Sean’s eyes were shining. This should be the first time he was lucky and got two golds in just fifty draws. He only got one gold the first time he drew more than one hundred draws.

On the podium, Dumbledore is giving a speech, “To become a powerful wizard, you need to be down-to-earth, and you need to proceed step by step. The beauty of magic lies in exploration. Never think that this magical field can be achieved overnight.”

Newt Scamander Set (Golden): After using it, the affinity for magical animals will be increased by 2, and you will gain the ability [Beast Whisperer] and [Luggage Man]. You will be more likely to gain the favor of the descendants of Scamander and Kowalski’s descendants.

[Beast Whisperer]: You can communicate with magical animals, and the degree of communication is related to the wisdom of magical animals.

[Luggage Man]: Your space-extending items will automatically expand their space when you meet new magical animals and bring them into your small world.

Sybill Trelawney’s Card (Gold): One-time consumable. When used, raise your hands above your head and say the spell “I am the greatest soothsayer!” and you will get an absolutely accurate and will not be altered future divination.

Sean wasn’t even interested in listening to what Dumbledore had to say.

New Scamander’s set is powerful, and the magical animal affinity of these two points alone is considerable enough. At the same time, and for the first time, one of Sean’s talents surpassed ten points and directly reached eleven points.

[Beast Whisperer] is obviously a talent for cooperating with animals. Sean estimates that this ability should be one of the talents that Newt possesses. His proficiency is definitely not as good as the other, but it will definitely be effective when paired with his eleven-point talent.

[Luggage Man] is also a practical ability. Sean is worrying about whom to ask to help expand the space in the ring, so there is no need to worry about it.

As for the other two effects in the set, it is normal for the first one to gain the favor of the descendants of Scamander. Sean knows that Scamander’s grandson, Rolf Scamander, is now studying in Hufflepuff.

The name Kowalski didn’t have much impression on him. Maybe it’s his Muggle friend Jacob Kowalski?

Either way, it’s a good thing. The second golden item, Sybill Trelawney Card is a bit mysterious.

A divination is something that cannot be fully understood. A future divination that is absolutely accurate and will not be changed is something else—a one-time consumable with extremely powerful effects.

He has been in the wizarding world for two years, and Sean clearly knows how difficult it is to perform an accurate divination and the [will not be altered] in the description makes Sean very interested.

The future should always change with the present, and [will not be altered] is an extremely rare description, even in the idealistic wizard magic system. Sean has a feeling that if this card is used well, there will be a lot of room for manipulation.

Of course, Sean also has to face a problem. What kind of thing he would get a glimpse of the future?

What if he used this card and only found out the type of breakfast offered by Hogwarts the next day?

It seems that he can’t give up the divination class. Sean has made a decision, and he will go to Professor McGonagall to change the schedule later.

He opened the system panel and checked his current status.

Name: Sean Wallup (Muggle origin, bloodline unknown)

Charms Talent: 8 (You are already on the right path to becoming a powerful wizard)

Transfiguration Talent: 10 (Everything in the world can be changed by you. Undoubtedly, you will become the master of Transfiguration.)

Potions Talents: 2 (When brewing potions, your main goal is only one: stay alive)

Magical Beasts Affinity: 10+1 (Born to be a Grand Druid.)

Ancient Rune Talent: 2 (It’s okay enough to continue your daily life.)

Dark Arts: 10 (The fact that you’re not in Azkaban surrounded by a hundred dementors, the whole Ministry of Magic should be disbanded.)

Sean raised his eyebrows. The number of affinity for magical animals is not represented by 11, but 10+1. Does that mean that the highest talent of a normal wizard is 10 points, and the +1 behind this is something else?

Dave gave him a thought, “Sean, you suddenly smell better.”

Of course, Sean’s other talent is still the same as before, and his talent in Potions is still two points. He can survive the Potions class and get a good grade on the exam because of Hermione. Not to mention the Ancient Runes, these two talent points were added by using Dumbledore’s set before.

Below the item bar and talent list is a dense list of spells.

Sean has now mastered a considerable number of spells, not only the commonly used Lumos Charm, Mending Charm, Disarming Charm, and Stunning Charm, but also many spells that students will not master until they graduate. Most of which are the ones that Grindelwald taught him and a small part of which he saw in the spell book in the Room of Requirements.

Most of the commonly used spells have reached the end of the first-level proficiency. According to Sean’s practice intensity, he will be able to raise most of the commonly used spells to second-level proficiency in one week to ten days. It means that nonverbal casting will become the norm for Sean to cast spells.

Hogwarts students usually start to learn nonverbal in the fifth grade, and many of them can only silently cast a few spells until they graduate, but it only took Sean more than two years to get to this point.

The panel gave Sean a shortcut to make rapid progress. He didn’t need to practice silent casting; he only needed to reach two levels of spell proficiency to master it by himself.

Of course, talent and hard work is one thing. After all, the way to improve proficiency is a lot of boring practice. In the two years since Sean entered the wizarding world, except for the holidays when he couldn’t use his wand, he stayed with Hermione on weekends to learn something together.

Then, the smile on Sean’s mouth quickly collapsed.

Divine Fire Curse (Ancient Magic) Lv 0: Proficiency 680/20000

Freezing Curse (Ancient Magic) Lv 0: Proficiency 660/20000

Howling Curse (Ancient Magic) Lv 0: Proficiency 480/20000

Cloud Binding Curse (Ancient magic) Lv 0: proficiency 530/20000

A column of ancient spells lay stiffly at the end, showing the sudden rise of proficiency.

Sean sighed silently. The Divine Fire Curse and the Freezing Curse came from the demonstrations of Dumbledore and Grindelwald when they were young, and the following spells, such as the Howling Curse and the Cloud Binding Curse, came from Salazar Slytherin.

The spells he has acquired for almost a year have a proficiency limit of 20,000, and none of his spells have a proficiency of more than 1,000.

It’s not that he’s lazy and doesn’t practice, but that Sean can’t practice it at all. He still can’t fully cast ancient magic by relying on his own strength. When he tried to practice, he would fail to create the runes. Many times, after practicing for an afternoon, at most, it would only add a few points.

This also made Sean deeply realize that the system does not support “hard work can make up for one’s weakness” at all.

On the train to Hogwarts, Hermione can already use an ancient rune to construct magic. He has to find a way to do it.

The welcome ceremony ended. Amidst the voices of the first-year students, all kinds of delicious food appeared on the dinner plates on the long table, and everyone started to feast on them.

Hogwarts is still Hogwarts. It still hasn’t changed. The atmosphere in Nurmengard, thousands of miles away, may not be as relaxed and happy as this. The Guards and the arrest team for Grindelwald are still patrolling in the castle.

The arrest warrants for Grindelwald are still scattered in every corner of the world. But after a summer vacation, the events that shocked the entire wizarding world seem to calm down all of a sudden.

Various newspapers and weekly magazines kept promoting the horror and evil of Grindelwald, but there was no news about the Dark Lord who burned Paris twice and burned a large group of members of the pure-blood family to death.

There were no activities. Grindelwald seemed to have disappeared suddenly. At least the British Ministry of Magic had no other actions except permanently deploying them.

The old man who defeated Grindelwald on a night in Paris was sitting at the long table in the classroom and talking with the professors with a smile. Sean may be the only one who knows the truth. He raised his head and looked at Dumbledore. He forked a piece of steak and put it in his mouth.

After the dinner was over, Dumbledore gave some precautions, and the freshmen, led by the prefects, walked to their own common rooms. At the same time, students from other grades who had enough to eat and drink went into groups.

Sean tried to have a few words with Dumbledore, but he still avoided him.

Professor McGonagall came over from behind, “Sean, it’s getting late. You should go back to your room now.”

“Hello, professor,” Sean greeted politely, “I was just looking for you.”

“What’s the matter?” Professor McGonagall didn’t look so strict. Since the Voldemort Parasite” incident, she has always been very kind to Sean.

Of course, Professor McGonagall always regrets that Sean is not a student of Gryffindor.

“Oh, that’s right. I’ve given it a second thought that I want to add another class in divination.”

“Second thought? Isn’t Care of Magical Animals and Ancient Runes enough?”

“I just think that the divination class is also worth learning.” Sean said.

Professor McGonagall looked at him, “Okay, I will change your schedule.”

“Thank you, Professor McGonagall. Have a good night.”

However, Professor McGonagall stopped Sean, “Sean.”

“Yes, Professor.”

“Since when did you learn Transfiguration fourth grade contents?”

“About that…” Sean recalled his learning progress, “Mostly, it’s just self-study, and I’m currently just perfecting it.”

Sean has almost learned them all, the ten points of Transfiguration Talent, and Grindelwald’s previous teachings made him understand many key points.

At present, it is only the content of the fourth grade. Sean can already pat his chest and say that there is no problem with it, and his proficiency in some Transfiguration is even higher than senior students.

Professor McGonagall pushed her glasses, motioned Sean to take out her wand, and said, “Summon me a small vertebrate.”

Sean was a little puzzled, but he still waved his wand. After a moment, a ferret with shiny fur appeared on the ground.

Professor McGonagall looked at Sean, “Small mammals are more difficult to transform. This is the content of the fifth grade.”

“Ah?” Sean scratched his head. He just summoned it casually. Did Professor McGonagall want to test his level of Transfiguration?

“Try cross-species Transfiguration.”

“Okay.” Sean nodded.

He looked at the ferret, then waved his wand. The ferret’s fur began to separate into grids, they became stiff, and four cute little claws appeared.

With the raised scales, the ferret smoothly transformed into a small crocodile.

Sean pressed the crocodile’s head and opened its mouth to look at it, “It still has the ferret’s teeth.”

Professor McGonagall was stunned.

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