The Père Lachaise cemetery was drowned in a sea of ​​flames. You could see the fire dragons and phoenixes flying outside. The flames were like waves rising from hell. They were burning like crazy, while Grindelwald can be seen in the center of the square.

Marshall and the pure-blood family wizards named by Grindelwald have all been reduced to ashes, and the rest of them are desperately resisting the flame.

The two who are relaxed are Newt and Sean. Newt is the strongest and has experience in dealing with the flame. As long as Grindelwald has no time to deal with him with all his strength, he will be able to deal with it.

James and Sirius protected Sean. Sean also knew this spell and knew very well that Grindelwald deliberately controlled it, and the intensity of the spell was not as strong as that was around them.

He did it on purpose for James and Sirius because Grindelwald knew that he was familiar with these two. If it is other wizards, even if they also protect Sean, he will not show any mercy. Because even if everything here is reduced to ashes, Grindelwald’s flame will never hurt Sean.

An old man in a white robe slowly revealed his figure. He waved his magic wand, causing mud blocks and stone pillars to twist and change, and various shields defended him from the incoming flames.

“Professor Dumbledore?” Sean muttered to himself.

He guessed that Dumbledore would come, and he also felt that he should come. But for some reason, he always had a bad feeling in his heart.

“Dumbledore is here?” James heard Sean talking to himself, and he turned his head to look.

“If he doesn’t come here, we will really burn to death here. Do you think you can become a ghost after being burned to ashes?” Sirius still joked.

Grindelwald ignored everyone else on the field, and he looked up happily at each other, with joy in his voice.

“Oh, Albus. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Dumbledore moved slowly. His eyes contained sadness that Sean could not understand, “Gellert…”

“No, don’t talk yet,” Grindelwald waved his hand happily, “Let me guess, do you want to persuade me to stop here?”

“Gellert…” Dumbledore repeated his name.

“Let me think about it,” Grindelwald made a troubled look, “It’s definitely unrealistic for you to work with me. We are all stubborn and annoying, old man.”

“Gellert.” Dumbledore said more emphatically.

Grindelwald didn’t look at his face. He seemed to be talking to himself, “Frankly, the person who played well with magical animals makes me feel uncomfortable. I was going to apologize to you at his funeral, but since you are here, you can keep your condolences.”

Dumbledore looked at each other.

Grindelwald still smiled, “Come on now.”


“Go,” Grindelwald’s smile faded away, “I’ll give you this one chance.”


The smile on Grindelwald’s face was no longer there, and he looked plain.

“Albus,” he said slowly, “I have spent more than a hundred years since I was born. I have killed and saved people, but I have never felt sorry for anyone except you.”

Dumbledore didn’t speak.

“I thought you and I, the two most outstanding geniuses in the world, could join hands to create a brand new world. But fate is not always created by human will. We parted ways and used our own methods to fulfill the promise we made when we were young. Loneliness always makes people lonely, doesn’t it? Fortunately, the world has changed, and we are standing together again. Isn’t that exciting?”

“Stop it.” said Dumbledore.

Grindelwald didn’t stop, “You sent Newt to testify against me. I don’t care about that. You ignore what they’re planning on me. I don’t care about that. But what I don’t understand is why you came to see me tonight. “

Dumbledore couldn’t bear to close his eyes, “Gellert, give up yourself.”

Sean was dumbfounded.

Does Dumbledore know all of this? Not only did he know, he even helped.

Sean looked at the two old men in the center in disbelief. He never understood why the Guards dared to attack Grindelwald, even if the years have worn away the nightmares in some people’s hearts and made them feel arrogant. Such a large organization can’t do this.

Now the answer is obvious, they have always had a backup, and they have the only wizard in the world today who can compete with Grindelwald.

Why would Dumbledore do this? It’s something that Sean couldn’t understand at all.

Grindelwald voluntarily was bound by the identity as a principal. He sent outstanding talents to the wizarding world for decades.

He suddenly thought of the scene when Dumbledore came here. He was fighting against the flame.

Sean suddenly remembered that, except for the first time they met, Grindelwald had never worn that strangely shaped collar pin, which must be the Blood Pact.

Sean originally thought it was Grindelwald’s personal unique accessory, and he wouldn’t wear it normally. But now, thinking about it, maybe the Blood Pact is no longer valid.

Grindelwald looked at Dumbledore, “Give me a reason, Albus.”

Dumbledore’s eyelids lifted slightly, covering the tears hidden in his eyes.

“It’s the price you must pay.”

Grindelwald chuckled, “The price? Oh, Albus Dumbledore, who dared to sacrifice for everything. Such harsh words from your kind mouth have become beautiful.”

“The crimes you have committed cannot be covered up.”

“Oh? Isn’t you the one who helped me back then?”

“I will also accept punishment from them.”

Grindelwald became surprisingly angry. He violently waved the wand in his hand, and the raging flame became more and more crazy.

“You’re smart but sometimes stupid at such moments! Albus, do you think I don’t know? You were planning things with those guys.”

“Gellert, you don’t understand.” Dumbledore bowed his head.

“Yes, I don’t understand, and because I don’t understand, I hand over the Blood Pact. I leave the choice to you, Albus. Let me tell you since the choice is to you, then I will not blame your decision, but I have to say something.”

Grindelwald’s voice was cold.

“I’m disappointed, very disappointed.”

Dumbledore didn’t dare to refute.

“So this is your betrayal?” Grindelwald moved a little closer, “No, no, it’s your stupidity. You chose to believe in those bastards, and you thought you were saving the world?”

Dumbledore was silent.

Grindelwald pointed to Sean, “Look! Look at that kid! Is he the key?! Is he doing well enough now?! Is he moving forward according to your plan?! In the end, it was you me from stopping this bomb because you keep thinking that he’s a bomb.”

“How can a bomb have a way to snuff out the fuses spreading out of your own body?”

Sean’s chest rose and fell slightly, and he let out a breath slowly to calm down his mood.

He got some information from the conversation between the two. Sean always thought that he was the key to the prophecy, and it was true. But Dumbledore’s attitude is not what he imagined.

Sean always felt that Dumbledore and Grindelwald were guiding him to grow up in their own ways so that he, the bomb, could control himself.

But now it seems that Dumbledore doesn’t seem to think so. A bomb is a bomb, after all, and the inside is still gunpowder. How to control it? Definitely not relying on external forces to control it.

Even though Sean tried his best to calm down and kept telling himself that the truth of all this hadn’t been revealed yet, there might be some misunderstanding between Grindelwald and Dumbledore, and he couldn’t draw conclusions based on the few words in front of him.

But a feeling of sadness surged up.

Dumbledore didn’t look at Sean, he just looked at Grindelwald calmly and sadly, “I never thought about it that way.”

Grindelwald raised his chin slightly, let himself levitate, and then looked down at Dumbledore, “You’re lying to yourself, Albus. I can even guess what you’re thinking, ‘the perfect solution,’ ‘another plan” ‘I’m going to watch for it,’ or ‘I’m going to be prepared for the unexpected’, you always think it that way. Fooling yourself is the greatest and weakest part of your character.”

As he said that, he laughed as if mocking himself or mockingly, “Life is so tiring.”

Dumbledore slowly raised his wand, “Gellert, if I could, I would sacrifice for you without hesitation, but…”

Grindelwald interrupted him, “Come on, tell me what I got for this old man who stepped into the grave with one foot?”

Dumbledore did not answer directly but said softly, “You will not be harmed, let alone be sent to Azkaban.”

Grindelwald showed a smile, “Albus, do you think there can be a prison to trap me? And, before that,”

He swung his wand, and at the tip of the wand, a giant flaming bird screamed and rushed towards Dumbledore.

“Do you think you can defeat me?”

Dumbledore reacted extremely quickly, twitched his wand, and the surrounding ruins squirmed like plasticine. A huge shield blocked the attacking firebirds.

The firebird hit the shield and made a huge explosion sound, and the stones flew back quickly. They turned into solid railings, and then trapped the firebird in the cage.

He had no time to be sentimental. Grindelwald faced Dumbledore with all his strength. The blue flames were no longer under control. They broke free from their restraints and rushed towards James and Sirius crazily.

“Protego Diabolica!” Sean took out his wand, and bright blue flames gushed out, enveloping the three of them.

“Huh?!” Both James and Sirius stared at Sean with wide eyes.

The flames cast by Grindelwald seemed to be darker. The dark blue flames competed with the bright blue flames. They blended and clashed for a while, but none of them broke through Sean’s flame.

Fortunately, it worked to defend him. Sean wiped the sweat from his forehead. Grindelwald’s flame has the Anti-Apparition Jinx. They can’t leave now. They can only wait for this to end.

On the side, the Guards who were struggling to resist the flame saw this scene, and they moved closer toward his direction. Sean didn’t stop them. If the remaining dozens of people died, the situation would be even worse.

The Guards members approached, forcibly repelled Grindelwald’s flame, and rushed through Sean’s flame. The first person to come in took a deep breath, and the others followed suit after seeing that they were not injured.

One after another, the small circle of fire was crowded with people. Among the last few people, a young wizard gritted his teeth and jumped. However, he was burned.

The man’s eyes widened in horror, and he staggered back, but the flames entangled him. At this time, the dark blue flame completely enveloped him and quickly turned into ash.

The Guards members saw this, and a man who looked like their captain said, “Be careful when you come here, don’t get touched by Grindelwald’s flames!”

Sean raised his eyebrows coldly. He didn’t care anymore and looked up to the center.

The flames raged, and the ground of the Père Lachaise Cemetery was completely lifted. Dumbledore floated up, and heavy rain fell, but the rain enveloped the flames but could not extinguish them.

Grindelwald stood there for a moment, and he laughed.

As he floated up, the fire dragon and phoenix that had been soaring around the cemetery screamed and rushed.

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Published On: November 20, 2023

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