At this moment, the newspaper that had been trembling suddenly opened, and a huge net enveloped it. James cast a defensive spell to block the attack for Sirius. He quickly stepped back, and the huge net directly covered the Lestranges.

The huge net was like a living creature, and the net was tightened suddenly. The three had no time to react, and the wands in their hands fell to the ground.

The net was still tightening crazily, and there was even the sound of bones rubbing. Rodolphus was bound in the innermost part and rolled his eyes.

Sirius whistled, then waved his wand and unleashed a Lumos. The other Guards quickly stepped forward and bound the three with a restraining spell.

James put away the huge net that had turned back into a newspaper, weighed it in his hand, and said with a smile, “Magic props are quite useful. Someone must be proficient enough to transform the Devil’s Snare like this.”

Sirius grabbed Rodolphus’s collar and wiped his wand, “It’s really good for a surprise attack. But it’s a pity that the activation time is too slow, and the Devil’s Snare personality is a little bit tricky to control.”

“It’s good enough for now, take them away.”

The other team members Apparated with the Lestranges. James was at the back, turned his head, and glanced, “From what we got, your sister doesn’t need to be arrested?”

Sirius spread his hands, “According to my understanding of her if she did not break the law, she would not resist so fiercely. Maybe there is something hidden that only she knows.”

“Well, I brought you closer to work in the office, and now I have arrested your relatives. I’m afraid Regulus will come to you later.” James frowned slightly.

Sirius replied, “I promised to help you, don’t consider what they’re going to think of me. Besides, no matter what I do, I’m already a disgrace to the Black family. And I’m proud of it .”

James shook his head, “Regulus is just trapped in the minds set by your parents. You and I both know that he is not as brave as you to fight it, but deep down, he is still kind.”

Sirius waved his hand, “My stupid parents are obsessed with pure blood. They gave birth to a freak like me. Of course, they have to brainwash another son. Regulus believes in the nobility of pure blood, and he accepts that easily.”

“I think you should talk it out with your brother later.”

Sirius interrupted James with an uneasy expression, “I have you, Lupin, and the others. As well as Harry and Daisy, and that’s enough for me.”

James glanced at Sirius, and he finally shrugged, “Don’t look at me like that. Also, he is already in his second year at Hogwarts, and you found a decent job.”

“My uncle left me enough money to spend on my entire life. If it weren’t for helping you, I would probably just enjoy plenty of red wine and wizard chess.”

“Please, even though you came from a well-known rich family, you still want to go to work.”

“That’s because Lily didn’t want you to die, and becoming an Auror might relieve her a bit.”

“I don’t deny that. I might be on the national Quidditch team now if it wasn’t for Daisy’s illness.”

“If you said you were regretting it, I’d punch your nose right now.”

“You’ll never get that chance, buddy.”


The arrest of the three members of the Lestrange family has become big news in the wizarding world.

Unless the crime is really heinous, a family like Lestrange can’t be questioned by the public. Although the arrest of these three is in the name of torturing and killing many people in the past few years.

According to the public statement of James Potter, the UK office of the United Wizards Guard, although the three have always refused to plead guilty, the evidence is quite sufficient, and it is possible to dig out more and longer cases from them.

After being imprisoned by the British Ministry of Magic for a week, the three members of the Lestrange family were transferred to the headquarters of the United Wizards Guard. After collecting the evidence, they will be sentenced by the International Confederation of Wizards.


Nurmengard Castle, Hogwarts Common Room.

“Sean, did you sleep late last night?” Hermione closed the pages of a book and looked at Sean, who got up and walked back a little strangely.

“Today’s stew is too delicious. If you eat too much, you will easily feel sleepy.” Sean rubbed his eye sockets and replied lazily.

“You should rest early.”

“Well, maybe I should, good night.” Sean turned and returned to the dormitory.

He locked the door, and after he waited for a while, the Dark Mark on his left arm became slightly warm, and a slightly distorted voice accompanied by a blurred vision came to Sean’s mind.

“Master.” Bellatrix’s voice sounded.

He put on a haughty tone and said softly, “Bella, thank you for your hard work.”

“No, it’s my honor, Master.” Bellatrix was lying in a prison cell. She turned sideways and pressed her hand on her Dark Mark.

Sean could see a blurred vision of her surroundings. It was a small cell, but there didn’t seem to be guards around the cell.

“Master,” Bellatrix said, “as you expected, they couldn’t find any more evidence of my crime. I was just locked in an ordinary cell. Rodolphus and the others seemed to be sent to a stricter cell, and I haven’t seen them since I came here.”

“I see. You haven’t forgotten what I told you, have you?”

“Yes, master. After you explained it, I immediately looked up all the information on the recently arrested wizards and firmly remembered it in my mind.”

Sean nodded in satisfaction, “Go ahead.”

“Yes, master.” Bellatrix paused for a moment and then described what she saw and heard in detail after sorting out her words.

“The floor I’m in should be an ordinary prison. There are only four wizards at night, and the guards are not strong. At the same time, the prison here, at least the one I am in, is not well-prepared. There are no other defenses outside of the anti-apparition jinx. Not even a single dementor is here.”

“All the dispatched dementors went to the next floor, and before they separated, Rodolphus and the others were put on special material shackles.”

“As for the people you asked me to observe, I found most of them in this part.”

“First is Jobs Aiken. In the announcement of the French Ministry of Magic, he was arrested for participating in a dark magic party many years ago. It is said that the members of the party betrayed him. According to the French Ministry of Magic regulations, this is not a particularly serious illegal act. I saw him in the leftmost cell on this floor. He looked weird, neither as neurotic as a dark wizard, and behaved very calmly without the panic of a prisoner about to be tried.”

“The second is a pure-blood wizard in Bulgaria, Karel Levi. He has committed murder but was also imprisoned on this floor.”

“My next door is a guy from Italy.”

Bellatrix described to Sean in detail everything she had seen and heard since she entered the prison, and even the living conditions of the prisoners were not left behind.

After listening to this, Sean narrowed his eyes slightly. There are quite a few pure-blood wizards, especially the people who were arrested. These wizards were not imprisoned in the heavily guarded next floor, and as prisoners, they were all too calm, as if they knew that they would not encounter any major trouble.

It seems that the United Wizards Guard has reached a cooperation agreement with some pure-blood wizards.

“This is all I observed today. Please forgive me. I have been here for too short a time and haven’t seen any more useful news.” She said.

“Good job, keep up the good work. Did they see your Dark Mark when they came in?”

Bellatrix immediately said, “As you expected, they checked my left arm. But before the guards came to check it, I had hidden the mark according to the spell you taught me. As for Rodolphus and the others, their markers should have been seen.”

Sean nodded, “You did a good job. Keep hiding. You can talk with the people around you. If I guess correctly, your roommate will come to chat with you the next day.”

“Master, how should I deal with it?”

“Just chat casually. Remember, no matter what they say, never reveal your identity.”

After cutting off the contact, Sean got up from the bed and walked to the window. He narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked at the moonlight shining from the window.

He is almost sure that there must be a connection between the United Wizards Guard and the Association in France.

It seems to be deceiving, but the reason why he didn’t let Bellatrix expose herself is very simple. Bellatrix’s behavior of hiding her mark and keeping her mouth shut about the Death Eaters will give them a signal that she can’t get in touch with Voldemort.

Even the most careful people would relax their vigilance against Voldemort under such circumstances, and Bellatrix might get more information.

Secondly, the Dark Mark of the Lestrange brothers can be seen at a glance. But Bellatrix does not. There are people who think that Bellatrix has a secret identity and she is probably Voldemort’s confidant.

In the eyes of the other people, Sean, or Voldemort himself, is the head of a pure-blood organization. This has a high probability of having something in common with their goals, and the commonality means the possibility of cooperation. What’s more, they can’t confirm how much Voldemort’s strength has recovered.

Sean sneered. In the end, they still didn’t think highly of Death Eaters.

From Sean’s point of view, he didn’t care what others thought of the Death Eaters. He just wants to get more information. Even if they wipe out all the Death Eaters, he’ll go back to his normal life.

After all, he got Dumbledore and Grindelwald backing him up.

In front of the window, Sean’s gaze froze for a moment. He raised his head suddenly, and an idea popped up in his mind.

Just in front of the huge floor-to-ceiling windows on the upper floors of another tower, two old men were leaning on the railing and watching the night scene outside the window.

“Heh,” Grindelwald narrowed his eyes and exhaled, “Times have changed. Some people’s poor guts will actually swell under boring days.”

Dumbledore looked at him seriously, “Gellert…”

Grindelwald cut him, “Albus, let me guess. ‘The bigger picture matters,’ is that what you meant to say?”

Dumbledore fell silent, and he finally sighed.

“Albus, I haven’t forgotten what you said to me,” Grindelwald laughed wildly, “You tell me to stop the war and become a headmaster, and I will start to move the wizarding world. But for the sake of our great cause, I was willing to put up with the babble of those little bugs right in front of my eyes.”

“That touched me very much,” said Dumbledore.

Grindelwald laughed even more, “It makes me so happy. Can I say that?”

Dumbledore looked up at him, then looked out of the window, and said slowly, “You didn’t owe me in the first place. It was just an accident.”

Grindelwald moved in front of Dumbledore’s eyes.

“I’m glad that I mean it.”

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