The duel became more and more fierce. Grindelwald and Dumbledore’s powers and methods were beyond Sean’s imagination. This already abandoned area was completely destroyed, and the sound of explosions and strong light filled the night.

Grindelwald flicked his wand, drawing away the crimson light coming from the opposite side, and hit the ground. The spell still made the sound of a red-hot iron dipping into an icy water and exploded violently.

“It’s not enough, Albus!” Grindelwald laughed, even though he could no longer deal with Newt, who kept casting spells on him.

“Professor Scamander, there is still a turning point in this matter. If you intervene, no matter how the two of them win or lose, there is no room for further discussion. You should understand that the peace of the whole of Europe comes from the cooperation of the two of them.”

Newt didn’t stop what he was doing. He just raised his head slightly, “No, Sean, you don’t understand.”

“I don’t understand. Explain it to me if I don’t understand.” Sean shouted angrily.

“Like I said, I’m only following Dumbledore’s orders.”

“Why don’t you old men listen to my words at all?!” Sean scratched his head.

He admits that he is emotionally inclined to Grindelwald. But no matter what, under the current situation, the right choice for these two old men was to draw a tie.

Otherwise, after these two people break up completely, the whole of Europe and even the whole world will be completely in chaos.

It doesn’t matter whether Grindelwald was arrested, defeated, or even killed. If it were Dumbledore left, is he able to control what had already happened?

The flame just now is already the best proof.

Not only that, the one who supported Grindelwald would probably retaliate later, as shown by the students in Nurmengard.

Sean was thinking hard, and his pupils were trembling.

Grindelwald’s personality charm lies here. He has run the school for decades and has been the principal longer than Dumbledore. During this period of time, a new school of magic that has been established for less than a hundred years has stood out in the world.

Most importantly, Nurmengard has alumni from all over the world.

Sean’s chest heaved. He looked at Newt and raised his hand suddenly.


Newt presumably still thinks of Sean as a second-grader. With sharp movements and decisive decisions, Newt sensed Sean’s spell. Newt was not vigilant enough, and his reaction speed was not fast.

The wand swirled and flew into Sean’s hand.

“I’m sorry, Professor.”

As he spoke, a red light shot out from his wand.

Newt sighed.

The Stunning Charm was blocked by the vines that suddenly unfolded. The vines were like a huge shield, which blocked Sean’s spell for Newt.

Newt’s voice didn’t change much. He was still gentle.

“Sean, you are very courageous. I am amazed at how fast you are improving.”

“I’m sorry, Professor.” Sean panted, with a look of pain flashing in his eyes.

It was something he would never have wanted to do to Newt. But he had to do it.

“No need to apologize, kid. We always have to stand on our own side, don’t we?”

“No, professor, I never want to stand opposite you. You have always taken good care of me,” Sean held up his wand and explained, “However, Professor Grindelwald and Dumbledore were supposed to be on the same side. A break between them would throw the entire wizarding world into chaos.”

Newt smiled. “I’ve lived so long, I can’t lose my wand.”

“I can only say sorry again, Professor.” Sean’s eyes became sharp.

“Don’t be stupid, kid. I taught you all the knowledge about raising those little guys.”

“I…” Sean was about to speak when Dave, who had been thrown in his inner pocket, said something

“It smells so good. I’m sleepy, I want to sleep…”

“Dave?!” Sean’s pupils trembled, and it was only then that he noticed that, at some point, there was a strange fragrance in the air.

Newt smiled, “I’m just letting it sleep. The eggshell fragments that hatched the Winged Demon were grounded into powder, and I added a star jellyfish cerebrospinal fluid. This is a powerful hypnotic powder for the Winged Demon.”

“This kind of powder is also effective for many creatures, as long as the eggshell fragments are replaced with the corresponding ones. It’s a really interesting formula. I will give you the notes later. Take it as a gift for my apology.”

Dave had no thoughts at all. Sean rubbed his fingers and looked down stiffly. A Niffler crawled up Newt’s shoulder, and it was stuffing the ring Newt gave to Sean.

“This guy’s been with me for too long, and he’s a little naughtier than his kind.” Newt smiled at him.

Sean cursed secretly, raised his wand again and cast the Stunning Charm. However, the vines are like the strongest shield, able to block spells from any direction.

“Don’t worry, Sean. The little guys in my suitcase are afraid of you if they were the ones attacking you. This thing’s intelligence is too low. You can’t control it. Of course, I used this thing to catch Grindelwald back then.”

Sean frowned tightly, and he raised his left hand slightly, calling out the Obscurus in his body.

However, the Obscurus has just established contact with Sean, and the power belonging to Obscurus has just begun to appear, and a terrible feeling spreads to his heart.

“There’s something terrible. It’s waiting for me.” The Obscurus sent a fearful thought.

Sean turned his head and scanned the surroundings, but apart from the flames that filled the sky, the Guards huddled in the circle of fire not far away, and Newt, who was still attacking Grindelwald by doing wandless casting, there was nothing.

But the feeling of fear made his back break out in cold sweat.

Sean looked around in horror, the flames illuminated the entire space, and there seemed to be something hidden in the shadows farther away.

“What is this?” Sean looked at Newt, but he was only concentrating on dealing with Grindelwald.

Sean had a hunch it wasn’t Newt’s doing. That means, in this duel field, there is a more terrifying figure hidden.

Thinking of this, Sean didn’t care about anything. He cast an Amplifying Charm on himself and shouted at Grindelwald and Dumbledore, who were still fighting, “Stop! There are other people here!”

However, the two were just waving their wands as if they didn’t hear Sean’s words at all.

“Damn it.” Sean cursed angrily after shouting several times without getting an answer.

He saw that the red mirror next to Grindelwald had become completely deformed under Newt’s constant attacks as if the next spell would shatter it.

He is now in a difficult situation.

Newt stole the ring. It contained not only magical animals but also many magic items stored by him. The Obscurus did not dare to lend its power. Newt could not be restrained by his current strength alone.

The duel between Grindelwald and Dumbledore has completely entered its peak. Newt is about to break the mirror, and there are unknown, terrible things lurking in the dark.

For the first time, he felt so powerless that he couldn’t do anything.

Sean searched for the things that his system had gotten in lottery draws. However, he was dismayed to find that all the things he had drawn back then were all auxiliary and supplemental items, which were completely useless in this current situation.

Sean eagerly touched all the pockets on his body, trying to find if there was anything that could be used.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up.

A fiery red tail feather appeared in his hand.

This is what Dumbledore gave him back then, and it allows him to summon a phoenix.

Of course, Sean would not put life-saving things in the ring. He was used to keeping them close to his body.

He used this phoenix tail feather when he was trapped in the Slytherin common room, but the phoenix failed to summon it. Sean wanted to ask Dumbledore afterward but was put off by more important matters. After trying to find a chance, he didn’t see Dumbledore, so he forgot about it.

However, Sean had some guesses in his mind. The Slytherin common room was very remote, and it had magic. Maybe the phoenix couldn’t be summoned at a place like that.

But now there should be no problem in summoning the phoenix here. Sean doesn’t need the phoenix to save him. What he needs is the phoenix itself.

The phoenix was infused with the soul of Dumbledore’s sister.

Ariana’s role might be crucial here.

She is Dumbledore’s sister, and according to his own understanding, Grindelwald is sorry for Ariana. Maybe she can persuade these two.

Sean raised the phoenix’s tail feather and waved it vigorously. As time passed by, Sean’s face became stiff.

It did not appear.

Sean waved his tail again, but there was still nothing.

“How could it be? Even if there is Anti-Apparition Jinx here…”

“Even if Ariana doesn’t want to meddle in the affairs of these two old men, she should still come to see me. I summoned her.”

Sean was confused.

Sean raised his head, his pupils constricted violently as if a string in his head had been torn off.

Why can’t the phoenix be summoned?

Unless the phoenix doesn’t want to answer his call.

Sean looked at the sky in disbelief. Dumbledore, surrounded by the rain, his expression was serious.

The phoenix cannot be summoned, and Dumbledore did not teleport through flames when he appeared just now. That means that Ariana’s soul and the phoenix are likely to be in an extremely dangerous situation.

Because of Ariana, Dumbledore took action now.

Sean had guessed who the people behind the Guards were, and Grindelwald named the pure-blood families that were involved.

Gormlaith said that Salazar Slytherin himself was waking up, Dumbledore took care of it, and Dumbledore also dealt with the Horned Serpent. He told himself that the key to the Misty Land was stolen.

What if the mysterious forces behind it are not living wizards but wizards who have returned from long-forgotten history? Those pure-blood wizards obeyed and did their orders.

Sean took a deep breath. He immediately looked at the two in mid-air. His top priority now is to stop them.

“Professor,” Sean paused and continued to shout at the two, “The phoenix! Where’s the phoenix?!”

His cries echoed in the night sky.

There was a harsh cracking sound, and the red mirror beside Grindelwald shattered.

Sean seemed to see Dumbledore looking at him. He pulled out another black wand with evenly spaced protruding nodes.

“Gellert.” Dumbledore raised another wand.

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Published On: November 21, 2023

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