Grindelwald put his hands behind his back. He is used to holding his hands crossed when holding his hands behind his back and then gently rubbing the knuckles. This is probably a habit when he thinks.

He rubbed his knuckles, his tone relaxed, “In my opinion, if the final goal can be achieved, even sacrificing some people is acceptable.”

Sean has always been reluctant to participate in this kind of topic. The sacrifice in Grindelwald’s mouth was not sugarcoated, and the sacrifice in this case is him.

If a new spell is born now, the effect is to fulfill the wish of the caster, and the price is the caster’s own life. Grindelwald will do everything possible to study the principle of this spell and then use his ability to try to transform it. If the spell cannot be transformed, he will laugh, stand before everyone, and cast the spell.

Grindelwald is that kind of person.

Grindelwald didn’t care about Sean’s silence. He continued, “But since I chose another path and method at that time, I’m not going to do it. Sean, you are lucky. At least you don’t have to die now.”

Sean sighed with a wry smile, “Should I thank you for not killing me?”

“Of course not. One of my strengths is that I’m a good person in most cases.” Grindelwald smiled.

He turned his head with a happy smile on his face, “Sean, do you still remember what we said about the prophecy when we first met?”

Sean nodded and then asked with a little doubt, “Professor, you said at the beginning that you hadn’t decided whether to believe this prophecy. But after that, you have been fighting against the prophecy of the annihilation of the world.”

“Continue to call me Professor, or I will cast a curse on you,” Grindelwald first corrected Sean’s address, touched his chin, and said with a little satisfaction, “I sometimes applaud myself. Albus told you before that the more people who know about this prophecy, the more people believe in it, the easier it will become a reality.”

“Yes, Professor Dumbledore told me that. But I have never quite understood the meaning of it.”

Grindelwald said leisurely, “Let’s make an analogy. This prophecy is a time-delayed spell, and this spell has no magic power infusion. A person is the magic power that can infuse it. The stronger the person under the spell, the more magic power is infused in. The effect will be triggered immediately when the magic power is infused to a critical value. “

Sean nodded and then asked, “Both of you are strong wizards. I may be wrong about this, but whether it’s you or Professor Dumbledore, you’re all trying to lead me in one direction.”

“No, no, my child. You can think of the prophecy as a balloon. The more people know it, the more the balloon is filled with air, and it will be easier for it to explode. You are the needle, maybe the tip of the needle has already reached the edge of the balloon, and if you take another step forward, it will burst the balloon.”

“Albus and I are trying to change the trajectory of your needle. Of course, our methods are different. Albus wants to let your needle tip become smooth and soft. Even if it stabs the balloon, it will not burst. While I want to keep you sharp, you can choose to burst the balloon and control how hard the balloon explodes. It’s not the perfect analogy, but I’m sure you’ll understand.”

Sean held his chin and finally nodded slowly, “I understand. Can it be compared like this? The Pride in my body is a needle that wants to break through my body. The needle won’t break out of my body if I control it. When it breaks out, its shape can no longer be changed, and the balloon will explode violently?”

Grindelwald showed a look of appreciation, “Smart, simple but accurate description.”

“I see, but you still didn’t answer my first doubt.”

Grindelwald laughed, “How could I not believe in the prophecy? If I don’t believe in the prophecy, I would never become a principal.”

“So, how does that explain your situation?” Sean was puzzled.

“Because of magic,” Grindelwald stretched out a finger and tapped his forehead lightly, “I changed my memory, planted the seed of ‘questioning the prophecy’ deep in my mind. Real thoughts are woven into foreign memories and stuffed into the brain, a bit of the mix from Obliviate and False Memory Charm.”

“Albus and I have too much magic power. Even if we are old, the size of the source of the magic power will only slowly increase. These two huge “air” will make the balloon unstable. However, the prophecy detects the believer based on their subconscious thought.”

He had obtained a notebook in the secret room in the Slytherin common room, and the owner of the notebook was a wizard who was good at manipulating memory. Sean has studied the Obliviate Charm and some memory magic. He can also do it now, but he doesn’t want to suffer the fate like Lockhart in the original plot.

Sean looked up and couldn’t help muttering in his heart that they cheated the prophecy. Grindelwald would definitely done this, but given the circumstances, it seems that Dumbledore would have done the same thing.

Grindelwald stretched his body and his waist. “I’m getting old. By the way, Sean, before the end of tonight’s talk, let me ask you a question.”

“Of course.”

Grindelwald got a little closer, and Sean found that his iconic heterochromatic pupils changed back to their normal appearance. Only then did Sean see that Grindelwald had the same pair of pupils as Dumbledore.

“Sean, are you willing to sacrifice?”

This sentence made Sean confused. He was not worried that he would sacrifice him now. Grindelwald had done so much, and he was not the person who easily changed his mind.

Sean pondered for a while before replying slowly, “I don’t quite understand what you mean. If you ask me to sacrifice myself, I probably don’t want to. Because I don’t have that courage.”

“Sometimes I have double standards, sometimes I am arrogant, sometimes I am reckless, sometimes I am frowned upon by selfishness. I am not perfect. I am full of flaws.”

Grindelwald raised the corners of his mouth slightly, “Didn’t Albus always teach you about love and justice? I think you are doing very well at it. Your classmates like you. They think you are excellent, kind, and wise, the way some of Albus’ classmates saw him when he was young.”

“It has nothing to do with sacrifice.” Sean spread his hands innocently.

Grindelwald’s smile became stronger, “Albus said that the greater the ability of a person, the greater the responsibility. The world is fair. If you are given more, you should bear more.”

Sean said slowly, “There has never been fairness in the world. Even Professor Dumbledore can’t decide whether anything is fair or just. But he can take on a lot of responsibilities. That’s something I admire a lot about him.”

After hearing this, Grindelwald laughed, “Okay, even though you’ve heard it many times, I still can’t help but want to emphasize it again. It’s a pity that you went to Hogwarts.”

“It’s okay. You can say that you are my teacher outside there.”

Grindelwald laughed for a while and then asked, “What if this sacrifice doesn’t mean what I meant?”

Sean thought for a while, “When I asked if I would sacrifice other people, I am not qualified to answer it. If I have the ability to sacrifice some good or bad people, is it just for me to make that decision?”

Grindelwald turned his head, and where Sean didn’t see it, he changed back to a strange-colored pupil.

“Yes, only I can make the decision.”


After returning to the dormitory, Sean still remembered what Grindelwald said. After that conversation, he brought himself back and went into the castle. Sean was clutching Dave in his hands.

He was throwing Dave out like a yo-yo and then retracting it. Sean’s hand stretched back and forth rhythmically with Dave’s thought.

“The teacher is a little strange today.”

Sean didn’t pay much attention to what Dave was saying.

“Sorry, Dave.” Sean returned to the original rhythm, thinking about the meaning of Grindelwald’s words today.

Is there some accident related to the prophecy happened? Or has something happened to him recently? Of course, the possibility of the two quarrelings is not ruled out.

Sean thought of his previous guess. The actions of the United Wizards Guard since its establishment have shown that wizards should be held accountable for past violations.

Sean thought that the United Wizards Guard might want to hold Grindelwald accountable.

After all, before Grindelwald became the principal of Nurmengard, he and his followers had already made several earth-shattering attacks in Europe. Hugo said that his grandfather saw the fire in Paris, proving that Grindelwald had previously broken the secrecy statute.

Sean didn’t know how Grindelwald reached a settlement with the Ministry of Magic of various countries. There was a high probability that Dumbledore helped him. However, he didn’t know the details, so he couldn’t be sure.

What if the ultimate goal of the United Wizards Guard is apprehending Grindelwald?

Sean imagined the scene for a moment, then immediately put the bold idea behind him.

Even if the United Wizards Guards really dare to do something, Grindelwald is not a good man to put out a fight. Sean suspects that Grindelwald will probably set fire all the way to the headquarters of the Guards and then burn all the people there.

After thinking wildly for a while, Sean finally dispelled the unrealistic guess and then fell into a deep sleep with Dave.


Three days later.

Hermione held up the newspaper and handed it to Sean, “Look, a verdict has been announced.”

Sean took the newspaper, and in the middle of the page was a middle-aged man wearing a prison uniform with a sullen face.

“United Wizards Guard, Justice will be brought!”

“In the International Confederations of Wizards meeting held yesterday, Franz Francois, a wizard from Italy, was sentenced to life imprisonment. He was charged with murdering six tourists whom he tortured to death, controlled a local Muggle chief police with the Imperius Curse, and faked the incident as an accident in which a tourist fell into the sea.”

Sean frowned and thought about it. He has been in touch with Bellatrix every day recently. He knew some of the information about this Francois. He was transferred from the prison to the next floor yesterday.

It’s almost as he guessed it. The prison on the next floor is holding the real criminals. They are probably wizards who do not cooperate with the United Wizards Guard.

“I’ll be damned!”

“Yes, this kind of scum must be punished!”

“This is wonderful!”

The surrounding students who also received the newspaper discussed excitedly and mostly half-blood wizards in the school. In their eyes, the United Wizards Guard is just an official organization fighting for justice.

Some students said worriedly, “I don’t know if this is just a show.”

“Are you serious? Read the newspaper on how many people have been arrested recently.” Someone retorted him.

“That’s right, what the Guards have done to prove their ambition.”

“Some wizards just rely on their own power and money to get away with it all the time, and now they deserve it.”

The excitement among students gradually became louder.

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