Draco turned to Hagrid, his voice tinged with horror, “What are we going to do?”

Hagrid took the lead and walked towards the edge of the forest. He said casually, “Look for a dragon.”

This time it wasn’t just Draco. Sean and Harry also stopped in unison.

“Are you crazy? A dragon?!” Malfoy’s voice sharpened, “I’m going to write to tell my father that he will never allow such a thing to happen!”

“Go ahead. I want to see see what he can do.” Hagrid said rudely. “If you do something wrong, you should also pay the price through punishment.”

Draco was silenced, he wanted to say something, but in the end, he closed his mouth.

“Hagrid, a dragon? Are you sure?” Harry was also a little scared.

Hagrid waved his hand indifferently and smiled at Sean and Harry, “Don’t worry! It’s just a little guy!”

“Little guy?” Sean didn’t trust the “little” in Hagrid’s view.

His level 9 talent with magical beasts should be tested to normal magical beasts first instead of facing a dragon when they find one.

“Of course,” Hagrid nodded earnestly, “if it was an adult dragon, the Forbidden Forest would have closed long ago.”

“But how could a dragon, even a cub, come to the Forbidden Forest?” Sean wondered.

Hagrid shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know. I’ve only seen a few claw marks on that dragon, so I can’t tell for sure right now.”

As he said that, he raised the lantern and signaled a few people to follow, “Don’t worry, I’ve already checked it. That little guy is struggling to hunt a deer. If it weren’t because it would grow to a bigger size, we wouldn’t be hunting one right now.”

During the conversation, they had already entered the Forbidden Forest. Following the hidden path, after walking past a tree stump covered with moss, towering trees were already all around.

Hagrid lifted his quiver, “Okay, follow me. We need to find the trace of that little guy.”

Sean walked at the back, holding his wand, and looked at the traces on the ground with the help of the Lumos Spell the wand head. They searched around the periphery but couldn’t find what they were looking for, and Hagrid frowned.

“Did it just run? This is a bit problematic.”

They followed Hagrid to go deeper.

“Hagrid, look at this.” Sean called out to him, who found messy claw marks on a tree stump.

Hagrid looked at it for a while and then showed an excited look, “Yes, this should be it.”

When walking inside, Sean asked softly, “Why does the dragon cub appear in the Forbidden Forest? I have read some information in the book that female dragons will try their best to protect their children.”

Hagrid scratched his beard and whispered, “Actually, I have a guess.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s related to a piece of news that Professor Kettleburn told me.”

Professor Sylvanus Kettleburn is a professor of the Care of the Magical Creatures. It is said that there were at least 62 probation periods during his teaching period, and the reason he has settled down in recent years is that he has only one and a half limbs left where those prosthetic limbs have been dragging him for years.

Hagrid lowered his voice mysteriously, “He told me that a very dangerous Hungarian Horntail attacked the habitat of the dragons in the Hebrides, and those dragons fled. For the past six months, the MacFusty clan has been looking for the escaped dragons all over Europe.”

Sean showed an odd look, the story was still fresh in his memory, and the Dragon Heartstring of the Hungarian Horntail was now in his wand.

Hagrid continued, “I suspect that this little guy may have become separated from their parents or that their mother has died, did not dare to return to their original habitat, and finally flew to the Forbidden Forest by accident.”

“Then why didn’t you notify the MacFusty clan?” Sean wondered.

Hagrid showed an unnatural look. He hesitated and said, “Oh, there is no reply for them. I notified them, and they have zero response, so yes, that’s the reason.”

Sean narrowed his eyes. He suspected that Hagrid wanted to raise that dragon by himself.

Seeing his expression, Hagrid became more and more unnatural, and he muttered, “I just want to take a few more glances, it was not my turn for this session, but Professor Kettleburn happened to be bitten by his animal.”

Just as Sean was about to continue speaking, Draco’s terrified voice sounded, “What is that?!”

They turned their heads to look and saw a long trail of bright red blood being dragged out into the forest.

Hagrid came to the bloodstain alertly. He lowered his head and smelled it, “It’s deer blood.”

He made a silent gesture at Sean and the others and then walked slowly along the blood trail. Sean followed behind Hagrid, and after a short walk, the blood trail stopped.

Hagrid showed a surprised smile and said in a very low voice, “Look, this may be a sight that is hard for you to see.”

Sean stuck his head out behind him, and in the clearing behind the bushes, a dragon was eagerly biting the body of a deer. It has black, rough scales and a row of razor-sharp ridges that are not deep on its back. The tip of its tail is a pointed arrow, and its wings are bat-like.

This dragon is indeed, as Hagrid said, it is still a young dragon, and it looks about seven feet in length. For some reason, Sean saw childishness in the dragon’s bright purple eyes.

“Sure enough, it’s the black dragon from the Hebrides.” Hagrid murmured.

There was surprise and love in his eyes. Sean also showed a look of amazement. This was the first time in his life that he saw a dragon.

“Oh, looking at it, this dragon must be starving.” Hagrid showed a look of pity towards the dragon, who was gobbling up and not paying attention at all.

“Hagrid, what are we going to do next?” Sean reminded.

“Oh, yes. We have to take it out.” Hagrid showed a look of regret, but he was responsible for them.

He drew an arrow from the quiver and then took out a paper bag. After carefully opening the paper package, Hagrid used an arrow to roll around the white powder inside.

“This thing contained a venom that has a very strong anesthetic effect and is very effective against the dragons.” He explained. Hagrid drew his bow and arrow and aimed at the dragon, who was still eager to eat.

“I’m sorry, kid.” He muttered.

But before the arrow was fired, the nearby ground suddenly shook.

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Published On: July 13, 2023

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