Sean took out a pen and paper, ready to present the situation in words to facilitate reasoning and association from what had just happened that day. He is not good at using a quill, except in class, he prefers to use a pen.

As the handwriting slid across the paper, ink dots smudged at the end, and Sean’s hand holding the pen paused for a moment.

Grindelwald, Dumbledore.

Looking at the two names on the paper, Sean shook his head silently and continued writing. Although exhausted, Sean’s thinking became clearer as the information was recorded intuitively. The source of the whole thing came from the Guards, and Sean drew three points.

“First, what forces are behind the Guards?”

It is tentatively determined to be part of the pure-blood families organization, the guy who is neither human nor ghost-like Grindelwald (not yet understood), the Ministry of Magic of various countries (doubtful), and Dumbledore (doubtful).

“Second, what is the purpose of the Guards trying to arrest Grindelwald?”

Justice (impossible), weakening Nurmengard and Grindelwald’s influence in the wizarding world (possibly).

“Third, could it be all Dumbledore’s plan?”

Dumbledore is indeed one of the driving forces in this incident, and the motive is temporarily unclear (it is speculated that Arianna is involved.

Sean rubbed his eyes and added another line. After the matter was over, Dumbledore was purposely avoiding him. After listing these, Sean drew a line and then wrote a name below.


“One, Voldemort’s appearance was unexpected to me. Does he have a direct connection with the Guards?”

Sean’s pen paused for a while. He closed his eyes and thought about it carefully, “Voldemort seems to have arrived at the scene at the end of the duel between Dumbledore and Grindelwald.”

“I have the impression of the person he parasitized. There was no abnormality when that person passed through my fire. When he appeared, he could not break through the fire that I cast, which means that Voldemort hadn’t parasitized him at that time.”

“Combined with the previous information, it is more likely that Voldemort has received the news and rushed to the scene. He waited for people to leave before making the next move.”

“Voldemort’s goal is very clear. He wanted to get rid of me but failed, and then he just focused on killing Grindelwald.”

Sean randomly found some candy and threw a piece into his mouth. The sweet taste spread in his mouth, and another guess appeared in his mind.

If there is no Grindelwald’s fire in Paris, Dumbledore will not leave. He should have given up Grindelwald to the Guards, in that case, Voldemort would have a different way of getting him later.

In other words, Voldemort came here to kill Grindelwald. Does this prove that Dumbledore has connections with the person behind the whole thing, but he didn’t want to give up Grindelwald that easily?

To be precise, the person behind the scenes may have made some kind of deal with Dumbledore. One of the items in the deal is to hand over Grindelwald. After Dumbledore did that, they mobilized Voldemort somehow, and their original intention was to kill Grindelwald.

The bright moonlight outside the window shines on Sean’s fingers, and the tip of the pen scratches across the paper. The rustling sound is mixed with Sean’s steady breathing. This is getting more complicated as he thinks about it.

“The Obscurus.” Sean wrote the second word.

“Voldemort parasitized others, and he was also parasitized? There was a big mouth thing that targeted the Obscurus and suppressed it. Voldemort has always thought that I am an Obscurial, so there is a high probability that this thing is aimed at me.”

“But the Pride in my body is something he didn’t consider,” Sean frowned and thought and continued to write, “He may have expected it, but the Pride is too strong for his target. After what happened tonight, the people behind the scenes must have a certain degree of understanding of the Pride in my body.”

He returned to the above few lines, “Voldemort’s condition was close to death when he appeared. But according to known information, whether or not the Horcruxes exist, Voldemort can’t be killed easily.”

“Is Voldemort really dead or not?” Sean hesitated and finally wrote a big question mark on the back.

Sean smacked his lips and wrote his conclusion about Voldemort.

“The reason for Voldemort’s action is likely to be some kind of plan from the people behind the scenes, and his soul still exists. It cannot be ruled out that he only has one life left, so precautions need to be taken.”

Sean reached out to take another piece but finally stopped. Looking at the parchment full, Sean sighed again. This was probably the day he sighed the most in his life. The root of the matter was still the person behind the scenes. He still had too little information about them.

Dumbledore was avoiding him, and for the first time, a question occurred to him, could Dumbledore be trusted now?

After much hesitation, Sean still decided to find a way to talk to Dumbledore. He picked up the parchment and took one last look.

Sean took out his wand. He was used to practicing his casting speed in normal times, so when he reached the handle of the wand, he was already exerting a slight force to let the tip of the wand make a small shake from left to right in the casting action.

But Sean didn’t continue to chant the spell, and he froze for a moment.

His wand was gone, and the smooth, heavy feel he had held in his hand a thousand times had become rough and light.

Sean’s eyes twitched.

“This old man…”

He took out his wand. No, to be precise, he took out a broken tree branch.

Sean took a deep breath. The tree branch trembled along with Sean’s hand, and a line of faint golden characters emerged out of thin air.

(Surprise! Nice change, isn’t it?)

Sean’s eyes twitched violently. With difficulty, he breathed a sigh of relief and then looked at his wand resentfully. This rough appearance, this light feel, this texture literally just feels like a tree branch.

Sean hated this, but Grindelwald had long since disappeared, and it was impossible to get his wand back.

He was a little annoyed. Ollivander said that it is not the wizard who chooses the wand, but the wand chooses the wizard. He had used his wand well, but will it affect his spell performance if he uses another wand?

Sean glanced at it and flicked it casually.

Something unexpected happened. He could feel his magic power flowing into the ‘wand’. The magic power flowed into the wand smoothly and exerted its effect. The tree branch had become his elm wand, which had the same feel and weight as before, and more importantly, this wand worked as usual.

Thinking of this, he took out another wand from the ring, which was Voldemort’s wand. Sean had used it in front of Death Eaters before, and it was quite normal, but there were indeed some small problems when casting a spell.

He cast Lumos Maxima, and the wand emitted a dazzling light, illuminating the entire room as if it were daytime.

Could it be that, because of the presence of the Pride, there may have been some change in his magic?

And Grindelwald said, “Nice change, isn’t it?”

Sean looked at the two wands in his hand. His expression became weird. He blinked, brought up the system panel, and looked at the inventory. Nothing else has changed except for the wand column.

Wand (Purple): The broken branches that Grindelwald tore off casually, the material is unknown, and the core is missing.

There is no core.

Sean pondered, and then he was surprised again. There is no core, with only relying on the use of an unknown material resulting in such power.

Sean uttered another spell.

A ball of flames instantly enveloped the paper ball on the ground, and it quickly turned to ashes.

Sean quickly withdrew his magic.

He was a little surprised. He inputted a little magic power according to his usual habits, but the range and power of the flames had increased considerably. Sean curled his lips. Although this wand is really good, he still likes the previous one. But there is nothing he can do now except for using this.

He lay down on the bed, and his whole body was much more relaxed.

“Set a goal, develop my strength, find out the news, and be vigilant against the Guards and pure-blood families. Maybe investigate what had actually happened with Voldemort.” Sean muttered.

Immediately afterward, he was sleepy, and Sean fell into a deep sleep.


When Sean stepped into the Nurmengard hall the next day, he became the center of attention—not only from the students of the two schools but also the faculty and staff headed by Professor Rozier also focused their attention on him.

The members of the Guards stationed in Nurmengard with the purpose of “maintaining order and investigating follow-up” also looked at him.

There was no tension or worry on Sean’s face, and there was even a casual smile on the corner of his mouth. This was in his expectation, so nothing was surprising.

He sat down naturally and greeted his classmates around him.

The Weasley twins and Harry and his group had been waiting for him, and they all came over to ask about last night’s incident.

Hermione pushed them away and said in a serious tone, “Stop bothering Sean!”

Fred blinked quickly, “Alright, alright, we’re just curious, you know.”

Hermione had already anticipated what happened this morning. She and Sean had already discussed it, and she whispered, “I’ll tell you when we gather at the club.”

The rest nodded knowingly. George put his arm around Sean’s shoulders and pouted at the Guards standing at the door.

“Shortly after you disappeared last night, that group of people entered the castle. They were called a special maintenance team. I heard that they started investigating every Professor in Nurmengard that night.”

Sean glanced at the teacher’s desk. Vinda Rozier, who had been appointed as the new principal, was still sitting in her vice-principal seat and was sternly scanning the students in the hall.

“Nothing happened back then?” He asked.

“No,” George shook his head. “I heard that they cooperated very well. Even though the investigation team was aggressive, there were no conflicts. Of course, I don’t know the details about what happened.”

Sean nodded. It seems that the professors in Nurmengard have all been instructed by Grindelwald, but they don’t know how to take action in the future. While talking, the sound of hard-soled shoes stepping on the floor approached, and a middle-aged wizard with cold eyes came over.

“Wallup, come with me.”

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Published On: November 25, 2023

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