On the road outside the Three Broomsticks, Sean and Hermione were standing next to a corner. Although no pedestrians were passing by, as long as they looked outside, they would be able to spot them.

In a shadowy corner behind the cobblestone road, the transparent space fluctuated slightly, and the invisible wizard was anxiously praying that the two would not enter the bar for another drink.

From time to time, he glanced at the window of the Three Broomsticks, frowning tightly. Time passed bit by bit, and the wizard became more and more impatient. He used the Disillusionment Charm to remain invisible, shaking his legs occasionally and rubbing his fingers in the sleeves of his robes.

In front of him, the two children still did not move their positions. They seemed to be discussing something in front of the store cabinet, and could even see the smiles on their faces.

“Buy it if you like it, and leave after you buy it. Don’t the students of Hogwarts have other things to do?” The wizard looked at the two.

While waiting anxiously, the wizard accidentally stepped on a fallen leaf, and the tiny sound of the leaf cracking did not attract anyone’s attention, including himself. After a while, the two finally took a step and headed towards Hogwarts Castle.

Stretching his stiff neck, the wizard took a step, ready to follow.

Then, a voice sounded behind him.

“Are you looking for me, sir?” It was too late for the wizard to move because his body was rigid and petrified.

Not only that, but even his thoughts slowly condense, and a strong sense of sleepiness surges.

“Damn you… who…” The last consciousness floated through his mind, and then his eyes went black, and he was silent again.


“Where is this…” He woke up, shook his head vigorously, and subconsciously tried to grab his wand.

However, there’s nothing he can do. Not only that but all the magic items he carried were taken away.

“This kind of magic… Damn it. Hogsmeade is now filled with dark wizards?” He thought of this immediately.

He turned his head and looked around. The place was dark and dilapidated; he should have been sitting on a broken velvet seat, and in front of him was a tattered black curtain hanging from the ceiling.

“Shrieking Shack…” He murmured. The place was familiar to him.

“Are you familiar with Hogwarts?” In the Shrieking Shack, an unidentifiable male and female voice sounded cold.

“Who is master?!” West looked towards the shadow of the source of the voice.

The voice replied, “When asking someone’s name, shouldn’t you introduce yourself first?”

He responded in a deep voice, “Since you can catch me, you must know my identity very well. There is no need to play these tricks, right?”

He was the one who cast the wizard in front of him with the spell. He used the Illusion Charm to create an illusion of himself and Hermione, and Sean had already disappeared to get close to him.

He originally wanted to deal with him at the Hog’s Head Inn, but it was located in a remote area of ​​Hogsmeade, and Nagini could not help him if things were not going well.

Sean lured this person to the Three Broomsticks Inn. He knew that the professors liked to go there for a drink. If he couldn’t solve this person by himself, he could ask the professors for help.

However, to Sean’s surprise, this wizard is not powerful, and his Disillusionment Charm is full of flaws. Sean even wondered if he was making too much of a fuss. The guy in front of him was probably just a thief with no skills.

But Sean accidentally discovered something after bringing him to the Shrieking Shack and searching his body.

He carried a suitcase with him, the same one as Newt. But Newt has a better and updated version of it.

Also, when he tried to open the suitcase, it had magic, which Sean was very familiar with. It was a magic spell invented by Newt that could prevent the creatures in the suitcase from slipping out and stop thieves at the same time.

Sean also found something similar to the real Newt—the brass turntable in the middle of the suitcase.

Turn it once, and the ‘Muggle Mode’ will pop up, turn it again, and the ‘Scamander Mode’ will pop up.

At that time, Sean was confused. Is this person in front of him related to Newt, or is he against Newt, and this suitcase was stolen?

He knew all the descendants of Newt, and he had seen them in family photos. But the person in front of him was not one of them.

So, it came to this situation.

Sean started to move around. There was a ‘creak’ sound from the dilapidated wooden boards and the dull sound of footsteps stepping on the dust. The atmosphere in the shack suddenly became strange.

The wizard looked in Sean’s direction.

“What are you trying to do with me?!”

“Don’t you understand what I want from you?” Sean asked back.

His eyes were stern, and he sneered disdainfully after a moment of thinking.

“I see, you are sent by Grindelwald, right?”

Sean raised his eyebrows.

He continued, “I’m surprised. How can someone like me target me? But now that the wizarding world is in a peculiar situation, it makes sense for you to find me.”

Sean was confused by what he meant.

A smile appeared on his face, “Since you can find me, it means you have also known something.”

“So…” Sean replied.

He sneered, “Don’t expect me to betray Newt. I don’t know what you are thinking. Newt stood up to prove Grindelwald’s crime. Why do you want to do this? Let me tell you, I will never betray Newt, and don’t ever try to catch me and threaten Newt.”

His tone slowed down a bit, “What’s your name?”

“You caught me and asked me for my name? Huh, let me help you refresh your memory. I’m Newt Roberts West.”

Sean froze.

This guy’s name is also Newt.

He doesn’t have much impression of the surname West, so there are many things that can be said about this name. When choosing a name in Europe, they will take the same name as their father and grandfather as a sign of respect or commemoration. In other words, his real name should be Roberts, and West is his family name.

West and Scamander are obviously not branches of the same family. Combining what he said just now, it can be proved that this guy should have a close relationship with Newt Scamander.

Maybe Newt is a close relative to him.

Over there, West was clearly lost in his own head, and he kept talking.

“I will never betray Newt!”

“If you have the guts, just kill me!”

“Others will avenge me!”

“Coward, you dare to show your face!”

Sean sighed and was about to lift the Spell, but West suddenly coughed. He coughed violently, and there was even a dull “cuckling” sound in his throat.

The suitcase placed in the corner was suddenly opened, and a Winged Demon spread its wings and flew straight toward Sean’s direction.

West stopped coughing. His eyes showed slyness and sternness. It is a terrifying and rare magical creature that the Ministry of Magic doesn’t even give a danger rating to.

It likes to eat human brains and has magic resistance comparable to that of a dragon. West believes that, apart from a magical animal expert who deeply understands the Winged Devil, not even a wizard can stop the creature’s surprise attack.

In his memory, except for Newt, who once owned a Winged Demon, the whole of England had never seen a second owner.

A terrifying Winged Demon with an unusually large body and a wingspan of four to five meters also suddenly appeared.

West’s eyes widened. From his angle, he could see that the Winged Demon not only had a huge body but also a faint blood-red edge on its tail pattern. It spread its wings.

He has it, too, and that Winged Demon is abnormal.

Dave let out a terrible low growl. Its red eyes looked at the same kind that was a circle smaller than itself, and its saliva dripped from the edge of its sharp teeth. West’s Winged Demon abruptly stopped its attack, and its biological instinct made it retreat quickly.

However, his master is in danger. Before it could judge clearly, West yelled loudly.

“Grey! Run! You are not a match for them! Find someone to save me!”

Sean shook his head speechlessly and lifted his spell.

“Run, Grey, don’t be caught!” West yelled when he saw a figure emerging and cursed loudly, “Bastard! You performed magic on magical animals! Is it Transfiguration?! You really are a dark wizard!”

“How do you even transform a high magical resistance animal like the Winged Demon?” Sean said helplessly.

West heard the words, looked over, and was surprised to find that the third-grade boy was standing before him.

After being stunned momentarily, his voice was filled with unparalleled anger, “You bastard! What did you do to that child?!”

He turned his head and patted Dave, “Dave, don’t scare him.”

Hearing Sean’s order, Dave’s red eyes changed back to harmless, black round pupils. He folded his wings and landed on the ground. The Winged Demon, known as ‘Grey,’ saw Sean at this time, and it happened to meet Sean’s eyes because it didn’t understand the situation before.

Sean didn’t have any malice in the first place. Within half a minute, Grey put away his wings, landed beside Sean, and rubbed his head affectionately. West was completely stunned as if his head had also been hit with a Sunning Charm by Sean.

Sean is feeding Gray a goat brain from the ring.

“It tastes good, doesn’t it? Still want to eat it? Eat more. Alright, Dave, don’t be so stingy. I’ll buy you another one later. Didn’t you realize that it’s a female?”

Sean barely understood the meaning of Grey’s voice and tried to persuade Dave. Although West is stunned, he is not stupid.

Winged demons can feel the enemy’s malice best, while Grey accepts his food. This looks a bit strange. Most importantly, he saw the ring where he took out the sheep’s brain.

The way the entrance and exit are opened, the familiar way of magic power, his ring obviously had the same purpose and magic.

Sean glanced at West, who had calmed down, and said, “It seems that you have calmed down.”

“No…” West wanted to scratch his head, but his hands were still petrified, and he suddenly turned pale with shock.

“Newt sent you to take me back?!”

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Published On: December 11, 2023

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