Sean didn’t go to the Slytherin common room but went through the field area and walked towards the Black Lake from the other side of the castle. It was too troublesome to go in and out from there all the time.

The secret room there has a passage leading to the Black Lake, and the Basilisk is quite familiar with the bottom of the lake, so Sean asks the Basilisk to meet him there.

Going north along the path by the lake and then using the Levitation Charm to cross the cliff. Sean went around to the other side of the Black Lake, which is probably the farthest place within Hogwarts.

Finding a relatively open rocky place by the lake, Sean took out a huge scale, which is a scale on the neck of the Basilisk. The Basilisk can hear it as long as it is tapped with a specific rhythm.

After submerging half of the scale in the lake water, Sean tapped it quickly and then retreated behind the rock. After a while, the water in the lake moved, countless foams surged up, and the head of a huge Basilisk emerged.

However, it would be a little weird for outsiders to watch this.

A hoarse and loud hiss came out of the Basilisk’s mouth.

“Are you here?” Sean’s Parseltongue proficiency has been increased. He can easily understand what the Basilisk said and even felt a little joy from it.

Sean also hissed, “Well, I promised to see you. It’s been a while, sorry.”

“A while?” The Basilisk was slightly puzzled.

Sean was dumbfounded. Like the Basilisk, they have a long lifespan and have a different concept of time from him.

The last time, he came and left too fast. This time, Sean found a place to sit down and asked curiously, “Are you usually active at the bottom of the Black Lake?”

“No.” The Basilisk seemed to understand that shaking its head has a negative meaning in human language. It shook its head and then stopped completely.

“I usually roam around the Black Lake for food. Unless it’s necessary and there is something dangerous in the Black Lake.”

“Dangerous?” Sean frowned.

He has heard a lot of legends about the Black Lake, but it was just a rumor. One is that some kind of terrible magical creature is hidden in the deepest part of the Black Lake, and the other is Godric Gryffindor, who hid in the lake.

The Basilisk hissed, “From my hunch, there is a crack to the north of the center of the Black Lake, and I feel danger every time I approach it.”

“Is it some kind of magical creature or dark magic?”

“I don’t know. I don’t feel this way about other creatures under the Black Lake, and other creatures never get close to it.”

Sean nodded thoughtfully. He still remembered the message left by Slytherin himself. The four founders of Hogwarts were attracted here by the message in a dream. The Black Lake crack probably hides some secret that no one knows about.

However, just listen to it as a story, the Basilisk thinks it is dangerous, and if he goes to explore, he will surely be dead. Sean changed the subject.

“Aren’t you bored after staying here for so long?”

The Basilisk seemed a little confused, but it finally nodded, “There is one thing I didn’t understand when I was a child. But as time goes by, using human thinking, my wisdom has improved, and my emotions are better. I ordered other creatures to bring me food and everything. But after a long time, I occasionally feel empty, and it doesn’t feel interesting anymore.”

“I crave more emotional needs more than my physical needs.”

Sean remembered another thing: “There is another one of your kind in the castle, did you know?”

“I know.” The Basilisk rubbed its scales on the raised part of the rock, “But to be precise, it’s different from me. Except for its resemblance, it can’t communicate at all.”

“What do you mean?”

“Its intelligence is lower than those mermaids. Every time it is really hungry, it swims out of the pipe to hunt for food. When it is full, it returns quickly. I tried to communicate with it before, but it ignored me.”

Sean held his chin and nodded. As stated in Slytherin’s notes, ordinary basilisks have extremely low IQs and only have their natural killing instincts.

After chatting with the Basilisk about its daily life in the Black Lake, Sean hissed, “The secret room you guarded is empty, so there seems to be no need for you to stay there, right?”

The Basilisk hesitated, “But master’s order is that I should always stay there and kill people who can speak the Parseltongue…”

“But, before me. It’s been a long time since any Parselmouth went there, right?”

“Yes… I have thought about this problem. I guess the Parselmouths had already found more things on the outside world to the point they weren’t as interested in going there anymore. Which explains the reason there were barely any of them coming.”

Sean clapped his hands, “That’s exactly the reason! It’s pointless for you to stay there all the time.”

“But…” The Basilisk seemed to be thinking.

“Are you afraid that your master won’t find you when he returns?” Sean asked.

“No, master didn’t say I should wait for him, and I also understand that a human like you died much earlier than me.”

The Basilisk continued, “Master may have disappeared in this world for a long time. I thought about it, if Master dies, should I stay there? I am confused, but I have always been a Baslisik. There is no other creature that would accompany me.”

Sean’s eyes lit up, and said persuasively, “Didn’t you meet me? I can talk with you, and you don’t hate me, do you?”

“I don’t hate you. You smell very good. Much more fragrant than those big fish.” The Basilisk hissed quickly again as if explaining, “Although I didn’t mean to eat you.”

“I understand,” Sean smiled, “You want to be my friend, right?”

It nodded heavily, “Yes, I want to be friends with you.”

“Is that right? Although you almost stared at me to death, it was an accident after all, and I have always been generous and friendly. I have decided to forgive you now.”

“Thank you,” said the Basilisk gratefully.

“So we’re friends now, right?”

“Yes, yes, friend.” The Basilisk flicked its tail cheerfully and accidentally cracked a rock.

Sean walked away from the rock and continued, “Since we are friends, and your master is no longer in this world, I think, why don’t you come with me?”


“Yes, change where you live, your way of life, and your taste. Don’t you get tired of eating fish every day?”

“It’s not bad, and I eat it once a month.” The Basilisk corrected seriously.

“This is just a way of expression. You are still young and don’t understand it yet.”

“Oh, okay.”

Sean looked up at the Basilisk, whose emerald green head with a metallic hue was shining brightly in the sun.

“Do you want to come with me?” Sean asked.

The Basilisk nodded quickly, “Okay, I’ll go with you.”

It answered so quickly that Sean was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect the Basilisk to be so straightforward. He thought he would have to chat with him several times before agreeing.

He was overjoyed, stood up neatly, and patted the dust, “Then it’s settled.”

But the Basilisk still has doubts, “I’m too big. I’m not like your moth that can shrink, and my eyes are deadly. I can’t keep my eyes closed all the time. This may hurt you.”

Sean froze for a moment before realizing that the moth was Dave. He shook his head, “That’s not a moth. It’s my friend. It’s a Winged Demon named Dave. Besides, It doesn’t matter how big you are. I have a way to fit you in.”

“Dave, I remember. What about my eyes?”

Sean licked his slightly dry lips, hissing sounding a little sharp because of excitement, “Do you usually need your eyes to move normally?”

“No, I can smell the creatures around me, and…” The Basilisk struggled with how to describe it.

“You can feel vibrations nearby to analyze your surroundings, and you can feel biological heat, right?” Sean asked.

“Yes, that’s what I wanted to say. How do you know?.”

This is a common trait for serpents.

Sean continued to ask, “Even if you don’t have eyesight, it won’t affect you, right?”

“Yes.” The Basilisk nodded.

“Let me ask another, can your gaze not only kill living things but also destroy inanimate objects?”

“Yes, if I want to, but not very powerful.”

“Be more specific.”

“Well, If I desperately want to kill a creature, then my gaze will be more deadly. The object I see will be destroyed, and my gaze will make the object’s heat higher.”

Sean has a deep memory of a plot in the original book. The kid in the first grade who liked to take pictures was petrified. He saw the Basilisk through the camera. He was petrified, and the camera film was destroyed, while the camera itself suffered no serious damage.

This proves that the Basilisk’s gaze has limited damage to objects.

Sean walked up to the Basilisk and patted its hard and cold scales, “I have a solution.”

“Really?” the Basilisk hissed sounding pleased.

“That’s right, but I have to hurry up and prepare. I’m going to have a holiday the day after tomorrow. I hope I can make it in time.”

“Okay, what do I need to do?”

“Hmm, lean down.” Sean stretched out his hands and stroked the Basilisk’s head, took out a measuring tape, and measured the size of the Basilisk’s head.

After finishing, he said, “Just go back and wait for my news. See you in two days.”

“Okay, friend. Goodbye.”

It lowered its head and got into the water. After a huge splash, the lake gradually calmed down. Sean cast a Levitation Charm on himself, grabbed Dave’s tail, and flew towards the way they came.

Feeling the cool breeze blowing across the lake on his face, Sean raised his eyebrows.

“It’s time to feel the power of a wave of technology and money.”

Sean returned safely to Hogwarts and quickly wrote a letter.

(Dear Father,

“How are you, Mother and Ella? I will be leaving for home the day after tomorrow, of course, as I have told you in my previous letter. I am writing this for a favor.

You can understand it as a pair of glasses worn by snakes. Of course, the size must be enlarged proportionally. I will list the specific data below.

The overall weight of the glasses should be light. The back of the head should be adjustable. The frame should be made of strong and tough materials. There are two layers of lenses. The inner layer should be transparent and resistant to high temperatures, and the outer layer should completely isolate the line of sight of the inner layer. If it’s possible, can you design a mechanical switch so that I can use a controller to switch the layers quickly?”

That’s my request, I need this very badly.

Love you, Sean.)

After writing the letter, Sean sealed the parchment into an envelope and quickly went to the owl shack. After handing the letter an owl, he put coins in the feet of all the public owls. The thing should be big, but thirty or so owls should be enough to carry the item later if the thing he asked for is already done.

After watching the spectacular flock of owls headed away, Sean walked out of the owl shack with satisfaction.

He is not afraid of being checked by people. No one can guess what it is used for. If he can’t make it in time, he can take the Basilisk away first and let his father design it when he returns home.

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Published On: November 29, 2023

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