Sean saw the expression and anticipation in his father’s eyes. Although it was impolite to say so, he had to admit that his father now looked like a greedy old fox.

“As I said at the beginning, using the primitive financial system of the wizarding world to do things is too dangerous for me. I’m an ordinary person because the uncertainties are too high, and we can’t get involved directly,” He narrowed his eyes, “But what if we don’t do anything?”

“Don’t do anything?”

“That’s right, we don’t even have to show up.”

“Don’t show up?” Sean pondered for a while and then had a question again, “If I want to gain a certain voice in the wizarding world without attracting any attention, the first choice must be not to show up. This is my original intention.”

“No, no, my child. You are too obsessed with hiding. Combined with the current situation, try to dig deeper.” He continued.

“Dig deeper…” Sean lifted his chin.

Logically speaking, even if his father got news about the wizarding world through informal channels, the news was only partial. With Sean, he knew far more news than his father.

Sean’s index and middle fingers tapped rhythmically on a wooden desk. He tried to think about the problem from his father’s perspective, a private hospital owner and a capitalist with a conscience.

The Principal of Nurmengard has changed, the Guards are still in the school, and it must be a mess. The British Ministry of Magic is preparing for the election, the political situation is heating up, and several candidates are trying their best to win votes. International Confederation will face a big change.

The Wallup family wants to get a part of the right to speak here, and the only advantage lies in his father’s money and power. But just like what his father said, their family can’t get involved in the financial system of the wizarding world. They don’t have a really powerful and reliable wizarding background.

Sean frowned and thought for a long time but still couldn’t find a suitable entry point. He finally chose to look at his father.

He smiled and shook his head, “We need to understand where the danger comes from.”

“Where? No matter how we operate or choose to stand in line, it comes from the side whose interests have been harmed by us.” Sean replied.

“Yes, we want the right to speak, and the right to speak is a benefit. If we get it, someone will lose something. Obviously, I am an ordinary person. You are only in the third grade, and we can’t deal with it. But what about creating a new right to speak? Creating an opening field?”

“An opening?”

“Think about it. With the political situation now, those wizarding politicians play politics like our stupid cabinet. They want votes, they want people’s hearts. But the entire wizarding world is in a lot of trouble.”

He sat next to Sean and put his arms around his shoulders, “All boils down to one thing, interest. Sean, you are too eager to think about how to grab the benefits safely and without risk, which is okay. You need to think about how to get greater benefits through less effort, and this is what we are going to do.”

Sean nodded, “I see.”

“Let’s change our way of thinking,” He laughed, “What is our family’s advantage?”

“Uh, that we’re quite rich. But we can’t get into the financial system.” Halfway through speaking, Sean froze.

He thought of the key point, the place he had been ignoring.

He patted him on the shoulder with satisfaction, “It seems that you figured it out.”

Sean looked at his father, “We send them financial support?”

“Yes, Sean.” He smiled.

He continued, “We’re not going to trouble anyone. We’re going to help them out.”

He picked up a copy of the Daily Prophet and flipped through it, “Look, Mrs. Haley, who lives in Bellingham, unfortunately, fell down while tending her potion ingredients, and she couldn’t even pay for her medical treatment fee.”

“And this Mr. Dudds, who has published several times in the smallest gap of the Daily Prophet, looking for a place to rent. He has recently been driven crazy by the noisy machine of the neighbor’s Muggle house. I assume it was because of the lawnmower.

“This is a small problem for us. There are many of them around, such as the increasing rate of orphans, the graduated students are jobless, old wizards need to be taken care of, the high cost of treatment…”

He continued, “The wizarding world has almost no welfare system. I only read from a book that the Ministry of Magic will subsidize part of the tuition fees, and after that, there’s nothing.”

“And do you know the situation now? The political system of the Ministry of Magic is similar to ours. They want to get the votes, but they can’t propose policies that benefit the people. To be honest, I don’t even understand how this group of people got their votes in the first place.”

Sean was dumbfounded. This is indeed the current situation of the Ministry of Magic.

He continued explaining, “What are we going to do? It’s very simple. Help the Ministry of Magic to improve social welfare!”

“Orphans? Okay, we’ll provide student funds. Having trouble finding a settlement? We provide intermediary help. We will start the plan to support orphans and old people, and we will come to ask from time to time. There are still people who can’t get a job. We can encourage those people to help, let them do something, and we pay them in return.”

Mr. Wallup stood up. He took a new cigar from the drawer and took a deep breath, with a satisfied expression on his face, “Sean, who do you think we will harm?”

Of course, sending financial help will not harm anyone. After that, a new welfare insurance system will slowly take shape.

“A completely different way of thinking.” Sean murmured.

He smiled, “After that, you will have enough power to speak, and even when you are strong enough, as long as you want it, I will pull up a group of teams for you to expand further to the entire British wizarding world easily.”

Sean shook his head in admiration and then asked a question, “This trick can indeed be used, but the cost must be considered. The number of British wizards is not too large. In our opinion, It seems that the family’s assets can’t last long. By the way, how are your assets now, Dad?”

He patted his chest and smiled, “Assets? Enough for a while. Of course, it is really a lot of pressure to give away so many people for nothing, and the hospital’s cash flow can’t support such costs. We can let someone else pay the cost.”

“Someone else?”

“I read in the book that the only people in the wizarding world who have the right to mint coins are the goblins at Gringotts, and the revenue of the Ministry of Magic comes from the seigniorage, which is as high as one-third of the whole reserve. That itself already big.”

“Will it be a trouble?”

“A small arbitrage is enough, one Galleon exchanged for seventeen Sickles, and the ratio of silver and gold minting costs at Gringotts is the same. Although I don’t know why gold and silver It is called a metal that can possess magic power, I know one thing, the gold and silver used by wizards are the same as ours.”

“Yeah…” Sean’s eyes lit up.

In the wizarding world, the gold-silver exchange rate is always the same. But the rate is always different in London, in England, and in the whole world.

Mr. Wallup said leisurely, “It doesn’t take much for a simple transaction. The entire Gringotts and the entire Ministry of Magic will bear our costs. The impact on the economy will not be too great. After all, an institution like Gringotts is not called a bank at all, and it is a safekeeping house.”

“Of course, let’s not go too far. The Wallup family is also willing to bear part of the wizarding world’s welfare system.”

“Have you thought about it a long time ago, Dad?” Sean smiled.

“Pretty much.” Mr. Wallup straightened his collar.

Sean continued to ask, “But there is another problem. When it grows bigger, no matter which force it is, they will definitely want this as a political bargaining chip, and they want our welfare system to become their political weapon. Whether it is coercion or temptation, we may be targeted by those forces, right?”

“That’s right, but we can raise a big flag for them not to make a move.” He smiled.

Sean understood it all at once and then showed a smile, “Professor Dumbledore…”

“That’s right, he has a status but has no real power. This kind of person is essentially important to the entire wizarding world. I don’t believe that he, who is praised in all the books I have read, will allow them to do that. He will most likely intervene. Although, we need to find a way for him to keep it at our side.”

According to Sean’s understanding, he will definitely support him and keep an eye on him if there is anything. However, the problem is that now whether or not he can talk about it in the future.

Now, Sean was completely convinced. He looked at his father, “I guess it’s up to you now.”

“Pray that it will go well.” He said with a smile.

The two discussed again for a while about the general direction of the whole plan, such as looking for opportunities to join the Hogwarts or even Nurmengard’s school board in the future. After a night of conversation, Sean learned a lot from his father.

The conversation didn’t come to an end until Mrs. Wallup called to take a rest.

“Good night, Dad. Thank you for your insight.”

“You’re welcome, son. Good night.”

When Sean walked to the door, his father called to him from behind again.

Sean turned his head and saw his father’s expression, “Wait, there is one other thing.”

“What is it, Dad?”

“Since we talked a lot, you grew up so smart and never let us down. Even at this age, I support you in doing what you want to do, and I want you to know. Your parents, your family have always supported you behind your back.”

Sean’s heart warmed, and he nodded solemnly:, “I know, thank you, Dad.”

“No,” He shook his head, “You’re welcome. I just want to add that as a closer.”

Sean didn’t speak. He just looked at his father quietly.

He came over and hugged Sean, “We talked about interests before, but I have to tell you one thing. There is a kind of behavior that does not need to be driven by interests, and that is love.”

He straightened up, “I, your mother, your sister, love you very much. I am not trying to emphasize this to you but to remind you that we are your strongest supporter no matter what.”

Sean stared at his father, and a force and emotion that was usually not visible seemed to surge suddenly. He hugged his father vigorously.

“I know, I know, Dad.”

The father and son hugged for a while, waiting until he patted his son’s shoulder hard, “Now go, make me proud out there.”


The long talk with his father all night directly gave Sean a clear idea. Not only that, he felt more confident in doing things. Early the next morning, he began to think about candidates.

Yes, the people who run this welfare system.

His father will be responsible for recruiting a group of professionals. Of course, they do not know the status quo of the wizarding world. He found a reason that his precious son wanted to write a book, the kind with detailed settings.

Even though it’s a bit weird for him to spend a lot of money just for his son’s book.

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Published On: December 1, 2023

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