The scene seemed to have fallen into a frozen state. Grindelwald, Dumbledore, and the people shrouded in flames felt a chill in their hearts.

Sean’s breathing was slightly rapid. A fire appeared in the Aiken family manor in Paris. Dumbledore would not show such an angry and solemn expression just because of it. Grindelwald must have done something else.

Grindelwald withdrew his right hand, stroking his chest, and his joyful expression never disappeared.

“Don’t be so serious, my old friend. Didn’t you think of it before you stood here?”

Dumbledore’s eyes burst into anger, “That’s human life! Besides, the entire wizarding world will be in ruin!”

“In ruin?” Grindelwald raised his brows, “Do I need to remind you again? The biggest problem is right in front of your eyes.”


“Don’t you usually call me Gellert?” Grindelwald stroked his wand leisurely, “You have confidence in them. After all, the greatest strength of those families is survival. Do you know how difficult it is to combine those spells with Fiendfyre? I even have to add a delay spell that ignores distance and fully covers it. I can give up part of the power, and I guess it would burn some people to death. What a pity.”

Dumbledore’s face turned sour, “How long have you been studying this spell?”

“Don’t you understand?” Grindelwald raised the corner of his mouth, “Of course, I have studied it for a long time. Of course, it was just research. I didn’t make up my mind to do it at the time, but they helped me make a decision and gave me a chance.”

Sean’s pupil shrank, and he knew what Grindelwald was saying.

The last time he was in a coma in the Slytherin common room for nearly a week, Grindelwald went out to find many pure-blood families. Sean thought that he was venting his anger, but now it seems that Grindelwald was not only looking for trouble but also planning something.

Grindelwald was still talking, “Why are you mad, Albus? I thought we trusted each other. Is it making you difficult with all the things happening?”

Dumbledore said no more. He just raised his wand silently.

Grindelwald laughed more, “Come on, my old friend!”

The two pointed their wands at each other. In an instant, a huge fluctuation of magic power appeared. The monstrous waves moved, the flames and rain collided, and the sky was filled with mist.

Sparks hit all corners of the Père Lachaise Cemetery, and explosions continued to appear in the air. The two were almost hidden in the rubble. After several explosions, a mist rose from the sky, and two old figures retreated.

Sean squatted down so that he would not fall due to the violent shaking of the ground. He looked into the air. Grindelwald and Dumbledore just looked at each other after stepping back, and another spell shot out.

Dazzling glare and violent explosions continued to appear, and the battle became more intense.

They never dodge each other’s spells. They either use another spell to block it or use the same spell to fight it back.

Grindelwald changed his posture. He waved his wand, the mud block under Dumbledore’s feet twisted, and a huge spear pierced straight.

But the spear began to disintegrate just halfway through, the mud turned into weird insects with sharp mouthparts in midair, and the sky was filled with the “humming” sound of flapping wings.

The insect rushed towards Grindelwald at an extremely fast speed, and its mouthparts shone lightly in the night.

Grindelwald laughed. He clenched his wand and waved the air vigorously. The insect aimed at Grindelwald suddenly moved in a circle, and their carapace emitted a terrifying sound. There was a creaking sound as if a huge force in the insect’s body was twisting their joints forcefully.

The insect that had grown in size shook its head and pounced on Dumbledore in an even crazier manner. Dumbledore did not show any weakness. More dirt and stones flew into the air. They turned into giant eagles and flew towards the insect to tear them apart.

In today’s world, the two most powerful wizards are constantly waving their wands, creating creatures, weapons, puppets, etc., and all kinds of high-end transfiguration spells are cast.

They can transform into huge stone giants, or they can transform into ordinary stone walls into something defensive. Every time they cast a spell, every time they dance their wands, It seems they are really intending to kill their opponent.

Sean’s breathing became heavier. He gritted his teeth and stared at the two, feeling powerless and confused in his heart. He didn’t understand at all why things turned out the way they were now.

What was Dumbledore’s reason for doing this?

He thought about whether he should stop the two, but after a little thought, only sadness remained in his mind. The two would never listen to his words.

The only person who can remind Grindelwald is Dumbledore, and the only person who can remind Dumbledore is Grindelwald.

But Sean still had a glimmer of hope because they were only using their own wands.

The Elder Wand should still be in the hands of Grindelwald, but Sean is not clear about the situation, and the Elder Wand may have been given to Dumbledore.

But one thing is certain, the Elder Wand is definitely still in the hands of these two. Now, neither of them has used the Elder Wand, which means that there may be a turning point in this duel.

At least they didn’t completely kill each other yet.

“Sean!” There was a call.

Sean turned his head and saw that Newt was moving towards him.

Newt is strong and has experience with Grindelwald’s methods. Grindelwald’s energy is mainly focused on Dumbledore, allowing him to move in this sea of ​​flames.

Sean rolled his eyes to the side and back. He swung his wand, released the flame, and walked out as if his circle of fire.

The wizards in the circle of fire widened their eyes in surprise when they saw this scene. They also had a lot of guesses in their minds about the special nature of this second-grade student.

Sean didn’t want the Guards to hear the conversation between him and Newt, and he didn’t want them to know that he was immune to Grindelwald’s flame. So he kept waving his wand, pretending to protect himself.

He moved to Newt’s side with a gesture of difficulty, and a small circle of cover enveloped the two of them.

“Thank you, Sean.” Relieved, Newt moved his shoulders and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

“Professor Scamander, are you okay? Why is this happening?” Sean asked impatiently but closed his mouth again.

Newt glanced at him and sighed deeply, “I’ve been hit by this fire once. There’s no need to hide it from me. You can go through this spell without any effort, right? Grindelwald’s flames can’t hurt you.”


“I see…” Newt sighed again, “I’ve been looking forward to you coming to my class next semester, and you turned out to be Grindelwald’s student.”


“But you didn’t make a mistake, and you don’t know what happened. So I have nothing against you.” Newt showed a smile.

“Do you want to ask me why I’m here?”

Sean didn’t speak or nod.

Newt smiled, “I do hate Grindelwald, and the hatred between me and him will never end. But what happened back then is a foregone conclusion. Maybe I will take revenge after he resigns as the principal of Grindelwald, but not now.”


Newt glanced at him and nodded, “Dumbledore made me do it.”

“But why? I don’t understand why Professor Dumbledore is ​​doing this.” Sean still finds it difficult to accept.

“I don’t understand either. Dumbledore always has his own ideas. He’s too smart and has too many ideas. But,” Newt looked at Sean, “I always trust him.”

Sean let out a long breath, not knowing what to do to calm his heart. Above their heads, two of possibly the most powerful wizards in the world are fighting spells colliding all over the sky, and deformed creatures are clashing.

Sean felt an unreal sense of illusion, and the spell above collided and exploded like a firework.

Newt suddenly let out a long sigh. A bad feeling rose in Sean’s heart.

Newt stood up straight, his eyes still bright, “I have always trusted Dumbledore.”

He took out his wand, and a spell flew towards Grindelwald.

“Professor!” Sean urged eagerly, “You shouldn’t interfere!”

“Let them have a fair duel? No, Sean. I came here to cooperate with Dumbledore in apprehending Grindelwald.” Newt kept casting spells as he spoke.

Grindelwald instantly summoned a red mirror, which absorbed the spell from Newt, but the mirror was also fluctuating violently. He looked sideways, flashed a smile, and turned back to deal with Dumbledore, ignoring Newt’s spell.

Newt didn’t say anything else but kept casting his spells. The spells hit the red mirror and were absorbed, and the fluctuations in the mirror’s surface became more and more violent.

“Professor…” Sean was feeling anxious.

If Newt doesn’t make a move, maybe there will be a turning point between the two. But Newt in front of him was no ordinary wizard. His strength was above average in the wizarding world.

What does Grindelwald think about this situation? Dumbledore turned his back on him, and he retaliated. In Sean’s view, this was actually a way of evening out his past actions, which also meant that there was still room for change in his heart.

But Newt joined the fight, and Grindelwald and him disliked each other as well. He’s afraid Grindelwald will go crazy, and there will be no good end to this situation.

Newt seemed to see through his thoughts and said softly while casting the spell, “Sean, you are a good boy. If his flame had hit me, I wouldn’t have the strength to cast the spell. Your fire can protect me. This is proof that you trust me. But I’m sorry that I took advantage of this.”

Sean lowered his head, “No, professor. This proves your trust in me.”

“It feels better to trust each other, but,” Newt smiled apologetically, “I know you won’t remove this circle of fire and put me in danger. But I still have to do something. Dumbledore needs my help.”

“No, Professor.” Sean looked anxiously into the air. The red mirror became more and more unstable. Grindelwald was completely immersed in the duel with Dumbledore.

“It’s better to let them figure it out by themselves, isn’t it?” Newt said nothing more, just continued to cast the spell.

The duel became more intense due to the addition of another force.

The red mirror beside Grindelwald has become blurred. While waving his wand and casting a spell, he narrowed his eyes, “Albus, I must say. My mood right now is terrible.”

Dumbledore said nothing but waved the wand in his hand. At the same time, Newt was still casting one spell after another under Sean’s gaze.

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Published On: November 21, 2023

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