Seeing that the two are about to start fighting, Sean hurriedly pulled his family back away. He did not want to get involved in it. This is not the first time they meet. After a confrontation, the two people still suppressed the fire in their hearts.

“You should be thankful. Because if it weren’t because of this freshman, I would never let you go.” Charlotte said with a grimace.

Colton pulled his collar with both hands, “I would say the same thing to you, Miss Hawke. Nurmengard does not allow me to lose my temper in front of a freshman like this.”

On the other side, Sean was in a state of distress. It looked like not only were the educational philosophies of the two schools far apart, but even the conflicts between the students were extremely serious.

Moreover, why is it, not a teacher that picked him up? These two seemed unprofessional.

Mr. Wallup looked at them with some annoyance. “Both of you solve whatever business you have on somewhere else!”

Colton and Charlotte looked at each other, their wands raised again in their hands. Without further ado, Charlotte raised her wand and waved it gently. A vase near it directly stretched out, and then it spun in place.

“Wow, look!” Ella excitedly shouted.

Colton also raised his wand and waved. Another vase gave birth to a pair of white wings and began to flutter and fly. From time to time also pulled out a flower from the mouth of its vase and threw it down.

However, this doesn’t impress Mr. Wallup much about them proving the existence of magic.

“That’s enough! I don’t know what kind of trick this is. My son is going to Eton. He’ll be a nobleman that everyone respects, not to learn some cheap trick in some inexplicable place!”

Charlotte and Colton looked at each other, and it was like a spark flickered up between them. The wand waved once again.

The two vases twitched, and each drew out flowers. The petals fell and gathered together again into a flower shield while the branch turned into a long sword—the two vases dueled in front of them.

After a fierce duel, the winged vase still had the advantage. Colton waved his wand. The vase plucked the sword, the wings swung hard, and a blow shattered the other vase.

But, under Charlotte’s magic spell, the shattered vase threw its sword before it completely broke, and the sword also shattered the other vase. Looking at the ground full of vase fragments, the Wallups looked at each other.

“Aww, I kinda like those vases.” Ella muttered and felt a little sad.

Mr. Wallup seemed to be a little startled, and his lips quirked as he pointed to the pieces on the floor.

However, Charlotte and Colton raised their wands again, and the pieces on the floor shook for a moment, then flew together. The two vases were repaired, including the bouquet of flowers inserted inside.

“I think we’re ready for the next step in the conversation.”

“Mom, can I learn magic too when I grow up?” Ella asked, sitting on the sofa with her short legs stretched out towards Mrs. Wallup, who was serving tea to her guests.

Mrs. Wallup put down her tea, still with a worried look on her face.

“If you can, you will get the letter about it too later.” Charlotte sat down and explained.

However, the wizards from both magic schools cast their eyes on Sean.

Colton didn’t even glance at Mr. Wallop, and he still had that cold tone, “The magic just now uses a Transfiguration Spell, Mending Charm, and so on. Every student in Nurmengard will be taught like this. You can do magic like me later.”

“The same goes for Hogwarts.” Charlotte spoke up as well.

Colton moved his body, “In Newmongard, every wizard can wield his or her talent to the fullest without having to be bound to any old and rotten rules. Sean, you will see a whole new face of magic, not like them, who can’t even use the most basic charm by the time they reach the seventh year.”

In disgust, Charlotte glanced at the other side and said to Sean, “Sean, Hogwarts is very famous, and if you study hard, you will be just as good. Moreover, our school was established in 992 AD, and the ancient heritage of Hogwarts can’t be compared to other schools.”

Mrs. Wallup listened to the two and unconsciously put her hands to her heart, knowing that her son was going to learn magic.

Sean frowned bitterly. The wizarding world was indeed unexpected. But he didn’t think he had to decide which school to attend.

“Uh, sorry, I want to learn more about the differences between the two schools. I think I should still get some accurate information before I choose.” Sean said with deliberation.

“Sean! Are you really going to study… magic?” Mrs. Wallup’s eyes were filled with worry.

“Consider carefully, son, I know you are a smart and mature boy.” Mr. Wallup had just dismissed the policeman at the door, and now his face was still serious.

“I guess so, Dad, Mom. I mean, why not?” It makes no sense for Sean to refuse, knowing he could learn something that not everyone could learn.

He frowned, he took a sip of tea with some annoyance, and looked at his son with a worried face.

“Choose wisely. You will receive the best education at Hogwarts and become a great wizard.” Charlotte nodded at him.

“Sean…” Mr. Wallup spat out the word with some difficulty and a sad face, “Are you really not going to think about it anymore?”

Sean faced his parents and said with a serious face, “Dad, Mom, it’s magic. I’m just too curious about that world, and even after learning magic, I’m still your son, aren’t I?”

At this point, Charlotte added, “Becoming a wizard is not a terrible thing. If Sean does not enroll in school, the magic in his body can not be controlled. When the magic reaches its limit, it’ll be hard for anyone to handle it.”

Although Charlotte did not specify what she said, they understood what she meant. If he is not enrolled in school, then what awaits Sean must be something bad. Even Mrs. Wallup covered her mouth in horror.

Mr. Wallup’s eyes widened, “Are you sure about that?”

Charlotte nodded, “I have no reason to lie to you.”

Colton likewise nodded a little.

“Very well.” Alan glanced worriedly at Sean, then exhaled a long breath as he looked at Charlotte and Colton with a serious face.

“You two, uh. Since your schools have chosen my kid, it should be his turn to make some choices now, right?”

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Published On: June 28, 2023

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