However, simply getting a stomach ache from being overfed is not a big problem for a magical animal. After rolling on the spot for a while, the skin on the neck agitated again and expanded. A fist-sized ‘balloon’ slowly floated up.

The two fleshy wings are flapping hard to drive the body upwards. The extremely high-frequency flapping sound is like a hummingbird. The bird seemed to be using this method to consume the energy in its body.

When it floated to about half a meter above Sean’s head, the ‘balloon’ quickly retracted. Sean didn’t see exactly how it changed. The wings of the bird quickly unfolded like a canvas.

Of course, its slender tail, smooth skin, and the fin at the end of the tail are completely inconsistent with all of the appearance. This was the first time Sean saw a newborn magical animal show its abilities. He quickly took a note and quickly recorded it.

“The birds urgently need food after birth, and they can eat fish normally. The young birds do not seem to have the concept of being full and will continue to eat until their guts feel something.”

Sean bit the cap of his pen and finally added a parenthesis after it.

(To be verified, it may be related to the intelligence of young birds.)

The bird on top of him doesn’t look very smart.

After adding the parentheses, Sean continued to write, “The bird seems to be able to instinctively control their body, whether it is turning into a ‘hot air balloon’ or turning into a posture suitable for long-distance flight.”

He looked up, the bird seemed to have consumed a lot of energy, and the painful expression on its face finally disappeared, replaced by an exhausted look. It will be hovering slowly in the sky like a model airplane with a burp from time to time.

“The food is digested quickly, but most of it seems to be consumed in a specific position and does not seem to require much energy to maintain position.”

After writing a lot of words, Sean closed the note with satisfaction. He had obtained first-hand information and would be able to brag about it when he met Newt later. The bird above his head seemed to be tired after circling for a while.

It’s strange to say that this bird is not afraid of anything at all. Among the animals around Sean, the lowest level of danger is an Occamy, which most magical animals around would be scared to see an Occamy.

But this little bird wasn’t scared at all, even though it doesn’t look scared of the Basilisk.

While Sean was thinking, the bird finally found a suitable landing strip.

It spreads its wings to allow itself to glide completely with the airflow. As the height gradually decreased, its wings gradually shrunk, and the skin under its chin gradually bulged. Finally, a small balloon bounced and fell on the runway.

It shouted at Sean as if to say, “Look at me!”

Sean looked over with a smile, and the bird before him returned to its original appearance. The little legs stepped on the ground. Although it smelled a bit fishy, ​​the bird thought it was a place worth resting. He retracted his wings, found the softest place, and lay down directly.

The bird felt something moving rapidly as soon as he lay down. When he reacted, he stood up and looked back.

The Basilisk’s sharp teeth, which were bigger than its entire body, and a strong fishy smell rushed straight into its flat nose.

The bird tilted its head.

Sean sighed. This bird really didn’t feel any sense of fear at all.

The bird raised his long neck, turned his head back and forth, and then turned to look at Sean.

“Good one.” Sean encouraged with a smile.

The bird turned its neck. It saw the tall human being in front of it. Beside him was a big moth and a big cat. It turned its head and looked again, only seeing teeth and a huge mouth.

After a short cry, the bird simply fainted.

“What’s wrong?” Sean hurried over to check.

The Basilisk shook the bird and flung the bird into Sean’s hands.

“It just fainted.”


By the time Sean stepped out of the ring, the bird was already in his pocket. This is a little bit naive. He flew up after being born and fainted. Sean thought it was a very active bird.

After waiting for a moment, the bird finally woke up again, hid in Sean’s clothes, and refused to come out.

Sean had no choice but to take it out of the ring. After all, it was a newborn baby bird. Although it had some magical abilities and was not as fragile as ordinary baby birds, it was still a baby.

“Is it hatched?” Seeing that the ring exit got bigger, Sean crawled out.

Hermione hid in the Room of Requirement after calling Daisy to come over.

“Here.” Sean opened his robe, revealing the bird that was nestling on his chest.

“So cute.” Daisy’s eyes were shining.

“What kind of magical animal is this? I haven’t seen it in any book.” Hermione asked curiously.

“I guess it’s called an Airwing Bird. They can change their body shape according to their needs and are good at long-distance flying.” Sean explained.

Daisy has already got her head directly into Sean’s robe. She and the bird were making eye-to-eye contact.

“It’s so cute. Can I pet it, Sean?” Daisy asked.

“Go for it. This guy is silly, but he’s okay.”

Girls seem to have no resistance to cute things at all. The bird is not cool or beautiful but ugly and cute; coupled with its innocent eyes, it captured the two hearts at once.

Hearing Sean’s words, the two cheered and immediately stroked the bird.

“Hey, at least let me get it out first.” Both of them leaned towards Sean’s chest and pressed against him.

The scene in the Room of Response is inexplicably strange. Two delicate and beautiful girls are leaning against his chest in the room illuminated by torches.

“Come on, now. It’s been a long day.” Sean had no choice but to increase his voice.

Only then did Daisy and Hermione notice that they looked up, just in line with Sean’s gaze.

Hermione’s facial features are exquisite and distinct. Her eyes are bright, and her eyebrows are dark, but her face has that feeling of stubbornness. Her lips are dark and moist. She pursed her lips habitually, like a rose that had not yet bloomed.

Daisy is another kind of beauty. Her eyebrows and eyes are gentle and peaceful, and her nose is small. The long eyelashes brought her more delicacy and fragility, and her lips were not so contrast. However, the occasional sly flashes in her eyes and the gentle smile made her more vivid, like a daisy flower.

The three of them looked at each other, and the atmosphere in the room suddenly became weird.

Having known these two girls for so long, Sean found that he seemed to have never seen them face to face so closely. Well, it may be because of this particular situation he had taken a closer look on their faces.

After reacting, Sean took a step back. He smiled, took out the bird, and put it on a cushion.

“Play with it as you like, but be careful since it’s just it’s a child.” Sean joked to cool the temperature.

Daisy reacted quickly and screamed loudly, “Wow, so cute!”

However, the hand stroking the bird trembled slightly. Hermione was taken aback for a moment. She puffed her cheeks, squatted down, and petted the bird.

“Indeed, it’s cute.”

Sean raised his eyebrows, squatted down, and stroked the head of the bird.

“It looked silly, but it’s really cute.”

Each of the three stretched out their hand, stroking back and forth on the bird.

Hermione found a cushion and sat down.

However, her tone to Sean was a little blunt, “Since it won’t go into the ring anymore, you can’t keep it in your clothes at all times, can you? Before preparing to raise a new magical animal, you should consider how to prepare it. “

“I could trust it to Dave for a while.” Sean smiled.

Hermione looked dissatisfied, “There will be class tomorrow, remember to handle it well.”

“Yes, yes.” Sean replied.

“Indeed, Sean. You have to deal with this. I remember you have Professor Snape’s class tomorrow. If this guy comes out and knocks over the cauldron while making your potion, he will definitely deduct points and put you in a punishment. Not even I could help you with that.”

“Yes, yes.” Sean could only repeat what he said.

He felt a little bit pressured by them after hatching this animal. However, this does have to be dealt with.

This bird is too active and naive. If he really gets out suddenly, he will be violating both the school rules and the Ministry of Magic’s magical animal regulations. Although he doesn’t know how dangerous the bird is, raising an undocumented magical animal is already an offense.

Sean looked down at the bird who was playing with his tail. The bird’s tail is extremely long, and it seems that it can extend the length freely. Some were reddened as if trying to see how far they could extend their tails.

Sean silently counted the number of laps of the tail wrapped around its own neck. The bird suddenly stuck out his tongue, and his eyes began to roll white.

Sean quickly reached out and untied the tail wrapped around his neck.

The bird put its tongue on the beak and gasped weakly. Sean patted his head helplessly.

How can there be such an animal that behaves like this?

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Published On: December 15, 2023

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