The dark blue fire dragon and phoenix rushed towards Dumbledore. Grindelwald seemed to have been able to control the flame, similar to Fiendfyre completely.

In mid-air, the dirt and stones under Dumbledore’s feet twisted crazily. They merged and finally turned into a huge shield.

The dragon and phoenix crashed on the shield. Surprisingly, there was no huge explosion, only a dazzling light, and everyone closed their eyes.

The light dissipated, and the ground where the Père Lachaise Cemetery was located trembled violently. Stones and flames splashed in all directions.

The broken and cracked stone slabs crashed down, and Sean finally saw the whole picture outside.

Grindelwald floated quietly in mid-air, blue flames moved around his body, the night wind and fire waves made the hem of his windbreaker move “violently”, and the raindrops summoned by Dumbledore turned into steam.

He stood amidst the flames and smoke like a returning Dark Lord.

Opposite him, Dumbledore stood on top of his Transfiguration creation. His expression could not be seen clearly from a distance, only his raised hand and the clenched wand could be seen.

Dumbledore started again. He waved his wand like a whip, and the raindrops gathered into a water column, which coiled and rushed towards Grindelwald.

But Grindelwald didn’t even move. The water column exploded and evaporated in the flames. It leaves a faint mist when it reaches Grindelwald’s eyes.

Dumbledore’s expression didn’t change at all. He waved his wand, and the yellow-red fire whip suddenly stretched out and moved at him, and there was a “slap” sound of violently waving the fire whip in mid-air.

Only then did Grindelwald raise his hand, but instead of releasing the spell, he stretched out his hand calmly. He grasped the fast and terrifying fire whip without slowing down. The fire whip turned into black smoke in Grindelwald’s hands without causing any harm to him.

“Albus,” Grindelwald’s face has returned to calm, and no other emotions can be heard in his voice, “Are you here just to perform? Because this kind of trick is insulting me.”

Dumbledore said nothing. He just waved his wand calmly.

The rain became heavier, and Dumbledore was enveloped in a splashing water curtain, and even Grindelwald’s flame was forced to withdraw from his surroundings.

“I see your confidence, and I wanted to see how good the greatest wizard in the world is.” Grindelwald laughed.

“Gellert, I will never be worthy of the word great.” Dumbledore lowered his eyes, and a dazzling glare shot out from the tip of his wand.

Everyone squinted their eyes and tensed their backs at the same time. Sean even shrunk his neck slightly. The magic power of this spell was powerful, and he was so far away from Dumbledore, but the hairs on the back of his head stood on end in an instant.

However, Grindelwald created a huge barrier. The strong light spell hit the barrier, and a shocking impact sounded. Everyone covered their ears, and the air nearby seemed to tremble because of this weird and terrifying sound.

“Is that all?” exclaimed Grindelwald, “My old friend, have you spent so long as a principal at Hogwarts and learned nothing but rusted your brain?”

Dumbledore said calmly, “You must experience it yourself to know.”

Five spells like a strong light were cast in a row. Dumbledore’s actions did not look like an old man in his 100s. He swung his wand extremely fast, and the five spells chased one after the other.

The huge fluctuation of magic power made everyone have goosebumps, and even the flame cast by Sean stopped.

However, an unexpected scene happened. Grindelwald waved his wand to remove the barrier in front of him. Even the dark blue flames that had been surrounding him retreated to his feet.

Dumbledore’s eyes froze, and he seemed to make a move to lift the spell, but it was too late. Those five spells hit Grindelwald without any trouble.

Sean’s senses seemed to sink into the air suddenly. The crackling sound of burning flames and the pattering sound of rain curtains were the only things he could hear.

He opened his mouth slightly and looked at Grindelwald, his heart beating violently. The flames stopped, and the rain curtain turned into water droplets.

Grindelwald was still floating in mid-air, his eyes were tightly closed, and he didn’t make any sound. Even knowing that this was their enemy, the Guards held their breath, eagerly waiting for the next scene to happen.

“Ha,” Grindelwald finally opened his eyes. He made a hoarse and joyful voice.

Sean saw that the hand he held the wand was slightly trembling and raised. He pointed to himself.

“Is…is he stopping the bleeding?” A wizard asked.

No one answered him, and everyone looked at Grindelwald in mid-air.

Grindelwald pointed at himself with his wand, pointing at his nasal cavity and the corners of his eyes where blood was constantly oozing. However, when the wand was waved, the blood couldn’t be stopped, and it looked like he was bleeding profusely.

Someone around him kept swallowing their saliva. No one had ever seen this tragic situation of Grindelwald.

All of the five spells that were cast hit Grindelwald, but he endured it.

The Guards gulped, and they couldn’t suppress the chill running down their backs. Ten minutes ago, they were still dealing with this person.

Only Sean remained silent. He tried his best to feel the magic fluctuations at the tip of Grindelwald’s wand, but he didn’t get anything.

The distance is too far, and Grindelwald and Dumbledore are too strong. Their magic power works quietly, only bursting out the most needed power when necessary.

He looked at Grindelwald with some concern, not knowing how to describe his inner feelings at the moment. The blood coming out from Grindelwald’s face was finally stopped, and he slowly retracted his wand without even cleaning the blood from his face.

Grindelwald laughed loudly. He laughed so hard that he couldn’t stand upright, and he laughed very happily.

“Ha, Albus,” Grindelwald happily opened his hands as if embracing the night sky.

The fire dragon and phoenix, composed of dark blue flames, happily flew into the sky and circled around the two of them.

“Albus,” Grindelwald wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes.

Dumbledore said nothing. He just looked at him silently.

“Albus, is this all of it?” Grindelwald smiled, “You used this much power to try to save this ugly and corrupt world by yourself?”

Dumbledore looked up at him, “I’m not alone, and I can’t do it alone.”

Grindelwald smiled even more happily, “You admitted that the world is ugly and corrupt. I’m so happy, Albus. Have you finally seen it all?”

“You don’t need to worry about it anymore.” Dumbledore replied blankly.

“No, no, no,” Grindelwald shook his finger, “You must have someone, as others are not worthy of being your comrades in arms.”

Dumbledore frowned first, then he closed his eyes as if feeling it, and then showed a shocked expression that Sean had never seen before.

“You! Grindelwald! Stop it!”

Grindelwald embraced the night sky, a barrier stretched out around him and resisting Dumbledore’s spell. He showed an expression of euphoria, and his hands were waving like the most outstanding conductor in the world.

The fire waves lit up the entire night sky.

Sean and the others turned their heads in amazement. The fire wave did not rise from the cemetery but to the west of them.

That’s Paris.

The flames blended with the black velvet night sky, and the clouds covered the dotted stars. Beside Sean, a wizard with a French accent opened his mouth in shock.


“Where is that?!” Sean asked quickly.

The man swallowed his saliva and said loudly, “I’ve been to that location. That’s… that’s where the Aiken family’s manor is located!”

“Look at it,” Grindelwald exclaimed loudly, “Albus, this is my gift to you. Are you satisfied with the fireworks tonight?”

The wild and unrestrained laughter drifted away in the night wind.

On the outskirts of a city in Greece, amidst the flames and black smoke soaring into the sky, a figure coughing violently was dragged.

The middle-aged man coughed and kicked the house elf beside him vigorously, “Go now!”

The house elf bowed timidly, then vanished with a loud bang and once more rushed towards the dreadful field of fire.

The eyes of the middle-aged man were full of confusion and despair. He looked at his family’s manor and the sea of ​​flames that engulfed the manor. He saw through the flames on the sign that was reduced to ashes. It was a place that had been passed down from his ancestor.

He collapsed powerlessly on the grass and looked farther to the west, where there were also fires coming from the sky.

“The Calchas family…” He murmured unconsciously.

The flames were still flowing, and the whole world was turned red.








And more.

All over Europe, and even spread to North America.

The flames bloomed like the most perfect fireworks on the earth, followed by ashes and cries.

The Père Lachaise Cemetery has been completely destroyed. There is a large hole in the center of the ground. It was the first time Sean Dumbledore was mad.

“Grindelwald, Grindelwald! Do you know what you’re doing?!” Grindelwald’s right hand shook slightly.

“Listen, my old friend. Can you hear those voices? Oh, all languages, tones, cries, and high-pitched screams. Hear it, and it’s so pleasing to the ear.”

He moved the wand in his hand above the rain curtain above Dumbledore’s head. Thunder rang out, and lightning pierced the sky.

“It wouldn’t be perfect without a storm of lightning and thunder, Albus.” Thunder and lightning seemed to be the end of the movement. Grindelwald touched his chest gracefully.

Dumbledore’s hand holding the wand was trembling slightly, and he stared at Grindelwald, “You are destroying the foundation of this world. You are a criminal…”

Grindelwald raised his wand and paced in mid-air, “Albus, the feeling of betrayal is not very good. I apologize to you that I shouldn’t have done it without telling you. I’ve prepared all of these for so many years. But I have to say, I learned this from you.”

“After all these years, I have finally learned more. Wizards are superior, and we are a nobler bloodline. I think that the life of every wizard is precious. However, I must change my mind now. Not only the blood and sacrifices needed for reform. There are too many people, Albus. Too many.”

Grindelwald laughed happily, “Too many people don’t deserve the blood that was given to them. I found out that I was too kind before. Idiots are not terrible. What is terrible is the idiot who is greedy and pretends to be smart, so I choose this way for you.”

“Grindelwald…” Dumbledore’s voice trembled.

“They don’t deserve to be your comrades-in-arms, and the world you’ve dreamed of is more accessible without them. Shouldn’t you thank me?” Grindelwald’s laughter stopped.

“I have always held grudges. In addition to the previous plan on using my students, this is just a small payback for you.” He gave a wicked smile.

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Published On: November 20, 2023

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