Sean stayed in the cabinet for a while, then he pushed on the door, “I’m going out.”

He pushed open the cabinet door, and outside was the classroom with torches.

“Huh, I’m back.” Sean lay down on the mat and let out a long breath.

The experience he encounters this night is interesting. Although Sean is very curious about the topics of the conversation between the two old men, he also understands that this is not something he should know. No matter if the two are reminiscing about the past or the future.

Sean lay on the mat for a while, then checked what he got. In addition to the three golden rays of light, Sean also took out five purple items, which were:

Nymphadora Tonks’ Mask (Purple): It has the ability to disguise as an Animagus for one hour after use.

Unicorn’s Favor (Purple): Summons a small unicorn to linger around and heal you and your group for half an hour.

Half-Blood Prince’s Pride (Purple): After using it, the next time you make a potion, it will be a successful concoction. (the quality of the potion is based on the user’s level and decreases proportionally to the difficulty of the potion mixing)

Hand of Glory (Purple): A magic item that can be lit in the dark with a candle, and only the person holding it can see the light. (Under the influence of the Hand of Glory, the effect of the Mundungus card increases)

Desire in the Mirror (Purple): Using it can summon a clone of the Mirror of Erised for half an hour.

As Sean expected, the effect of purple items is not as good as the golden ones, especially the last ones. He doesn’t know what the use of summoning a replica of the Mirror of Erised is.

However, it is better than nothing, even though the five items except the Hand of Glory are all one-time consumables.

After reading the purple item, Sean clicked on the details of the spell.

Of course, Occlumency doesn’t need more explanation. But Grindelwald’s improved version of the Fiery Spell has aroused Sean’s strong curiosity.

After taking a closer look, Sean showed a surprised look. This is the Protego Diabolica.

The spell is a combination of defense and attack. After using the spell, he can summon a circle of blue flames around him. After the spell ends, the fire will turn into a fire dragon to attack the enemy.

It’s a pity that the level of Protego Diabolica is too low. Sean estimates that he can summon a small fire ring at most. But this is enough. Sean is very satisfied with the powerful effect of the spell. Grindelwald is indeed the most amazing and talented dark wizard in history.

Of course, he may not be a dark wizard right now.

Finally, Sean took out the glass bottle that Grindelwald gave him, and the silver thing in it was still floating up and down. The name appeared in the inventory.

[Demonstration of Grindelwald’s spell.]

But it’s just a name. It sounds very important, but it’s a pity that Sean doesn’t know how to use it yet. After sorting out tonight’s rewards, Sean stretched out in satisfaction. He glanced at the cabinet and had a thought in his heart.

According to the known information, Grindelwald said that he and Dumbledore had not seen each other for six years, and Dumbledore’s attitude seemed to be deliberately avoiding Grindelwald.

So how was the plan for the academic exchange between the two schools decided? Maybe they didn’t meet each other and occasionally made a phone call with something.

After thinking about it for a while, Sean couldn’t help but smack his mouth. The conflict between the two strongest wizards in this era is really interesting.

After waiting in the Room of Requirement for a while, just as Sean was about to practice the spell to pass the time, the door of the cabinet was opened. Professor Dumbledore walked out with his face as usual.

“Professor.” Sean bowed in greeting, then glanced at Dumbledore quietly.

It doesn’t seem much has changed. It was only a few moments since Sean was waiting for both of them to end the talk.

Dumbledore glanced at Sean, then said with a smile, “Sean, should I say you are lucky or unlucky?”

Sean smiled, “Professor Dumbledore, I think it’s more appropriate to describe it as a wonderful journey.”

Dumbledore winked at him, “It looks like you have mastered the essence of how that old man speaks.”

“Well, maybe, Professor.”

Dumbledore walked over to the cushion with his hands behind his back and sat down, “Well, this place is really nostalgic. Come here, Sean.” He patted the cushion beside him.

Sean walked over and sat down like him, but he was habitually keeping a good sitting posture in front of others.

“Sean, can you tell me what kind of family you come from?” Dumbledore glanced at his sitting posture and asked casually as if he was chatting with his children.

Sean thought about his words and recounted the educational philosophy of the Wallup family, which also mentioned his father’s dream of reviving the glory of the nobility. These things can be found anytime, anywhere, and he doesn’t need to lie to him.

Dumbledore nodded thoughtfully, “You have a very nice family, Sean.”

“Yes, Professor.” Sean responded earnestly.

Dumbledore leaned back and put his hands on the ground. He pursed his lips slightly and said softly, “Well, then everything’s going to be alright.”

“Professor…” Sean hesitated.

“I know what you want to ask. Yes, I’ve known Grindelwald for a long time, but as for the others,” he winked at Sean, “it’s not the right time to tell you about it.”

“I understand, Professor.” Sean nodded honestly.

Dumbledore smiled and then said, “Can I ask you a favor?”

“I won’t tell anyone what happened tonight.”

“It seems that Minerva’s assessment is correct. You are a smart child.” Dumbledore smiled and pushed his glasses.

Sean smiled, “Well, if it’s possible. The next time you see Professor McGonagall, please thank her for me.”

Dumbledore smiled kindly, “No problem, my child.”

He stood up, “You should go back to sleep, Sean.”

The two walked out of the Room of Requirement, and when Sean was about to speak, Dumbledore patted him on the shoulder, “About that, it’s one of Grindelwald’s things. But I guess you wouldn’t understand it now. When you’re a bit older, you can come to me to ask about it.”

“I understand, Professor Dumbledore.” Sean nodded clearly.

“Okay, remember to get a good night’s sleep.” Dumbledore winked at him.

“You too, Professor.”

When Dumbledore came to the corner, he seemed to remember something.

“Sean, I almost forgot. Students can’t come out in the middle of the night, and you will be punished later on Saturday.”

“Professor…” Sean’s smile froze on his face.

Dumbledore showed a smug smile, “It’s the rule we all must follow, Sean. Have a good night.”

When Sean lay back on the bed, he was a little bit upset. After all these exciting things, he will go through a punishment later on Saturday.

Sean decided that if he could surpass these two old men in the future, he would write a book, and he had already thought of the name.

Volume 1: Hogwarts, A fascinating history.

Volume 2: Nurmengard, Burning Years.

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Published On: July 12, 2023

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