Just before the end of the second school year, the major newspapers used the largest and most conspicuous pages to report the most important news of the day.

The United Wizards Guard is officially formed.

The nature of this organization is similar to an international joint law enforcement organization, mainly responsible for the security of the wizarding world in various countries.

In a simple analogy, the Aurors in the wizarding world were equivalent to special forces, and the duties of the ordinary police were distributed to various departments of the Ministry of Magic. But the United Wizards Guard has taken up this part of the authority.

The captain of the organization is currently Cyril Marshall.

She is from Italy. She worked in the International Confederation of Wizards for over ten years. After she resigned, she devoted herself to reform social order in the wizarding world.

As a spokesperson, Ms. Marshall said that the control of the guards will be handed over to the International Confederation of Wizards, while the following branches of power will be controlled by the Ministry of Magic of each country.

She is temporarily in charge of the tedious matters at the beginning of the organization’s establishment. The new captain will be re-elected at their conference, and the captains of various countries will also be handed over to the Ministry of Magic for internal selection.

The selection is also the responsibility of the Ministry of Magic.

Hermione quickly read the entire report and said thoughtfully, “If the power is completely divided. Maybe the establishment is a good thing?”

Sean shook his head, “They have done too much before. It’s hard not to doubt the purity of their purpose, and the attitudes of the Ministry of Magic in various countries changed too quickly. To think there is no pressure within their action is unbelievable.”

“What is their purpose then?” Hermione frowned.

“The new power holders want to gain more voice, and this new official force was established for controlling the world?” Sean frowned slightly and gently stroked the blank space of a line of words with his fingers on the newspaper.

“Ms. Marshall said that in addition to the current social order in the wizarding world, the Guard will launch an action to pursue accountability for old cases. They will thoroughly investigate the forgotten and unfinished cases in the past, and those wizards who escaped punishment by chance will be re-arrested and give them full accountability.”

“They welcome and encourage all wizards to send them a letter via owl to provide them with evidence that someone violated the law, whether it is for personal fairness or for the security and stability of the wizarding society.”

“The wizarding world has been outdated for a long time, and there are countless unfair, harsh, and outdated laws and regulations. They aim to return all wizards to a fair, just, open public security environment. Protecting the rights and interests of all people will be the lifelong responsibility of the Guards’ code of conduct.”

In the eye-catching position of the newspaper, a middle-aged witch with a serious expression and firm eyes was giving a passionate speech. She waved her hands again and again in the picture and depicted the United Wizards Guard towards the reporters and ordinary wizards below.

Hermione turned over a few pages of the newspaper and said, “There is only a rough introduction, and there is no report on the detailed background of Ms. Marshall.”

“It’s normal. It’s not an open election, and she is only serving as the temporary captain of the Guards.”

Hermione frowned in dissatisfaction. She was far less superstitious about authority than when she first entered school. Moreover, she and Sean had deduced the general reason behind the arrest of pure-blood wizards lately.

She thinks that the establishment of the Guards is the result of some wizards with malicious intentions.

“Sean, you and I both know no matter whether they change or not, the position of captain will definitely be filled with someone sketchy.” Hermione muttered, dissatisfied.

“We can’t do anything, Hermione. You’ve been worrying too much recently, and you should leave this to someone who could do it. This kind of thing should be something that people at Professor Dumbledore’s level need to make a move.” Sean persuaded.

Daisy asked in a low voice, “Sean, Hermione, will this United Wizards Guard do things like my dad?”

Sean turned his head and spread his hands towards her, “Of course, we hope that those people can be like your father.”

Hermione said, “I hope so…”

“There’s no need to be so pessimistic, Hermione.”

While other students were discussing the current major events in the wizarding world, the basement floor of a castle somewhere in Switzerland was undergoing renovation.

The house elves are constantly using magic under the command of the master. All kinds of wood and steel plates are floating. After the construction is completed, several wizards step forward to cast reinforcement and defense magic.

Several wizards with top hats were sitting in a hidden conference room at the end of the corridor that had already begun to take shape.

They all had the emblem of the United Wizards Guard tattooed on their chests. A cross of wands and knight’s swords, surrounded by golden rays of light.

The middle-aged woman had just appeared on the front pages of newspapers around the world at this time. She was discussing matters with the rest of the people with her arms folded.

“Is someone already chosen to succeed me?” She asked.

A middle-aged male wizard said, “The International Confederation of Wizards is still discussing it. But the candidates have been determined, which are within our expectations.”

Some other wizards laughed, “The judgment is very accurate. The people they pick are all carved out of the same mold.”

“Unsteady stance, unremarkable views, insensitive thinking, incapable of changing the status quo, and well-recognized manipulator. Isn’t he the perfect candidate?”

The wizards present all chuckled,

Marshall tapped the table lightly, “Don’t let your guard down, Lynch. Send someone to make sure there are no accidents.”

A slightly younger wizard nodded.

After a few more instructions, few people talked about the future course of action, and their voices became lower.

“We need to build civil trust. Let’s reel in the big fish.”

“We need to watch out for backlash from those people.”

“Let’s make a list and check them out one by one.”

“These are good, but should the British choose the Malfoy family?”

“Let’s wait for now, and there will be more news soon.”

A group of people discussed the “suitable candidate” in their mouths in low voices. After arriving at a satisfactory answer, Ms. Marshall took a deep breath and said, “Then it leaves him.”

The word “him” seemed to have magic power, and the atmosphere in the conference room suddenly became stiff.

The discussion stopped. After a long time, a middle-aged wizard thought about it and said, “Cyril, are we really going to do this?”

Marshall glanced at him, lowered her eyes, and said in a calm voice, “This is something that has been decided long ago.”

“But…” Many people showed hesitation.

Marshall raised her hand to support her slightly tilted hat and said in a flat tone, “The meaning of our existence is to eliminate all unstable factors.”

“The real question is, will it work?”

“I don’t know if it is until we did it. Okay, raise your heads and stick to the original plan,” Marshall stood up, “I have to meet someone.”


In The British Ministry of Magic, the Department of International Magical Co-operation on the fifth basement floor has recently opened up a new area, the United Kingdom Office of the United Wizards Guard.

At this moment, Cornelius Fudge was on his way to his office, accompanied by his secretary and a wizard.

Stopping in front of the gate with the wand crossed with the knight’s sword, Fudge turned around and said, “James, when this new Department was established, I knew you were going to be the one who ran it. Frankly speaking, I wanted you to be appointed to take over as the head of the Auror office after Kingsley was promoted, but there have been no vacancies in the Department recently, and you are forever buried as an ordinary Auror.”

James smiled, “I think that Aurors are okay for me. Everyone is the same, and I am willing to shine in any position in any capacity.”

“Of course, of course, every Auror deserves respect. James, you should use your abilities more. I think the head of the UK office for the United Wizards Guard’s position is very suitable for you.”

“Thank you for your appreciation, Minister. But I think there are still many members of the Ministry who have more experience and competence than me for that position.”

“I understand,” Fudge smiled again, “James, the social security of the British wizarding world depends on you.”

“I will try my best.”

After Fudge and his secretary left, James took a deep look, opened the door, and walked in. Several people were waiting for him inside.

“Mr. James Potter?” A person came up.

“Yes, I will be in charge of the new office from now on.” James shook hands with him.

While listening to his introduction and flipping through the information, James nodded from time to time and asked a few questions from time to time.

After a while, the wizard named Paulsen finished his introduction, and James looked at him, “Mr. Paulsen, so you’re saying we need to add five more people?”

“That’s right, according to past experience, the offices are equipped with at least fifteen team members to deal with various situations. Of course, we also need to have a group of civil staff.”

James nodded, “I see you have experience in it. I will let you do the selection for the team.”

Paulsen scratched his cheek and said, “Mr. Potter, you are the person in charge now, and I’ll leave the team selection to you. I will be in charge of daily affairs and provide some support.”

James glanced at him, then raised his brows slightly and said with a smile, “Okay, then it’s settled. We can cooperate more in the future.”

“Of course.”

The two smiled and shook hands again.

When the ten team members went out to familiarize themselves with their positions, James waved his wand. A silver stag ran out from the tip of the wand.

Jaime waved his wand again and said a few words to his Patronus, and the stag bounced through the wall and disappeared into thin air.


That night, Sean got the latest news from the British Ministry of Magic from Bellatrix.

“Harry’s father is the person in charge of the United Kingdom Office of the United Wizards Guards?” Sean lay on the bed pondering the latest news.

It was something he hadn’t expected.

According to his and Hermione’s speculation, one or several mysterious people behind the United Wizards Guard control everything, and they are likely to have malicious intentions.

It is impossible for them to know nothing about Dumbledore’s circle. After all, if they want to do something in the UK, they will have to face Dumbledore.

The Potter family has a close relationship with Dumbledore. Although neither party has made a public statement, they have not deliberately concealed it.

And now, such an important position has been handed over to James without any problem. This can almost be said to be handed over to Dumbledore’s hand.

If those people wanted to make some small moves through the office, it would be impossible to hide it from their new head of the office. Basically, they declared that their small moves would be fully revealed in front of Dumbledore’s eyes.

Sean frowned and muttered.

Unless he and Hermione’s judgments are all wrong, the United Wizards Guard is dedicated to the people and wants to change the wizarding world’s bad condition. They really want to fight for more rights and interests for ordinary wizards. Therefore, it is only natural that the position was given to James.

Sean narrowed his eyes. Bellatrix also mentioned in the message that Fudge directly employed James, and he just had a discussion meeting with several senior officials of the Ministry of Magic.

This is not in line with the situation, especially since the news that Dumbledore is dissatisfied with Fudge has already spread in the UK. According to Fudge’s character, he will not think about repairing their relationship.

If Fudge is forced to do so, it means that James’ appointment is intentional. But Sean still doesn’t understand why they would put Dumbledore’s confidant in such an important position.

A few days later, Sean got a news.

(The United Wizards Guard hit a strike! Jobs Aiken, the uncle of the current head of the Aiken family in France, was arrested in his villa for an illegal business performed fifteen years ago!)

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Published On: November 14, 2023

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