Umbridge was not well received by others, and no professor wanted to deal with her at all.

When Umbridge was foaming at the mouth and fell to the ground, the professors discovered it because of the student noises.

“The investigator has been poisoned!” Someone shouted excitedly.

Only then did the professors gather around, and then they all looked at Snape.

“Severus.” Professor McGonagall called.

Snape quietly put a portion of food into his mouth, chewed and swallowed slowly, and wiped his lips before standing up. He didn’t even check, casually poured a bottle of potion in Umbridge’s face, and sat back down to eat.

In the end, Hagrid brought Umbridge to the infirmary.

The examination given by Madam Pomfrey showed that it was food poisoning. One of the ingredients in the kitchen had spoiled, and Umbridge happened to eat that spoiled food.

Umbridge must stay in the infirmary for two or three days before she can resume normal activities.

Professor McGonagall immediately sent someone to investigate, and the result of the investigation was given before the dinner was halfway through. A house elf named Val did not notice the deterioration of the food.

The result of the handling was also directly announced in the hall. This accident is regrettable. Val did not fulfill his duties, and he is the one responsible for Umbridge’s poisoning incident. But considering that Val usually does his best and the students don’t feel any discomfort, it was finally decided to punish Val for being unable to work for two weeks, and several Galleons were also deducted from his salary.

Hermione was listening and pulled Sean’s sleeve, “But there is no house-elf named Val in the kitchen at all.”

She already had the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčemancipating house-elf rights, so Hermione knew the names of every Hogwarts house-elf.

Sean shrugged that this was normal.

It couldn’t be more obvious who poisoned it. The question is, is there any proof of it?

If the Ministry of Magic could catch Snape for it, his life could be over.

This accident needs to be blamed on something else, so they just find a random house itself. Wizards from the Ministry of Magic don’t even pay attention to the Hogwarts house-elf list.

This ‘unfortunate’ accident soon passed, and the hall resounded with pleasant conversation.

The next day, without Umbridge wandering around looking for trouble, Hogwarts was much more peaceful. In the afternoon, Sean and his group returned to the Room of Requirement.

Originally, the official process of Hermione and Daisy’s Animagus should have started in two days. However, considering that Umbridge will be back in a few days, he is still determining when they can start.

To be on the safe side, Sean decided to delay the Animagus process of the two.

This makes Daisy, who has always expected to become a cute animal, quite sad. She has always dreamed of becoming an animal and even asked Sean to turn into a dragon and fly her into the sky for a ride.

In the Room of Requirement, Hermione looked at the parchment that Sean handed over and asked, “Should we practice the Patronus Charm together?”

“Yes, let’s help each other and make progress together.” Sean nodded.

The Patronus Charm is necessary to learn whether Sean wants to use it against the Dementor or for the two girls to protect themselves.

Professor McGonagall gave the parchment to Sean privately.

She noticed that the last time the Dementors attacked, Sean’s Patronus Charm could only emit a thin silver mist, so she wrote a copy of her experience overnight and gave it to Sean to master it fully.

So, Sean decided to bring Hermione and Daisy to practice together.

Hermione read the parchment carefully and nodded, “It seems necessary to practice the Patronus Charm now.”

“That’s right, and I plan to teach the members of the Golden Dawn after some of us are proficient in it.”

Daisy was still a little lost because she was thinking about Animagus, but she suddenly regained her mind. She is becoming more and more lively now.

“Oohh, How do we start?!” Daisy raised her wand and looked at the two excitedly.

Hermione and Sean looked at each other and shrugged.

Sean has a little experience with the Patronus Charm. Although there is only a faint silver mist, he can at least cast it a little bit. After explaining in detail the incantations and wand movements of the Patronus Charm to the two, Sean stood up and took out his wand.

“Spells and wand movements are important but not always the key. The key is your thoughts and emotions.” Sean explained, “This spell only works when you concentrate your thoughts, so when you summon the Patronus, you must recall a certain memory. Something that brings you happiness or something full of love and hope.”

He picked up the parchment that Professor McGonagall gave him and looked again, “She mentioned that it must be the most powerful memory in your heart, and recall the scene and all the details of the memory at that time. It’s about focusing all your thoughts and energy on feeling the good emotions at that moment.”

Hearing this, Daisy showed some nervous expressions on her face and took a deep breath.

Sean said with some amusement, “Would smart Miss Granger also be nervous when facing a new spell?”

Hermione glared at him angrily, “This is the Patronus Charm! This is a very, very, very advanced magic, and this ancient magic has not been improved in any way until today! You know what I read about it in the book I read? Plenty of wizards and witches walk into their graves without a Patronus!”

Sean blinked, “It’s really difficult, but I have to remind you that nervousness will also affect the spell’s casting.”

Hermione’s eyes widened in shock, and she quickly took a deep breath to calm herself down. On the other side, Daisy didn’t pay attention to the conversation between the two. She had already slowly closed her eyes.

Seeing that both of them looked like this, Sean also took a deep breath and began to concentrate his thoughts.

Sean didn’t rush to recall the memory and began to think quietly.

Previously, when he was practicing the Patronus Charm, he thought that the picture he thought of was happy enough, but he failed to summon his own Patronus until the end.

Sean considers himself quite strong, whether it is his talent for magic spells or inner strength. Moreover, he has learned a lot of difficult spells, and the results are always pleasant.

Only the Patronus Charm was the one he had trouble learning gi, and he only has two talent points in Ancient Rune.

Joy, hope, happiness, and love. Memories of these emotions come one by one.

Sean realized that he was a bit overwhelmed. With every little bit of getting along with his family, Sean can clearly feel his parents and sister’s love for him.

The moment of obtaining the system was indeed a joyful thing, and he could even recall his own joy at that time.

Making new friends and becoming more and more familiar with new friends, that kind of friendship also makes Sean feel happy.

Dave, who hatched after incubating for a long time, and Naja, who is extremely clingy and gentle when facing Sean, meet Pudding for the first time. The Basilisk who was nice to him at that time, to the silly airwing bird who almost strangled himself at birth. The time spent with his magical animals was a fond memory.

Grindelwald’s weird way of teaching, although sometimes it’s a pain, makes him smile when thinking about it.

Getting along with Hermione and Daisy also makes me feel very happy.

Sean was surprised to find that he really couldn’t choose a particularly outstanding and extremely joyful thing.

After thinking about it carefully, Sean suddenly discovered a point that he hadn’t even noticed. This point may be the key to his inability to master the Patronus Charm successfully.

He can cry, laugh, get angry, and be happy. Perhaps because of his identity as a world traveler, Sean’s growth perspective came from an adult perspective.

Soon, he put aside his distracting thoughts and began to recall in his mind how he felt when he received the two letters. That was his first step in walking to the door to the wizarding world.

“Expecto Patronum!” Sean opened his eyes and waved his wand.

At the tip of the wand, silver light began to shine as if a new life was trying to escape from its shell. But soon, the light faded, and in the end, only a silver mist sprayed out from the tip of his wand.

Sean sighed with some regret. However, this time, the silver mist was much stronger than before regarding volume and brightness.

With a relaxed mind, Sean looked at the two. Hermione also opened her eyes and cast the spell.

The tip of her wand trembled slightly and had the same result as Sean’s, only a cloud of silver mist sprayed out.

However, for the first time, Hermione has performed very well. She was a bit surprised with it.

“Expecto Patronum!” Not long after that, Daisy’s soft but firm voice sounded.


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