The “Merlin’s Weekly Newsletter” front page report caused an uproar. For a while, reporters from various countries flocked to the Guards’ headquarters in Belgium, and many wizards who graduated from Nurmengard also began to question their true purpose.

The direction of the wind has begun to turn. Still, the Guards said in an interview that the true identities of the two ‘deceased’ wizards in that photo are being investigated, and they call on people to keep their eyes open about it.

Of course, the reporters were not so easy to dismiss. Questions such as “Why wasn’t the real cause of death of the two French Aurors announced?”

Finally, the Guards’ spokesperson said that because the person in charge has not yet been decided, they will not answer related questions for the time being. After that, the meeting was dismissed.

The wizarding world, which had just subsided for a short time, became noisy again.


In a certain mountain forest, two people were leisurely foraging for food. Suddenly, as if they sensed something, they disappeared in place.

In the next second, with the crimson light, two wizards, a man, and a woman, were running for their lives.

The strange thing is that although the light is constantly coming from behind, the two of them have no expression on their faces. Even their eyes are a little dull. Only when they fight back against the light, there will be a stern look in their eyes.

Behind them, more than a dozen spells of light swarmed towards them, and there were constant explosions. The sound of trees collapsing in the mountains and forests can be heard.

They were a dozen or so wizards holding wands. They were wearing the Guards’ uniform, but the leader was wearing a thick black robe in this weather, with a hood covering his face.

Another huge explosion appeared at the feet of the two people in front of them, and the two fell to the ground. The face that was originally hidden was also revealed.

The two have been at the center of public opinion recently.

Cyril Marshall, the temporary head of the Guards, and Rosa Onassis, the former team member.

The flying stones hit Onassis on the forehead, and blood trickled down. But he didn’t even frown. He just raised his hand abruptly and swung his wand back.

A dark green curse flew away.

After avoiding the spell, members of the Guards chasing the two showed angry expressions. They used the killing curse but could only use ordinary spells.

But the situation is changing too fast now, and they have to catch people alive to figure out what happened.

After continuing to chase for a while, suddenly, Onassis stopped. The dull look in his eyes became more intense, and he waved his wand wildly like crazy. He had completely disregarded defense, and the Killing Curse followed one after another, disrupting the formation of his pursuers.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, in front of him, Marshall waved her wand without changing her expression. A stone wall rose from behind and tried to Apparate away from here.

In the rear, the leading black-robed wizard finally raised his hand. His figure twisted, and Marshall, who was about to Apparate from here, was abruptly interrupted by unknown magic.

The Apparation failed, and Marshall suffered from a split. One of her feet disappeared.

Just as she fell to the ground, four disarming spells hit Onassis at the same time, and his whole body flew upside down heavily and, hit the tree trunk, and fell unconscious.

Marshall didn’t seem to surrender at all, and she raised her wand to cast another spell. A silent stun spell struck from the side. She rolled her eyes and fell limply to the ground.

The Guards members quickly stepped forward, took away the wands of the two, and then used the wands to conjure ropes to bind the two.

“Do you want to go back first?” A guard member asked the man in black.

The black-robed wizard shook his head. His voice was hoarse and dry but light and weightless.

“There are too many people in the headquarters, and people with malicious intentions are watching us. Guard the outside and check these two ‘traitors’ first.”


A team member took out a potion bottle and poured it directly into the mouths of Onassis and Marshall. After waiting for half a minute, there was no response from the two of them.

“It’s not working, sir.” said the team member.

The black-robed wizard took half a step forward and muttered to himself in a voice that other people couldn’t hear, “Have you fooled everyone? Control them, then use the illusion spell to hide your figure, then transform it into a different combination of spells. You have already thought up the plan for the future and directly implemented it on the spot. What a calm mind and exquisite magic. I don’t know what to say, Grindelwald.”

The team members on the side didn’t hear his self-talk clearly and asked puzzledly, “Pardon, sir?”

“Nothing.” He resumed his original tone, then looked at Onassis and Marshall, “It should be the Imperius Curse.”

The team member frowned, “The Imperius Curse can’t be undone. This is the Imperius Curse cast by Grindelwald himself. What should we do now? Bringing them is like carrying two ticking time bombs. Should we kill them?”

“Not now. These two people are still useful.”

As he said that, the man in black raised his hand. Immediately afterward, two water bottles flew out from their cuffs and floated toward the team members beside him.

The man took the water bottle, “What is this?”

“Gringotts’ Anti-Thief Water, it was made by the goblins.” The team member opened a water bottle and glanced at it; a sparkling transparent liquid was inside.

After learning about the whereabouts of Marshall and Onassis, their leader started to find out about their whereabouts. Unexpectedly, this person actually has such a relationship with goblins.

However, why did he give them this water bottle?

Just as he was thinking, the black-robed wizard urged, “This will start to fail when exposed to sunlight, so hurry up.”

“Understood.” The team member quickly raised the water bottle and poured it all on Onassis.

The cold liquid made Onassis wake up. He first struggled subconsciously and then looked at the people in front of him in confusion.

“Kriel?” His chest heaved weakly, and he called out the name of the team member in disbelief.

A smile appeared on the corner of Kriel’s mouth, “Are you awake? Onassis? Do you know what you did?”

During the period of being manipulated by the Imperius Curse, they can still retain their memory. Although it is slightly blurred, they can still recall it. After being told by Kriel, Onassis’ eyes were once again dazed for a while, and when he regained his expression, he shivered.

“Grindelwald… Grindelwald…” he murmured.

Kriel took a step forward, “Onassis! Keep your mind straight! Does Grindelwald have any other orders besides controlling you to show up near the headquarters? What about the others? Are they dead or controlled? And where is Grindelwald hiding?”

A series of questions made Onassis a little dazed. He shook his head vigorously and finally regained a clear consciousness.

He swallowed and said loudly, “It’s him!”

The sound stopped abruptly.

A green light hit Onassis. His eyes widened, his pupils dilated rapidly, and his limbs drooped limply.

It was Marshall who cast the spell. Her eyes were dull. Originally, her dark brown eyes were covered with a layer of gray mist, but there was a wave of anger on her face.

“How dare you betray Lord Grindelwald!”

She raised her hand and pointed a ring at Onassis. Just now, that ring cast the Killing Curse.

“Petrificus Totalus!” Kriel quickly released a spell to stop Marshall.

Her dull eyes and angry face froze together.

“Damn it! Avad—” another Guards member cursed angrily before casting the Killing Curse.

“Stop it.” The black-robed wizard stopped the person immediately, “The Imperius Curse still controls her.”

“This is what Grindelwald planned. If one person is controlled, the other person will definitely find an opportunity to get rid of that person.” He glanced at Onassis, who had a ring of the same shape on her hand, “If you kill Marshall, you’re in Grindelwald’s control. This is what he wants. Don’t forget our purpose. What we need is information.”

The man walked towards Marshall angrily, reached out, and took off her ring.

“It’s the first time I heard that the Killing Curse can be stored in a magic ring.” He suddenly froze in place as he said that.

“Carter?” Kriel noticed something was wrong with his teammates.

“K…Kriel…” Carter turned his head, and his hand holding the ring seemed to want to make a motion.

In the process of turning around slowly, Carter’s skin quickly turned yellow and black, as if he had been scorched by the sun, and his whole body became dry.

A gust of mountain wind blew by, and he and the ring in his hand turned into dust.

Everyone was frightened by this horrible scene. The two people controlling Marshall and Onassis took two steps back involuntarily, and Onassis’ body with the ring was thrown far away by magic.

The black-robed wizard’s voice was even hoarse, “Trigger magic, that ring itself is a creation of a spell. Kriel, your people are too careless.”

Kriel gritted his teeth, “Then why didn’t you remind us?”

“I am not Merlin and Grindelwald’s ability is nearing like him.”

Kriel was about to speak when the members behind him suddenly shouted in horror, “Something is wrong with Marshall!”

He turned his head quickly and then saw Marshall’s finger, whose ring was taken off, had a layer of black spots. At this moment, the entire right hand has completely turned black, and the spread continues.

“Grindelwald will completely take over you. Use the water!” The black-robed wizard shouted.

Kriel held the bottle in his hand, but his footsteps hesitated. Grindelwald’s endless tricks are really frightening. Even if he doesn’t want to admit it, Kriel has to admit that he is really scared.

Seeing that the black coating on Marshall’s body was still spreading, the black-robed wizard shouted, “Quick! Grindelwald is not something we mess with. That ring can kill all of us, and that Water can definitely wash away that magic!”

“If Marshall can’t be saved, we know nothing about Grindelwald. When he comes back, we will definitely die.”

Hearing these words, Kriel finally gritted his teeth, took two quick steps forward, and then poured a whole bottle on Marshall, who had half of her body turned black.

After doing all this, he quickly stepped back and raised his hands, only to breathe a sigh of relief when he found that there was nothing wrong with him.

The bottle worked just as the black-robed wizard said, and with the petrification spell, the blackness gradually faded, and Marshall’s skin returned to normal.

Most importantly, the confusion in her eyes finally disappeared. The first thing that came up was the intense pain. Marshall’s chest heaved violently, and her originally emotionless face trembled because of the severe pain.

She panting heavily.

“Marshall?” Kriel shouted a lot away.

Marshall raised her head and clenched her teeth, “No, I’m fine. I’m free from the Imperius Curse.”

“Did you feel something was wrong?”

“It’s okay. That spell was cast on me by Grindelwald. The ring is a medium, and I am also a medium. The Water just now is very effective…”

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Published On: December 7, 2023

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