After the first wizard was sentenced for a crime, the work efficiency of the International Confederation of Wizards and the United Wizards Guard increased rapidly. One after another, wizards who violated the law were constantly arrested and then sent to court with cold, hard evidence.

Some of them were sent to the Soul Eater Tower in France, and some were sent to Azkaban in England. The strictest prisons in various countries welcomed new guests one after another.

In this extremely vigorous operation of ‘sweeping the dark and evil’, the reputation of the Guards is skyrocketing. In the eyes of ordinary wizards, the Guards are already a more reliable organization than the Auror of the Ministry of Magic.

Not only that, even several wizard politicians who supported the establishment of the Guards at the beginning received praise from the people, and the wizards serving in the offices of the Guards in various countries were also treated the same way.

Under such an atmosphere, people have even begun to look forward to who will be the next wizard to be tried. A member of a pure-blood family? Famous wizards and witches? A once powerful politician?

It’s just that most people never imagined that those once glamorous and powerful people are just a corner of the curtain that is about to be lifted, and the real picture is about to be shown.

The head of the UK office, James Potter, has recently become popular, and some people even think he can run for the Ministry of Magic. However, James and his team members looked serious in the office at this time.

“At that time, we will focus on protecting ourselves. We are not the main members of this joint operation. We are responsible for supporting other teams. Do you understand?”


After letting the team members go down to prepare, James walked to his personal office. He opened the briefcase he brought and took out a small crystal bottle. The crystal bottle contained a golden yellow liquid. Even if James pulled out the cork vigorously, the liquid inside did not splash or sway in any way.

He raised the crystal bottle to his mouth, took a sip, and handed it to Sirius behind him.

“It’s almost time. Felix Felicis can only be made so little. This is a little leftover from the gift I gave Sean last time. Drink this.”

Sirius drank the remaining Felix Felicis, his brows trembling, “Oh, this feeling. The last time I drank this was more than ten years ago, but I still remember it vividly. Lily brewed the potion, and this time, there was no jerky feeling in the mouth.”

“Of course, Lily is a master of potions.” James praised his wife, “But Felix Felicis is not a panacea, so don’t get too cocky.”

Sirius leaned against the wall and spread his hands, “If it were, I would definitely laugh at you for being a coward.”

Even after drinking the potion, James’ brows were still furrowed, “Not only is he too scary, but I always feel that there is something wrong with this case.”

“Dumbledore didn’t tell you anything?”

“No,” James shook his head. “I asked Mr. Scamander for some information, and it seems to be true. However, Mr. Scamander also told me that saving a life is the most important thing in this operation.”

Sirius scratched his long hair frizzily, “I guess that’s true, but it should have been resolved at that time, right? Besides, I heard that Dumbledore wanted him back then.”

“Who knows,” James waved his hand, “This is a joint action order from the headquarters, and Dumbledore has never given me a clear message. Forget it, just do our own thing, and pay attention when the time comes.”

Sirius looked unhappy, “If it were a competition between schools, I’d be happy to blow their heads off. But now it always feels like there’s a conspiracy in it.”

“Anyone with a heart can see that. The Lestrange family has not been sentenced yet. I suspect they are in a negotiating term.”

“I suddenly regret accepting your request.”

“I regret it, too. I shouldn’t have come to be the person in charge. Damn it, Daisy sent a letter to my family when I was on a mission last night, and I didn’t read it right away?!”

“Let’s go and see it together after this is done.”

“That’s my daughter. You can only read it after I finish reading it.”

“Come on, it was a joke.”


In the office of the French United Wizards Guard, a stern-faced wizard returned to the office after ordering his team members, and a slightly chubby middle-aged man was waiting for him inside.

They glanced at each other, “Aiken, you shouldn’t have come. The plan has reached a critical stage, and I don’t want any accidents to happen.”

Mr. Aiken stroked the bare skin where his palm was missing, “You worry too much. Those stupid Mudbloods won’t know. Also, the cooperative work between us is already well known.”

“It has been distributed, and we’re going to set off soon.”

Mr. Aiken narrowed his eyes. Fear and resentment flashed in his eyes.

“I want to see him.”

The wizard glanced at his bare left wrist, “Don’t be naive, Aiken. We can’t do that to him for now.”

Mr. Aiken’s chest heaved violently twice, “Then tell me, what should I do with my hand?!”

“Don’t be impatient. Someone will give you a satisfactory answer later.”


In the United Wizards Guard headquarters, in the hall with silver-gray walls, wizards in uniforms stood densely in a line.

Cyril Marshall, the interim head of the team, looked serious, and she said loudly, “This mission will be the most dangerous one since the establishment of our organization, and it will be the biggest test we face.”

She paused and glanced at, “But this is the original intention of our organization, to usher in true equality for the wizarding world. Those who hope to escape the sanctions of the wizarding law, those who use their power to do evil, we want them to know that justice may always be around.”

“Yes!” The team members roared in unison.

“Now, let’s go!”

When the members disappeared one by one with the Portkeys, Marshall and the captains around him repeated the details of this operation over and over again.

A captain hesitated a little, “Ms. Marshall, there are a lot of students. What if…”

There was no doubt in Marshall’s eyes, “Is it because of their number advantage? Nonsense, we’re going to let the students see all this and tell their parents. Do you know who he is?! If you are outside waiting for you to say anything, he will attack us without any hesitation. Those students are not the ones we want to protect at all. They are the ones who should protect us later, understand?”

“But what if he really goes crazy and…”

“No,” Marshall’s eyes became deep, “He is not that kind of person. In his eyes, the life of a wizard is above everything else, and those flowers that have not yet bloomed are more important.”

“He is that kind of person and will never change.” She said firmly.


“Merlin’s beard, Professor McGonagall actually agreed with you to start self-studying the content of the fifth grade.” On the stone corridor of Nurmengard Castle, Hermione was holding a few thick books.

With a smile, Sean glanced at the parchment firmly sandwiched between books, “Didn’t she also agree with you to learn the content of the third grade by yourself?”

Hermione lowered her head in frustration, “Sean, you did it faster than me. I finished studying the content of the second grade in the first half of the semester.”

Sean shrugged, “You didn’t ask. Also, the part where you and Daisy Animagus’s learning process is at a critical moment.”

“Hush!” Hermione quickly covered his mouth, looked around, and found that no one had paid attention to their conversation.

Sean raised his brows, “Don’t worry, I’ve been looking around.”

“Be careful, too!” Hermione gave him an annoyed look, then lowered her voice, “Animagus is illegal!”

Daisy had been following the two of them, interjected, “Hermione, it’s only illegal if you get caught.”

Hermione turned around and gave Daisy another look, “Yeah, one of my two best friends is an illegal dragon Animagus, and the other is about to become an illegal Animagus. What choices do I have?”

“I said the other day that if I turned into a cute little animal, let Sean fly me to the sky to have a look, and you’ll be interested as well.” Daisy hit the nail on the head.

“I can become a flying animal, too?”

“Maybe you can also carry me when the time comes?!” Daisy smiled.

“I don’t want it. Also, you eat a lot, so there’s no way I’m going to carry you. It’s like carrying a pig.”

“What’s wrong with pigs? They’re cute, you know.”

“If you keep eating like this, you will turn into a pig.” Hermione slapped Daisy with her hands on her hips.

Daisy’s appetite in the past six months has increased a lot. Sean and Hermione food combined could not make up for what she ate, but her waist does not have a trace of fat, and her body and posture are still slim.

Sean reckons this is the side effect of her blood curse. Daisy was sucked too much energy back then, and she needed a lot of nutrients.

He smiled and walked to the front, “It’s okay to eat more. Daisy is in her growing phase.”

“I know it’s okay to eat,” Hermione’s tone softened a little, “but you have to stop eating desserts. I don’t object to replenishing energy, but your teeth will be damaged if you keep eating like this.”

“My mother can make dental fillings. There’s nothing too serious about it.”

“Original ones are better than made ones. Today’s limit is only two puddings.”

“All right…”

Amidst the noise, they sat on the long table. Sean glanced sideways. Grindelwald was sitting at the head of the teacher’s table and was talking to the people around him with a smile.

Grindelwald usually comes to the hall two or three times a week to attend dinners, but he never gives any speeches or goes into the hall to ask a student about their studies.

After the crisp sound of spoons hitting wine glasses, a delicious dinner appeared on the long table. Daisy took the lead, took several servings of food, and had already started eating silently.

Sean smiled and handed over a cup of pumpkin juice, “Eat slowly.”

After the main meal was finished, the leftovers were swept away and replaced by an assortment of desserts. Daisy took several pieces with sparkling eyes, but Hermione immediately held out her hand.

“Huh?” Hermione always had the demeanor of a big sister in front of Daisy, and Daisy had no choice but to hand back the extra pieces.

Sean rubbed against Daisy with his shoes. She turned her head suspiciously with pudding stuffed in her mouth, and then she saw that Sean secretly put something in her robe. It was two white puddings preserved with a preservation spell.

“Huh?!” Daisy opened her eyes excitedly.

“Don’t make a noise, or she’ll know.”

Hermione cast a suspicious look over, “What are you two talking about?”

“Ah, it’s nothing. I said today’s pudding is delicious. Oh look, Mr. Grindelwald also took one.” Sean said with a normal expression.

Hermione turned her head, and Grindelwald also took a pudding.

The white chocolate is poured on top of the soft pudding. Just looking at it makes people want to scoop it up with a spoon. However, before Grindelwald took the spoon, the pudding trembled slightly.

The sound of a heavy wooden door being pushed open came from outside the hall. After a commotion, the door of the hall was also opened.

Under everyone’s shocked eyes, a dense crowd of wizards in uniforms rushed in. The leader was a middle-aged witch. Beside her was a person who had been knocked up.

It was Nurmengard’s caretaker. He’s obviously been hit with a lot of stun spells. Sean is very familiar with that woman. It was Cyril Marshall, the head of the United Wizards Guard.

Daisy looked in their direction and murmured, “Dad?”

A sense of absurdity rose in Sean’s heart. He thought about this happening but never thought they would act this quickly.

He quickly turned his head to look at the teacher’s desk.

Grindelwald picked up a golden spoon and took a spoonful of pudding. He squinted his eyes and seemed to feel the pudding’s wonderful taste.

“This does taste amazing.” He smiled with satisfaction.

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Published On: November 18, 2023

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