Before everyone could react, the dragon, who had been rubbing against Sean’s thigh, suddenly sharpened its eyes. It opened its big mouth, and the flames shot toward the water. The strange hissing sound was mixed with some pain but became more violent.

The animal finally showed its shape. It had a long mane like a green aquatic plant. The mane completely covered its huge body, exposing only a large mouth. Seeing the front teeth, Sean immediately recognized what kind of animal this was.

It was a Kelpie. This British and Irish water monster can take a variety of shapes, but it most often takes the form of a horse. It has a rating of XXXX by the Ministry of Magic Classification. This creature has an amazing bite force and is extremely strong and difficult to tame.

Only half of its body jumped out of the water, but it was completely visible to Sean’s eye. The dragon was like a puppy in front of it.

“Merlin’s pants!” Hagrid’s eyes widened, “When did Black Lake have such a big beast?”

The Kelpie was a bit hostile to them. It neighed, and its huge body slapped directly at the people on the shore. Everyone jumped around, barely avoiding the attack of the Kelpie.

Sean patted Hagrid hard, “Hagrid, Where are the professors?!”

Hogwarts can’t Apparate, but Dumbledore should be here.

Hagrid spits out the mud in his mouth, “I don’t know! You guys run! It’ll attract that guy’s attention. I have a certain experience in dealing with Kelpie.”

Before he could finish speaking, Hagrid’s body was bitten by the Kelpie. He was tossed around in midair.

“Hagrid!” Harry shouted.

Sean was a bit shocked. Nothing in his hand could deal with such a big animal, and the Fire Spell he had just learned could only protect him. Even that spell took a long time to cast.

Seeing Hagrid’s body was about to be thrown onto the lake, Sean gritted his teeth and patted the dragon beside him.

“Hey, can you fly me out?”

The dragon winked at him, then spread out its fleshy wings. Sean immediately climbed up. The dragon staggered to take a few steps and then flew up.

“Okay, aim at his hea- Hey, I didn’t ask you to take me away!” Sean was just about to look at the Kelpie, but the dragon took him in the opposite direction and escaped from the scene.

The dragon tilted its head, expressing doubts. Sean didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He quickly patted the dragon on the head and motioned it to fly back.

It hesitated for a moment, but Sean’s talent still overcame its instinct, and finally, the dragon took a turn and flew toward the Kelpie.

The Kelpie bit Hagrid’s body. After shaking violently in mid-air for a while, the Kelpie neighed threw Hagrid into the lake, and then he was about to dive away from the scene.

“Quick!” Sean urged the dragon. If the Kelpie went into the lake and Professor Dumbledore didn’t come, Hagrid would be definitely dead, and only his internal organ would remain.

When the Kelpie was about to dive into the lake, Sean finally saw its eyes. Like other magical animals around the eye sockets, the huge black pupils were colored with a layer of blood.

But Sean didn’t have the time to think about other things. He tried his best to calm down and put gentleness and friendliness in his eyes to the Kelpie.

The Kelpie noticed him, and the moment their eyes met, the Kelpie froze for a moment, the blood around its pupils quickly dissipated, and there was a feeling of confusion in its eyes.

After that, Sean felt a huge loneliness. He was stunned and immediately reacted.

Does his talent for magical beasts allow him to detect their inner emotions?

The dragon was separated from his family, so it was filled with sadness and fear. While the Kelpie was lonely, it must have existed in the Black Lake for a long time.

Sean kept his friendly eyes and held his hand towards him. The Kelpie hesitated for a moment, then slowly swam over.

Sean stroked its huge head hidden under the green kelp, and the Kelpie neighed happily. Like the dragon, Sean felt he had established a strange connection with him.

Moreover, he could already clearly feel that the Kelpie had no malice towards him. Sean got off the dragon and sat on the wet and slippery back of the Kelpie.

“Do me a favor. Can you get him back here?” He patted the head affectionately.

The Kelpie neighed and plunged into the water.

Sean closed his mouth immediately as the water current hit his body. The speed of the Kelpie was so fast that he couldn’t open his eyes at all. He could only hold tight to the mane on its body.

Fortunately, Sean only held his breath for a while, and then he felt the fresh air again. The Kelpie jumped out of the water and carried Hagrid on his back.

“Alright, now stop.” Sean quickly rubbed its head hard.

The Kelpie snorted and swam towards the shore with the two of them on his back.

“Hagrid, are you alright?”

Hagrid spat some water from his mouth, then rubbed his shoulders, “That horse is really strong. Good thing I’m wearing these dragonskin shoulder pads.”

“Well, you’re alright then.” Sean breathed a sigh of relief.

Hagrid showed an excited smile. He looked at Sean eagerly, “Sean, how did you tame this guy? Merlin’s beard, I have long wanted to try riding a Kelpie. What does it feel like?”

Sean smiled helplessly. Hagrid was too obsessed with magical beasts.

When he got to the lake, the Kelpie swung his body behind him, and Hagrid was thrown to the ground like a ball. He bent his head again and put himself on the shore. Sean slid down from the neck to the ground, then rubbed his head.

The Kelpie rubbed against Sean and dived into the lake with a neigh.

“See you next time.” Sean waved his hand.

Growing up in a wizarding family, Harry felt that this day was more magical than anything he had seen in the past.

The punishment is going to the Forbidden Forest to catch the dragon, and something goes wrong. His friend tamed a dragon and then casually made friends with a Kelpie.

“Sirius didn’t lie to me at all. Hogwarts is magical.” Harry muttered.

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Published On: July 14, 2023

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