The arrival of Newt Scamander probably surprised them. He is well-known in the entire wizarding world for his books. Maybe some schools will use their own version, but many schools will always use the book about Fantastic Beasts.

Sean didn’t react for a while. Why did Newt suddenly come to Nurmengard?

He stood at the door of the hall. He was wearing a light blue trench coat with a stand-up collar, a brown vest inside, and a dark blue bow tie on the collar of the white shirt.

Newt’s expression was very strange. It wasn’t as calm and shy as Sean usually knew.

“Professor Scamander?” Sean said softly.

He didn’t expect that Marshall would go through the crowd to greet him.

“Mr. Scamander, thank you very much for coming.”

Newt’s expression was not very happy. He shook hands with the other hastily, “Hello there.”

Seeing all this, Sean had a strange feeling in his heart. His first reaction was that Newt was a rescuer sent by Dumbledore, but this was unreasonable. The relationship between Newt and Grindelwald had always been poor.

Grindelwald didn’t even care about Fabian standing up, and he stood up slowly.

“Scamander, long time no see.”

Newt walked through the crowd and came to the front. The embarrassment on his face disappeared, and he just frowned slightly and looked at Grindelwald, “Mr. Grindelwald, you said that we will meet again.”

“It seems that my prediction is accurate.”

“That’s not my concern.”

“Well, I didn’t expect you to come.”

Newt took a big step forward, “I’m just here to complete the task.”

“Task? I thought it was our private matters.” Grindelwald said with a smile.

Newt’s expression turned cold, and he looked directly at him, “I see that you haven’t changed at all.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

Everyone felt the tit-for-tat confrontation between the two, and even the students who had been noisy became quiet.

Marshall walked to Newt’s side, and she kept holding her wand up.

“Grindelwald, are you sure you don’t want to come with us?”

Grindelwald raised his eyelids a little, “Are you treating me as if I’m a prisoner? How rude.”

Fabian stood on the table again. He spoke fiercely, and his body was shaking with anger, “Ms. Marshall, we Nurmengard students will never allow you to treat our beloved principal like this. You have to give us an explanation!”

“Explain to you?”

Fabian’s throat moved, and he took a deep breath and shouted loudly, “Since you said that Professor Grindelwald committed illegal acts, what’s the evidence? You can’t arrest people without evidence.”

The other students also clamored, “Yes, where’s the evidence?!”

“There is no evidence!”

“I thought wrong about the organization.”

Sean lowered his eyes and stepped back a little. It seems that they have made up their minds to ruin Grindelwald’s reputation.

But Sean didn’t understand, knowing Newt was obviously Dumbledore’s man. Although he didn’t know the conflict between him and Grindelwald back then, Dumbledore should at least make peace with it.

She looked around at all the students, “In this case, I will explain to you.”

“Mr. Scamander.” She turned to look at Newt.

Newt stood up, and he looked at Grindelwald, “In 1927, you held a meeting at the Cimetière du Père-Lachaise in Paris, France. For the purpose of mobilizing before the war, you made up your mind to remove the secrecy statute and rule Muggles. Before this, you have committed several murders, and official organizations such as the Magical Congress of the United States of America, the French Ministry of Magic, and the British Ministry of Magic sent Aurors to arrest you and bring you to justice.”

He paused for a moment and cast his eyes on the stone slab under his feet. There wasn’t much emotion in his voice, as if he was telling a story that had nothing to do with him.

“There is evidence that you and your followers possessed a number of Muggles under your spells and occupied their homes. At Père-Lachaise, you unleashed a spell…” He paused, “Many Aurors died at your hands, and this spell caused the fire in Paris.”

Newt’s words caused turmoil in everyone’s hearts. Most students from wizarding families knew about the fire, but the cause of the fire had never been recorded in the history of magic.

Newt is a highly respected wizard in the wizarding world, never paid attention to power or money, and devoted almost all of his life to magical animals. His words are indeed can be accountable.

Grindelwald didn’t speak but looked at Newt with interest.

Marshall stood in front of Newt. She held up her wand, “Grindelwald, Mr. Scamander was a survivor back then. He has agreed to extract his memory strands as evidence and also agreed to use Veritaserum to guarantee the testimony’s reliability. If you feel this is a false accusation, are you willing to be investigated with a Veritaserum?”

Everyone looked at Grindelwald, but he just smiled and didn’t speak. Sean frowned. He didn’t expect the situation tonight to be like this.

The arrival of Newt has become the last weight on the balance. Grindelwald may do anything for his own goals, but the speech at the Pere-Lachaise represented his lifelong, long-cherished wish.

Moreover, many Aurors died at the hands of Grindelwald that year, including Leta Lestrange. Grindelwald’s transformation from Principal Nurmengard to the Great Evil is already destined tonight.

Moreover, what happened tonight will be spread in the eyes of the public. Sean has no reason to prevent Newt from coming forward.

“Big things are going to happen tonight.” Sean murmured, and he even began to pull Hermione and Daisy slowly towards the door.

Grindelwald blinked and still didn’t leave the teacher’s table, nor did he leave the chair representing Principal Nurmengard.

He looked at Newt, “What did he say before you came?”

“No comment.” Newt met his eyes without fear.

Grindelwald sat back again, and he lazily pointed at Marshall, and a transparent barrier was formed in front of his eyes in an instant.

“Why are you all so surprised after planning it?” Grindelwald shook his head amusedly, “Before I become what you call the ‘First Dark Lord’ again, let me use my role as the headmaster of Nurmengard for the last time.”

He looked gently at all the students present, “Children, there is still class tomorrow. It would be best for all of you to go to sleep.”

The students looked at each other in blank dismay. They moved hesitantly, looked at Grindelwald, and then at the United Wizards Guard.

Marshall’s eyes flickered for a moment, and she finally took a step sideways, clearing the way for a first-year girl next to her.

“Go back to sleep.” Grindelwald urged again.

Just like that, the students walked out of the hall in a mess from the path made by the Guards.

Beside Grindelwald, Vinda Rosier has not spoken, but after the students walked out one by one, she showed a bright smile and then easily stood beside Grindelwald.

However, Grindelwald patted her hand, “Go, take care of the children. Now you are the headmaster of Nurmengard.”

“My lord?”

“Vinda, are you not listening to me?”

She hesitated momentarily, took a deep breath, and then quickly followed the students.

“Ma’am, should we?”

“Let her go.”

The other professors at Nurmengard also left under Grindelwald’s orders, and they left without saying a word. In the hall, Grindelwald sat in his seat.

Sean walked out of the hall with the others, looked back, and he happened to meet Grindelwald’s eyes.

A familiar smile was on his face, and then Sean saw Grindelwald’s handshake slightly. His footsteps stopped, and a huge suction came from behind, as powerful as using a portkey. A hook caught his navel and pulled back hard.

The Guards were fully prepared when Grindelwald raised his hand, and then they saw a boy wearing a Hogwarts second-grade uniform suddenly appear beside him.

“Sean?!” Someone familiar with him exclaimed. James and Sirius took a step forward together, and a girl’s panicked voice came from outside the hall.

Marshall’s eyes were shocked, and she suddenly raised her wand and pointed it at Grindelwald, “Mr. Grindelwald, I advise you not to do something outrageous. You have made great contributions to the wizarding world over the years, and all of those can be retracted. Please let go of the hostage.”

Grindelwald ignored her. He patted Sean’s shoulder and smiled, “How do you feel?”

“How do I feel?” Sean looked at him, “Is it really necessary to put a portkey on me?”

Grindelwald smiled smugly, “No, it’s another method of the Apparition. Nurmengard Castle is always my territory, so doing something with it is easy.”

“What are you going to do? Drag me to wander the world with you?”

Grindelwald laughed loudly, “I appreciate your sense of humor. However, I considered whether to pull you up, but in the end, I decided to invite you to be the audience of this show, and it would be nice to show you something.”

“Looking how you’re going to burn the people?” Sean smiled wryly.

Grindelwald licked his lips.

Looking at the two talking in front of the Guards, a strange feeling suddenly arose in their hearts. They’re trying to convince the worst dark wizard ever to surrender, and he is having a chat with the hostage.

Grindelwald slowly stretched out his hand, and Sean’s body floated to the edge of the desk and sat firmly on the armchair.

He turned his head to look at the crowd below and smiled recklessly, “I invite an audience to watch the performance. You can question this little guy afterward, kids nowadays have more things to say, you know.”

The two captains beside Marshall looked at each other in confusion. They always felt that the situation’s development differed from what they expected. In their expectation, Grindelwald might attack them directly and might do something more terrible than using that fire spell.

They have prepared various plans for this, but none of them have been able to be used until now.

But things went according to their ideas. They exposed his true colors. Regardless of whether he could be successfully arrested tonight, Grindelwald’s reputation would definitely be destroyed.

One of them came to Marshall’s side, “Should we do it now?”

Marshall shook his head slightly, “Don’t, don’t provoke him.”

Grindelwald picked up a glass on the table, took a sip of the red wine, narrowed his eyes, and enjoyed it.

“It’s really boring,” He sighed, “You are the same as before. Let me think about it, the chairman of the Magic Congress in the United States of America is still the same. What is her name, Picquery? She doesn’t seem to be dead. Is she also chiming in on this plan?”

Marshall’s expression didn’t change at all. She said in a deep voice, “Please cooperate with our investigation and don’t make unnecessary resistance.”

“Unnecessary?” Grindelwald laughed loudly, “You are so funny.”

He looked at the gate of the hall, said something in a low voice, and then looked at Sean again.

“Kid, let’s change the place.”

He stretched out his hand and pulled Sean to his side. The members of the guards were stunned, and they didn’t know why the Anti-Apparition Jinx had no effect.

Grindelwald and Sean disappeared, leaving the Guards’ voices under the empty ceiling.

“My friends, see you at the old place.”

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Published On: November 19, 2023

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