Facing Lupin’s question, Sean pondered.

The attack on the Muggles and the prisoners’ breakout were clearly planned by the same group of people behind the scenes, but Sean has always had a point that he hasn’t figured out.

The moment when the attack happened seemed rushed.

The large-scale prison escapes in prisons in various places are more like the result of careful planning. As far as Azkaban is concerned, this prison is located on an isolated island. Even a well-known great wizard will frown when talking about Azkaban.

This wizarding prison is mostly known for the reputation that one has escaped since its establishment.

As far as Sean knew, Azkaban was located in the sea, and the entire island was cast with magic similar to the Extension Charm. The area there was far larger than the area of ​​the island itself. In addition to various magics that hinder observation, the prison walls also have trigger-type magic traps.

Every month, the Aurors who escorted the wizards to Azkaban strengthened the magic there, and at the same time, they also had special access to enter and leave the prison safely.

In addition to the dementors, Azkaban also has a prison guard team composed of Aurors, who are mainly responsible for guarding prisoners. Veritaserum Potion and several potions are to be used when conducting their jobs.

Under such circumstances, it is unimaginable that Azkaban can have a large-scale escape.

In Sean’s memory, there were only two escapes from Azkaban in the book. The first time, Sirius, who relied on Animagus, turned into a black dog and swam to the coast.

The second is the Death Eaters escape, which is a special case because the dementors fell into Voldemort’s hand.

However, in this case, Sean has already been in contact with dementors from Azkaban to Hogwarts, and he can be sure that this dementor has not fallen to another unknown dark force.

A large-scale jailbreak is enough to imagine how much power the behind-the-scenes forces who planned this. Although there is no evidence, Sean is almost certain that there must be an insider. The Auror team is responsible for escorting the whole Azkaban itself.

If this is the case in Azkaban, then other countries must be in a similar situation.

It can be easily inferred that this behind-the-scenes force has spread enough fear in the Ministry of Magic of various countries, and the sheer size of this force is almost frightening.

What about the attack on Muggles?

Although it is very impolite to the casualties and their families to think that the number of casualties is not big, it has to be said that considering the scale of this force, the consequences of the incident do not seem to be as bad as imagined.

When Sean talked to his family just now, Mr. Wallup said that most people didn’t know about it, and the government quickly concealed the truth. The wizards helped them, and the scope of the incident was really not that big.

In terms of scale and shock, it is completely inferior to the fires that Grindelwald set off in Paris. That’s why Sean thought the Muggle attack had been rushed.

The most serious consequence of this matter is that the Ministry of Magic and the Muggle government need to spend a lot of manpower and material to deal with it because there are more incidents in various countries and regions to ensure that the “Secrecy Act” is still held.

However, if the people behind the scenes want to destroy the “Secrecy Act”, judging from the power they have shown, they can obviously plan a larger-scale and more vicious attack.

But what are their purpose?

Sean finally looked at Lupin, “Sir, can you tell me your opinion?”

Hearing his words, Lupin touched his chin and said slowly after a while, “I think such a large-scale event should be viewed from the perspective of an ordinary wizard.”

“How is that?”

“The prisoner escaped from prison, and the Muggle attack happened. What is the first thought of ordinary wizards? Some radical terrorist wizard organization must make it. I believe most people would associate Grindelwald with the things that are happening.” Lupin explained.

“Oh? You don’t think Grindelwald did this?”

Lupin looked at him rather helplessly, “Didn’t you give me that list? A group of Nurmengard graduates. If Grindelwald did it, you wouldn’t come back in such a hurry to confirm that your parents are safe.”

Sean was dumbfounded. He forgot about this.

Lupin continued to analyze, “This is the first opinion of ordinary wizards, and if the Ministry of Magic has not investigated the true identity of the forces behind the problem, they will definitely push the matter to Grindelwald’s side.”

“As far as Grindelwald is concerned, this situation may not be too bad,” Lupin said and glanced at Sean, “He has some power, and the Ministry of Magic letting him take the blame also means another thing. Though if it does happen, many radical wizards will go to Grindelwald’s side.”

“This has strengthened Grindelwald’s power, and those potential radicals will fall under his control.”

Sean nodded slowly, which agreed with his thoughts.

“The next situation is likely to be that the Ministry of Magic will issue a series of tightened and even high-pressure regulations, and the situation will become more tense. At the same time, the Muggle government is likely to pressure the Ministry of Magic, which Is something Grindelwald is happy to see.” Lupin said.

Sean said, “Do you think that next, the official forces will confront Grindelwald’s forces, and even, perhaps because of the growth of Grindelwald’s forces, the two parties will stand on the stage to fight each other?”

“It’s just a guess, but it looks like it.” Lupin spread his hands.

The unknown behind-the-scenes force is to aggravate the current level of turmoil in the wizarding society, and in some cases, they even helped Grindelwald.

So, is their purpose to mess up the wizarding world completely?

Sean was quite distressed and couldn’t take the initiative to contact the old man himself.

According to Grindelwald’s character, even if he knew that it was unintentional, he would probably accept it happily.

“At the end of the day, it’s a big problem.” Sean lay down powerlessly.

Lupin smiled, “You’re thinking it too much. You may not need to think about it too much.”

It’s not that he wants to think too much. The problem is that he’s in the center of the storm. If they were after his Pride, then things are going to be more chaotic.

“Sean, maybe people who haven’t acted have anticipated all this and prepared for it?” Lupin said with a smile.

“You mean…Professor Dumbledore?”

Lupin nodded, “Yes, Professor Dumbledore will not sit idly by and let this happen. I believe he can always turn the tide.”

Sean unconsciously stared at the ceiling with wide eyes.

Grindelwald said that Dumbledore is likely to be planning something. But what kind of game is this time?

“It’s too tiring to deal with this old man.”

Lupin probably guessed what Sean was thinking. He smiled and shook his head, “Dumbledore has always been like this. When we were in school, our group often caused trouble, and Dumbledore always looked like, ‘I know what you are trying to do. But I decided to guide you secretly’. After graduating, the troublemaker has matured as he thought.”

“Is Sirius considered mature?” Sean joked.

Lupin shrugged, “By normal definition, he is.”

“By the way, are you familiar with Professor Snape?” Sean suddenly became interested and asked about Snape.

After all, it was a world where Snape may have parted ways with the group, but they seemed to have had a friendship for a long time back in school.

Mentioning Snape, Lupin sighed, “Yes, we were very good friends back then. Although we quarreled every day and greeted each other from time to time, we were indeed friends at that time. However, we were all too immature at the time.”

Seeing his expression, Sean couldn’t help but make up many things in his brain. However, seeing Lupine’s reluctance to say more, Sean didn’t ask any more questions.

“Our work is still going on, and we will not fall to any side,” Sean stood up, “Of course, your identity is still not revealed, and the person in charge remains the same. By the way, if someone investigates, use the fake identity I gave you last time.”

In order not to be exposed, the organization founded by Sean is still operating secretly. On the surface, it is a small charitable organization. A well-known philanthropist who is now planning to start its own charitable action in the wizarding world. He has all the legal identification, whether it is in the Muggle world or the wizarding world.

Lupin also stood up and nodded, “Well, I understand, and I will tell them to be more careful.”

“I trust your work. At the same time, the direction of our organization’s work needs to be tilted a bit.”

Lupin waved his wand, and the pen and paper flew to his hand, “Well, as you say.”

“Pay attention to the families of Hogwarts students. Those rich, pure-blood wizards don’t have to be our main focus. Our focus is on the personal safety of the families of Muggle-born students. If necessary, provide them with some help. If possible, I hope you can help me make a form and tell me the details in the next few days, and I will send you the student form when I go back.”

Lupin nodded, “No problem, what about mixed-blood families? There are also some pure-blood wizard families whose living conditions are average.”

Sean thought for a moment and said, “Keep an eye on them, mainly for personal safety. Just watch their specific situation in this accident.”

“No problem. The people under me just got in touch with a butterbeer supplier two days ago, and the news channels have been greatly expanded.”

“Very good, keep it up. Money is not a problem. Just find all reasonable excuses to throw money at them. We don’t need their trust. We just need to ensure the accuracy of the news.”

“No problem.”

“Also, we can’t control foreign countries for the time being, but we can investigate the news..”

While memorizing the key points, Lupin looked at Sean, who was frowning.

If this continues, It will perhaps take only ten years or even less, and their organization will have unimaginable connections and social prestige.

Lupin felt that if Sean wanted to, maybe he could be elected as the Minister of Magic before he was thirty. Maybe the International Confederation of Wizards is also a probable choice.

He explained the focus of the organization’s next work to Lupin, and Sean also handed over the special Floo powder to him. If there is any news, throw the Floo powder into the fireplace, and the paper with the news will fly to Nurmengard.

Sean returned to Nurmengard and set up the symbols of the Golden Dawn around the fireplace. This can be regarded as a small variation of his marking magic.

As long as there is something in the fireplace, the symbol of the Golden Dawn will be triggered, and Sean will feel it and go check it. The only downside is that there is no wizard to watch it, and Sean has to go every week to “charge” the mark.

After doing all this, Sean walked into the Vanishing Cabinet and returned to Hogwarts.

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Published On: December 19, 2023

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