“Big news?” Sean walked over and took the newspaper from the twins.

“Merlin Weekly Newsletter”, a well-known weekly newspaper in the wizarding world, is said that the editor-in-chief is very well-connected, and news that is one step ahead of others is often published.

Sean unfolded the newspaper, and above the most conspicuous page was a line of bold and black characters.

(Room for maneuver? Dark Lord or victim? Fact or conspiracy?)

Below is a photo of Grindelwald giving a speech in Nurmengard. In the photo, Grindelwald has gentle and powerful eyes. He smiles and looks at the students in Nurmengard.

Sean looked down.

“If you want to talk about the most shocking news in the wizarding world in recent decades, it must be that the evil deeds of the former Nurmengard headmaster Grindelwald, and after resisting arrest, triggered the terrible fire in Paris.”

“We learned through two official channels, the International Confederation of Wizards and the United Wizards Guard, that Gellert Grindelwald was once the Dark Lord who committed numerous crimes.”

“Suddenly, the wizarding world was shaken, and a reward of up to 500,000 Galleons was published in newspapers worldwide. Even in the Muggle world, there are also arrest warrants for Grindelwald.”

“Under such circumstances, almost everyone is convinced that Grindelwald has planned many unknown attacks, and the dignified founder and principal of Nurmengard became a wanted man overnight.”

“However, this turmoil’s huge impact was eliminated in just one summer vacation. Not only did the United Wizards Guard lose its temporary leader, but the most important thing is that Grindelwald did not cause any trouble while on the run.”

“Yes, you read that right. Considering the limitations of many wizards in collecting information, our “Merlin Weekly Express” spent half a month collecting detailed information from all over the world. We can tell everyone that Grindelwald did not initiate any actions, let alone retaliate against those ‘witnesses’ who stood up. He seemed to have become a ghost.”

“I would like to ask if Grindelwald is really like the one described in the words made by the Guards, such a powerful wizard with a strong desire for revenge and disregard of rules and laws, would he do nothing?”

“Of course, speculation alone cannot prove anything. Our “Merlin Weekly Express” has always brought our fast, truthful, and objective.”

“This newspaper received a photo yesterday, and this photo is the most important thing in this report.”

“We solemnly promise that a famous wizard has authenticated the photo, and there is no possibility of forgery. Our newspaper office is also willing to be responsible for the authenticity of this report.”

It was only then that Sean noticed that someone cast a spell on this weekly magazine, and the word “truth” floated out of the paper. Sean touched those words and input a trace of magic power into them.

The photo of Grindelwald was distorted and blurred, and a completely new photo took its place.

The photo shakes slightly, but the face can still be seen clearly. It was a middle-aged woman with a rigid expression. She was wearing a Muggle long trench coat and a linen gauze on her head. She was half-hunched and always paying attention to the surrounding situation carefully.

Sean’s eyes widened, he couldn’t be more familiar with this person.

That was the witch who led a member of the Guards to capture Grindelwald that night. Cyril Marshall. The words in the newspaper seem to be more eye-catching and dazzling.

“Yes, Cyril Marshall, the head of the Guards. In the overwhelming reports, this ‘heroic’ witch was unfortunately killed on the way to hunt down Grindelwald. She fought bravely and finally died in the flames of Grindelwald. Even the International Confederation of Wizards has decided to award Ms. Marshall the Order of Merlin Medal posthumously.”

“So, who can tell me who this lady who looks exactly like the late Ms. Marshall is? According to the public information, Cyril Marshall is alone, has no family, and she has no one to grow up with herself.”

“In addition, readers, please allow me to remind you. The place where this lady who looks exactly like Ms. Marshall appeared was Belgium, where the headquarters of the Guards is located.”

“We can fully suspect that Ms. Marshall’s death was just a charade.”

“At this time, some people will definitely ask questions. What is the purpose of Ms. Marshall’s fake death? Worried that Grindelwald will retaliate?”

“First of all, none of the guards who hunted Grindelwald and survived that night suffered Grindelwald’s attack. Second, don’t just focus on one face. Look at the back right of Ms. Marshall.”

Sean searched for words, and only then did he realize that Marshall in the center of the photo had completely attracted his attention just now. Behind her, there was a middle-aged man with the same sneaky figure. That man had short hair, and the long beard in Sean’s impression had been shaved off.

“I bet you all should have remembered that man’s name. That’s right, Rosa Onassis, who was ‘sacrificed’ with Ms. Marshall that night, was also posthumously awarded the Order of Merlin medal.”

Rosa Onassis. Sean narrowed his eyes. He heard that this person’s ancestor was Mopsus.

“Another wizard who ‘should have died long ago’! If Ms. Marshall is the temporary head of the guards and needs to conceal her survival because of identity issues, what about Mr. Onassis? Is the member any different from him? And why is he hiding?”

“We have reason to suspect that, apart from these two ‘dead’ who have already appeared, the other wizards who have also been buried are likely to be alive like their companions.”

“At this point, my readers, is the whole thing getting weirder? Let me help you recall that it was reported in all the mainstream media that Grindelwald killed a dozen guards that night. At the same time, he also caused the soaring fire in Paris and the giant.”

“All of this is the news given by the ‘live audience’, that is, the members of the Guards.”

“That night, Professor Dumbledore, who assisted in the arrest of Grindelwald, didn’t express any opinion on the matter after solving the Paris fire. He didn’t tell everyone conclusively that Grindelwald did those evil things.”

“In addition, please allow us to provide additional information. The giant was summoned outside Paris, and this terrible creature moved toward Grindelwald. But don’t forget that our French Ministry of Magic, which is good at handling things, only sent two Aurors to check on the situation.”

“The two died, unfortunately, and no one knew about the situation at the scene. Of course, the two Aurors who were confirmed dead were naturally believed to have suffered from Grindelwald’s attack, or in other words, suffered from the giant’s attack.”

“However, according to our information, the corpses of the two Aurors obviously showed a strange state, and the killing curse, flames, or anything did not cause it. But a charred black spots on the surface of the body. In other words, there is a high probability that these two Aurors did not die at the hands of Grindelwald. After all, if such a terrifying giant was summoned, Grindelwald had already been defeated at that time.”

“The voice of the Guards has always been very high among the people, and many people have recognized their actions. We didn’t want to speculate like this, but all the dots are starting to connect to each other. As a newspaper that strives for the truth, we must be serious about the authenticity of the news. We have to wonder, are those previous reports the truth? Or are the so-called ‘truth’ just a fabrication they made?”

“Here, “Merlin’s Weekly Express” puts another question for the public. Maybe Grindelwald didn’t cause any killings that night. Maybe he just wanted to prove his innocence.”

“However, someone deliberately ‘died’, the situation on the scene was deliberately concealed, and everything seemed to be declaring to the world that Grindelwald was evil.”

“However, what is more worrisome is. If all the speculations in this newspaper are true, then why such a great wizard who has made great contributions to the wizarding world was framed? What is behind all of this conspiracy?”

“The above is the report brought to you by all the colleagues of “Merlin Weekly Newsletter.”

Sean put down the newspaper slowly and murmured, “Oh…”

In the eyes of others, this report has loopholes, and some parts are vague and incomplete. However, that photo alone can prove many things.

At the same time, the person who wrote this report is quite smart—he stringed together every pivotal point. But Sean, who was at the scene that night, knew the whole story. Whether it was Marshall or Mopsus, he saw some people being burned to ashes by the flames.

And Grindelwald is the only person who can play tricks here.

Many people will change their opinion regarding Grindelwald as soon as this comes out.

Onassis has been hiding his identity and, an identity that has no particularity but supports all kinds of doubts about his fake death.

However, those ancient pure-blood families can’t come forward to explain the situation.

“Man, this is big news!”

“Your teacher is on the way to be cleared from the record!”

The two looked more excited than anyone else.

Sean waved his hand casually, “It has nothing to do with me, it’s a game between them, and I can’t get involved.”

Hermione crossed her arms and murmured, “If the Guards can’t explain these things, as long as similar reports continue to be published and public opinion ferments, Professor Grindelwald may even be cleared of his charges.”

Sean shrugged, “I’m afraid the Guards couldn’t do much, and I guess they didn’t expect this thing to happen.”

“Why do you say that?” Hermione asked suspiciously.

Sean pointed at another page of the newspaper, “Here, the Guards is currently electing their new leader. The organization has just been established, and factions already have different ideas.”

Another section of the newspaper reads, “Conservatives vs. Radicals, who will be the first head of the Guards?”

However, this also gave Sean a message that the Guard is simple and the leadership has not been completely controlled by the hands behind the scenes.

It’s normal to think about it. The Guards is a huge organization, but the establishment is still a bit hasty. External forces drive it, but that external force has not fully penetrated the core.

However, there is still a huge problem in Grindelwald’s situation.

That is Professor Newt Scamander. He once told the crimes that Grindelwald committed decades ago in full detail, and now, Grindelwald wants to clear his name, but it will be difficult given Newt is here.

Because Newt did not retract his words. The Guards naturally stood on the high ground of law and morality. No matter their original intentions, as long as they can be held accountable, they’ll use it as a justification.

Sean looked up to the upper floor, which was the principal’s office.

In the end, it still depends on Dumbledore’s choice.

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Published On: December 6, 2023

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