After Rosier nodded and left with satisfaction, Daisy came up, “Sean, what is she talking about?”

“A private matter between us.”

“Really? Have you noticed that Professor Rosier seems a little younger?”

“What? I even like her, especially those too close to me.”

“Let me tell you, I know a witch who is almost a hundred years old this year and looks about the same age as my mother!”

“Oh, I guess she’s an amazing lady.”

“And she’s not married!”

“I don’t know why are you telling me this.”

In the afternoon, Sean stayed in the newly changed common room. His experience during this period made him a popular figure in the eyes of his classmates. It took a lot of effort and the help of a few good friends to ask them about what happened lately.

“Are you studying? You’ve missed your lessons for several days.” Hermione sat beside him with a pile of books in her arms.

Sean looked up and smiled, then lowered his head and continued to write.

“There are still a few weeks left before the final exam, so I should summarize things first, and I’ll take care of it when the time comes.”

Hermione gave him an annoyed look, but she didn’t refuse, “We’re still students, Sean.”

“Of course, Hermione. But I’ve always believed that the things you summed up before the end of the term are the best things I could learn in school. I’ll leave it up to luck later if things go wrong.”

“You’re just lazy.”

“You’re so smart, Hermione.”

She shook her head helplessly, then leaned over to take a look and saw that Sean was seriously drawing a pattern.

“What are you doing?”

“Symbol of the Golden Dawn. We are going back to Hogwarts at the end of this semester. You know the situation in Nurmengard. The third-year academic exchange plan may not be implemented. We managed to create an organization, and we need to strengthen it.”

Hermione approached curiously and raised her eyebrows after a while, “I was better at drawing than you when I was in the first grade.”

Sean smiled awkwardly, “It’s just a concept. The finished product needs to be further optimized.”

His drawing ability is on par with his younger sister, Ella. But he thinks that Ella should already be better than him.

Daisy leaned over, seeing Sean’s brush strokes going down crookedly. She tilted her head and asked, “Is this a tentacle?”

“It’s a sun! The light next to the sun!” Sean replied with some annoyance.

“Daisy, you’ve become naughtier recently.”

“I can’t help it. Then can I help you draw?” Daisy blinked her eyes.

Sean glanced at her, then at his own painting, finally sighed and handed over the pen. Daisy’s painting ability exceeded Sean’s expectations; her work was natural and smooth, and her lines were clear and powerful.

“The painting is so good. I didn’t know you can do this.” Sean joked.

Daisy raised her head happily, “Before I could go out, I used to draw to pass the time. What kind of symbols do you want to draw?”

“Something to represent our Golden Dawn. Something simple like…”

In this way, with the help of Daisy and Hermione, the symbol of the Golden Dawn was created. There was a golden triangle, and in the center was a smaller golden triangle. The two are superimposed, like a triangular altar rising slowly. At the bottom of the small triangle is the rising sun. The sun emitted a sharp light, and some shadows were drawn on the edge of the light according to Hermione’s suggestion.

Looking at the final result, Sean nodded with satisfaction.

Hermione was using a magic spell to make the symbol float, and the sun was slowly rising, “Why did you suddenly think of making a symbol? If it’s just a symbol, it doesn’t need to be done now, right?”

Sean blinked at her, “What if it’s printed on your hands?”


He had already thought that the Golden Dawn was the best starting point since he wanted to develop his own power. As members of the same organization, a symbol that could be connected was a good way to strengthen the bond among its members.

Sean got the idea of the Dark Mark from Voldemort. As long as he changed the Transfiguration part and replaced the Dark Mark with the Golden Dawn, it would be easy for him to do it.

That night, Sean put in a lot of effort and finally made the changes successfully. He pondered for a while, then handed over the wand to his left hand and spread out his right palm. Following the chanting of the spell, the symbol of the Golden Dawn appeared in his palm.

“Now that’s better.” Sean shook hands, and the rising sun on the symbol floated.

This spell should be Voldemort’s original creation. Originally, the black and green light on the Dark Mark came from Voldemort’s will. Therefore, his Golden Dawn is also dark in color, which looks weird.

Sean muttered and waved his wand, “Lumos Maxima.”

Dazzling light erupted from the tip of the wand, illuminating the entire room brightly. Not only is he talented in spells, but Sean has drawn and used an item from the lottery to avoid unknown dangers when improving a spell.

He inserts the magic power operation method of the Lumos spell with a Transfiguration. Avoid the body of the caster so that there are no side effects, and make it simple. Just like in DIY, Sean was completely immersed in the fun of creating a new spell.

In Nurmengard, the tower where the Hogwarts student dormitories are located, dazzling lights of various colors are constantly flashing past.


On Saturday afternoon, in the classroom of the Golden Dawn Club, two girls were staring suspiciously at the boy in front of them.

“Sean, why did the two of us come here earlier?” Daisy blinked.

Hermione looked at Sean with a strange expression and felt even more suspicious in her heart. She always felt that Sean had done something strange and they would be his experimental subjects.

“The symbol, have you forgotten? I already said that we want to print the symbol of our Golden Dawn on your guys’ hands.” Sean chuckled.

Hermione and Daisy looked at each other and then said in unison, “Are you going to harm us with it?!”

“No, it’s just a symbol made from a spell.” Sean shook his head hastily.

“What’s the result of your previous tinkering?” Hermione put down her book and crossed her arms.

“First, I need to make the mark hideable, contactable, unique, and classy.” Sean raised his brows.

“So what?”

“Don’t you think that the symbol of our Golden Dawn needs to be particularly dazzling? Only in this way can it represent the light in the dark!”

“I guess…”

“So,” Sean handed over two pairs of sunglasses, “Put this on.”

The two put on their sunglasses suspiciously and unconsciously took two steps back.

Sean cleared his throat and opened his right hand, “You will be the first witness of the Golden Dawn mark.”

After speaking, a mark floated on his palm, and the symbol that the three of them completed together emerged.

Hermione and Daisy all stared wide-eyed. However, before the two took a closer look at the mark, they saw Sean suddenly turn his palm around and point his palm at the ceiling. Then, pure, dazzling, and extremely large golden light filled the entire room, and Hermione and Daisy couldn’t see anything.

“Sean?!” The two exclaimed.

The light came and went quickly, and within a few seconds, the light dimmed.

The two took off their sunglasses and rubbed their eyes, and then they saw clearly the smile on Sean’s face.

“Isn’t it dazzling?”

“Dazzling?” Hermione almost lost her breath, “If you don’t wear sunglasses and look directly at it, I’m afraid anyone will go blind!”

“I guess it’s a bit too strong.” Sean smiled sarcastically.

He conducted many experiments for this spell, but a small accident happened in the process. He ignored an important node of marking the spell. The effect of the spell is not permanent. Although magic can last for a very long time, considering the function of communication, the magic has a function.

Sean stuffed too many Lumos Maxima flashes in the process of improving the spell. As long as the symbol of the Golden Dawn is engraved when the mark is activated, it will flash for a moment. Hermione looked at Sean speechlessly.

The two looked at each other for a while, and she sighed: “Sean, we want to break through the dark, not look directly at the sun.”

“It will end after three seconds. It’s a little problem. I’m not very familiar with the spell itself,” Seeing Hermione’s speechless expression, Sean shook his eyebrows at her, “This also represents our long-cherished wish. The light shines all over the Earth.”

“But it’s just a mark.”

“It can also be used as a flashbang. Well, I admit that this spell has flaws, but other functions are good.” Sean added, “There are no side effects!”

Daisy looked excitedly at the mark in Sean’s hand. Her eyes were still slightly red, but her expression was very happy, “I drew this.”

“So, are you interested in being the first to imprint the mark of the Golden Dawn? Miss Daisy?”


Hermione watched speechlessly as Sean printed the mark of the Golden Dawn on Daisy’s right palm.

“Slightly warm palms means that there are members nearby. You can feel the location of the signaler by yourself. Of course, the mark can be used to convey some information. As the core of our Golden Dawn Members, you, Daisy Potter, have the right to talk to me directly.”

“Can I use this to chat with you before going to bed at night?”

“That’s possible, but dialing may be a bit noisy.”

After teaching Daisy how to use the mark, Daisy happily fired a flashbang again, and Hermione sighed helplessly.

“Sean, the activation of the mark is too loud, and it will absorb the user’s own magic power, right?”

Daisy shook her head suspiciously, “I didn’t feel it.”

Sean explained, “When I planted the mark for you, I kept my magic power in it. So now you’ll use your own magic power. After using it, you have to replenish it yourself. The consumption is not small, but it’s not too big. Nothing heavy for you, but it should be fine.”

As he spoke, he looked at Hermione again, “I’ve considered the side effects, but we still have to consider concealment. The marks are usually hidden, and they also come with a concealment spell. Although the sound is a bit loud when using it, finding a hidden corner should suffice.”

“Of course,” He emphasized again, “You guys shouldn’t use the mark in the corner at the same time, or you wanted to blind your eye.”

Hermione looked at him speechlessly, on the one hand, marveling at Sean’s talent. It was unheard of for a second-grade wizard to improve a spell of this level, but she didn’t know what to say.

In the end, she sighed and stretched out her right hand, “Give me it too.”

Sean glanced at Hermione, and finally, the two looked at each other and smiled.

After another flashbang, Hermione curiously looked at the mark on her palm and asked, “Why is it printed on the palm of the right hand? Most people hold their wands with their right hand, right?”

Sean proudly said, “Well, it can be used as a sneak attack.”

Hermione was silent.

Daisy, “Sean, you’re a genius!”

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Published On: November 28, 2023

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