Without any warning, Grindelwald didn’t even wave his wand. With him as the center, blue flames ignited around the square.

Blue flames rose up, and all the wizards around raised their wands together. Light silver spells spewed from the tip of the wands and entangled together. Around dozens of people, a silver magic barrier was quickly formed.

This silver translucent barrier became a hemispherical cover, which trapped Grindelwald and the flame together. It not only protects them from being burned by the flame but also traps Grindelwald in the center.

Sean’s pupils narrowed slightly. Most of the spells available cannot be fused. Defensive spells like “Protego Maxima” can be released jointly, but this release method can only increase the defense range, and the improvement of the overall defense ability is negligible.

The silver barrier in front of him really blocked Grindelwald’s flame. Obviously, one person’s strength cannot do it, and the spell’s power is superimposed.

Grindelwald also once told him that there are almost no joint spells that are really used for offense or defense. At least he has not seen them. Grindelwald didn’t say for sure 100%, he told Sean that maybe this kind of spell existed in the long history of magic, but it didn’t pass on for some reason.

Now, both of them saw it.

Sean couldn’t help but sweat.

Inside the barrier, the dark blue flame violently and wildly roared. The barrier looked fragile, but it did not shake in the slightest under the huge impact of the flame.

Marshall breathed a sigh of relief, but she didn’t relax her vigilance, and the magic power was output to the barrier through the wand kept flowing.

Sean looked around. The people who cast this spell were all wizards he didn’t know. James and Sirius beside him looked at this with serious expressions.

Inside the barrier, the blue flame raged for a while and found that it could not break through the cover. The flame jumped a few times and then calmed down. Only then did everyone see Grindelwald trapped in the middle of the fire.

His face was calm, and he even paced in the circle with great interest. The flame licked Grindelwald’s calm face, and he stretched out his stick wand to poke the barrier.

As if touching the power grid, the dazzling light flashed on and off, and Grindelwald said with interest, “It seems that they are really well prepared. Such a really good spell.”

He looked at the descendant of the Mopsus family and said with a smile, “It seems that when I visited last time, your family still hid all the good things.”

The man said nothing but silently gripped his wand tighter.

Marshall shouted loudly, “Grindelwald, I don’t need to explain many things to you. You know you should surrender now.”

Grindelwald raised his eyebrows. He ignored Marshall but stood at the very edge of the barrier. He pressed one hand on the barrier.

“Let me make sure again, he really didn’t say anything to you?” Grindelwald pressed his hand firmly on the barrier, and he looked at Newt.

He is obviously the one who is trapped, but Grindelwald always gives people a sense of oppression surrounding everyone alone.

Newt did not join the Guards in creating the barrier. He still carried his suitcase and his expression unchanged, “No comment.”

Grindelwald shook his head in disappointment, “I see.”

As he spoke, he stretched out another finger across the barrier. Sparks flew, but he was unaffected.

“By the way, Scamander.” Grindelwald stopped, showing an inexplicable smile.

“Did he write your condolences ahead of time?”

As soon as the sentence finished, the entire Père Lachaise Cemetery trembled violently. Under the eyes of the Guards, raging blue flames rose from nowhere. They drilled out of every crack and enveloped everyone in it.

Under the night sky, the cemetery that only emitted a faint light was suddenly ignited.

In Paris, in a dance training school located in the east of the city, the public practice room is still lit. In the room, the massive record player brought out the beginning of the fifth movement of Mahler’s Seventh Symphony.

“This part is very important. It is not my intention to practice more at night, but it is necessary. Well, girls, don’t let me down.” The girls dance to the beat.

There was a low-pitched ensemble of various instruments, and then the French horn and trumpet played a majestic rondo theme in a marching style. Amid the majestic and atmospheric music, the girls danced more and more.

The symphony reverberated, the rhythm became loud and tumultuous, and the teacher who watched from the sidelines continued to watch them over.

“Very good, continue. Expressions, let me see your expressions! Always remember the meaning of this song!”

“It’s a collage of colors, a gathering of energy, a moment of celebration.”

“Camille! What are you doing?! This is the climax of the dance. Why did you stop?!” The teacher screamed, and she pointed at a girl. The girls danced to a standstill, the music still echoing.

Shocked and trembling, the little girl in a dance costume pointed to the corner of the window that was covered by the curtains. They walked over, and then their eyes widened.

It’s Père Lachaise Cemetery.

In the sky above it, a huge blue flame dragon and a phoenix are hovering over. In Paris, ordinary people poked their heads out in horror. They saw the blue flames rising from the east of the city.

Inside the cemetery, the flames have surrounded everyone and enveloped every corner.

Grindelwald closed his eyes with enjoyment. He raised his hands high, and his wand danced in his palms.

The flame beats according to Grindelwald’s heart. He feels like he is the best conductor in the world. The dancing flames are his notes, and the terrified screams of people are his accompaniment.

“Oh,” He exclaimed with enjoyment, “What a night.”

The Guards were horrified to find that the joint spell didn’t work, and the flames were everywhere. They were forced to retreat, but there was also a terrible wave of flames behind them.

Finally, someone couldn’t bear the fear in his heart. It was a young wizard and seemed to have just graduated not long ago.

“No…” he made a low, horrified sound, then raised his head and waved his wand.

He wants to escape from here.

“No!” Marshall yelled.

But it was too late. His Apparition spell didn’t activate, and within a few seconds, the flame hit him. His body dissipated like dust, and his voice couldn’t be heard. The ashes floated up and down in the flames.

“Oh, no.” Grindelwald sighed regretfully, “Young people are always like this. They can’t hold their breath.”

Someone tried to attack Grindelwald with a spell, but his spell only flew halfway. After Grindelwald gently raised his wand, the spell made a crashing sound and disappeared without a trace.

The flames engulfed everyone who dared to strike.

“Damn it…” Sirius looked at all this with a pale face. He and James had been protecting Sean and resisting the flames.

Grindelwald was not in a hurry to move the flame. He took a casual walk and looked at Marshall leisurely, “I thought that after decades, you should have made some progress on handling it. It’s really disappointing.”

Marshall repelled the flames around her, her face was solemn, and she pursed her lips tightly and said nothing.

“The only lesson that humans can learn from history is that humans never learn from history.” Grindelwald shook his head disappointedly, “I thought you could give me a little surprise. But in the end, this is all you have?”

“Let me tell you something,” Grindelwald put on his gentle expression, “Whether it is a wizard or a Muggle, we always have to look at problems from a different perspective.”

“Look, I am already a hundred years old. I have already stepped into the grave with one foot, the identity of the principal limits me, and my reaction and speed are far inferior to the younglings. Even I lost my powerful weapon.” Grindelwald laughed.

He squatted down halfway, smiling at Marshall, who the flames had knocked back.

“But why not give it a second thought? I’ve given up on my lifelong goal. I have nothing to do with it. Come on, it’s easier to run a school than to plan an attack all over Europe. Think about it, wouldn’t it be boring?”

“When I’m bored, I would find something better to do. Picking up research that I have put down for a long time. Look at the results,” He proudly stretched out his hands to embrace the blue flame, “Are you satisfied with it?”

“Grindelwald…” Marshall said in a low voice as she burned by the flame.

“Don’t worry about hating me. I love all of this.” Grindelwald smiled and stretched out his hand. Marshall didn’t make any sound. Her ashes dissipated in the cemetery.

“That’s Grindelwald… I finally understand the meaning of what Dumbledore said…” James smiled wryly and shook his head.

Sirius stared blankly, “This is what Dumbledore said… the most talented wizard in the world…”

Grindelwald walked happily in the flames. He didn’t care about the cursing and begging for mercy of the people around him.

He came up to a wizard, a member of the ancient Greek family.

“Why don’t you talk, my friend?” Grindelwald asked softly.

The man’s lips twitched a bit, but until the end, he just stared at him with fear and hatred.

“Good that you have your confidence,” Grindelwald looked at his face of “would rather die than surrender” and then raised his wand.

Flames began to emerge from the man’s orifices, his eyes glowed, and black smoke rose wildly.

However, Grindelwald seemed to be still controlling the power of the spell. The man didn’t turn into ashes all of a sudden. He finally wailed silently.

Grindelwald frowned, “You don’t even have anything to say to me?”

The man roared silently, his robe began to peel off, his wand turned into charred charcoal, he staggered towards Grindelwald, and finally, he stood in front of him with difficulty.

The wizard stretched out a hand as if trying to grab Grindelwald. His hand was raised hard, and the black fingertips trembled and stopped in front of Grindelwald’s nose.

“Y…” he whispered hoarsely.

Grindelwald raised his eyebrows and raised his ears with great interest, “What do you want to say, my friend?”

The man fell heavily, the flames became more intense, his body became lighter, and then the ashes fell to the ground.

“Oh, what a shame.” Grindelwald shook his head.

He walked to another person.

“Don’t you want to talk about your shocking conspiracy?”

He walked up to the last person. It was a witch about 30 years old, and Sean still remembered it was a descendant of Vablatsky.

The woman’s eyes trembled violently under Grindelwald’s gaze, and finally, she opened her mouth, “I, I…”

Suddenly, she opened her mouth wide in horror, and flames shot out without giving her a chance to continue speaking.

Looking at the ashes, Grindelwald frowned, “I know, I lied to you.”

The remaining Guards members backed away tremblingly while Grindelwald turned slowly.

“Huh?” Grindelwald looked sideways.

The corners of his mouth curled up, and a wild and joyful smile hung all over his face.

“Oh,” He laughed, “I love Paris so much.”

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Published On: November 19, 2023

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