A Guards member handed the wand back to Marshall in an undisclosed location near the Guards’ headquarters.

“Ma’am, take a good rest. The leader is dealing with important matters. After that, he will come and talk to you.” The member said.

Marshall’s face on the hospital bed was still pale, but she seemed to have recovered a lot, at least not in that mentally unstable state. Grasping her wand firmly, she nodded silently. The member looked down, and a piece of the bed sheet on the left side was deflated, which was the position of Marshall’s left leg.

The failed Apparation had left her completely disabled, and her left leg had completely disappeared. Perhaps noticing his gaze, Marshall raised her head and smiled.

“I remember you, Clinton was it? In the early days of the Guards, Your father was chasing that Bulgarian wizard. A spell hit him, and he lost a leg like me. Is he all right lately?”

The member’s face darkened for a moment, and forced a smile, “Maybe you haven’t heard of it, but the effect of the dark magic spread for a full month before it was stopped, and he could only lie in bed for the rest of his life.”

Marshall just nodded blankly, “I’m sorry.”

“No, ma’am. I appreciate you allowing me to take my father’s place.”

“You are as worthy of our trust as your father,” Marshall replied.

Clinton pursed his lips, his eyes averted a little.

After a brief silence, he asked slowly, “Ma’am, About Mr. Onassis…”

Marshall slowly raised her head and looked at him, “He died at my hand. To be precise, Grindelwald’s Imperius Curse controlled my hand.”

“But I don’t really understand…” Clinton lowered his head, “We did this just to make the wizarding world more chaotic and let our companions die one by one.”

He took a deep breath and didn’t continue talking.

Marshall’s expression didn’t change, “Do you think it was a mistake to arrest Grindelwald?”


“Then do what you should do and remember the goal of our organization.”

He paused and lowered his, “Yes, for a better world.”

“For a Better World.”

After the conversation, he silently walked out the door. When the door of the ward was about to be closed, he turned around hesitantly and said, “Ma’am, if the splinching body parts caused by the Apparition failure can be found within forty-eight hours, you can…”

Marshall remained expressionless, “Do you know where I’m going when I Apparate?”

Clinton had a realization. It should be somewhere Grindelwald was hiding.

However, who can guarantee that there will be no traps when they go there?

He nodded to Marshall, finally closed the door, and went out.

Silence was restored in the ward. Marshall stared at the slumped white sheet on her left leg, lay back down again, and closed her eyes. After Clinton walked out, the hesitation and worry on his face disappeared.

“She looks normal, but my father has been with her for a long time, and she has always been very vigilant. So it is not yet certain whether she has betrayed us to Grindelwald.” He spoke to the air.

As the sun shone, the floating dust in the beam of light shook twice, and a hoarse and light voice came out of nowhere, “What do you think?”

Clinton shook his head, “I don’t understand, but according to my experience, Ms. Marshall’s will has always been firm, and she has no tendency to surrender to the enemy as she doesn’t even need it. After all, Grindelwald is still a fugitive now, and we are an official institution.”

The air was silent for a moment, and finally, the voice said, “Understood. I’ll take care of things later.”


It was getting late, and Marshall seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep in the ward. Her wand was placed on the side of the bed closest to her right hand.

Not only in the ward but also in the corridors outside the wards. No one was there, only the light in the treatment room door in the middle of the corridor.

The treatment team is stationed in this secret location. If Marshall needs it, she just needs to press the magic box next to the bed, and a paper airplane will automatically fly out to notify the therapist.

As the night deepened, Marshall rolled over in her sleep. The air squirmed invisibly in the shadows, where no one would notice.

However, Marshall seemed to turn over simply, and the shadow returned to calm.


An Antipodean Opaleye dragon turned over by a small lake and shook the rock next to it a few times.

Then, a monstrous, gigantic serpent swam to the edge of the lake. It wore huge custom-made glasses with metal rims and pure black lenses.

The dragon out a short hiss. It opened its mouth for a while.

A Winged Demon that was much bigger than its kind spread its wings and hovered over the serpent’s head for a while.

“Huh, I can’t speak Parseltongue after becoming a dragon.” The dragon lay down.

This is Sean, who was practicing in his ringworld.

Tonight, he found a chance to escape Filch, sneak into the Room of Requirements, and experiment with transforming into another dragon Animagus.

Just as he expected, Sean could still turn into a dragon after losing his original wand. Grindelwald’s branch wand did not bring any changes to the form of the dragon.

So Sean took out the large batch of wands he had purchased. Surprisingly, as long as the core material of the wand is dragon heartstrings, Sean can transform into the corresponding dragon form.

Yes, all dragons.

Whether it’s the terrifying Ukrainian Ironbelly, the Hungarian Horntail, or the Peruvian Venomtooth, as long as Sean entangles the wand into his body, he can transform into a corresponding dragon.

Moreover, perhaps because he is proficient enough, he uses less magic power to transform into a dragon. For example, The Opaleye, even if he does not borrow the Obscurus’ magic power, his own magic power is enough.

The not-so-good news is that he can only turn into a dragon-like magical animal.

He tried The Horned Serpent core wand, the phoenix tail feather core wand, etc. Sean bought a lot of wands that are basically useless. Although being able to turn into various fire dragons is scary enough, Sean is still a little dissatisfied.

Sean transformed into an opaleye, stuck his head out, and used the lake as a mirror, reflecting his pearly scales covering his body and his pupilless eyes.

Sean once again admired the figure of the most beautiful dragon, twisted his body, and turned back to normal. After a long experiment today, whether it was the Obscurus or himself, more than half of the magic power was consumed, which made Sean’s eyelids twitch.

He yawned and raised his hand to check the time.

“It’s early in the morning…well…” Sean yawned and walked towards the exit of the ring.

After saying goodbyes to Pudding and the others, he climbed up the ladder and headed for the exit.

It’s time to go back and rest. Moreover, the “Merlin Weekly Newsletter” broke such a piece of big news, and tomorrow, the entire wizarding world will be a bit chaotic.

He doesn’t know how the guards will respond. Grindelwald’s methods are endless, and this is obviously just the beginning.

He doesn’t know why the old man didn’t contact him. Is it because he is in Hogwarts, and Grindelwald and Dumbledore can’t meet each other?

Sean can now be sure that Grindelwald and Dumbledore must have performed something that night, but there are still many doubts about it. Sean always felt that the two didn’t seem to have discussed it in advance, and Dumbledore’s attitude afterward was particularly strange.

Climbing out of the entrance, Sean put the ring back in his hand and walked towards the exit of the Room of Requirements. As soon as he walked under the torch at the exit, suddenly, the stone wall in front of him fluctuated.

Sean’s eyes froze. Someone come to the Room of Requirement at this time.

He walked quickly to the shadows beneath the torches, drew his wand, and cast a Disillusionment Charm. The stone wall wavered, and the wooden door made the sound of being pushed open after the bricks moved and rearranged soundlessly.

Sean held his breath and cast his calm gaze towards the entrance.

Strangely, after the sound of the wooden door being pushed, there was no further movement. There was no one at the entrance, and there was no sound of footsteps in the room.

“Who came here?” Sean frowned.

But he did not act rashly, still quietly hiding in the shadows.

There was a crackling sound from the torch above the head, the flames danced, and the light in the room also fluctuated. Time passed by, and suddenly, there was a gust of wind in the Room of Requirements, and all the torches in the room shook.

“This is a problem…” Sean narrowed his eyes slightly, the wand was already firmly grasped in his right hand, and his left hand began to dissipate with black particles gradually spreading out. Dave had already begun to crawl along the cuffs of his robes.

Once anything happens, Sean needs to go all out.

The temperature in the Room of Response also began to drop.

Sean tensed up, but he still didn’t notice the person who was coming, and Dave’s instinct didn’t send an alarm signal. But he is sure that the person already knows that someone is in the Room of Requirement in advance.

It is very likely that they have not found him and are currently searching for him.

The torch above Sean’s head made a sound, the wind in the room suddenly increased, and the shadow Sean was in suddenly trembled. Without any warning, a hand rested on Sean’s tense shoulder.

At that moment, Sean’s hair stood on end. Almost an instinctive reaction, his wand instantly pointed behind him.

“How dare you point my wand at me?”

In the shadows, Grindelwald showed his figure with an arrogant smile.

“Professor!” Sean looked at him in surprise.

“No,” He jumped back vigilantly, “Who are you?”

Grindelwald raised his eyebrows angrily and leaned lazily against the wall, “How many times have I taught you that you should not only pay attention to yourself but also to the surrounding environment when you are invisible with the Disillusionment Charm? When I came in just now, I deliberately left an opening for you, but you didn’t notice it. I should punish you so you might remember your lesson.”

Sean shivered, and now he believed that the person in front of him was Grindelwald.

He smiled and withdrew his wand, “I haven’t said anything yet. You secretly swapped my wand. It cost me seven Galleons just to get a new one, you know.”

Grindelwald sneered, “Do you want me to give you seven times of punishment?”

“Hehe, never mind. Maybe next time.”

After seeing each other, Sean looked at him. Grindelwald was still dressed as before, but his aura was even more evil. It seemed that the Dark Lord’s aura was in full swing.

He smiled and asked, “How did you get into Hogwarts?”

Grindelwald found a velvet chair and lay down comfortably, “Vanishing Cabinet, I saw your ring after I came here. I guess you have something to do, so go out and do my own thing first.”

“Did you go to Professor Dumbledore?” Sean pulled a chair.

Grindelwald raised his eyebrows, “Oh, so you know?”

“About you and Professor Dumbledore’s were just acting? Of course, I found out about it. But why didn’t you tell me?” Sean asked.

Grindelwald’s expression darkened a little.

“You thought we had discussed it in advance?”

Sean shook his head, “It doesn’t feel like it.”

“It’s right that it doesn’t look like it.” Grindelwald raised his legs comfortably and let out a long breath, “A temporary performance, and your principal didn’t tell me why.”

“Is this the tacit understanding of you two?” Sean joked.

Grindelwald snorted coldly, “Bullshit tacit understanding. If I hadn’t felt that his spell couldn’t kill me, then that night, one of your teachers, your principal, would have stepped into the grave first.”

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Published On: December 8, 2023

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