Sean was curious in his heart and didn’t show any doubts. He just responded casually, and then Barty Jr. described the situation at that time to him.

According to Barty Jr., on the night his father was elected, the former Minister still handed over all the authority of the Minister even though he was reluctant to do so. In addition to the daily affairs of the Ministry of Magic, Fudge also took him to the Department of Mysteries, which seemed to be a necessary part of the handover of ministerial positions.

Barty Jr. judged that it might be that the former Minister’s team wanted to hand over some kind of secret information from the Ministry of Magic. According to his father’s personal secretary, the handover location is at the end of the corridor from the small door inside the prophecy hall.

There was no room, furniture, safe, keys, or anything like that, just a pale old witch sitting on a stool. The secretary, whom Barty Jr. had secretly controlled, witnessed the first half.

According to the description, reddish mist diffused everywhere at the corridor’s end. The mist twisted and reorganized in the air and then became translucent. After that, the secretary was stopped from peeking, and the rest of the content was unknown.

“The content is not clear, and the words recorded on it don’t know whether they are magic items or some kind of spell. I can only provide you with it.”

“According to the position each word occupies, it seems that there are ten words in total, and I only got three. From top to bottom, it looks like this…”

“I didn’t see the first word. The second word is [Horcrux].”

“I didn’t see the third to fifth words, and the sixth word was [so-and-so’s blood], and the word after of couldn’t be seen clearly.”

“The seventh to ninth words are also missing, and the bottom tenth word is [Blood Pact].”

Sean’s pupils contracted violently.

He is still explaining, “There should be specific content descriptions behind those words, but my people haven’t figured it out yet. I’m far from your profound knowledge and power, so I can’t understand those words. Master, I wonder if you are interested? If you need it, I will continue to investigate it.”

Sean adjusted his posture on the bed and said, “I have some ideas. It seems that the Ministry of Magic is not all idiots—my friend, well done. Go ahead, find a chance to get more, and report it to me. However, your main task is to control your father, so don’t forget that.”

“Yes, master, I understand,” Barty Jr. replied quite excitedly.

After disconnecting, Sean let out a sigh and lay down on the bed.

[Horcrux], [Blood Pact]. It’s normal for him not to know these two things. Very few people in the wizarding world know these two things.

However, the Ministry of Magic also has information about these two things. What puzzled Sean the most was why [Blood Alliance] and [Horcrux] were listed side by side.

According to Xiao En’s understanding, “Blood Pact” should be a kind of contract magic. The specific conditions for forming a “Blood Pact” are not clear at present, but there are two things for sure. One is that both parties love each other, and they donate their blood for fusion.

If the Pact is not destroyed, then the two parties who form the Pact can never fight with each other, let alone hurt each other. Similar spells to Blood Pact are Unbreakable Vow and Fidelius Charm.

The consequences of Unbreakable Vow were very serious. The Weasley twins once tried to trick Ron into making one, but their parents scolded them.

The Fidelius Charm does not seem to have any negative effects. As long as the keeper is loyal enough, the secret of the keeper will not be known no matter what magic is used. But if the keeper is not loyal, it will be useless, and even spells will not backfire on the secret keeper.

These magics all have a common feature. They all tend to be restrictive and defensive and will not cause harm to other people other than the parties involved.

But Horcrux is different. Its production method is evil. Sean doesn’t quite understand why Horcrux and Blood Pact appear.

After thinking about it for a long time, Sean felt that the list might have recorded magic and magic materials that were worth noting and rare enough. If the numbers from one to ten are arranged according to a certain arrangement, then being at the bottom, Blood Pact may only represent the rarity of this kind of magic.

The Horcrux, ranked second, is obviously more terrifying and evil.

But what is the number one ranking above Horcrux? Maybe it’s some kind of powerful and terrifying forbidden magic. Maybe it’s some kind of magic item that is so magical that wizards can’t understand it?

He’s not sure about it.

Sean had been brainstorming for a while finally fell into a deep sleep. It would be great if he could understand this information, and it would not have any impact on the current situation if he could not understand it.

In the days that followed the summer vacation, Barty Crouch, who had just taken office, was busy implementing his new policy, although most wizards didn’t notice any changes.

As for Sean, the “Wizards Mutual Aid Society” also started their formal preparations.

Lupin has been very busy recently. He is looking for venues and hiring wizards and is also responsible for connecting with Sean’s people. The team invited by Mr. Wallup is professional, but they don’t have access to the wizarding world, so they have to go through several links to pass the news to Lupin accurately.

The busy and fulfilling summer vacation was passing day by day. During this period, his family went to Diagon Alley to buy supplies. The Granger and the Potter families agreed with Sean and arrived on the same day.

In the process, something happened that made his family excited and worried.

Ella is a lively and cute child. It didn’t take long for her to be loved by others. An accident happened when she was playing around in Diagon Alley, holding Hermione in one hand and Daisy in the other.

They just came out of a joke shop and accidentally dropped a smoke bomb, which was stepped on by pedestrians and exploded in the center of Diagon Alley, completely covering half the block with black smoke.

The three were at the center of the explosion, and as a result, Hermione found that Ella disappeared suddenly. Sean noticed something was wrong and ran over immediately.

He spotted his sister on the spire of the joke shop.

He looked confused as to why she suddenly appeared at such a high place.

When Sean brought her down, Ella even hugged him in surprise, “Sean, I can do magic?!”

Horrified of what had just happened, Hermione and Daisy apologized to Sean.

“No, no, it’s okay. No need to apologize, but Ella seems to be able to enter Hogwarts.” Sean said.

Ella showed the talent of a wizard. She was frightened by the smoke bomb just now, and her magic power was activated instinctively.

The adults rushed over, and James held his chin and looked at Ella, “It seems you can. Harry also showed it when he was five or six years old, right, dear? “

Lily nodded, “He went to steal the broomstick you locked in the warehouse, and his own magic power opened the lock.”

James laughed and patted Mr. Wallup on the shoulder, “Congratulations, Mr. Wallup. Your family is going to have another wizard, and I dare to interrupt. Ella will have an easy process when learning to Apparate. It seems she’s not afraid of such a high place and might be good at Quidditch in the future.”

The Wallups were dumbfounded.

He invited the Granger and Potter families back as guests and had a barbecue in the yard.

Besides the grill, Sirius was fiddling with a musket, “Oh, come on now. Can’t we cast a flame?”

James, holding the lamb chops, bumping into him, “Don’t be stupid now. There is only Sean in this area, and there will be a notice from the Ministry of Magic as soon as you use magic. Although we can use it but, I don’t want to handle the trial process later since there will be a letter of notice.”

“Letter of notice?” Mr. Wallup asked.

“Oh yes, a talking letter from the Magical Law Department. Let’s just say I don’t get on very well with the person in charge, mainly because I accidentally knocked her husband off his broomstick during a Quidditch match.”

“Knock him down?”

Sirius finally knew how to use a musket and added, “That guy wanted to catch the Snitch, but James threw him away. He accidentally bumped into the tail of James’ broom. He suffered from fractures in both hands, and it turned out that St. Mungo’s paramedics were busy that day, and he needed to spend five hours waiting to be taken care of.”

It took Mr. Wallup a lot of time to digest this sentence.

Turning his head to look at the center of the garden, Ella was pulling Hermione and Daisy into the swimming pool and throwing fireworks into the water.

Mr. Wallup sighed, knowing his daughter would be a wizard, too.

Ella waved her hand happily when she saw her father, “Dad! I’m sorry, I made the pool water dirty!”

“No worries, as long as you are happy, you can play whatever you want.” He immediately raised his head and gave his daughter a smile.

Knowing this, he must find a way to become Hogwarts’ biggest backer.


The summer vacation passed, and on the last day, Sean took the Hogwarts Express again.

There were no prisoners of Azkaban on this trip, and there were no dementor patrols on the train, and it arrived at Hogwarts peacefully all the way.

The hall was decorated with lights and festoons, and Dumbledore showed up as usual. In his welcome speech, Sean turned on his system.

He drew a lottery at the beginning of school, hoping to have good luck. Sean didn’t accumulate too many points this time, but the number of draws is still quite a lot.

Looking at Dumbledore, who was welcoming the students back, Sean took a deep breath.

“Lottery draw. Ten consecutive draws.”

[Obtained Bertie Botts’ Candies.]

[Obtained a color-changing cloak.]

[Obtained a pack of magical fireworks.]

There were only two blue items.

Centaur Divination Set (Blue): Consumables. After using it, you can get Centaur’s perception when performing divination.

Forbidden Forest Wolf Howl (Blue): Accessory. When equipped, you will be attractive to werewolves in the Forbidden Forest.

The corner of Sean’s mouth twitched. What’s the use of these two things? He doesn’t know divination at all.

Forbidden Forest Wolf was useless, but it gave Sean the news that there were indeed werewolves in the Forbidden Forest.

“Ten more times!”

A purple light flickered.

Sean’s eyes lit up. This time, the 20th lottery draws out a purple. A purple item is quietly glowing in the middle of a large pile of snacks and props.

All Spell’s End (Purple): Consumable item. Use times 2/2. After using this item, all magic within three meters from the center will be invalid. (Including your own spell.)

Sean’s eyes lit up. Although it’s not the spell that kills all curses, this might be useful later.

Whether it is a hypnotic spell or an Imperius Curse that can affect people or restricted magic like Fiendfyre, Sean can instantly eliminate the effects of those spells.

However, the number of uses twice is indeed a little less, and the range is smaller. Sean put all the remaining 300 points into the lottery.

But the system did not disappoint him this time, and two golden lights lit up.

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