“Mr. Wallup, let us recall that at the end of the last class, I clearly told everyone that in the next class, we will learn to brew the underwater vision potion, remember?” Snape’s eyes were cold, and his hair brushed Sean’s collar back and forth.

“Yes, I remember. Professor.” Sean responded awkwardly.

“Now, can you tell me? Where did the fresh eyeballs, the most important main ingredient of the potion, go?” Snape picked up the empty glass bowl in front of Sean.

“Maybe, maybe, probably, it was… stolen?” Sean responded with a guilty conscience.

Snape sneered and slammed the glass bowl in front of Sean.

“Let’s ask someone else. Who stole Mr. Wallup’s potion’s main ingredients?” Snape casually picked up a book, moved the chair, and even took Sean’s cauldron, “Is it you, Mr. Book, who followed the wrong master? Is it you, Mr. Chair, who is pressed to the ground by him every day? Or is it you, Mr. Cauldron, who never knows the taste of the correct potion?”

Sean immediately stood up straight and quickly admitted his mistake, “Sorry, Professor, I accidentally lost it.”

Snape raised his head and looked down at him, “Mr. Wallup, apart from your poor potion talent and your unbearable brewing technique, I thought you at least knew that ‘the early bird catches the worm’. What’s the point that you can’t even keep the ingredients right? Did I tell you that carelessness is the worst enemy of potion brewing?”

“Yes, professor, I’m sorry.” Sean didn’t mean to talk back but just bowed his head honestly and admitted his mistake.

Snape gave him a disgusted look and flicked the sleeve of his robe for the last time, “Stand there and listen until the class is over. Ravenclaw will be deducted five points. Come to me to get the materials again after the punishment on the weekend.”

Sean heaved a sigh of relief. The eyeballs are not difficult to get, but fresh eyes are hard to come by. Snape obtained the ingredients for the students to brew the potion through personal channels. It is estimated that he has always had a cooperative relationship with a certain individual.

Snape paused momentarily, turned around, and added, “If you dare to distract yourself in class, I will teach you a profound lesson. Don’t test me. I will know whether you have paid attention to the class or not.”

“Of course, Professor.” Sean nodded honestly.

Snape walked back to the podium and began talking about the potion’s brewing method.

“Alas…” Sean sighed inaudibly and moved a little closer to Hermione.

“Take that…” Hermione muttered inaudibly. She turned sideways as if she didn’t want to talk to Sean.

Sean secretly sighed in his heart. He didn’t dare to touch Hermione’s bad luck now.

Although last night was embarrassing, there was no problem with the atmosphere between the two. The problem lies with Fred and George.

After the dinner, Sean planned to find a place quickly and communicate with the bird first, at least to let him get out of his clothes when there were not many people. During the dinner, it suddenly stretched out its head and snatched Sean’s plate.

Hermione went to the library to help him find something, and Daisy accompanied Sean.

They happened to meet Fred and George. The two brothers have created a popularity polling recently, an extremely stupid polling. Of course, in Sean’s view, this is a way for the twins to make money.

Highland Flowers at Hogwarts. It’s a title the two of them came up with.

Fred and George collected photos of all the beautiful girls in Hogwarts from the first grade to the seventh grade and invited all the students to vote for the girl they liked.

It was just a dispute among the students, but Fred and George got in touch with the editor-in-chief of the fashion section of “Wizard Weekly” somehow, and they promised that the final winner could be featured on a small page of “Wizard Weekly”.

Fred and George really made the event come alive.

The twins directly issued the rules. Voting lasted for two weeks, each person had one vote, and the faculty and staff had two votes.

The twins directly announced anyone could vote more on their favorites by paying with Sickles for each vote, and anyone could put in as many votes as they wanted for the right price.

“Consider this as a way for you to be a sponsor, you know?” Fred said so.

In the beginning, Hermione said that only idiots would take the bait for such a stupid activity. But there were already more than twenty idiots who bought the votes the next day.

Some girls ask their friends to help them buy votes for themselves, there are boys who buy votes for the girl they are pursuing, and there are even rich students like Draco who just came to mess up with the voting.

Not long after the voting started, Draco directly bought 200 votes and voted for Pansy Parkinson.

The Weasley twins are earning a lot of money. They were happy, and whenever they had free time, they took pictures of the girls with the ballot box and wandered around the castle.

Sean’s pocket money is naturally one of the targets of their lobbying.

“Sean, don’t you want to vote for the beautiful girl next to you?” Fred and George winked at Sean.

“There is no way I’m giving my money to you two.” Sean was speechless.

Daisy and Hermione are naturally on the list but don’t have many votes. After all, beauty is beauty, but no one wants to vote for them simply because they were always with Sean.

George embraced Sean’s shoulders and patted the ballot box on his chest, “It has time-limited magic, it won’t change when you vote in it, and the magic will be unlocked when the voting ends. I spent a lot of money to find Professor Flitwick to help me with this. I’ll guarantee you for its fairness.”

Sean tapped on the panel on Fred’s chest, which recorded the votes of all the candidates, “One Sickle equals two votes? You are crazy.”

Fred raised his brows triumphantly at him, “It’s to prove that you have a pair of eyes to discover beauty.”

Sean was completely speechless. He glanced at Daisy beside him. She shook her head at Sean, signaling him not to waste money.

Sean directly took out two Galleons. Seventeen Sickles are equivalent to one Galleon. Two Galleons are equivalent to buying more than sixty votes.

“Here. Thirty votes for Daisy, thirty votes for Hermione. As for the remaining four Sickles, just don’t come to me again.”

Fred and George grinned crookedly, and they took out the small note they had prepared and threw it into the ballot box. The note was magically cast, and the votes behind the names of Daisy and Hermione were thrown in.

“As expected from you, Mr. Wallup.”

On the ballot, Daisy’s and Hermione’s votes have risen respectively, and they have reached the upper reaches. Daisy is a lot ahead. After all, her looks are more favored, and her popularity is better than Hermione’s.

Of course, the current one on top is still Pansy Parkinson, and Draco is her biggest supporter.

Just when Sean thought that there would be a peaceful settlement and that he could get rid of Fred and George’s problem, he ran into Snape, who was returning to the office after dinner.

Fred and George naturally didn’t dare to ask Snape to vote, they wanted to run away, but Snape walked over directly.

According to Snape’s personality, Fred and George’s ballots would be confiscated, and each would be put in confinement, but Daisy happened to be there.

After Snape approached, he looked at Daisy. Although his face was still stiff and his expression was still gloomy, he forcibly held back what he wanted to say.

“Professor Snape, hello.” Daisy called softly.

“Hello there.” Snape replied stiffly.

He glanced coldly at the ballot and said, “Hogwarts does not object to students’ activities in their spare time, but if it affects their studies, I will come to you two personally.”

“Of course, Professor!” Fred and George nodded their heads.

Just when Sean thought it was over, Snape suddenly turned to look at him.

“Wallup, you asked about my potion after class last time. Do you understand what we just learned?”

Sean was taken aback for a moment and saw Snape’s deep eyes.

He had no choice but to answer in embarrassment, “Yes, Professor, I understand.”

“There are only failures and successes,” Snape said stiffly. “Come to my office after class tomorrow, and I will demonstrate it to you myself.”

Sean suddenly realized what it meant.

“Uh, yes, no problem, Professor.” He replied hastily.

“I’ll be looking at you.” Snape replied coldly and walked away.

Sean sighed and took out ten Galleons.

“Fred, all of them for Daisy.”

“Sean?!” Daisy covered her mouth in surprise.

Fred first looked at Snape and winked at Sean, “Man, are you sure?”

“I’m sure of it.” Sean handed over the money directly.

“Alright then!” Although Snape put a lot of pressure on them, money was more important than that. The twins quickly accepted the money and put in the votes.

Daisy frowned and grabbed Sean’s hand, whispering, “Isn’t that necessary, Sean?”

Sean was so anxious that he was about to tremble. He quickly withdrew his hand quietly and said, “This is for our glory to Ravenclaw!”

Snape looked at him from a distance and strode away.

However, Snape is a very generous person. When he comes to his office tomorrow, he will be given a potion that can be sold for more than 10 Galleons to help him in the voting process. Of course, the potion is more valuable to him.

After Snape walked away, Sean said to Daisy, “Ravenclaws can’t be humiliated by Slytherin, okay?”

“Yeah, that’s right.” Fred and George were still counting votes and didn’t look up.

“Oh, so that’s how it is.” Daisy nodded and had a cheerful look.

Fred and George finally finished counting the votes, threw in a lot of papers, and Daisy came to the top of the list.

Before the twins left, they did not forget to take off their hats to Sean, “You’re as gracious as always.”

Sean thought this matter was over, but he didn’t realize he had forgotten one thing until he returned to the common room.

He didn’t tell Fred and George to shut up about it.

Sean was surrounded by Ravenclaw students just as soon as he entered the door.

“Sean, I can’t believe that you did it!” Terry patted him on the shoulder with admiration in his tone.

“Yeah, almost 400 votes were put for Daisy! It seems that the final winner is Ravenclaw.” Another classmate said.

“As expected from you, I just don’t know what Draco’s expression will be when he knows about it.”

Under the cheers, it was useless for Sean to explain, and in the corner where he often sat, Hermione was reading a book by herself. He just raised his head and glanced lightly.

“I just don’t want Slytherin to win.” Sean tried to explain.

Someone tugged at his sleeve and whispered, “Don’t say that in front of Daisy…”

Sean raised his head numbly. Daisy sat beside Hermione at some point.

“This is so…”

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Published On: December 15, 2023

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