The door of the room has already filled with four people, and Maeterlinck is staring at Sean vigilantly.

“Wallup, if the trial proves that you have not committed a crime, I guarantee that you will not be subjected to any problem.” Maeterlinck said words of persuasion. He was vigilant but pointed the tip of his wand firmly at Sean.

The Guards dug out some information about the Death Eaters from The Lestranges, and their leader appeared in the form of Sean Wallup. Of course, it won’t prove much. However, his current situation is not the best, so he just took this opportunity to conduct a thorough investigation into him.

Regardless of whether the kid has anything to do with the Death Eaters, they just need to dig out information about Grindelwald. However, if the boy in front of them is really the leader of an evil organization, then they need to be careful.

Although this possibility is basically equal to zero.

One advantage of conducting in Nurmengard is that you don’t have to worry about huge destructive magic since the castle has some restrictions, and any powerful magic will be suppressed.

Sean slowly raised his hands, his mind tumbling with thoughts. Although he has always dealt with powerful wizards like Grindelwald and Dumbledore, it is because of this that Sean knows better that the wizards in front of him are vulnerable to Grindelwald.

Sean has three choices: 1. Borrow the power of the Obscurus. But the power he can borrow now is too little. It is not difficult to deal with the few people in front of him, but they have a high probability of being prepared for that kind of situation. If he is trapped, he will still be caught.

2. Animagus. The dragon Animagus is powerful enough, but it’s too big, and Grindelwald takes away his wand. He doesn’t know what would happen if he tried to transform now.

3. Props given by the Weasley twins. Disposable items that are sure to escape from the prank scene after using it.

Sean raised his head and looked at the opposite side. No matter what, he understood one thing. It is not terrible to be in the hands of the Guards. If it is an ordinary interrogation, he can handle it with all the little tricks he learned from Grindelwald.

The only option left for him was to run away. It’s a pity that after running away, he will become a wanted criminal like Grindelwald, and all the plans he prepared before will be in ruin.

Sean sighed, but a strange smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

“I warn you, Sean Wallup. Don’t even try to resist.” snapped Maeterlinck.

Just when Sean was about to use the Transfiguration technique taught by Grindelwald, there were footsteps in the corridor outside the door. Professor McGonagall and Professor Rosier appeared together.

Maeterlinck just glanced back, and his wand was still pointing at Sean, “Professors, my people should have shown you the arrest warrant issued by the Confederation. The work of apprehending the suspect will not bother you.”

Professor McGonagall looked serious. She took a careful look at Sean in the room and said quickly, “Mr. Maeterlinck, this matter is tricky.”

“It’s the responsibility of the trial court. We are only responsible for bringing the suspect back.”

Professor Rosier looked at Sean, “Throw out your wand and get out.”

“Professor Rosier, what are you talking about?” Maeterlinck looked puzzled, and the Guards around him got closer, and some people were already wary of each other.

Rosier’s voice became more and more serious, “Throw away your wand, and it will end peacefully.”

Sean’s mind was shaken, and Professor Rosier’s reminded him.

Professor McGonagall quickly said at this time, “Mr. Wallup has been parasitized!”


Rosier directly pulled out his wand and pointed at Sean, “Get out of this child’s body.”

As soon as the words fell, Maeterlinck felt a terrifying dark force fluctuate, and Sean in front of him twisted rapidly. His stature was getting taller, his complexion was getting paler, and his hair was peeling off.

The teenager turned into a monstrous man with no nostrils.

“Tom Riddle!” Professor Rosier yelled, and before the others could react, a dazzling green light burst out from the tip of her wand.

“Rosier, that child is still inside!” Professor McGonagall’s eyes widened.

However, Sean, who had turned into Voldemort, waved his wand casually, and the green light disappeared.

“I was found.” Voldemort showed a strange and cruel smile and attacked Maeterlinck.

Maeterlinck’s hair stood on end, and the defensive spell was activated instantly. Even so, he was sent flying.

He clutched his chest and shouted, “Be careful!”

The eyes of the Guards were shocked, but they were also good fighters, and after only a slight hesitation, they raised their wands and attacked Voldemort.

However, Voldemort waved his wand to avoid Rosier’s spell while the other hand kept pouring out magic power. The terrifying force caused the air to fluctuate and rush towards everyone present. A member of the Guard cast a Protego Charm a little late. His body was pushed out and hit the wall fiercely.

Maeterlinck grabbed his fainted colleague. After careful investigation of Sean’s background, they finally came to the conclusion that the kid did go to school and study normally, and he hadn’t even been exposed to any signs of magic before he was eleven years old.

According to the information of the Lestrange brothers, they said that the leader of the Death Eaters was a cruel and terrifying dark wizard with powerful magic power. So Maeterlinck himself doesn’t quite believe that Sean is the leader of the Death Eaters.

He personally believes that the Imperius Curse just controlled Sean to become a puppet. They just wanted to find a legal reason to arrest Wallup and then dig out information about Grindelwald.

Of course, the Guards still dispatched a large group of personnel. But what Maeterlinck didn’t expect was that Voldemort actually parasitized Sean.

The unknown magic just easily defeated his defense, and its strength was almost close to that of Grindelwald. The students had already been evacuated in advance, and the area now has become a battlefield full of spells.

There was another loud noise, and another colleague fell again.

“Where are the others?! Where are the rest of us!”

“Captain, because we worried about him escaping, so everyone else is guarding every exit!”

“Call them!”

“Understood, but it will take a while…”

“Damn it!” Maeterlinck cursed angrily, then looked towards the center of the battlefield.

The only real threat to Voldemort was Rosier, who unscrupulously sent out green spells to attack him while Professor McGonagall used brilliant transfiguration magic to restrict him. Maeterlinck gritted his teeth. Without these two witches, most of the dozen or so people under him would have fallen.

The lower body of Voldemort turned into black smoke. He waved his wand to resist Rosier and McGonagall’s attack, and his other hand continued to emit powerful force. Professor McGonagall used Transfiguration to restrict Voldemort’s movements while restricting Rosier’s spell.

“Professor Rosier! That child is the main body! You can’t kill him!” she shouted anxiously.

Rosier’s eyes were cold, “Don’t you understand? There are two souls in Wallup’s body, and Tom Riddle is manipulating the body now. Only by killing this soul can Wallup regain control of his own soul.”

“But what if Wallup’s soul is used to block the attack?! He is my student!”

Rosier’s face was covered with a haughty expression, “Then it would be a great sacrifice from his side.”

Voldemort let out a hoarse laugh, “Come on, kill me.”

“Damn, you are indeed Grindelwald’s best right hand. Your acting skills are really good.” Sean laughed secretly.

He reacted when she shouted “Parasitized”. The sudden appearance of Voldemort the night before will cause Sean’s identity to be exposed, and there will inevitably be big trouble.

No wonder he switched his wand. It turned out Grindelwald had already planned it before.

Acting in a scene where Sean Wallup’s identity is used by Voldemort, all of his convictions will be cleaned.

Although the spell cast by Rosier is terrifying, Sean doesn’t need to worry about it at all. Grindelwald once taught him that this spell is the opposite of the Killing Curse, which is a healing spell. He didn’t have to worry about acting badly due to nervousness.

The two showed an extraordinary tacit understanding without communicating in advance.

The only problem is Professor McGonagall. Sean thought Dumbledore sent her, but Professor McGonagall didn’t seem to know about it. Although she was worried about hurting Sean, she did not use a powerful spell and only used Transfiguration to make his movement hard.

Barely avoiding the entanglement of the stone python transformed by Professor McGonagall, Sean pushed his left hand violently, and the Obscurus’ power continued to explode.

Only Aurelius is known to be able to control it fully. The members of the Guards who have never seen this kind of power know nothing. They were constantly being knocked out. Apart from the sound of stones exploding, they heard the sound of bones snapping many times.

With a loud sound, another member of the Guards who hadn’t had time to cast the Protego Charm was slammed into the wall. He didn’t even scream out and just fainted.

At this time, Rosier suddenly shouted, “Nurmengard will never allow the existence of people like you.”

The rest of the Guards are about to arrive.

“Voldemort” laughed wildly. His face was full of madness, and then he secretly used another magic.

Sean’s face twisted in the black mist.

“Sean! “Professor McGonagall exclaimed.

Maeterlinck saw this scene, but he didn’t have time to think about it so much. The force repelled the remaining members of the Guards, and then the air fluctuated and pressed towards Maeterlinck. The bones of Maeterlinck’s lower body were shattered.

“Rosier!” After Professor McGonagall exclaimed, a green light hit Voldemort’s back.

There was a scream of pain. Voldemort twisted violently. His face was constantly switching back and forth between Sean and Voldemort’s face. After a scream, Voldemort turned back into Sean and fell limply to the ground.

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Published On: November 25, 2023

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