The flames licked the bones, the flowers on them quickly withered, and the two turned into ashes together. Sean waved his wand lightly, and the flames became more and more intense. In this way, there were no last ashes left. Only black smoke was blown away by the night wind.

After cleaning up the ashes of Voldemort’s father, Sean put the bone specimens into the grave.


The tombstone, dirt, and moss all floated up, and Tom Riddle Sr’s grave was the same again. Sean snapped his fingers and left the scene quickly.


After solving the troubles that can be dealt with now, Sean returned to Nurmengard again. At this time, because the final exam was approaching, the castle had already entered an atmosphere of intense preparation for the exam.

However, the impact of Grindelwald’s arrest is too great, and the headlines of major newspapers and weekly magazines are always about him. According to the information from the International Confederation of Wizards and the Guards, the Austrian Ministry of Magic sent a group of Aurors to help find Grindelwald. It is said that they were worried that Grindelwald would come back for revenge.

It’s just that Grindelwald’s reputation is beyond the imagination of many people. In such massive brainwashing, about half of Nurmengard’s students still maintain their trust in Grindelwald.

Those students who believed in official institutions were called traitors and fools. At the same time, they were called fanatics by those who didn’t believe in Grindelwald.

Nurmengard split in two in a strange way.

Now, Hogwarts students rarely encountered provocations from Nurmengard students walking in the castle. It was more common for two groups of students wearing uniforms and trench coats to fight and scold each other.

As the exam approached, the Nurmengard infirmary was much busier than usual. Students with different opinions often fought duels after quarreling.

“Only you idiots won’t understand Professor Grindelwald’s intention!”

“Professor? He is a criminal now! Hundreds of his arrest warrants are posted every day. You’re a fanatic.”

“The professor has clearly suffered unfair treatment. Haven’t you learned to use your brain to think in Nurmengard for so many years? Now I can see that you don’t deserve to stay in Nurmengard at all. “

“Nurmengard is not Grindelwald’s Nurmengard. You are now accomplices, childish, ignorant, and stupid accomplices.”

“If I find someone to cast the Imperius Curse and say you are an idiot, should you be considered an idiot by the world? No, I was wrong. Anyone with a brain can see that you are an idiot!”

“Come on, let’s see who is the idiot!”

In the corridor, two groups of students are fighting each other. Their wands are already in their hands, and the duel is just about to happen in the next second. However, their actions suddenly paused because someone came over.

It was Sean.

No matter which group of students it is, Sean is complicated. But generally speaking, he has gained some popularity among the groups that support Grindelwald.

The crowd who did not support Grindelwald was a little apprehensive. The two groups who were about to duel met Sean. Some of them provoked and insulted him. As a result, the one who insulted Sean was sent to the infirmary.

“Hey, Wallup,” said one of the supporters.

Sean was talking to Hermione, turned his head, and smiled but didn’t say much. This group of supporters supports Grindelwald, they worship him and do their best to follow his tracks.

Sean also tried to communicate with them and finally concluded that he was still Sean, not Grindelwald, and those students were unwilling to listen to him. Sean also gave up intervening in the dispute between the two groups and just said hello when they met.

Sean was chatting and laughing with Hermione, turned a blind eye to the two groups, and skipped them.

A group of students looked at each other and shouted again.

“See you in the duel classroom after school! Don’t run away!”

“Whoever runs is an idiot!”

Hearing the shouts from behind, Hermione curled her lips, “Boring.”

“Isn’t it normal for a young student to be acting like this?” Sean smiled and shrugged.

“I should find newspapers and officials to learn more about Professor Grindelwald’s crimes back then. At the same time, I would also investigate the situation in Paris that night and give Grindelwald a more detailed understanding of the crimes he committed in those years.”

“If I were a supporter, I should find evidence of collusion between the government and witnesses. If I can’t find it, I would focus on the contributions that Professor Grindelwald has made over the years and, at the same time, win over the alumni who have graduated to stir up public opinion among the people and the government force to release more inside information.”

After finishing speaking, Hermione raised her eyebrows, “It’s meaningless to argue and fight in the castle like this. It will only affect the final exam.”

Sean looked at her in surprise and said, “Yes, you’re right.”

“My position is neutral, but I’m on your side.” Hermione said lightly.

“Thank you for your trust.” Sean smiled and stroked his chest.

Hermione gave him a disgusted look, “You can’t pretend anymore. Last time, you acted like a gentleman and stuffed that student’s head into the ground.”

Sean spread his hands, “Well, it’s a force of habit.”

“Force of habit…”

The two returned to the common room. Apart from continuing to collect information, Sean stopped doing other things recently.

The professor who taught him privately was on the run, and the other one purposely avoided him. After the last big drama, Sean’s Death Eater meeting was canceled.

Sean simply immersed himself in studying, the world war has not yet broken out, and the final exam is still to be taken.

In this way, the weather in Austria was slowly warming up. Aurors and the Guards patrolled the castle, Nurmengard students quarreled and dueled, and Hogwarts students just watched them from the sides.

At the school gate, Grindelwald, on the wanted poster, had a smile, his windbreaker, and a corner of the wanted poster swaying in the wind. In this weather, Sean sat in the examination classroom in Nurmengard.

The study progress was going well, and with Hermione’s help, Sean’s exams went smoothly. Even in the Transfiguration exam, Professor McGonagall said he could already pass when he had just raised his wand.

Half a month ago, he got the fourth-grade Transfiguration tutorial from Professor McGonagall.

Even the potion that had been tormenting Sean ended with no accident. Snape’s notes were not easy to use, and he memorized them completely and followed the steps. The potion he got made the potions professor in Nurmengard applaud in amazement. However, Sean feels that Grindelwald influenced him in some way.

Nurmengard’s efficiency was much higher than Sean had imagined. The report card was sent to the students in the afternoon of the second day after the exam.

As expected, Hermione was still number one. She was originally one of the most diligent and smartest students. During the review process with Sean, the two of them learned from each other. Hermione’s Transfiguration and Magic Attack Class lessons were improved.

Her history of the magic score is much better than Sean, who memorized them.

Sean got second place and was also very satisfied. The main reason for this was that he really got a high score on potions.

In addition, Daisy got a good result as well. Under the teaching of Hermione and Sean, her knowledge has completely crushed the first graders of the two schools, and there is no surprise that she is the first.

In the sixth grade, Percy beat Nurmengard’s genius to become the first in the grade, and the first in the fourth grade was also Hogwarts. Someone Sean has long forgotten, Stephanie Ollivander.

Stephanie was usually invisible and surprised everyone silently, although she hadn’t grown taller at all.

Sean heard the news and just shrugged his shoulders. There were too many things that happened during this period. Compared with the previous experience of the two of them, it seemed nothing. They have become stranger after all that had happened.

After the results came out, it was time for the dinner at the end of the school year. After which, the Hogwarts students would leave Nurmengard Castle.

Sean is arranging his things in the dormitory.

The room was blown up when the Guards came to arrest him last time. He lost a lot of things, but fortunately, most of them can be bought back with money. Sean decided not to seek compensation from the Guards. Although he has his ring, everything can’t be stuffed into it.

After a while, looking at the empty dormitory, Sean said to himself, “I guess this is it.”

He looked around the entire bedroom and finally looked at the bedside table.

“Almost forgot about this.” Sean walked over and picked up a big golden egg.

This is the prize he got when he helped Grindelwald last time. He studied it for a long time but found nothing. In the end, he could only think that this thing was just for decoration. He picked up the golden egg and tossed it in his hand, but nothing changed.

“It’s good to keep it as a souvenir.” Sean raised his eyebrows and stuffed it into the ring.

At night, the hall in Nurmengard was decorated with lights and festoons, and the golden and red flags symbolizing the schools were hung on both sides of the hall. It’s just that the atmosphere in the hall is not high. There is no excitement about the upcoming holiday.

The principal changed, the students split into two groups, and even the final exams went awry. Out of the seven grades, the first place in four grades was taken away by Hogwarts. Therefore, the atmosphere of the end-of-semester dinner was rather low.

When everyone was seated, the current principal of Nurmengard stood up from the empty seat. She didn’t seem to have the motivation to be the principal, and she still glanced at the crowd.

The new principal has also attracted a lot of attention recently. Since Grindelwald disappeared, she has become younger day by day, and she has turned back to the glamorous looks of her twenties.

Of course, it was the work of a spell, and Rosier has not been investigated again. But it has sparked a discussion among the students.

She held up her wine glass, “This year, the history of Nurmengard took another step forward. This castle still stands despite the wind and rain. We also welcomed guests from afar. Hogwarts, thank you for what you have taught us. I hope you can gain knowledge here and bring it back to carry forward.”

Under her leadership, the hall had a burst of not-so-warm applause. Rosier changed the topic.

“And you, as students of Nurmengard,” She paused, her eyes proud and cold, “I want to say that I am proud of your performance this year, but I am not as kind as the previous principal. With all due respect, all of you performed badly.”

The cold voices hit the faces of every Nurmengard, and they froze for a moment. Humiliation, shame, and anger all flooded their faces.

Rosier’s tone did not change: “The fiasco in the duel classroom, the crushing on Nurmengard Day, I thought you could learn something. The school experienced a huge change, such as the recent duel and exam performance.” H

“I have nothing to say. This year’s summer vacation is delayed by one month.”

“Okay, let’s start the dinner.”

After finishing speaking, she held up the glass to signal to everyone and then sat down. Professor McGonagall, next to her, opened her mouth slightly. There was no sound in the hall, the faces of the Nurmengard students turned pale, and most of them suddenly lost their appetite.

There were whispers on the Hogwarts table. Sean turned his head and saw several members of his Golden Dawn. He made a cheering gesture to them and mourned for them in his heart.

The dinner was exquisite and delicious. Sean quietly called out the system panel when the food was almost finished. He hadn’t looked at the panel for a long time. He tried to draw a few lottery, but nothing good came out at all.

There was no change in the item bar and talent bar, and Sean looked at the spell proficiency below.

Proficiency is, of course, a good thing that can intuitively reflect his progress, but Sean’s spell proficiency has also increased, and the level of spells has not changed much. He himself has a rough estimate of the daily increase in proficiency.

It was almost the same as his prediction, but gradually, Sean’s expression became weird.

Why has the proficiency of several spells, such as Bombardment Charm, Lumos Maxima, and several spells increased exponentially?

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