“People from the Aiken family were arrested?” Sean subconsciously chose to be skeptical after reading the news.

The current head of the Aiken family had previously stood up for the United Wizards Guard, which was still in the formation stage at that time, and Sean almost regarded him as the leader of the organization by default.

But how come a member of the family was arrested?

Sean approached Hugo to see if he could get some news from him.

“The news in the morning? Of course, I read it.” Hugo said to Sean vaguely, throwing an unknown snack into his mouth.

“Have do you know the situation on Fabian’s family?”

Hugo swallowed the food whole and then pulled Sean into a more secluded corner, “I heard about it, and he will definitely make a move on you. Do you want to make the first move? “

Sean shrugged, “I’ll think about it later. But now, could you give me some information about his family?”

Hugo nodded, “I told you about his family background last time. Since it’s about today’s news, do you want to ask about the internal relationships of the Aiken family?”

“Something like that.”

“Basically, there isn’t. Although the Aiken family is powerful, they don’t have many children. Everyone in the wizarding world in Paris knows it. He has several cousins besides Mr. Aiken and his family of three. I can’t guarantee the specific relationship, but on the surface, his relationship with the other family member is quite good.”

Hugo poked his head outside, and after making sure no one was nearby, he whispered, “The arrested family member in the newspaper today is well known in Paris.”

“Why do you say that?” Sean asked curiously.

“He’s known for multiple accounts on attacking Muggles or even half-blood wizards. Every time that happened, Mr. Aiken helped him suppress it. Only so few people in the wizarding world in Paris have connections, and I got this news from someone I know. Many people were happy about this news given his circumstances.”

“He was arrested, and Mr. Aiken didn’t say anything?”

Hugo spread his hands, “I don’t know about that. It just happened this morning, and my family has no letter.”

“Let me know if there is any more news.”

Hugo made a gesture, “I’ll write back and ask about it. Maybe I’ll tell you at the next meeting.”

“Thank you, Hugo.”

“You’re welcome, by the way,” Hugo rubbed his hands with a flattering smile, “I’ve provided information to our club, isn’t that considered a contribution?”

Sean patted his shoulder and said seriously, “Of course, I have a hunch that you will become the first person in our Golden Dawn to be promoted to a core member.”

“Really?!” Hugo’s eyes began to glow, “Then, what about that spell?”

“I can only say that you’re getting closer and closer to learning it.”

After bidding farewell to Hugo, Sean walked towards the owl hut. He had previously ordered several books, such as “History of Magic” and “The Holy Family” from other countries, and wanted to know more about some information.

After thinking about it, Sean decided it was not enough, so he bought a few other books. He met someone when he came out of the owl hut just now.

It was Fabian.

He has been keen on provoking Sean recently, and he seems to have completely let go of the shame of being hung on the chandelier by Sean at the beginning. He also spread the news that Sean was the culprit.

He no longer cared about Sean’s “second-grade student” status. His only goal now was revenge, and he didn’t care about sacrificing his reputation for it.

“We meet again, Wallup.” Aiken’s voice was light and ethereal.

Sean glanced at him, shook his head casually, and walked away. Fabian and his followers took two steps to the side, blocking Sean’s way.

“Are you going to run now?”

Sean sighed helplessly, “Are you in a hurry?”

He was indeed a bit annoyed by this guy. In Nurmengard, he didn’t dare to do anything to him, but he couldn’t just go without doing anything to him.

The best choice is to avoid seeing him, but Fabian can’t be shaken off like a speck of dust on your shoulder. Whenever he saw Sean, he would come up and say something harsh.

“Wallup,” Fabian licked his lips morbidly, “You and I both know that I can’t retaliate against you now, and you can’t do anything to me anymore.”

“So you’re here just for a talk?” Sean said blankly.

“That’s right,” Fabian nodded, “Like you said, I’m in a hurry. I’ll be tolerant with you now, and I don’t have the time to deal with you now.”

As he spoke, he raised his hand again, and the arm that Sean had broken was hanging down weakly.

“My injury hasn’t completely healed yet. The office gave me a leave of absence. I can skip many classes.”

Sean blinked, “I’m afraid you misunderstood. Your injury has nothing to do with me.”

“Be careful what you say,” Fabian moved his head closer, narrowed his eyes, and made a hoarse sound, “I must remind you all the time, Wallup. You will fall into my hands one day.”

“Should I express my expectation?”

“No, you should enjoy the peace now.” Fabian let out a hoarse laugh.

“Okay, I’ll remember it. I will go for a munch and study. You should worry about your—well, uncle. Well then, if you’ll excuse me.”

With that said Sean squeezed through them. Fabian didn’t stop him this time but showed a ferocious smile at Sean.

At night, Fabian returned to his place. Of course, although he provoked Sean every day, he was worried that he would secretly attack him again. In addition to his followers living in the rooms on both sides, he also placed a lot of defensive magic in the dormitory and various magic items to alarm and defend him.

After returning to the dormitory, he casually removed some bandages on his body, and his arms and legs became more flexible. He sat on the sofa and took out something like a brazier.

After putting in the charcoal, the brazier placed on the coffee table burned violently, and a face made of charcoal appeared in it.

“Fabian.” Mr. Aiken’s voice was slightly distorted.

“Father.” Fabian saluted respectfully.

“Are you still provoking that Wallup?”

“Yes, Father. I know what you want to say, but I can’t. As long as I see his face, countless faces laughed at me that day.” Fabian’s face changed.

Mr. Aiken said in a calm voice, “My child, I understand your feelings. But you must learn to restrain yourself.”

Fabian twitched the corner of his mouth, “Father, restraint doesn’t help. He and I are already enemies. He is a smart man and knows that we must be planning something. No matter how I behave, he will definitely find a way to find out.”

“I know, but I have to tell you this,” said Mr. Aiken, “I’m glad you didn’t sink into decadence from such a blow. But I don’t want your vision to be clouded by hatred. A dirty Mudblood will only become the mud under your feet.”

Fabian’s chest rose and fell a few times. He took a deep breath and said slowly, “I understand. But father, I have a request. I want to see him in person after THAT.”

“It’s a trivial matter, but you have to understand that the United Wizards Guard is now an official organization, and they must have evidence for their actions. Moreover, if something goes wrong, you will take responsibility.”

“Of course,” his eyes sparkled slightly, “Father, if your information is correct, then Wallup is a Death Eater. As you told me, the mark of a Death Eater cannot be erased.”

Mr. Aiken’s face moved up and down, “But there is one more thing: the Death Eaters are just a small hidden organization. There’s no way to incriminate someone with a tattoo.”

Fabian smiled, “Then let’s help them bathe in the sun.”

“What about the plan? What about the follow-up operations? What about the possible counterattack from the Death Eaters?” Mr. Aiken asked.

“I’ve already made a plan.” Fabian knew that this was his father’s test for him.

After a long time, Mr. Aiken nodded with satisfaction, “I see you’ve matured.”

Fabian gracefully bowed and touched his chest, “Thank you for your compliment, Father.”

“When all the dust settles, you must let go of everything.”


The establishment of the United Wizards Guard set off a storm in the wizarding world. After the establishment of offices in various countries, in addition to handling the usual security incidents, “overturning old cases” became an important task for them.

Pure-blood wizards have the richest resources and the most extensive power in the entire wizarding world, leading them to live happily until their old age, even if they violate the wizarding laws.

Whether bribing Ministry of Magic officials or hiding in their own luxurious residences that no one knows about, most pure-blood wizards who broke the law are still alive and well to this day.

These people became the targets of the United Wizards Guard.

In just a few weeks, starting with one member of the Aiken family, several wizards have been arrested continuously in European countries.

Most of these wizards are pure-blood wizards, and there are various reasons for breaking the law. Attacking Muggles, smuggling contraband, brewing banned potions, conducting dark magic experiments, and many more.

These shreds of evidence come from the testimonies of some of the victims at the time and some former Ministry of Magic officials who received bribes. In a short period of time, the entire wizarding world was in a state of chaos.

In the past, the high-ranking pure-blood wizards were searched and arrested by the guards one by one, and even the wizards with conclusive evidence were thrown into prison.

The wizarding world fell into a strange atmosphere. Those pure-blood families who were usually wealthy and powerful fell apart one by one while ordinary wizards cheered and applauded the situation.

There was an official organization that began to change this social class. They saw the resoluteness of the movement, which inspired many wizards.

In such a short period of time, so many wizards were arrested. After all, no pure-blood family can guarantee that they or one of their relatives has not done anything illegal and cannot guarantee whether the next sword will fall on their own head.

In Sean’s view, this is a very abnormal thing.

On the surface, what the United Wizards Guard is doing is about social security and social reform. They are targeting the pure-blood family that had been around for thousands of years.

Sean’s first thought was how it could be done that easily.

If there are constant protests and other activities by pure-blood families, he can still understand. But Sean got news from Bellatrix and Barty that there were so many pure-blood wizards arrested, and few of them tried to do anything to resist.

Among the British pure-blood families, the most well-known are the Malfoy family, Lestrange family, and Black family, who are all connected to him. As for other families, he doesn’t know much about their situation.

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