Sean was a little confused. The increase in proficiency was inexplicable. There were two sources of his improvement in spell proficiency in the past. One was casting the spell himself like self-practice.

The second is watching others cast spells. This sounds easy, but it’s actually quite demanding.

With Sean’s current magical strength, even the demonstrations of senior students who are much stronger than him cannot provide him with much proficiency. Generally speaking, Sean can only gain proficiency from wizards of Professor McGonagall’s level and above.

But in his memory, no powerful wizard cast such spells as Bombarda and Lumos Maxima in front of him during this period of time.

“Strange, where did my proficiency come from?” Sean frowned.

He continued to flip through the spell proficiency list, his expression getting weirder and weirder.

A lot of his spells proficiency had increased a lot. Even to the spells he barely uses. Like the Nosebleed Curse.

He has seen Fred and George use this thing before. It is a prank spell that can make the target suffer from nosebleeds. Only people who use it for scares and pranks use it, and he barely even used it.

Sean frowned and thought for a while. He hadn’t encountered a situation that could increase his proficiency significantly recently. Although it was the end of the semester, these spells were not the focus of the review content.

Sean suddenly froze in place.

That night in Paris, he witnessed the duel between the two most powerful wizards in the world today. He saw many profound and terrifying spells in the midair, where flames and rain intertwined. The explosion of the magic collision and the strong light across the night sky were the main sights of the night.

Sean suddenly became excited. He flipped through the spell list faster, and he saw more spells. Most of the spells that Grindelwald taught have increased their proficiency.

He continued to look and then saw more.

For example, the Protego Diabolica that Grindelwald taught him has increased a lot. It is understandable that he maintained the flame for a long time that night, and the demonstration of the inventor of the spell, Grindelwald, also brought him a large wave of proficiency.

However, the “Partis Temporus” used by Dumbledore and Grindelwald in the final duel was not recorded in the list of spells.

Sean checked it carefully, and there was indeed no such spell.

This is unreasonable. The power of Sean’s system lies in recording spells and gaining proficiency. Sean learned some from young Grindelwald and Dumbledore. His talent for ancient runes couldn’t be lower when it came to the two ancient spells.

If it was wandless and nonverbal casting, he wouldn’t be able to learn it normally. But at that time, Dumbledore gave clear movements and accurate incantation. It didn’t make sense.

Sean’s eyes light up slightly, so there is a high probability that there is only one theory. Dumbledore’s “Partis Temporus” at that time may be just a fake one; in other words, the “Partis Temporus” is only for show.

Were these two just acting?

After understanding this, Sean was confused. His biggest concern was that if these two old men turned against each other, the world would be split.

Now, Sean learned the truth through the system. The two old men had planned it before. This excited him. However, when he was excited, he raised his chin and began to think again.

But this doesn’t look like a staged act.

There is no need to act so realistically if it was acting, and his Pride was awakened. Is this what the two of them planned?

Was Voldemort’s coming also planned?

There must be something hidden in it.

Having figured all this out, Sean couldn’t help showing a smile. Even though there are many doubts, as long as the two old men don’t really turn against each other, it’s good.

But why hide it from him?

Grindelwald said that he would take the initiative to contact him. After discovering this, Sean suddenly had a good appetite. Even though the steak was a little cold, he still took a portion to the plate and enjoyed it.

Hermione looked over curiously, “Feeling good today?”

Sean swallowed the meat and smiled, “I figured out some things, and I’m in a good mood.”

“So, cheers?” Hermione blinked and picked up the pumpkin juice.


The atmosphere in the hall was not high, but Sean was in a great mood, and he even became more enthusiastic when he looked at Nurmengard students.

When the dinner was over, the Hogwarts students stood up straight. Professor Rozier stood up. She walked to the center of the hall and then hugged Professor McGonagall.

“Thank you for coming, Minerva.”

Professor McGonagall smiled back, “Thanks to Nurmengard’s hospitality, we have learned knowledge and made friends. We look forward to seeing you again.”

Lockhart, who had been insignificant throughout the semester, raised his foot. With his smile, he seemed to want to hug and say goodbye to Professor Rosier. However, Professor Rozier dismissed his thoughts with a cold glance.

The Hogwarts students walked out of the hall neatly and towards the huge stone giant crouching in the square.

“There will be a time later.” Sean smiled and shook the hands of Nurmengard members of the Golden Dawn.

Hugo and the others understood.

The students of Hogwarts began to walk into the stone giant one by one. When it was almost Sean’s turn, someone stopped him.

“Wallup.” Sean turned his head and saw a pale face.

It was Fabian

“Who are you again?” Sean asked suspiciously.

Fabian twitched the corner of his mouth, turning a blind eye to Sean’s ridicule, “We will meet again, Wallup.”

Sean shrugged, “Can’t you guys make a new tagline or something.”

Fabian lowered his voice, “When the real disaster comes, your words are nothing.”

“Does this have something to do with your lack of imagination?” Sean shook his head helplessly and then threw another thing.

Fabian didn’t reach out to catch it but took a half step back as if facing a big enemy. The thing floated to the ground and unfolded. It was a leaflet.

[Luxury house in Paris, France, for sale. Prime location, high quality, and low price!]

Fabian’s breathing was slightly rapid. Grindelwald completely burned down the manor the Aiken family inherited for hundreds of years. He looked over gloomily.

“You’re welcome, bye.”

Fabian walked back into the crowd with an ugly expression, his fists clenched.


Hermione was talking to Sean in the lounge as the stone giant was running.

“That guy still has some grudges on you, huh?”

“How can it be so easy for him to let it go.” Sean was lying on a chair while looking at Daisy’s snack.

Daisy blinked, “Do you want to eat, Sean?”

“Well, just a little bit.”

Before she finished speaking, Daisy held up the packaging bag to the right hand that Sean stretched out, and it fell to the ground.

“Uh…thanks.” Sean stuffed the snacks into his mouth and continued vaguely, “His father lost his hand, and Fabian suffered from physical injury, but reputation. So it is reasonable for him to be angry.”

Hermione looked at him helplessly, “Why don’t you take it to heart at all?”

“I don’t want to be affected by a bug in my daily life.”

“What about Hugo, Patricia, and the others? Fabian might do something to them as soon as we leave since he has that influence.”

Sean raised his brows at her, “Don’t worry, I’ve come prepared.”

In Nurmengard, Fabian became more and more angry, but Wallup had gone away, and now he had nowhere to vent his anger. Walking stiffly towards the castle, he suddenly narrowed his eyes, and a figure came into view.

It was Minsk.

Fabian sneered and strode forward. He cast a spell to attack Minsk immediately.

Savannah showed a shocked expression, “You…”

In the shadows, a woman came out with a blank expression.

Professor Rosier gave him a disgusted look, “Go to the confinement room, now.”

Fabian wanted to retort but took a deep breath and walked towards the confinement room with heavy steps. He turned his head and saw Minsk smiling with Professor Rosier. He saw the girl smile provocatively at him.

He heard what she said in a low voice, “You are so brave.”


After resting in the stone giant for a night, when Sean and the others woke up, the towering towers of Hogwarts could already be seen from a distance.

Hermione looked out the window, muttering, “Although Nurmengard’s library is great, Hogwarts really feels like home.”

Sean nodded in agreement, “It really feels different.”

Flitwick, Snape, and Professor Sprout were already waiting on the field when they got off the giant. Filch, who had been de-petrified, held Mrs. Norris in his arms and watched maliciously.

They welcomed the students who came. Professor Flitwick waved his wand, and a magic banner of welcome appeared in the air.

“Welcome home!”

The field became lively all of a sudden. Hagrid gave them each a warm welcome with a slap on the back, and Ron almost spat out his breakfast. They walked towards the castle. Although food is provided inside the stone giants, most of them eat less so that they can eat more in Hogwarts.

On the way, Hagrid told them what had happened at Hogwarts in the past six months.

“While Professor McGonagall and Professor Lockhart lead the group. Professor Dumbledore is in charge of teaching two classes. The students have learned a lot. The Dueling Club is very popular now, and this is all because of Professor Dumbledore.”

“The mandrake had ripe a month ago, and Professor Sprout made the potion. Filch woke up immediately. The first thing that idiot woke up to was to say, ‘the student sneaked away’, and he was scolded immediately.”

“Edmund woke up too. Professor Snape made the potion into incense, and then we fanned the potion and smoked it into Edmund’s body. Can you believe that?”

“To be honest, the castle isn’t that lively without you guys, without the Weasleys. But Filch is always secretly cursing George and Fred in his office to die in Nurmengard just because they were a headache for him.”

“What about Grindelwald? Of course, this is the biggest news at Hogwarts in the past six months, and everyone is discussing it. Speaking of which,” Hagrid looked around and lowered his voice, “Well, they all said that you are the heir of Grindelwald, and someone from the Guards spread that rumor.”

Sean shrugged, “They’re just suspicious. If they can’t catch Grindelwald, they want to catch someone related. But I guess I’m fine now.”

Hagrid nodded approvingly:, “I think so too. If I hear someone spreading rumors again, I will definitely make them regret it.”

They walked into the Great Hall, and after enjoying a Hogwarts-style breakfast, the students gathered together. Final exams are over, and the Hogwarts students have time to relax and have fun.

Sean still has things to do, though.

The Basilisk was waiting for him in that chamber in the Slytherin common room.

During this time, when Sean uses the Vanishing Cabinet to return to Hogwarts, he finds a chance to meet the Basilisk secretly. He was a bit bored by where he stayed.

Sean was thinking of a way whether or not he could get the Basilisk out of that chamber safely.

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Published On: November 28, 2023

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