West is fine, but obviously, his brain is different from ordinary people, so Sean simply changed the subject. He didn’t lift the spell on him but asked directly.

“What are you doing in Hogsmeade? Why are you allowing your Niffler to steal?”

“Huh?” West’s eyes lit up, “You don’t know what I’m here for? That’s great! Newt didn’t send you to get me!”

“Answer my question first…”

West stretched his head forward eagerly, “As long as you’re not from Newt’s group, that’s easy. I didn’t leave Snuffy to go steal. He slips out of my hand.”

Sean replied, “Don’t talk nonsense with me. You have been following me. It is normal for you to lose the Niffler. But you don’t look like someone normal.”

West took it for granted, “But I’m a normal person.”

“You haven’t answered my question yet.” Sean didn’t change his face.

West showed a warm smile, “Help me free from this spell first, friend. Since you have shown your true face, it proves that you are not an enemy. Grey is kind to you, so I can already tell who you are.”

Sean just glanced at him lightly and didn’t speak.

He said to Sean very enthusiastically, “Sean Wallup, right? I know you! I graduated a year before you enrolled, and I am also from Ravenclaw. Someone told me before about the Serpensortia spell.”

Sean narrowed his eyes.

West was still talking, “It’s impossible for Serpensortia Spell to summon an Occamy. I know that Occamy, Naja, right? I knew at the time that you and Newt are very similar. You are better than Newt. Magical animals seem to know you really well.”

“There is also Nurmengard Day! I have many friends there. They told me that you are a dragon whisperer, but I know that you must have attracted that dragon by virtue of your own characteristics, right?”

“During the riots in the Forbidden Forest, you became friends with the Hebridean Dragon, right? Oh! And the Kelpie! Merlin’s beard, these two guys are not easy to talk to! When I heard from Hagrid, I knew you must be special. To be honest, I wanted to know you a long time ago. What happened to your Winged Demon? Is it an evolutionary race in the wild or some kind of a product of a magical accident?”

Sean interrupted him, “Wait, you know Hagrid?”

“Uh,” West’s face froze, and then he hesitated, “I met him when I was in school, but I’m just familiar with him. There’s absolutely nothing abnormal between us…”

After saying this, he frowned and froze in place.

“Um, no, I mean…”

West hesitated, but Sean didn’t pursue the question further.

In the dim shack, the two just stared at each other. As time passed, West’s face gradually became embarrassing.

“Uh, aren’t you curious and don’t want to ask more questions?” West smiled sarcastically.

Sean raised his eyebrows, “Aren’t you delaying for time? It would be nice to see what you can do. But if you’re waiting for your Bowtruckle to unbutton the suitcase, then you may be disappointed.”

He took out a Bowtruckle from his back. Sean pours out something and feeds it to the Bowtruckle. Like its master, the Bowtruckle, which could only move its head, shrugged at West and ate the thing that Sean had given.

Sean stuck Bowtruckle on the floor, then nodded admiringly, “Its skin color is rare and very clever. It has been following me since I caught you.”

West froze completely, and pulling out a smile took him a long time. “Heh… Didn’t Grey get out of the suitcase just now? They could still pounce on you.”

“You and the little friends in your suitcase have not yet formed a state of complete trust. The entrance and exit of the suitcase can be set with permission. I guess the little guy inside doesn’t want to talk to you? Hence, they aren’t coming.”

“But now, you are still trying to let it out, so it means that there is another. Wait a minute, let me see…”

Sean approached him and carefully looked at West’s earrings. It was a string of vermilion beads, and when he got close, he could smell a strange fragrance from them.

“A fruit aroma, native to the Appalachian Mountains. Although the Wampus Cat eats meat, this fruit is its favorite food. Wampus Cats eat this fruit like a domestic cat eating catnip.”

Listening to Sean’s words, West’s face became more and more dejected, and the forced smile on the corner of his mouth changed.

Sean ignored him and continued, “Wampus Cat’s hypnotic ability can be partially resisted through long-term practice, just like a wizard resisting a hypnotic spell. With my spell, you only spent half an hour awake. It seems that you are quite experienced. If both of us are hypnotized at the same time, you should wake up at least ten minutes earlier than me, and the situation will change.”

West’s face completely collapsed, and he said with a sad face, “I heard Hagrid say you are a smart one, but I didn’t expect you to be so smart…”

Sean pulled a chair and sat down casually. He patted the dust on his collar and said casually, “Okay, can you tell the truth now?”

West was completely wilted. He dropped his head and said, “This was originally intended to be used to deal with Newt, but I didn’t expect that I have to use it now.”

Sean glanced at him speechlessly.

“Tell me, what are you doing in Hogsmeade? Why are you worried that Newt will catch you?”

West sighed and finally stated his reason for coming.

“Newt seems to have taught you everything, and you probably know that he once had an assistant. I didn’t fake my name. It was given to me by my grandmother. Her name is Bunty.”

It dawned on Sean that Bunty was indeed Newt’s assistant, a very kind witch. Under West’s story, Sean also understood the origin of this guy.

Newt Roberts West is from the West family, and because of the friendship between Newt and Bunty, the two have always been very close friends. West has shown great interest in magical animals since he was born, and Newt is willing to teach him a lot about magical animals. After he turned eleven, he also entered Hogwarts.

He did let the Niffler out on purpose, but he has been acting in secret, and the reason for the whole thing is something Sean did not expect.

This guy shares Newt’s fascination with magical animals but in a different direction. Newt aims to understand and protect magical animals, while West’s direction is more about breeding more magical animals.

Yes, breeding.

He has a lot of experience in the research on the breeding of magical animals. Graphorns native to the mountainous regions of Europe are already nearly extinct. Newt has been working on helping the Graphorns restore their population, but there has been no good way.

Graphorns are sensitive to nature. Both males and females are frigid and will never mate if they don’t see eye to eye.

West, who was still studying at Hogwarts at the time, spent only one summer vacation to breed all three female Graphorn in Newt’s place. Although it sounds weird, it is enough to prove that this guy is smart.

However, West did not follow Newt’s wish to help those endangered magical animals. Instead, he was very keen on breeding those ultra-high-risk magical animals and improving their offspring.

At the same time, his relationship with Hagrid is indeed unusual. Think about it: one is keen on breeding magical animals, and the other is keen on crossbreeding magical animals.

Hearing what West said, even Sean broke out in a cold sweat.

Newt made the right choice not to let West and Hagrid associate with each other. If these two people are given enough time, the world could be in a catastrophe.

Newt banned West from interacting with Hagrid. He did not give up. After graduating from Hogwarts, he traveled around the world. Once, he would sneak back to find Hagrid.

As a result, Newt’s ban was quickly upgraded to a wanted warrant. When Sean was in Nurmengard last year, Newt caught West once and then locked up for more than three days.

Ultimately, he managed to escape, and now he dares to return. No wonder he had to be sneaky about everything, all for fear of being caught by Newt.

After finishing all this, West stared at Sean, “This is for research and genetic evolution! Hagrid and I’s research is not using magic, but allowing creatures to mate willingly!”

“But Aphrodisiacs and potions will also be used in it, right?” Sean said he no longer doubted West’s identity, and neither did Dave.

West smiled, “It’s just a way for them to, you know.”

As he said that, he begged Sean again, “Sean, you are familiar with magical animals, and you are so familiar with Newt. You should know that this is the long-cherished wish of a magizoologist!”


“Don’t tell Newt, okay?” West flattered.

Sean looked at him but didn’t speak.

West was very clever in avoiding Newt, and he immediately said, “I got a lot of good things during my travels, such as poisonous horns, a full set of Sphinx fur, etc. I know you love magical animals, and as a senior, I can give it to you for free. Just take it as a way for me to thank you.”

“I can’t do that to Professor Scamander. He is nice to me.” Said Sean.

West froze for a moment.

Finally, he seriously said, “To compensate you for the trouble, I also got an egg from a magical animal. Don’t worry. It is definitely a very rare magical animal. I haven’t seen it before, but I guess it’s avian. I was going to show Hagrid the egg and try to hatch the Hippogriff simultaneously.”

Sean’s brows twitched.

Seeing Sean’s expression, West seemed to have made a huge and difficult decision. He said sadly, “As long as you let me go. I won’t go to Hagrid.”

Sean raised his eyebrows. He had no interest in things like this. Although they were contraband, he had plenty of Galleons, and the smugglers in Diagon Alley would not refuse him.

But it was a magical animal that he had never heard of, which made him very interested.

Seeing Sean’s hesitation, West raised his head, “I was worried that the suitcase would be confiscated after being caught by Newt, so I hid it on my body. Look over the hem of my cloak, and there is a deformed lizard skin pouch that you can inspect.”

Sean used his wand to pick up his cloak and found a pouch. He took the pouch and opened it. A fist-sized golden egg was lying inside with cyan patterns on the surface.

Sean couldn’t recognize the origin of the egg, but judging from the patterns and shaking of the eggshell, it was most likely a bird’s egg.

West smiled flatteringly at him, “Look, there shouldn’t be any in Newt’s notebook, right?”

Indeed, it was an egg he had never seen before. Sean readily took it along with the pouch.

He looked at him, and West’s eyes twitched.

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Published On: December 11, 2023

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