The hall suddenly calmed down, and the students naturally knew the organization that had barged in.

“It’s people from the United Wizards Guard. What are they doing here?” There was a low whisper.

“Why did they knock out our caretaker?”

“Don’t be stupid. The guards are definitely here to arrest people. But this seems too much. Why would they need this many people?”

They were stunned momentarily, and the surrounding students also gazed over.

Immediately afterward, everyone couldn’t help looking at the head of the Professor’s table. Where their headmaster, the founder of Nurmengard and one of the greatest wizards in the world today, sat.

Marshall did not let the students leave the hall. She stood in front and looked directly at Grindelwald.

“Mr. Grindelwald, we have some old cases that require you to return and cooperate with our investigation. Can you comply?”

Grindelwald leaned back on the back of the chair comfortably. He first motioned the professors around him to sit back and then dug a spoonful of the pudding. After tasting it carefully, he said slowly, “Nurmengard is currently busy, so please come back later.”

Marshall’s eyes flickered a few times. She took half a step forward and raised her right hand, hidden under the robe slightly, “Mr. Grindelwald, I respect your contributions to the wizarding world over the years. But please, don’t let things happen in front of these children.”

Grindelwald interrupted with a wave of his hand, “You people are still the same.”

The Guards tensed up when Grindelwald waved his hand, and some had already pulled out their wands.

Marshall did not blame her team members. She raised her wand, “Gellert Grindelwald, there is evidence that you began secretly planning terrorizing operations after 1900 and within the next forty years. You and your followers have committed numerous crimes, and you have done multiple crimes in the United States and Europe, including uncountable murders and…”

Marshall’s words caused an uproar in the hall. Whether it was Nurmengard or Hogwarts students, they all looked at Grindelwald in disbelief.

In their eyes, the founder and headmaster of Nurmengard is a great wizard. Although his way of teaching is strict, no one can question his teaching method.

For many years, all the students born in the wizarding world grew up listening to their headmaster’s words. In their eyes, their parents and even grandparents, Grindelwald is a powerful and charming figure.

Nurmengard has sent many outstanding talents to the whole of Europe and even the entire wizarding world. Even the Wizarding Reform Association, founded by Grindelwald, has helped the wizarding world better for all kinds of wizards.

If you select the great figures who changed the wizarding world in the twentieth century, Gellert Grindelwald is one of them.

To say that he was one of the people behind all those crimes is simply unbelievable to these students’ eyes. Even though the United Wizards Guard has recently gained a considerable reputation, the first thought that popped up among the students was they were talking nonsense.

Someone stood up from his position. Sean knew that student. It was Ravena who had played against him and performed well.

“Ma’am, this is impossible. I have always trusted the United Wizards Guard, and Professor Grindelwald is my role model. I think you must have made a mistake.” He kept his words as calm as possible but was trembling deeply.

Marshall glanced at him and said coldly, “Our United Wizards Guard never made a wrong move, especially to a person like Mr. Grindelwald. But the current evidence all points to him. The witnesses who witnessed the incident back then are also highly respected wizards, and as an official organization, we must be responsible for this.”

She turned her head and looked at Grindelwald again, “Sir, please cooperate with us. If there is any problem with your standing, we will hold accountable the wizard who provided false testimony, and at the same time, we will publicly apologize to you.”

Before Grindelwald could speak, another student stood up, “What is the evidence? Are you going to arrest our principal with word that came out of your mouth? You know that if there’s not because of him, there wouldn’t be any Nurmengard like now.”

“That’s right, where?!”

“We can’t let them take the Principal away!”

The boy’s words were provocative, and the few students echoed the same thing. Regardless of the sense of honor they have always had for the school. The Nurmengard students stood up in unison.

The scene suddenly became tense.

“Sean, how could this be?” Hermione whispered.

Sean didn’t answer, his eyes were fixed, and after glancing at the few students who were against the idea of Grindelwald being apprehended.

Because he knew what Marshall said was true, Grindelwald was the first Dark Lord who caused chaos in North America and Europe.

He changed his mind after the prophecy, he and Dumbledore reached a reconciliation, and he may have reached some kind of agreement with the high-level wizarding world at the time, but the sad fact is, what had happened in the past couldn’t be changed.

Sean didn’t know the inside story back then, but he knew that Grindelwald must have gone through a lot of investigation before. Whether it was Nurmengard’s school board or his organization in the wizarding world, he would face many screenings before.

If Grindelwald really made countless insane attacks that year, then today’s decision will not be like this.

It must be that the situation was not completely out of control back then, and the wizarding world did not lose much in the hands of Grindelwald. Even if Grindelwald wanted to be a principal, no one would agree.

But today, the United Wizards Guard brought up the old incident again. That proves one thing, among the several parties who reached a certain agreement back then, one of them must have regretted it.

They were aiming at Grindelwald, but their purpose is not yet known.

In the eyes of all the students, once the truth of the matter is fully revealed, Grindelwald’s reputation will disappear overnight. Sean looked at Grindelwald. He couldn’t see any expression on his face that could express his heart. He was just watching all this quietly.

But Sean knew that a terrifying wave had already set off under the calm lake.

This man has never changed. He is still the unruly, arrogant, and fearless Dark Lord.

He’s afraid something big will happen today. Sean stretched out his hand and squeezed the arms of Hermione and Daisy. He gave them a look and told them to stand behind him.

He would take the two of them away without saying a word if there was a real fight.

In the middle of the hall is like a fragile glass tube. Grindelwald and the United Wizards Guard looked at each other strangely. They seemed to be waiting for the glass to shatter in front of them.

The students did not have much impact. The confrontation represents the pinnacle of the wizarding world today. One is one of the most powerful wizards in the world, and the other is an official organization. The protests of the students don’t represent anything of force.

Marshall’s wand arm didn’t waver at all, and she let out the breath, and the tremor in her chest flickered away.

“Mr. Grindelwald, just like what the kid said just now. Do you need the evidence to go with us?”

Grindelwald didn’t speak. He casually shook the wine glass in his hand as if waiting for something.

Sean was also waiting. He didn’t believe that Dumbledore didn’t know about this thing. Even if they concealed the time of action, it was for him to know about it, not to mention that there was James.

In the tense confrontation and the noise of the students, Grindelwald did nothing. In many situations, silence often represents an acknowledgment. The voices of the students who have been protesting have been getting quieter.

“Professor Grindelwald, you…” Some students boldly spoke.

Grindelwald still glanced at Marshall with his usual expression and finally said, “All professors, take the children back to their dorms.”

The students looked at each other and finally stood up. The professors wanted to say something, but they obediently shut their mouths.

In Nurmengard, Grindelwald’s words are the rules.

On the side of the guards, the people around Marshall moved and said in a whisper, “Do we keep continue it?”

Marshall shook her head.

Hermione tugged at Sean’s sleeve, “Shall we go back?”

If the students were not here, the situation would be different. But they obviously came prepared. Sean stared at the students who stood up. He lowered his arms and faced the ground.

The Guards were focused on Grindelwald and the Professor beside him. Under such circumstances, no one noticed the shadow of a snake that was smaller than an earthworm along the ground carrying a silver needle.

The students all stood up and left their seats. The scene was slightly chaotic. At this moment, the boy who stood up after Ravena suddenly stood on the table.

He stepped on it with one foot and was about to shout what he wanted to say when suddenly, a huge sense of dizziness hit him. His body suddenly lost all of its strength.

The boy fell to the ground all of a sudden.

Everyone’s eyes moved over, and the boy’s eyes turned white. Blood spread on his forehead due to the impact when he fell. He looked as if he was dead.

Grindelwald glanced casually and then ordered, “Someone take him to the infirmary.”

This scene did not affect the students’ departure. Only Marshall’s eyes became more serious.

Naja nimbly got back into Sean’s sleeve. The silver needle it was holding was coated with a concentrated sleeping potion. It would only knock them out for a few hours.

Sean breathed a sigh of relief. He could probably guess what he wanted to say. It was nothing more than encouraging the students to stay. Grindelwald would be put in a bad situation.

Sean glanced at Grindelwald, ready to leave with Hermione and Daisy. This was the only thing he could do. Even if he stayed here, it would only add to the burden.

At Nurmengard’s side, Fabian saw the fainted boy, and his chest heaved violently. He thought of the moment when he was hung from the ceiling and his father’s bare left hand.

Fabian’s breathing became heavy. He glanced at Grindelwald and then firmly grasped his trembling hand.

“I said I’d get my revenge.” He took a deep breath, then stood up abruptly on the table.

“We can’t just leave like this. Nurmengard students will never allow our principal to be slandered.”

His eyes were red, and he looked at Grindelwald in grief and shouted, “Professor, we know you are definitely not this kind of person. We will definitely stay and support you!”

The students who were originally reluctant to leave were suddenly encouraged, and their respect for Grindelwald was lit again. The students who were about to leave stopped, and all of them looked at Grindelwald.

“His bad acting is pretty good.” Sean lowered his gaze, hiding the anger in his eyes.

The scene became noisy, and someone came in from the entrance of the hall.

He was carrying an old leather suitcase. His back was bent, and he had an awkward and inexplicably stiff expression on his face.

“Professor Scamander?” Sean murmured.

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Published On: November 19, 2023

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