On Hogwarts Castle, in front of the principal’s office.

“Cockroach Clusters?”

“Fizzing Whizbees?”



“Gellert Grindelwald?”


“Crushed almond ice cream?”

The gargoyle couldn’t wait any longer. Its face twisted strangely, and it made a low, muffled sound, “It’s been ten minutes. Are you going to name all the desserts and snacks?”

Sean was leaning against the wall, licking the crushed almond ice cream in his hand, “Actually, there are not many. British desserts are better than gourmet food.”

“But you don’t have to name them all!”

“Hmm, Exploding BonBons?” Sean blinked.

The gargoyle didn’t want to talk to him anymore.

“Hey, buddy. You can either contact him directly or find Professor Dumbledore at some other time.” The gargoyle remained motionless, becoming like a stone statue again.

Sean ate the last bit of the cone, dawdled with the gargoyle for a while, and finally left angrily.

Sean wanted to talk to him because the two old men were acting. But there was no sign of him in the castle, and he couldn’t guess the password of the principal’s office, which was always easy to guess.

Sean walked toward the end of the corridor. There is an open-air balcony here, but few people usually come here.

Hermione and Daisy, who had been sticking to him all this time, ran to the Room of Requirements. The initial progress of the Animagus of the two of them was almost the same, but because of a holiday, the first step could be finished. But the two had already started brainstorming about their own Animagus form. They recently found an ancient book on the Animagus form.

Walking to the balcony, many students fly around on the Quidditch field in the distance, and the students are enjoying their last time at the school.

With the warm breeze blowing on his face, Sean stretched his waist. The weather has been fantastic lately.

Looking beyond the Quidditch field, Sean could vaguely see the farthest building, which was Hogsmeade Village. The only village in England that was full of wizards.

Funded by Hengist of Woodcroft. Hogwarts students are allowed to travel here on weekends, but only students from Year 3 and above have permission from their parents or other guardians. Naturally, Sean didn’t have to worry that his parents wouldn’t sign it, but he didn’t quite understand why the guardian had to sign it before going there.

Since nothing would endanger them there.

He pressed his hands on the railing, looked lazily into the distance, then narrowed his eyes.

Is there something dark coming out of the sky above Hogsmeade?

The dark thing kept jumping up and flew to a position where even the students on broomsticks could see it. It changed direction and flew towards Hogwarts. The speed of that thing was extremely fast, and when Sean squinted his eyes to observe, it had already approached the castle rapidly.

Sean finally saw what that thing looked like, a mass of dark, oily substance.

It should be an Obscurus.

The Obscurus came for the floor where he was and saw Sean.

“Hey, Sean, long time no see.” A familiar voice sounded.

The corner of Sean’s mouth raised an arc, and he waved his hand at the Obscurus. It flew to the balcony, it began to twist and deform as it fell, and an old man with a long beard appeared beside him.

It was Aurelius Dumbledore.

“Hi, Mr. Dumbledore, long time no see.” Sean greeted.

Aurelius waved his hand, “You can just call me Auri. I hate being called formally, and you know, Dumbledore tends to refer to my great uncle.”

“Okay, Auri…wait a minute,” Sean was taken aback for a moment, “Uncle, is Dumbledore your uncle?”

Aurelius looked at him suspiciously, “Do I look much older than him?”

“No, I mean, I…” Sean began to speak incoherently.

He remembered that Dumbledore sent him a letter after his trip to Godric’s Hollow, which mentioned Dumbledore’s past. Dumbledore’s sister Arianna is an Obscurus person. Ariana was unfortunately affected by the conflict between Dumbledore, Grindelwald, and Aberforth, and Dumbledore and Grindelwald broke up for a long time.

In order to save his sister, Dumbledore tried the most taboo thing in the field of alchemy.

As a result, Ariana’s soul became entangled with the Phoenix, and a soul began to be naturally born in the new body created by alchemy. Dumbledore mentioned that he was separated from the newborn child, and Sean always believed that Aurelius was the newborn soul.

Aurelius suddenly showed an expression, “Oh, oh, I thought Albus told you. But it’s understandable. He has never had a good relationship with my bad-tempered father.”


Aurelius didn’t seem to mind revealing the family affairs of Dumbledore’s family. He casually leaned on the railing and said with a smile, “Because of some past events, Albus never mentioned his family to the outside world. Also, because of that incident, my father has always had a very stiff relationship with him. But after all this time, family is the most important thing, right?”

“Uh, Auri, do you mean that you are Professor Dumbledore’s nephew?” Sean opened his mouth wide.

Aurelius nodded, “My father’s name is Aberforth Dumbledore. The younger brother of your principal, but the relationship between the two has always been bad.”

He spread his hands, “But my father is also a jerk. To be honest, time kills hatred. I only started talking to him in the last few years.”

Sean opened his mouth. His brain almost crashed because of this info dump.

Aurelius’ left hand turned into black particles, and the particles supported Sean’s chin like a hand.

“I thought you were very receptive,” he said with a smile. “Is this news shocking?”

“Too shocking.”

Aurelius’ eyes flashed. Turning around, he looked into the distance, “Time can really solve many things.”

Looking at his appearance, Sean pursed his lips. The timeline of this world began to change from Grindelwald’s Paris meeting. In other words, Aurelius, who used to be called Credence, still experienced that painful memory.

Sean leaned against the railing and sighed like Aurelius.

He turned his head and smiled softly, “You shouldn’t learn anything from my behavior. How old are you?”

Sean chuckled. I don’t know if it’s because he also has an Obcsurus in his body, but he always has a sense of intimacy with Aurelius.

He asked, “Can you tell me about your past? Sir… I mean, Auri.”

Aurelius laughed and said, “Actually, it’s nothing much. My father was unwilling to take responsibility when he was young. I was drifting overseas when I was a baby, and then, because of some accidents, I was adopted by someone else. I lived under another name for the first half of my life.”

“And then?” Even knowing the plot, Sean was still very curious.

Aurelius spread his hands, with a calm expression on his face, “I was not very happy in my childhood and became an Obscurial. I had nothing but unbridled power at that time, and I wanted everything. I walked the wrong road and lost a lot. But now, everything is good.”

Sean held his head helplessly, “Is there anything else like about both of them?”

Aurelius smiled happily, “Don’t you just want to get some news about Albus and Gellert from me? It’s the same answer, Sean. They have to tell you in person.”

“Why?” Sean was a little puzzled.

He looked at him, “Without personal experience, you will never know how complicated those two people’s minds are. Maybe it’s just an ordinary sentence that contains deep meaning. Maybe it’s just a common thing that they said. But there is always an intention to it. If you try to figure it out, believe me, it’s going to be really hard. I’d better say less to make sure you don’t misinterpret my message and cause an accident. In fact, I can’t even figure out what is Albus’ intention.”

“Then, Auri, how are they?” Sean still didn’t give up.

“Maybe they broke up again?” Aurelius nuzzled, “I don’t know, well, who knows?”

Sean sighed helplessly.

Aurelius looked into the distance and pointed to Hogsmeade, “You can go to Hogsmeade next year, right? There’s a pub there. The owner is my father. Maybe you two can chat. He has always been in a bad relationship with Albus anyway.”

“What about you? I mean, your father. You know he was young at that time.”

“Well, yes. He is very irresponsible, but he is still a good person. At least I don’t get angry when I talk to him now, and some people still befriended him.”

Sean showed a smile, “How is Ms. Nagini?”

Aurelius smiled happily, “Her blood has been controlled very stably in the past year. Maybe she can go out in a short time. Nagini mentions that she is very thankful for your help.”

“Oh, don’t mention it.”

Aurelius turned around, hunched his back slightly, “It is because I have experienced so much suffering that I cherish the present more and more. I hope you can understand that.”

“Yes, Auri.” Sean and Aurelius shook hands firmly.

Suddenly, he felt a wave coming from the palm. It seems to be a magic power.

“Auri?” Sean was taken aback.

He smiled slightly, “An Obscurus is amazing. As an Obscurial, these experiences may be useful to you.”

Sean felt it slightly, and he was surprised to find that just knowing some experience, the Obscurus in his body became more active.

Aurelius waved his hand at him, “I’ll see you next time with Nagini. Best wishes, my friend.”

After speaking, he walked towards the castle.

Sean lightly shook the palm of his left hand, and the black particles belonging to his Obscurus emerged from his palm. It changed shape according to Sean’s ideas, and he was even able to adjust the output of the magic power.

He came here to find Dumbledore but met Aurelius instead.

Not only did he learn that Aurelius was Dumbledore’s nephew, but he also got a big gift for controlling his Obscurus. Sean raised his eyebrows and smiled. This time, he really didn’t run in vain.

Aurelius is actually the son of Aberforth, so who is the soul that Dumbledore made?

Dumbledore said that he was separated from the newborn, so he did not find it yet.

After pondering for a while, Sean finally gave up.

Sean had a hunch that Dumbledore was planning a big event, and what kind of role did Grindelwald play?

While Sean, a second-grade student who can transform into a dragon at will, has adopted a bunch of many dangerous magical animals and is about to adopt a basilisk, he thinks about the possibility of his role as well.


In the evening, Sean waited for his package.

Dozens of owls are carrying a huge wooden box, and his owl is standing on top of the box, flapping its wings symbolically when bored. Sean stroked his owl’s shiny feathers and then took the letter from its paw.

(Dear Sean,

Your mother, sister and I are all looking forward to your return, but you have given me a problem this time.

Of course, a father never lets his son down. I had these glasses made at your request. I hope you can use them. But what are such big glasses for? A giant with a snake head? If so, I am amazed at your skills.

There’s also a blueprint for it, and the person who can make it for you can be found at any time. If you need to improve it, you can do it yourself when you come back. Your mother will clean your room, and your favorite food will be prepared. Ella also helped. Your sister is getting smarter like you.

Love your father, mother, and Ella.)

Reading this, he raised a smile.

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Published On: November 29, 2023

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