“My God, Wallup, are you okay? Where’s Miss Granger?!” Sean rode the horse to the lake’s center and ran into Professor McGonagall.

She was riding a broomstick, holding a magic wand, and three kittens with silver spectacle frames stood on her shoulders.

Sean waved his hand upwards and showed off his ring, “I’m fine, Professor. Hermione is okay.”

Professor McGonagall has known Newt for a long time, so Sean will not hide the ring’s existence from her. Professor McGonagall saw Sean’s ring at a glance. She had known it for a long time.

“That’s good to hear,” She breathed a sigh of relief, “Mr. Wallup, you’re endangering yourself. I know you’ve got a knack for magical animals, but that’s not an excuse for you to be negligent of your actions in this class.”

As an object of study, the Hippogriff is a teaching material.

“Of course, Professor, I’m sorry,” Sean said apologetically.

“Fortunately, nothing happened to you,” Professor McGonagall looked towards the border while controlling the broomstick to approach Sean, “Have you encountered a dementor?”

Sean nodded, “Yes.”

“My God,” Professor McGonagall was shocked, “How did you rescue Miss Granger? No, I mean, didn’t those dementors attack you?”

Sean waved his wand, and a silver light shone on it.

“Fortunately, professor, I only encountered one dementor.” He decided to understate the number.

Otherwise, it would be too unreasonable for a third-year student who has not mastered the Patronus Charm to be able to deal with a dozen dementors. Only then did Professor McGonagall really relax. At this moment, the two had already come to the shore.

Hagrid took the other students back to the castle first, and there was no one on the shore.

Under Professor McGonagall’s eyes, the horse rushed to the shore of the lake and leaned down so that Sean could slide off its back safely.

“Thank you, buddy.” Sean patted the horse on the head, “Go back, stay at the bottom of the lake for the time being, and I’ll come see you when I’m free.” The horse neighed, and after hugging Sean, it turned around and dived into the lake.

Professor McGonagall, on the side, got off the broom, hesitating to speak. Ultimately, she decided to give up discussing it with Sean. Obviously, this child has gone farther than most wizards on the road of magical animals.

She approached Sean and said quite seriously, “I have to say, instructing the animals in the class to take a student to fly into the sky without the teacher’s permission is a serious violation of school rules.”

Sean wanted to speak, but seeing Professor McGonagall’s serious expression, he couldn’t help but stop.

Professor McGonagall used a spell to dry his robe and continued, “In addition, it is also very reckless to face the dementor without permission, although I can understand your actions. However, If the number of dementors is not one but two, three, or even more, your Patronus Charm alone cannot save you and Miss Granger. Because of two violations, Ravenclaw will be deducted twenty points because of you.”

“Yes, Professor.”

“However,” Professor McGonagall changed her composure, her face softened, and her eyes glowed, “Your bravery and friendship are amazing. After understanding the horror of dementors, you still don’t hesitate to help your friends. Hogwarts is honored to have a student like you. Moreover, it is very difficult for third-year students to be able to cast the Patronus Charm.”

“Forty points for Ravenclaw.”

Sean scratched his head in embarrassment; the process completely differed from what Professor McGonagall said.

“Thank you, Professor.”

Professor McGonagall took out two chocolates while speaking, “Come on, eat this. It’s good for you.”

Sean thanked her and took the chocolate.

Professor McGonagall looked at his ring, “Let Miss Granger come out. She should need it too.”

“Um, Professor, Hermione is fine.” Sean said awkwardly.

“Huh?” Professor McGonagall showed suspicion in her eyes.

It was about the safety of the students, and she would not be at ease if she did not see that Hermione was indeed safe.

“Mr. Wallup?”

“Okay, I’ll get her out now.” Sean sighed helplessly.

The entrance of the ring gradually enlarged, and when it expanded to the size of a basketball, Sean immediately stuck his head in.

He deliberately shouted, “Hermione, Professor McGonagall is here. You can come out.”

Inside the ring, Hermione ran over immediately. She looked up and saw Sean winking at her, and Professor McGonagall stuck her head over.

“Miss Granger, are you all right?”

“Professor, I’m fine,” Hermione replied while waving her hand.

When Hermione climbed out of the ring, she first looked at Sean immediately.

“Are you all right, Sean?”

“Professor McGonagall’s spells and chocolates are great. I’m okay.” Sean opened his hands, indicating that he was fine.

Hermione breathed a sigh of relief, and Professor McGonagall handed over a piece of chocolate.

“Don’t be afraid, Miss Granger. Come, eat this.”

“Professor, thank you.” Hermione glanced at Sean secretly.

After Professor McGonagall confirmed that the two were safe and sound, she quickly returned them to the castle.

“Go to the hall. There will be a student meeting later. Don’t be late.” Professor McGonagall told the two at the entrance of the castle and went away.

When Professor McGonagall flew away, Hermione grabbed Sean’s hand and ran to the empty back of the gate.

In the corner, she raised her eyebrows, “Sean!”

“Did you see it?” Sean smiled sarcastically.

Her eyes widened and were full of disbelief.

“Are you crazy?! That’s a basilisk, right? A basilisk!”

Sean had no time and directly sent Hermione into the ring, so he didn’t ask the basilisk to hide in advance. Apparently, Hermione saw the basilisk that Sean had been hiding in the ring.

Sean laughed and tried to change the subject, “Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine!” Hermione glared at him.

“Okay then,” Sean licked his lips, “Actually, it was a particularly huge cobra.”


“Okay, okay…” Sean looked around, there was no one there, and the students had already gathered in the hall.

“Salazar Slytherin, remember him?” he whispered.

Hermione nodded, and her eyes widened, “You said that when you disappeared last time, you were trapped in a secret place in the castle. Was that another secret room?!”

“More or less, it’s like this. Don’t look at me like that. I didn’t mean to hide it on purpose.”

“What about that that basilisk?”

“That guy is different from other basilisks. His intelligence is about five percent higher than Crabbe’s. You know, opening a private magical animal zoo is one of my dreams.” Sean spread his hands.

“So you lured a basilisk?! And put glasses on it?! No,” Hermione looked at him suspiciously again, “You have to make eye contact with magical animals to…”

The hiss from Sean’s mouth made Hermione’s mouth open, “Parseltongue?! Sean, are you a descendant of Salazar Slytherin?!”

“Obviously not. My family’s family tree is quite well-known. Parseltongue is like magic, which can be learned.”

Hermione seemed stunned by the barrage of news, and processing it took her a while.

Finally, she looked at Sean, “What does that Parseltongue mean?”

“You’re smart. Are you interested in it?”

“Parseltongue? Can I actually learn it?”

“You should be. Do you want to learn it? I can teach you.”

“Are you for real?”

When Sean and Hermione walked into the hall, the students who had gathered here all turned their eyes around.

It is already a big deal for the school to have a dementor come to guard it suddenly, but no one has encountered it so far, and the students don’t know it. Several students have spread a rumor that the dementors are a scary thing.

The news that Hermione may have encountered a dementor also spread like wildfire. Of course, the most shocking thing is that the third graders witnessed it on the spot.

Sean summoned a gigantic horse-shaped monster from the Black Lake. This caused a huge news in the way other people looked at Sean.

Of course, there were also those who didn’t care about it; Fred and George started applauding enthusiastically when Sean came and whistled at him.

Sean had long been accustomed to their gazes and walked towards the Ravenclaw table without changing his expression. Daisy was already waving to the two of them.

“Are you two okay? Professor McGonagall isn’t with you, so you must be okay. I’m terrified. I heard from Dad and Sirius about the Dementors many times, and I have been worrying about what I should do if I encounter something like that. Are you really all right? I have hot pumpkin juice here. Do you want to have a sip? Or do you want to go to Madam Pomfrey for a checkup?”

Daisy seemed very anxious. Although Sean and Hermione were both safe and sound, she still spoke like a cannonball.

“When did you become like Hermione? Don’t worry, we are all fine.” Sean said with a smile.

Hermione gave him a blank look and took Daisy’s arm, “We’re all fine. Sean saved me from the dementors.”

Daisy immediately relaxed. The cold war between Hermione and Sean disappeared all of a sudden. Sean was so happy he simply didn’t mention it and only talked about other situations.

However, Daisy and the group of people who have been in the castle don’t know anything else, but they suddenly receive a notice during class, and then the teacher brings the school to the hall.

Sean was slightly puzzled after hearing this. Even if the matter was urgent, with Dumbledore around, it was impossible for the dementors to enter the castle. Normally, there was no need to interrupt the class.

Unless something more serious happens.

Just as he was thinking, Dumbledore, whom Sean hadn’t seen for a long time, appeared on the other side of the hall.

Although he was wearing a gorgeous red maroon robe, he looked much more tired than before.

“Be quiet, children.” Dumbledore stepped forward, raising his hands to signal everyone to be silent.

The noisy hall quickly subsided.

“I’m sorry to interrupt your class, but I have to make an urgent announcement.” He looked at the auditorium without pausing.

“I believe many people already know. Yes, there was a large-scale prison break in Azkaban. I learned from the Ministry of Magic that the situation is very serious this time, so many dementors were urgently dispatched.”

“As the only magic school in the UK, until the matter is not resolved, the dementors will guard the border of Hogwarts around the clock to prevent wizards who have escaped from doing evil deeds.”

“I have to remind everyone present that dementors have no emotions, and they can’t distinguish between the criminals and the innocents. Don’t try to provoke them, and don’t give them any reason to hurt you. Dementors don’t know what it means to beg for mercy; they just want to eat all your happiness and hope away. I think someone has felt this already.”

Hermione’s face paled slightly, remembering the despair she felt when dozens of dementors surrounded her. Daisy sensed something was wrong with her and tightly held her hand.

Hermione smiled to indicate that she was fine and whispered, “Professor Dumbledore looks very angry at the presence of dementors.”

Sean nodded and whispered, “I’m afraid it’s more than that.”

Sure enough, when the voices of the students’ discussion became slightly quieter, Dumbledore said again, “There is another thing. There have been many attacks on Muggles in the wizarding world, and the current situation is serious.”

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Published On: December 18, 2023

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