Sean opened his mouth slightly. The Elder Wand was in Dumbledore’s hand.

This means that in the past few decades, Dumbledore won against Grindelwald once, or Grindelwald deliberately gave him this powerful wand.

“Interesting. Now that’s interesting!” Grindelwald laughed loudly.

The flames surrounding everyone floated up, and they gathered in his direction. Newt finally stopped casting spells. He even retracted the vine and then stared blankly into the air.

Sean felt danger. Thinking of this, Sean yelled at the two even harder.

“The Phoenix, it’s The Phoenix! Professor Grindelwald, Professor Dumbledore!”

However, no one paid any attention to him.

“Albus, let me see if you can surpass the boundaries of magic in this world.” Grindelwald laughed maniacally.

The two raised their wands at the same time.

“Protego Diabolica.”

“Partis Temporus.”

The dark blue flames that were ten times more violent than before filled the entire sky. They burned with all their strength, and the flames at the top even turned milky white. There are no more dragons and phoenixes transformed into flames, only big flames enveloping the sky.

Everyone who finally got rid of the flame knelt down. The temperature above their heads was too appalling, the air here began to become thinner, and the vision in people’s eyes was constantly distorted.

Only Sean opened his eyes wide because he was unaffected by the flame.

Dumbledore held up the Elder Wand. The flame could not approach his body; instead, it was controlled by the wand’s tip, and a vortex of flames went straight into the sky.

He controlled Grindelwald’s flame.

Amidst the loud sound, Sean’s field of vision was completely filled with flames, and the dark blue flames were pushed aside to form two walls of fire. Leaving an empty path in the middle, and at the end was Grindelwald, who raised his mouth wildly.

Dumbledore waved the Elder Wand, and the flame above his head had completely turned golden red.

Grindelwald laughed and stretched out his hands. His face was full of joy and enjoyment.

“Professor!” Sean yelled.

The golden red flame passed through the dark blue flame, and then.

It devoured Grindelwald.

The light that was more dazzling than looking directly at the sun pierced everyone’s eyes. Sean’s field of vision was blank, and only the buzzing sound after the explosion remained in his ears.

When Sean opened his red and tearful eyes, the flames that seemed to swallow the world were no longer in front of his eyes. He tried his best to restore his blurred vision to clarity.

Except for the center, The Père Lachaise Cemetery has been completely reduced to a piece of scorched Earth, and the embers are scattered everywhere.

Sean finally saw the scene on the ground.

Dumbledore was panting, the Elder Wand trembling slightly in his hand. On the other side of him was someone lying on the ground covered in charred. It was Grindelwald.

Sean felt like someone had stabbed a thorn into his throat, and the thorn was stirring deeply, making it hard to breathe. He floated up, moving a little staggeringly.

Dumbledore glanced at him, then flicked his wand lightly, and a gentle force blocked it from the two of them.

Sean raised his head with difficulty. His hoarse voice was full of bitterness and confusion, “Professor, why…”

It was not Dumbledore who answered him but Grindelwald with a dry and weak voice.

“Sean…Look…” Grindelwald raised his head slightly and gave him a gentle smile. He looked weak as if he was about to die, “I said it a long time ago. I wish you weren’t a Hogwarts student…”

Dumbledore was expressionless, but his heavy breathing still did not calm down, “Gellert…you are under arrest…”

“Yeah… yeah…” Grindelwald’s slightly raised head fell down weakly. He squinted his eyes and looked at the night sky, “What a wonderful night…”

“Professor! Is it a Phoenix?! Why didn’t you tell him?”

Dumbledore did not answer Sean’s question. He raised his head weakly and looked at the burning area in the distance.

Grindelwald smiled weakly and contentedly, “Sean, shut up. I want to hear him tell me about it.”

Dumbledore hesitated slightly, and his face regained his calm, “There is nothing to say, Gellert.”

“Really…” Grindelwald raised a hand tremblingly. He licked his lips and then snapped his fingers slowly.

“Then I’ll give you another gift.”

The night sky was illuminated again. The whole of Paris, a city with nearly ten million people, was completely engulfed in flames.

“Grindelwald!” Dumbledore trembled.

After Grindelwald finished this, he raised his hand and fell to the ground weakly. He turned over his injured and weak body vigorously and finally turned his body slightly.

“Well… I’ll go to sleep while you go to work. I love Paris.” He closed his eyes with satisfaction.

Dumbledore had no time to speak anymore. He waved his wand, and a transparent barrier enveloped Grindelwald, keeping Sean out and disappearing.

Sean turned his head to look at the burning Paris, and then he saw the flames start to rise.

Sean turned around and slapped the transparent barrier.

Grindelwald’s voice was still weak, and he cursed, “I’m not dead yet brat. Can you leave a moment of silence here?”

Sean relaxed and whispered anxiously, “It’s The Phoenix. You know the forces behind these people, right? Dumbledore showed their weakness to them.”

Grindelwald’s voice became weaker, “Sean, I said, shut up and let him tell me about it.”

“But…” Sean wanted to say something else.

“Shh… I’m tired. Let me sleep quietly for a while before I go into the prison. By the way, don’t bother. A little boy like you can’t break Albus’s spell, and it will only disturb me.”

Sean’s grip on his wand loosened feebly.

He shook his head feebly. The people underground also rushed to the ground, and someone came to grab Sean’s shoulder.

“Come with us.”

“Let go.” Sean turned his head expressionlessly.

The wizard who grabbed his shoulder was stunned for a moment. He was frightened by the cruelty and violence in Sean’s eyes.

“I suspect that you have an unexplainable cooperation with the suspect, so follow me.” Frightened by a child, his expression suddenly changed.

An invisible whip hit the back of his hand.

“Don’t move!” The rest of the Guards immediately raised their wands at Sean.

“Hey! Is there something wrong with you guys?” Sirius stepped in front of Sean, holding his wand, “Doing this to a second grader? He just saved your life, bastards!”

The wizard who grabbed Sean just now shook his hand, “You’re Black from the UK office, right? You know that…”

James intervened in the middle, but he remained calm, “Listen, it’s up to Mr. Dumbledore to decide whether he needs to be investigated.”

Newt came over. He glanced at Grindelwald and said slowly, “Dumbledore said don’t worry about this kid, and the fire in Paris can only be solved by Dumbledore. Please go back, everyone.”

Grindelwald coughed twice and said slowly, “Sean, let me tell you something. Some people don’t understand what kindness is.”

The wizard glanced at Grindelwald stiffly and forcibly suppressed his anger. The flame just now is enough for him to recall his whole life.

He turned to Newt, “Mr. Scamander, he…”

“If he ran away, Dumbledore would take care of him.”

With that said, he threw the ring to Sean and Apparated away without hesitation. Since Newt said so, the Guards couldn’t say anything more. They looked at each other.

“Go back. The injured should be handed to the medical team for treatment. You, bring someone over later. You two stay. As for the others from the various offices who came to assist, please go back to your stations.”

They left one by one. They suffered a heavy loss tonight. Marshall died directly, and most of the people burned to death by Grindelwald were also their core members.

Sirius and James stayed behind.

“Sean?” James squatted down, showing his concern.

“Don’t worry about me.” Sean shook his head. He wanted to wait here for Dumbledore.

Sirius shrugged at James and said, “Let’s see if we can help Dumbledore.”

The scene of the duel suddenly fell silent. Except for the flame illuminating the night sky in the distance, there were too many “bombs” planted by Grindelwald in Paris. Even Dumbledore hadn’t dealt with them until now.

Sean glanced at Grindelwald. He sat down on the ground with difficulty and wanted to speak but didn’t know what to say. Grindelwald probably really has no strength; otherwise, Dumbledore would not have left him here with confidence.

The Guards left two people behind, a tall, thin, and gloomy witch and a young wizard.

The Obscurus had been silent all this time, suddenly had a thought, “That terrible feeling… seems to have disappeared.”

“Disappeared?” Sean frowned.

“It seems to be…” The Obscurus was a little uncertain.

“What is it?” Sean asked.

It seems to be thinking, and its thoughts are also slow, “I don’t know, it’s very strange. It has a strange attraction to me. I have never encountered it before.”

“Attraction?” Sean scratched his hair

He was intent on analyzing the situation, but Grindelwald made him completely unable to concentrate.

“Like an animal’s lair? I’m sorry, my ability to describe is not enough.” It still conveyed its thoughts slowly.

“A lair?” Sean tried his best to clear his head, “But you were born from the body of a wizard.”

“That’s why it’s strange. Be careful!” Its thought suddenly became intense.

Sean’s left hand turned into black particles, and a huge force pulled his body aside. A green magic spell brushed past Sean and hit the transparent barrier.

He took a sharp breath, forcibly interrupted the connection with The Obscurus’ power, and raised his wand. He turned around and saw that the witch left behind by the Guards was lying limply on the ground, and her colleague retracted her wand with a grim expression.

The young wizard’s face no longer had that look on his face, replaced by a twisted one.

Sean’s pupils shrank suddenly. He had seen this before.

“It seems that you recognized me?” He let out a nervous laugh.

His face was contorted, his eyes were almost protruding from their sockets, and the corners of his mouth were drawn to his cheekbones in horror.

“Tom Riddle…” Sean cursed suddenly and murmured.

“Nonverbal Acupunctinternus?” He dodged Sean’s spell, and black mist rose from his body, “Wallup, the same trick won’t work on me a second time.”

Sean clenched his teeth.

Voldemort’s laughter was cruel, “Look at the flames around you. You’ve learned really well. Even I need some time to come back. Dumbledore will be back soon, so I’ll have to make it quick.”

He laughed and looked at Grindelwald, “Time to pry open the door.”

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Published On: November 23, 2023

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