Dementors, one of the three Non-Beings known to the wizarding world, are also the most evil of these three. Since Azkaban was established, wizards have called this creature the most despicable thing.

Dementors are not only normal of Non-Beings but also a dark creature. They feed on human emotions and are produced because of human emotions. No one knows their true origin, only that this kind of creature cannot be truly defeated.

Sean has always believed that it is probably one of the most stupid decisions made by the Ministry of Magic to use dementors as the guards of Azkaban. This creature has no good or evil stance, emotions, or common sense. They would go after someone. If there is a happy emotion in humans, they’ll immediately turn their backs.

What’s more, these creatures don’t understand anything, and they don’t hold back their sucking a soul out of someone’s body.

“Damn it.” Sean cursed in a low voice.

In front of them, nearly ten dementors had completely surrounded Buckbeak and Hermione. As soon as Sean approached, he immediately felt a biting chill, as if a bucket of ice water had been poured from his head to his heels.

In the field of flowers, Hermione hugged Buckbeak tightly. The dementors in front of her suddenly appeared and surrounded her after seeing her. She didn’t know why these Azkaban guards were at Hogwarts, but even when she explained hoarsely to the sky that she was just a student, the dementors kept surrounding her.

The air became bitterly cold, and Hermione tried to ride Buckbeak away, but he needed to do a run-up to take off because the dementors were too close and blocked the way.

The icy cold prevented it from spreading its wings, and it knew that the humans on its back would suffer more serious consequences than itself. Buckbeak could only stand in front of Hermione.

Hermione tried to send a signal spell for help, but it was too remote.

She hugged Buckbeak tightly to fight against the growing cold, but the body temperature of the hippogriff could not bring her any warmth, and she seemed to be soaked in the lake water in Scotland in December.

What’s even more frightening is that she feels as if she will never be happy again, and those good memories of being with family and friends seem to be drifting away from her little by little.

The dementor was getting closer. Hermione bowed her head and hugged Buckbeak tightly, still holding the flowers in her hand. Frost had condensed on the petals. The bouquet was gradually shrinking and withering.

Just when she was desperate, a familiar voice sounded loudly from behind. The chill dissipated rapidly, and a high temperature that made people sweat instantly enveloped this area.

“Sean!” Hermione turned her head in surprise, and a flame circled over.

“Sorry, I came a little bit late.” The fire soared into the sky, and Sean quickly ran over from behind the flame.

He approached Hermione and opened the ring directly, saying, “You and Buckbeak go first.”

Saying that Naja came out of the ring, engulfing Hermione all at once.

“What about you?!” Hermione hugged Naja and shouted anxiously.

“Me? What can I do?” Sean smiled and comforted. Before Hermione could speak again, he pushed Buckbeak in and then directly closed the ring.

He stood up and looked up at the sky. Just then, he instantly borrowed most of Obscurus’ power, casting the Divine Fire Curse.

His proficiency is too low, and the spell can’t really expel the dementors. Only the Patronus spell can do this.

Although Sean has taught himself, he can only emit a little silver light from the tip of his wand at present, and he doesn’t pose much threat to the dementors.

At this time, the fire phoenix formed by the spell was hovering in the sky. It used scorching heat to stop the dementors who were trying to attack him, but the dementors had no intention of leaving.

They’re still circling around, just waiting to swarm up as soon as the fire is over and eat his soul away.

“Disgusting thing…” Sean frowned and cursed.

His whole body is cold, his mind is full of bad thoughts, and his happiness is gradually fading. The spell can help him fight the chill on the surface, but the haughty feeling in his heart cannot be removed.

Creatures like dementors cannot be truly destroyed. The Patronus is not the only spell that can cause effective damage to them. If your spell is strong enough, it is not difficult to expel them.

Sean reckons Grindelwald and Dumbledore don’t need the Patronus Charm to do this.

He looked at the shore where he came; several dementors surrounded him, and they had completely formed an encircling circle. Outside the circle, the horse in the black lake was neighing anxiously.

“It’s not going to be easy…” Sean frowned.

He used the Divine Fire Curse to clear the way and rushed over, but now he has no magic power to cast the spell again.

But Sean wasn’t panicking at this time. He had already planned his way out on the way here.

He has an item from the lottery that would help him escape from any situation. In addition to that, he has other plans.

Becoming his dragon Animagi is a choice. A large part of the abilities of dementors are born for human beings, and often do not work on magical animals, just like the horse outside the circle.

Moreover, the dragon’s magic resistance is ridiculously high and has a defensive effect on dementors. Or he could turn into an Obscurus and fly out.

The wizarding world is too peaceful, and the sudden visit of the dementor is unexpected to Sean.

Mass escapes occurred in prisons in various countries. Sean might know what happened. But he didn’t receive any news in advance, including the arrival of dementors. Barty Jr. clearly controlled his father, but he didn’t tell himself about such a big event in time.

That shows that there may have been some unexpected changes in the British Ministry of Magic.

Relying on others is worse than relying on oneself. Sean’s goal now is to try to develop more abilities that he can control, just like the Gold item he obtained before.

Dark Sleeper (Gold): Within one hour after using it, the user’s control over dark power (including dark magic, dark magic creations, dark magic creatures, etc.) will increase exponentially, and the cooldown will be 2 hours.

From the moment he got the Dark Sleeper, Sean only used it once because he always had some doubts. He must be careful with abilities associated with dark magic. Dark Sleepers are powerful, but the risks can be huge.

Sean suspects that the frequent use of this power might intensify the Pride in his body. He was worried that if he indulged in the Dark Sleeper’s powerful effect, his heart would gradually move closer to dark magic.

This is not what Sean wanted.

If he wanted to use the Dark Sleeper, he must be sure that the current situation is urgent.

Sean is now ready to give it a try. Weird, dark creatures like dementors are perfect subjects for experimentation.

He took out the Felix Felicis potion he had prepared long ago, pulled out the cork, and stopped the spell. The high temperature that prevented the dementors disappeared, and they immediately swarmed toward Sean.

Sean slowly opened his eyes.

The last time he activated the Dark Sleeper was within the effective time of the Felicity Elixir. He sneaked into his soul world, used the opportunity, and simultaneously subdued the Obscurus.

This is the first time he used it in reality.

Sean’s eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of gray mist, and the world in front of him seemed to be different. The whole world is bright and weird, and he seems to be able to see the basic color of everything.

Among them, the most conspicuous thing is the thick, ink-like darkness. That was the power of darkness, and a hint of understanding rose in Sean’s heart.

There is a faint black mist at the bottom of the black lake because there are magical animals that contain malice, and Hogwarts is also surrounded by thick ink, which is the malice in everyone’s heart.

Sean lowered his head and saw that his left hand had turned into ink, which was a bridge for the Obscurus lending him power.

In the inner pocket on the right is a red sphere with a black outline and a pure white cocoon in the center. Sean knew that it was Dave. Dave is not an evil creature. The power may have been passed to it by him at the beginning.

The red sphere represents the essence of its violent emotions, and the pure white center is Dave’s soul world. It has no malice towards Sean and no darkness in its heart. It only knows how to fight, eat and drink.

No other creatures stand in contrast to Dave’s color, but Sean does.

In Sean’s heart, there was a mass of thick ink that couldn’t be melted away. Just looking at it, he felt all kinds of negative emotions surging in his heart.

Sean didn’t speak but just looked at his heart.

That is the Pride, the Pride lodged in his own body.

He raised his head and swept away the thoughts about it in his heart. Sean would not establish any connection with Pride in this state and would never give it any room to sneak in.

Sean looked at the sky, and around him, there were more than a dozen dark entities exuding decay floating in mid-air.

The effect of the Dark Sleeper has appeared, Sean no longer has that unhappy feeling in his heart, and the dementors seem to have no effect on him.

It was replaced by absolute coldness, and he could feel that he now possessed an invincible dark force.

“Keep in mind that you are just experimenting, not destroying them, and you can’t get lost in power.” Sean kept reminding himself.

He waved his wand, and the branch wand that Grindelwald gave to him trembled slightly.

On the shore of the Black Lake, the horse suddenly trembled. It could clearly feel that its favorite human being on the shore had completely changed. It has never felt that kind of terrifying feeling in its life.

Immediately afterward, the magic power gushing out from the tip of Sean’s wand caused the horse to dive directly into the water. Its biological instinct is frantically warning itself something dangerous is coming.”

“Avada Kedavra.”

Sean’s face didn’t fluctuate in any way, didn’t twist maliciously, didn’t overflow with killing intent, he just raised his hand calmly, and the frightening green light hit the nearest dementor directly.

The dementor violently twisted in mid-air. Its worn-out black veiled robe suddenly shrank and wrapped itself. The dementor turned into a twisted black object.

Although there was no scream, the dementor had clearly suffered a huge blow.

Sean’s eyes lit up slightly, and it was exactly as he thought. When the spell’s power exceeds a certain limit, the dementors can be harmed. Although they will not be completely destroyed, as long as they can feel the pain, Sean’s experiment succeeds.

Something unexpected happened to Sean. The other dementors turned a blind eye to what happened to its kind and approached Sean. It’s just that the way they approach him is a little bit different.

He frowned slightly. Although it was unbelievable, Sean really felt what the dementors meant.

Even when the Killing Curse hit them, it still didn’t make any resistance. But it tried its best to get close to Sean.

On the shore of the lake, dozens of dementors landed together. They took off their cloaks, revealing gray, scabbed faces with hollow eye sockets and shapeless mouths.

After that, a dementor started to bow down to him.

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Published On: December 17, 2023

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