The situation will not stop. The actions of the United Wizards Guard have gained a lot of support, and the corrupt administrative systems of the Ministry of Magic in various countries have been brought to the table again.

“The Wizarding World”, “Daily Prophet”, “The Wizard’s Voice,” and other well-known newspaper media in the wizarding world began to report all kinds of news. Most of which were satires and even criticisms of the Ministry of Magic by some well-known wizards in the country.

Someone even spent a lot of Galleons to put a sentence between the advertisements of the “Daily Prophet.” The front page next to it happened to be a black-and-white motion picture of Fudge announcing the new regulations.

The UK Ministry of Magic has just signed new regulations allowing them to turn themselves in, with fines to be used as public funds for a reduced sentence.

Many wizards have expressed their dissatisfaction with this regulation. They think that Fudge is an incompetent, double-faced person who wants to please both sides but does not consider ordinary citizens’ rights and interests.

After a part of the Daily Prophet was published, the advertisement next to Fudge’s photo in the follow-up newspaper was withdrawn, and news spread in the Ministry of Magic that Fudge had dropped everything. He was worried that it would damage his reputation.

Of course, this is not within the scope of Sean’s concern. As far as he is concerned, other things are more noteworthy.

One month after a member of the Aiken family was arrested, the United Wizards Guard issued a statement.

In order to reflect fairness and fairness, the wizards arrested during this period will be sent to the headquarters of the Guards, and then the International Confederation of Wizards will cooperate with other countries to hold a public trial witnessed by representatives of each Ministry of Magic. At that time, all offenders will receive due and appropriate trials according to their charges.

At this moment, the flames finally reached England.

Bellatrix has sent news that the British Office is collecting some information, and the target is the Lestrange family.

As one of the pure-blood families in the UK, the Lestrange family has quite a large connection. More than three people in the Ministry have specifically reminded them that the Guards will rush into their mansion in two days.

“Master, this newly established organization has completely disrupted our plans.”

Sean motioned for her to continue talking.

“In order to keep the minister’s position, Fudge is doing everything to help him in his situation. Before that, he approached the Lestrange family to get support in the election, but because we were ready to push Barty Crouch for that position, we refused him.”

Bellatrix’s voice became darker, “Fudge completely abandoned the Lestrange family and wanted to win the support from another side.”

Sean was lying on the bed. After thinking for a while, he replied, “Where’s the news from Barty?”

“He is currently helping the development of the situation. Barty asked me to ask you, is he allowed to use the Imperius Curse to control his father now?”

“Not now,” Sean rejected his idea. “His father has not taken office yet. He will be easily discovered during the election period, which would gain everyone’s attention.”

“Yes, I will convey your answer to Barty. Master, what should the Lestrange family do?”

Sean was silent for a while and then asked, “Who is the person in charge of the office now?”

“James Potter, the one who sullied the honor of pure blood, and Sirius Black, who was disowned from the Black family. Potter is now in charge of the office and put my cousin in. They are Dumbledore’s people and won’t let the Lestrange family go easily.”

After a short silence, Sean’s voice suddenly became bewitching, “Bella, are you my most loyal servant?”

“Of course! Of course! My master, you should trust my loyalty to you.”

“Very well. What would you like to do for me?”

“Anything! Anything, my master! As long as it is your will, I am willing to do it!”

“Very moving,” Sean said with a smile, “I have a mission for you.”

“Please tell me.”

“I remember you said that you didn’t do anything too extreme, and the Guards pay attention to evidence. So that you are likely to be fined and released, right?”

Bellatrix nodded, “Yes, master. Rodolphus and the others are the ones who will be arrested.”

Sean chuckled lightly, “I want you to get involved and then be arrested along with Rodolphus and the others.”

Bellatrix didn’t expect Sean to say that. She froze for a moment, “Master, I don’t understand.”

“Do you have an objection?”

“No, no, I misunderstood, master. I was too stupid to understand your real intention, and I worried it would destroy your plan. I am willing to do anything.”

“Don’t be nervous, Bella. It’s just a little joke,” Sean’s voice became gentle again, “Do you know what I mean?”

She raised her head carefully and said respectfully, “No one can guess your thoughts.”

“I want you to blend in with the arrested. They will bring you to the headquarters at that time, and then…”

She finally understood what Sean meant and said excitedly, “I will be your eyes!”

“Yes, I have improved the Dark Mark, and it can be triggered without a wand. Your crime is not serious, and you will not be subjected to the strictest sentence. You have your own channels, and remember everyone, and then tell me what you have seen and heard.”

“I understand, master. Please rest assured, I will definitely complete the task you asked me to do.” She immediately agreed.

“Very good,” Sean slowly dragged out his tone, “When the time comes, I will ensure that you come back safe and sound. At the same time, I promise you that you get rewarded greatly.”

“Yes, yes! Master!” Bellatrix was shaking excitedly.

After breaking off the contact between the two, Sean lay back on the pillow.

He has been thinking about the recent situation. Even if they did something like this, pure-blood wizards can’t be treated like this.

Not to mention that pure-blood wizards have always controlled most of the wizarding world’s resources, and the Guards’ actions were too smooth. Even with the cooperation of the Ministry of Magic of various countries, it will not be easy.

Sean has a guess that some of the arrested pure-blood wizards may have reached some kind of deal with the Guards.

The two sides are just acting to establish prestige for the newly formed organization.

As for the remaining pure-blood families whose members have been arrested, they don’t know the inside story.

Sean also noticed that apart from the United Kingdom, most of the pure-blood wizards arrested in other countries are middle-level members of the family, which cannot be said to be not that important.

Even with the loss of these members, those families would not have suffered much impact.

Thinking about it further, Sean could almost see an invisible giant thing in the net, but he didn’t know what the giant thing in the net would be.

In order to verify the guess, Sean came up with a plan to let Bellatrix get in. If Sean’s guess is correct, the state of the other prisoners that Bellatrix saw at that time can confirm many things. As for whether to get Bellatrix back again, Sean was troubled for a while.

It’s actually not difficult to get her out. She is not the crazy woman she was in her previous life. Tom and the Death Eaters have been dormant for so long that she hasn’t acted crazily. At the same time, her real crime is not serious, and she still has ties with the UK office.

But she is indeed a fanatical fan of Voldemort.

After hesitating for a long time, Sean decided to keep Bellatrix. It doesn’t matter if she is a fanatical follower of Voldemort as long as she is his most loyal subordinate now.

As for the Lestrange brothers, he’ll let them stay in prison. These two are also Death Eaters, but their quality is too poor.


Two days later, the estate of the Lestrange family.

A group of serious-looking wizards rushed in, led by James Potter and Sirius Black.

As the current head of the house, Rodolphus Lestrange, stood in front of the living room door, the corners of his eyes twitching slightly, staring at the visitor expressionlessly.

“Do you know what you guys are doing? Do you know where this is?!”

“Rodolphus Lestrange?” James stepped forward slowly, “Your brother, Rabastan Lestrange, and your wife, Bellatrix Lestrange, showed that you were involved in an attack and massacre against Muggles. Will you come with us to the Ministry?”

Rodolphus’ voice was cold and ruthless, and he narrowed his eyes slightly, “The three names you just said had the same word. Do you understand the meaning of the Lestrange?”

Sirius took a step forward, “Um, should I call your brother-in-law? Forget it. So you want to say, ‘Oh, how dare these filthy idiots barge into the famous Lestrange house!’.”

Behind Rodolphus, Bellatrix came out slowly, “You really make me feel ashamed.”

Sirius stepped forward and sneered, “It’s a coincidence, isn’t it? I have shamed the famous Black family, and now I’m going to shame the Lestrange family, too. After this, maybe there will be no more Lestrange family.”

Rodolphus took a step forward, “Just like what your cousin said, you don’t know what glory is, let alone what noble blood is.”

“Who cares about such things.” Sirius shrugged, and he pointed his left hand into the distance.

The three members of the Lestrange family tensed up in front of the door. They relaxed slightly after realizing that they hadn’t drawn out their wands and slowly retracted the wands that had slipped from their cuffs.

Sirius pointed in one direction, “My poor brother is still immersed in your so-called ‘glory’, I can even imagine the expression on his face after you are arrested later.”

“Arrest us?”

Sirius turned away and threw a newspaper, “Come on, you should read the newspaper more.”

Rodolphus didn’t answer. He glanced at the newspaper and still stared at them.

“Get out of my manor. I will only warn you once.”

Sirius and James looked at each other, and they shrugged simultaneously.


Several curses shot and rushed towards the three people at the door. The Lestranges fought back in an instant, and a fierce battle broke out in an instant.

On the side of the Guards, except for James and Sirius, the others are not that strong. In the face of the ruthless enemy, they are the one that retreats.

Rodolphus roared while casting a spell, “You dare to come to Lestrange’s house to do this with your strength?!”

They pushed forward, but no one noticed that the newspaper behind them began to shake. Sirius deliberately did something to it, he staggered, and three spells struck instantly.

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Published On: November 16, 2023

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