“What’s the matter?” Harry and Draco both asked.

Hagrid also frowned and immediately turned his eyes to the depths of the Forbidden Forest.

The tremors became more and more intense, and the birds flew from the treetops to the night sky. They circled in mid-air and then flew viciously.

“What’s happening?” Sean looked at the scene in shock.

Before he could think more, Hagrid shouted, “Get behind me!”

The dragon was disturbed by the sound of the vibration. It stretched its neck to look around, then rushed out toward Sean and the others.

“Agh!” Hagrid put his bow and arrow and aimed at the dragon.

According to his original idea, he planned to anesthetize the dragon before moving out of the Forbidden Forest. But now he doesn’t know what went wrong in the Forbidden Forest. The dragon was disturbed, and he did not give Hagrid extra time to prepare.

Although this dragon was only a cub, it was a fire dragon. He would have faced dire consequences if he had hurt the children behind him.

However, Hagrid’s bow and arrow shot did not have the desired effect. When the arrow was about to hit the dragon, the bow and arrow were suddenly shot to the side as if there was something invisible swaying it.

They were stunned for a moment, and at this moment, the dragon had already been in front of them.

“Go back!” Hagrid shouted, pulling out his pink umbrella to block.

The dragon is extremely powerful. It spreads its wings and roars, its sharp hooked teeth and bloodshot eyes flashing with cold light, and the temperature suddenly rises.

Sean hurriedly shouted “Dodge” and pulled Draco to the side. Just after they fell on the hard mud ground, a heat wave swept over the place where they were just now, and Fang’s screams rang out. It just burned his tail.

Sean stood up, just in line with the red eyes of the dragon. Sean suddenly felt a sense of sadness.

When he reacted, he was surprised to find that the originally aggressive dragon had retracted its unfolded flesh wings. Its red pupils had also changed to the original bright purple, and staring at Sean with a bewildered face.

Sean came to the dragon. He looked at the confused pupil of the dragon and showed a gentle smile. Sean slowly approached the dragon.

“Get back, Sean!” Hagrid had just put out the flames on Fang’s tail, and when he turned his head, he saw Sean approaching the dragon.

“Sean!” Harry and Draco also shouted in surprise. The two stopped, looked at each other in disgust, and looked at Sean again.

Draco’s mood is a bit scared now. Originally, he was beaten by Sean on the train, and he hated him very much. But after meeting Harry, Sean’s hatred position automatically moved down, and he was surprised to find that he didn’t dislike Sean that much.

In addition, his father wrote to him some time ago. Asking him to restrain his attitude and have a good relationship with him. Especially now, Sean just saved himself.

On the other side, Sean reassured the three of them and then walked slowly to the dragon. He maintained a sincere and friendly gaze, meeting the eyes of the dragon.

“Psth.” The dragon snorted with sparks and then leaned his head up.

Sean smiled even more and put his hand on the dragon’s head.

It felt a bit strange, like a glass of hot water was poured with ice cubes, and the scales on the dragon were hard with a hint of toughness. The ends of the scales were slightly curved and sharp.

The three were silent for a while, and they stared blankly at Sean stroking the dragon’s head. The dragon was as obedient as a domestic pet, and it even closed its eyes comfortably and rubbed Sean’s clothing.

“My goodness…” Hagrid murmured.

As a very keen person on dragons, he has seen many fire dragons before and has been thinking about raising dragons. But he had never seen a dragon so obedient to a wizard, not even the most docile Welsh dragon.

However, the increasingly loud vibration interrupted his thoughts. Hagrid glanced in the direction deep in the Forbidden Forest and hurriedly said to him.

“Let’s go out first. Sean, take… take the dragon.”

Sean smiled. He patted the dragon on the head and followed Hagrid and the others. They had just run for a while when they ran into trouble because a group of centaurs blocked their way.

The black-haired centaur in the front gasped violently.

“Bane, what happened to the Forbidden Forest?” Hagrid said to the centaur.

Bane’s eyes were red, but he seemed to maintain some clarity. He irritably kicked the ground and said quickly, “Go, Hagrid, something’s wrong. There is something wrong in the Forbidden Forest.”

“Something’s wrong?” Hagrid murmured. He glanced at the centaurs and immediately ran with Sean and the others.

Finally, the path opened up, and they ran out of the forbidden forest.

Hagrid looked at them, “How are you guys feeling? Are you guys alright?”

“I’m alright.” Harry and Draco were equally exhausted. Only Sean looked as usual. His physical strength was good, and he brought the dragon while running, which was extremely laborious.

Hagrid glanced at Sean and the dragon beside him, he took out his umbrella, and then a green light shot up into the sky.

“I have to inform the professors.” Hagrid explained.

However, before the professors arrived, the edge of the Forbidden Forest suddenly became louder.

The hordes of magical animals fought fiercely.

A werewolf bit the centaur’s shoulder fiercely, but the centaur seemed to feel no pain. They threw off the werewolf forcefully, and a piece of flesh and blood was taken off his shoulder. They were not afraid at all. Instead, they raised their front hooves and stomped on it ruthlessly.

Several hippogriffs used their sharp claws to stab into their enemies’ bodies and were screaming in pain at being attacked. In other places, it is the same situation. All the magical animals have lost their minds and only care about killing the creatures around them.

A strange hissing sound sounded, and a splash of water erupted in the black lake just behind a few people.

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