In Malfoy Manor, wizards in black robes and masks gathered in the hall again. Sean gently stroked the cool and smooth body of Naja. He lowered his head slightly and did not speak.

None of the Death Eaters in the audience dared to speak out. They all knew that the moody Dark Lord had just lost one of his most trusted servants.

In a chilling atmosphere, Sean stroked Naja for a while, then let it go and let it swim to the long table.

Naja is not a snake at all, and Parseltongue can’t be used to her. The understanding between Sean and Naja comes from a long time of getting along. She can make it easy for him to understand Sean.

Scales with metallic luster slid across the spotless and luxurious long table, and the indoor light shone on the scales of the Occamy, and the slightly dazzling light stimulated every Death Eater at the long table.

The body of the Occamy is slowly expanding. It does not look like an inherently frightening snake but has a dreamlike beauty.

All the Death Eaters knew that as long as they uttered a single word, the creature in front of them would entangle and squeeze them. The Occamy crawled to the end of the table, flicked its tail violently, and then surrounded the entire table.

The atmosphere became even more eerie.

Sean tapped lightly on the edge of the table a few times with his fingers, “My friends, does anyone want to say something to me?”

Barty glanced at the others coldly. He stood up and looked at Sean, “Master, there is a traitor among us.”

As soon as the word ‘traitor’ appeared, all the Death Eaters looked at their companions around them in horror and anger.

Sean nodded casually: “Barty, at least you’ve been thinking, which is good. Come now, explain to the people around you.”

Barty smiled, “The Lestranges were arrested because they were charged with the death of several Muggles many years ago. That incident was not exposed at the time, and the Ministry of Magic did not catch their actions. It was brought up again after many years. Could it be that someone reported them?”

Sean stood up slowly, walked to the table, and slowly paced behind everyone’s chairs.

“Look at my loyal friends. The expressions on each of your faces vary. Can I understand that everyone here has not betrayed me?”

No one answered.

Sean walked behind a big man with a cruel and dull face, who was about the same height as Sean even when he was sitting.

“Cobain? What do you think?” Sean patted Cobain lightly on the head.

He tightened his body and lowered his head timidly so that the master’s arms would not have to be lifted so hard.

“Master, my loyalty to you will never change.” he said tremblingly.

“No hesitation.” Dave was helping Sean with it.

There are very few Death Eaters who dare to betray, largely due to Voldemort’s extremely advanced level of intuition. Sean does not have such strength. He considered using an item obtained through the lottery to identify them. He found that the pendulum would light up and move when facing everyone present.

He didn’t understand the principle of it at first, so he had to give up on using it.

After several meetings, especially after he punished several Death Eaters, the pendulum finally stopped when facing these people.

When Sean got close to Barty, the pendulum almost stopped moving, and when it got close to Bellatrix, it stopped moving at all, and it was the same when it got close to the Malfoys.

Sean used this to understand some reasons. The Death Eaters present had recognized Sean. He and Voldemort had been equated in their eyes, so the thoughts in their hearts had been subdued.

The magnitude of the movements can prove the person’s loyalty.

Sean turned around, and the pendulum moved a bit for everyone, more or less. This is actually normal. After all, Voldemort relied on fear to influence them.

The only exception was Regulus on his side, the pendulum moving wildly enough.

Sean expected this, but he was not sure which side of the spy Regulus was in. He wanted to ask Professor Dumbledore before but couldn’t find him when he went back and forth through the Vanishing Cabinet.

Everything would make sense if Regulus were a spy from the United Wizards Guard. He was in charge of connecting with France before and had access to those people.

In the original plot line, Regulus did not serve Voldemort for a long time. It took him only a few years to see through Voldemort’s true face, and he bravely died to get a Horcrux.

After thinking about it, Sean decided not to press on Regulus. Under the current circumstances, it is more important to catch another spy.

He moved to Cobain and walked behind the next man.

Sean just got closer when Dave had a thought, “The pendulum is moving at a high speed, and it’s very bright.”

Sean squinted his eyes and looked at the wizard in front of him.

Evan Rosier, one of the core members of the early Death Eaters a member of the Rosier family, has a certain connection with Vinda Rosier. The last time, he proposed to attack the Prewett Brothers.

Sean slightly raised the corners of his mouth.

Sean patted Evan on the back lightly. He didn’t rush to do it and walked away under the trembling eyes of the other party.

Walking around in a circle, most of the Death Eaters were as he expected, and they had small thoughts in their hearts, but they hadn’t turned them into real actions.

Sean memorized the names of those whose warnings from the pendulum were too strong. He raised his head, glanced at Regulus, and then waved to Barty.

“Master.” Barty approached.

Sean pressed his Dark Mark, then leaned back comfortably.

Barty received the message in an instant. He lowered his eyes slightly, pursed his lips, and hid the cruel smile on his face.

He straightened up, looked at the Death Eaters, and stretched out his hand to order a few of them, “You, you, you, and you. Come with me. The master has given me a temporary task.”

The people who were pointed looked at each other nervously, finally stood up, and followed Barty to the outside.

When they walked out, Sean turned his body and looked at Regulus, “My friend, have you been happy recently?”

He lowered his head, “Master, it is my greatest joy that you can come back.”

There was a blinding green light outside the window, and the remaining Death Eaters stared at the window in horror and then immediately turned their heads and dropped their heads.

Sean smiled, “It’s pleasing to hear. Tell me, Regulus. How should we deal with the betrayers?”

A trace of fear flashed through Regulus’ eyes, but he just lowered his head and said calmly, “Of course, they must be punished with the most severe means.”

Sean smiled and clapped his hands, and clear applause echoed in everyone’s ears, “That’s right.”

The door was pushed open again. They saw a broken and twisted body in the room. Evan was like a broken sack lay in front of everyone.

Sean smiled, and while clapping his hands slowly, “Lucius, don’t you want to express your gratitude to me? To not dirty the beautiful hall of your house, I let him take care of them outside.”

Lucius glanced at Evan and nodded immediately, “Thank you, master.”

Sean stepped over Evan’s body, his body slowly turning into black smoke, and then left a last sentence.

“I will take care of Bellatrix. Everyone is not allowed to act rashly and continue the task before receiving my order.”


The Death Eaters all bowed to see their master off.

Sean quickly disappeared into the night sky. After confirming that no one was following him, he went to a small hillside.

Grindelwald’s figure slowly emerged, and he smiled, “Is it over?”


Grindelwald glanced at him and then smiled more happily, “The fluctuation of magic power is very small. You didn’t do that yourself, did you?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Very good, you are beginning to understand what I taught you. Using the influence you can use, many things can achieve the same effect without our own hands.”

Sean shrugged, “I didn’t have that now since I’m only in the second grade.”

“It’s only a matter of time before you grow up to where I am now, and I’m not as strong as you imagined.” Grindelwald smiled.

He stood on the top of the hill and looked up at the moonlight. An image was transmitted to Sean’s eyes, and he suddenly felt a sense of bleakness.

Sean digested the meaning of his action, stood beside him, and said, “Sir, you seem to be very…”

He deliberated for a long time but couldn’t find a good word. Grindelwald smiled and said, “Sentimental?”

“Not really. It just feels like you’re very emotional lately.” Sean rubbed his head.

“I’m getting older. I’ve seen a lot of things, and that’s enough for me.” Grindelwald said with a smile.

Sean looked at him, and he suddenly felt a sense of trance.

When he met him through the Vanishing Cabinet for the first time, he was still in awe of him, and he obviously did not live up to his expectations. Although he did not hurt Sean, his attitude showed his respect for Sean.

After such a long time, especially in the recent contact between the two of them in Nurmengard, he taught him magic, taught him to read people’s hearts, and taught him how to act.

Unknowingly, the two have become familiar with each other. Although he is unwilling to, he would still use magic to drag Sean when he is in the middle of the night, but what he does has meaning to it.

Sean discovered that from fear to admiration, Grindelwald was already a trustworthy teacher in his eyes.

“Professor,” he changed the way he called Grindelwald, “maybe you can talk it out to me?”

Grindelwald raises his brows slightly. He shook his head amusedly and then kicked Sean’s ass, “You are getting better and better.”

Sean rubbed back and said indifferently, “You are a good teacher.”

Grindelwald replied, “I know.”

Sean rolled his eyes and continued, “I have never really known what kind of role I am in your eyes. Do you regard me as a key figure in the prophecy? Or a toolman for Professor Dumbledore? Or, the successor of your ideals and aspirations?”

Grindelwald narrowed his eyes slightly, but he still smiled wildly.

Sean didn’t look back and continued, “But it doesn’t affect my attitude towards you. Although it seems bad for a second-grade student to say that to the most powerful wizard in history, I regard you as worthy. So I thought, if you have anything, maybe you can talk it out to me.”

Grindelwald stood next to Sean. He was silent for a while and then said, “The most powerful wizard in history? You’re flattery is too much.”

“I’m telling the truth.” Sean laughed while trying to anticipate Grindelwald’s next kick.

Grindelwald laughed loudly. He looked up at the night sky with his hands behind his back and said leisurely, “Sean, do you know what my goal is?”

“Free wizards, let them live in the sun, and the Muggles should be slaves. But I must say, I don’t agree with the latter.”

“What’s the use of you not agreeing.” Grindelwald choked him first and then laughed again, “I thought of a way to detonate the bomb in your body early and let the Pride come to clean the world. Maybe I should do that.”

“Huh?” Sean was dumbfounded.

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Published On: November 18, 2023

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