Sean felt that he couldn’t breathe because of the embarrassment.

Although what they said is all the truth, he is here. In front of the common room door, other student’s eyes were cast over at once.

The pressure is on. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if he can’t answer it?

After repeatedly thinking, Sean raised his eyebrows and gave his answer.

“To lose all is to have all. To have all is to lose all.”

The knocker didn’t respond, and many students who were paying attention to Sean lowered their heads in disappointment. The knocker is very quick at judging whether an answer is correct or not, and if you give an answer and the knocker doesn’t say “correct” right away, it means the answer is wrong.

Sean scratched his head in embarrassment. When he turned around and looked at Daisy, suddenly, a voice could be heard behind him.


The wooden door opened.

“Huh?” Sean turned his head suspiciously, and sure enough, the wooden door opened automatically.

A first-grade student shouted, “Wow, that’s amazing.”

“I see they really didn’t lie to me.”

Apart from the freshmen, other senior Ravenclaw students also showed strange expressions.

“Why is the door knocker acting weird today…” Penelope turned sideways to look at the door knocker.

Sean also looked over, but after answering the question, the knocker remained silent, turning back into a lifeless decoration.

“It’s really strange. Why is the reaction speed so slow?” Sean muttered.

Someone came up and patted Sean on the shoulder, then stared at him suspiciously, “Sean, did you tamper with the door knocker?”

Someone immediately refuted him, “No, Sean got off the train with us, and he didn’t have the time to commit the act. It must be said that Sean’s answer is better than ours before.”

Penelope nodded, “That’s true, and Sean didn’t do anything to it.”

“Why is the door knocker acting weird today…” Another girl said, “It’s interesting. I’m going to study the door knocker from today on!”

Penelope immediately invited: “Do you want to join my Eagle Head Knocker Research Group?”


Other Ravenclaw students said beside them, “But if the door knocker is acting weird every day, it will affect our access.”

“That’s why we need to study it.”

The crowd talked and discussed, and the excited Ravenclaws had already started to give out their opinions. The freshmen who had never seen such a discussion were petrified in place.

“It’s started again…” Hermione shook her head and walked into her dormitory first.

All kinds of meaningful and meaningless debates happen in Ravenclaw all the time. Sean also walked into the dormitory after reminding Penelope to let her not forget the new students.

Sean froze in place, and Daisy accidentally bumped into his back.

“What’s the matter, Sean?” Daisy asked, rubbing her head.

“Sorry, did you hear something just now, Daisy?” Sean asked.

“Hear something?” Daisy looked puzzled, “No, except the footsteps of a few of us.”

Daisy didn’t hear it, but Sean was sure that he really heard something.

More importantly, this is not the first time he heard it. After learning the prophecy’s specific content from Dumbledore for the first time, he also heard something when he walked through the door.

But Sean was in a complicated mood at the time. After careful inspection, he did not find anyone else, so he finally took the sigh as his own mind. But now it seems that it was not a hallucination.

Sean thought about it carefully. The question asked by the door knocker at that time was considered a relatively rare question, and he still remembers it to this day.

“What is wisdom?” A general question.

At that time, Sean answered, “Something that can help us answer this question.”

Daisy looked at him strangely, “What’s wrong, Sean?”

“Uh, nothing. Let’s just go in.”

Sean and Daisy walked into the lounge and sat next to Hermione, who had already taken a seat.

“Why are you two so slow?”

Daisy pointed to Sean, “Sean seems to have discovered something.”

Sean raised his head and looked at the two of them, “Do you think the knocker is sentient?”

Hermione gave him a strange look, “Of course, the knocker has wisdom in it. Did you find something wrong?”

“By wisdom, I mean, isn’t the doorknocker like us? Like capable of thinking for itself, and having human emotions?”

Hermione also became suspicious, “It does act weird.”

Daisy then whispered, “Sean has been carrying Dave with him all the time. If someone is playing a prank on him, he should be able to find out. But why didn’t I hear it?”

Sean shook his head, “Although the voice was very small, it was very abrupt. You are right behind me, so you should be able to hear it.”

“Last time you came back in the middle of the night. This time, most people were there, but only you heard it. This proves that it’s not a prank by some ghost,” Hermione frowned, “But the library doesn’t mention things like this.”

After Hermione finished speaking, Sean was still puzzled.

The memory left by Salazar Slytherin in the Pensieve once said that at the beginning, the four founders of Hogwarts each controlled part of the power of this school, and the person who finally gathered the four powers would truly control Hogwarts.

Slytherin’s authority is in the secret room with the entrance from the bathroom on the second floor, Gryffindor’s authority is in the Forbidden Forest, no one knows where Hufflepuff’s authority is, and Ravenclaw’s authority is within the castle.

Perhaps the strangeness of the knocker has something to do with Ravenclaw’s authority.

The three of them discussed together for a long time and still had no clue. Sean decided to wait for the ancient rune class to achieve some progress before finding another opportunity.

Because according to Salazar’s memory, if you want to get control of the authority, you need to pass the test using the knowledge of ancient runes.

If you pass the test, you fuse the two magic powers and then wash yourself with the fused magic power. You will get that part of the authority. Salazar mentioned that the other three founders’ authority was introduced similarly, which required a lot of knowledge of runes.

Sean sighed.

Thinking about it, Sean turned his attention to Hermione for help, “Please, please lend me a look at your ancient runes notes.”

Hermione nodded, “Of course, there is no problem, but have you forgotten something?”

“Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten,” Sean took out two small bags and handed them to Hermione and Daisy, respectively, “The mandrake leaves, the crystal bottle and the hawkmoth are all inside. Remember to keep them safe.”

Hermione and Daisy have completed the initial step of becoming an Animagus. It’s time to move on to the next steps.

The two of them were already very proficient at the end of the last school year, but considering that they were still in Nurmengard at that time and the summer vacation was coming, they didn’t move to the next step.

The two took the small bag, looked at each other, and took a deep breath in unison.

Sean said with a smile, “Actually, it mainly depends on luck. The next full moon is ten days away, so you still have enough time to prepare. Here, I put a lot of other leaves that have no medicinal properties but also taste bad. You can start practice tomorrow.”

Daisy held the bag to her chest, then puffed out her cheeks and kept taking deep breaths.

“I’m so nervous…” Daisy couldn’t calm down after a long time and looked at Sean.

“It’s really not a big deal,” Sean comforted, “I think you guys are gonna do well.”

After laughing and chatting for a while, the two finally relaxed.

“I just don’t know if we will become like you…” Hermione had already remembered what happened after Animagus transformed successfully.

“It’s really hard to say. Anyway, just remember not to resist the animal image in your mind.” Sean said.

He really wasn’t sure. The oddity of his Animagus probably came from ‘Pride’ and his high affinity for magical animals. Hermione and Daisy might also have something special.

Sean has not forgotten that there are seven names in total. Dumbledore has confirmed Harry and Neville. Sean suspects Hermione, Ron, Cedric, Stephanie, and others were the last remaining ones.

Although Daisy is not among the seven, Dumbledore also said that she is special.

Therefore, Sean really has no way to guarantee whether the Animagus forms of these two are the same as ordinary wizards.

However, Sean has already prepared and ordered a lot of magic power tonics in advance. When he transformed, he used a huge amount of magic power. Daisy and Hermione might not be able to do it since they don’t have an Obscurus.

When Sean returned to the dormitory, his roommate Terry greeted him, and pointed to Sean’s bedside table, “Is that yours? I was surprised that an eagle kept tapping on the window just now. Well, I found that it brought a huge package with no name written on it, but I guess you buy some things from the magic world in other countries. Does it mean that such birds are used to deliver packages in the United States? I was almost shocked by that guy’s claws when it was holding something.”

“It looks fierce, but isn’t an owl also a scary bird?” Sean replied to his friend with a smile, picked up the package, and weighed it.

There was the sound of wooden boxes colliding inside. Sean put the package away with satisfaction.

“Sean, what did you buy?” He asked curiously.

“Oh, I bought a few American books on the history of magic.” Sean replied without changing his expression.

Terry lost interest all of a sudden. He lay lazily on the bed and said in a strange voice, “Maybe the history of magic in America is more worth reading.”

Sean laughed out loud and lay down on the bed after a few casual words. Naturally, the package was not the so-called American history of magic but the wands he bought from four famous wand-making families in North America.

Sean’s dragon, the Animagus, is actually a strange dragon, and the Hungarian Horntail is derived from the dragon heartstring core of his own wand.

Grindelwald gave that wand and may not allow him to turn into a Hungarian Horntail, so he bought a new wand. Sean has always wanted to try it. If the wand’s core is different, will he change into the appearance of other magical animals?

Ollivander’s wouldn’t sell him a new wand until the old one was completely useless, and Mr. Ollivander used only three magical animal cores. Gregorovitch has been providing wands to Durmstrang students, and all wands sold need to be recorded, so it is not easy to buy.

Wandmakers in North America have no restrictions, using materials as varied as a wetland werewolf’s hair or a monster’s translucent spine in Arkansas. If Sean’s idea is proven to be true, given his perfect use of different wands, he would have the ability to transform into various magical animals.

Generally speaking, the magical animals that can be used as the core material of the wand are quite powerful. Of course, Sean did not buy the wand with the Veela hair core.

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Published On: December 3, 2023

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