was untouched before, something happened to her, check her memory.” The Guards member pressed their wand to Umbridge’s temple, and a silvery memory strand was drawn out.

While waiting for the inspection, Fabian narrowed his eyes. The gemstone he held in his hand could detect the fluctuation of dark magic. It was beyond his expectations that Wallup did not use the Imperius Curse to control Umbridge. However, according to his cautious character, it is understandable.

Of course, he would never believe that Wallup accepted the punishment so obediently. He had seen Umbridge’s quill before.

Time passed, and it wasn’t until beads of sweat broke out on the forehead of the Guards member that they said, “It’s indeed covered with a layer of memory. His spell is very subtle, and the changes are very small.”

“Show me.” Fabian took out a Pensieve that was small.

The silver strand sank into the basin, and Fabian buried his head.

After a while, he raised his head. The excitement in his eyes couldn’t be concealed at all, “It’s the same as Rookwood explained.”

After all, he ordered, “Remove this stupid woman, erase her memory, and give her a psychological hint. Don’t take the initiative to get Wallup, and wait until he violates the rules again.”

After speaking, the Guards cast spells one after another, and when Umbridge sat down in a tired position, the two quickly left. After a while, Umbridge came to her senses. She shook her head, feeling a little puzzled, and then drowsiness gradually struck.


On the night of the third day, Sean was again led to Umbridge’s office.

“I caught you again. It seems that the lesson I taught you last time was not enough, Mr. Wallup. In the office, Umbridge laughed again.

Sean covered his arm, “Professor…”

Umbridge interrupted him directly and slapped the parchment and quill on the table.

“Write it down.”

Sean sighed heavily, he held the quill but did not write down for a long time.

Umbridge laughed, “You should be glad that Fabian is not at Hogwarts. Otherwise, you will find out how merciful I am.”

“Oh? Is he not here?” Sean narrowed his eyes.

“Of course.” Umbridge paused as she saw Sean pull out his wand.

The curse sounded, and the office door was slammed open. The heavily armed Guards and Auror members rushed in, followed by Fabian.

“Wallop, stop what you’re doing.” Fabian walked in, holding the black gemstone in one hand.

His smile stopped abruptly.

In the office, the wands of all the Guards members were aimed at Umbridge while Umbridge was trembling, and there was still smoke coming out of the wand’s tip in her hand. This was a sign that a powerful spell had just been cast.

Fabian turned his head suddenly and saw Sean hiding behind the chair with an innocent face. There was a trace of a spell beside his feet.

“My God, you finally came to save me. Umbridge went crazy just now, and she tried to cast the Unforgivable Curse on me!”

Fabian’s face trembled.

“Take her down first!” an Auror yelled.

A Stunning Charm flew out, and Umbridge didn’t even dare to fight back. She dropped her wand and watched in horror as the spell hit her and passed out.

An Auror looked at Fabian, “Mr. Aiken, you informed us that there is a dark wizard here. You said his name is Sean Wallup?”

Sean spread his hands cooperatively and even handed over his wand.

“I don’t mind you guys checking me.”

Fabian’s face gradually turned dark, and his eyes became more gloomy.

Sean’s expression tightened, and he unconsciously covered his left arm.

Fabian finally struck first, “Death Eaters, the Dark Mark of Death Eaters is engraved on their arms, and it cannot be hidden!”

Sean’s face darkened completely.

The Guards present exchanged glances with the Auror and slowly surrounded them.

“Wallup, I suggest that you don’t resist.”

Sean’s chest was heaving violently, and Fabian’s smile grew stronger. Just when he was extremely proud and felt that his revenge was about to be avenged, he suddenly saw his expression of Sean opposite him change.

A bad feeling suddenly rose in his heart.

Sean quickly pulled the sleeves away, exposing both arms. The skin is smooth white except for faint white marks on the left arm.

Sean said, “You should have known before you came and want to say it’s the Dark Mark, right?”

Fabian looked at Sean in disbelief but only saw a disdainful smile.

“No, no! He must have used some method to hide it. I want him to be checked!” Fabian shouted like crazy.

Sean readily agreed, but it made him even more desperate. Spells and potions were used, and there was no change in Sean’s arm.

The Auror already looked at Fabian with cold eyes, “Mr. Aiken, it is illegal to accuse a wizard like this.”

Fabian gritted his teeth. In order to completely get Sean, he specially recruited a British Auror.

At this time, the Guards’ leader stood up, glanced at Fabian, and said slowly, “I believe that Mr. Aiken will not talk nonsense. Mr. Wallop should cooperate with for a while since Mr. Aiken said he has evidence.”

The British Auror hesitated for a while but finally said nothing.

Fabian snorted and strode out of the office. Sean found a chair, sat, and spread his hands, “How long will it take?”

“Just wait until he comes back. If he doesn’t return, Mr. Wallup, you are dismissed.”

“No problem.”

There was no one in the corridors of Hogwarts. Only the sound of Fabian’s heavy footsteps echoed constantly. He gritted his teeth. He had just passed a corner, but he felt as if all the strength in his body had been emptied for a moment, and collapsed on the ground.

A familiar smiling face slowly emerged from the shadows, and Fabian’s pupils shook.

“You really think you can run, do you?” Sean can be seen in the darkness.

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Published On: January 4, 2024

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