After five full hours, at twelve o’clock that night, Sean left Grindelwald’s office with drooping eyelids.

Grindelwald followed behind and then stopped behind the door. He smiled and looked at Sean. He said with a relaxed and comfortable tone, “Judging from your performance today, this lesson probably only needs to last a week. If, of course, you can keep that pace.”

Sean’s mouth twitched. Before coming here, he thought about what kind of teaching method Grindelwald might use, but it turned out that he was wrong.

No one would deny Sean’s talent and learning ability, even with the most modest and cautious description. Even from Hermione’s perspective, Sean’s is excellent enough. He also considers himself as an intellectual person.

But Sean only understood it after the high-pressure learning environment of Nurmengard is completely a weakened and improved version of Grindelwald’s teaching method.

It was just chaos, he would input a lot of information to you every minute and every second, and then he would set goals for each time period based on your performance.

“Sean, I’ll give you a minute to describe in detail all the physical characteristics of this person.”

“Sean, I’ll give you three minutes now. How does the Transfiguration magic I just showed work?”

“Sean, I’ll give you ten minutes. Remember the casting posture of this spell. There must be no deviation.”

It keeps continuing. He will continue to set goals for Sean. If Sean completes well, then he will increase the difficulty of learning further. If Sean fails to meet his requirements, Grindelwald’s curse will fall on him.

It’s a kind of magic that makes your head explode but doesn’t make you feel any pain. You only feel that your drowsy head suddenly wakes up, and it spreads throughout your whole body.

Grindelwald will cast another healing magic to remove the negative effects of the curse just now. The effect is completely erased.

It was completely different from Dumbledore. Every action Grindelwald made, and every word he said was to squeeze Sean’s learning potential. It was physically and mentally painful, and the pressure was too great. But the effect was obvious. In just five hours, Sean gained a lot of progression.

According to Grindelwald, Sean needs to learn how to quickly construct the appearance of a character because it is impossible for him to copy the object for a long time before every transformation.

Sean nodded with blank eyes, “I will try my best, sir.”

Grindelwald showed a dissatisfied expression. He waved his wand casually, and the curse that Sean was familiar with fell on him again. Sean took a breath and suddenly recovered.

Grindelwald put his hands behind his back, and he raised his head, “Do your best? That’s your job. Haven’t you learned what that five-hour session is? You need to risk your life to do it.”

Sean still doesn’t know how to resist Grindelwald’s curse, so he can only nod helplessly, “Yes, sir. I will do my best.”

He will never let go of such a precious learning opportunity. He will do his best to absorb the contents from the most talented wizard in the world, even though it would be torturous.

Grindelwald continued, “Sean, it’s the age of passion and ignorance. Why don’t you act a little excited?”

“But the learning session is over, sir.”

“You have to let your teacher see your enthusiasm.”

“I will work harder and harder! I will definitely live up to your expectations!”

“Very good, very energetic.” Grindelwald nodded with satisfaction and then closed the door of the office.

“Now go back to sleep. Tomorrow is the same time and place, and the punishment will be doubled. Have a good dream and good night, kid.” Grindelwald’s voice came from behind the wooden door, and Sean froze in place.

Sean staggered towards the lounge, then gritted his teeth.


A week later, on the tallest tower in Nurmengard, the entrance door to the terrace was open, and two people were standing outside.

The nights in Austria are still cold, but tonight, there is no wind, and the stars are bright. Grindelwald waved lightly, and suddenly, there was a strong wind.

“Let’s see,” he began, “What’s the name of that stupid professor at your school?”

Sean couldn’t even open his eyes. He didn’t answer the question but raised his wand. After a low incantation, his body became blurred, and he quickly grew up.

Sean grew taller, his hair grew longer and curly, and his hair color became light blonde. The original and elegant Ravenclaw uniform became a gorgeous robe.

Moments later, Gilderoy Lockhart stood amidst the wind.

The gust of wind gradually dissipated, and Lockhart showed his classic smile at Grindelwald.

“Mr. Grindelwald, please allow me to put forward a little reliable opinion on Nurmengard’s learning material. You should apply some of it from my books. If you like it, I can give you a full set of signed limited editions. Also, I wonder if you are interested in my full line of hair products?”

Grindelwald circled him with his arms around his chest and then said slowly, “There is no problem with the appearance details. But, Sean, your stupid professor didn’t dare to talk like that to me.”

‘Lockhart’ shrugged his shoulders, “But Professor Lockhart has this kind of characteristics in front of other people, including Professor Dumbledore.”

“I can see why he looks so annoying. Let’s talk about your performance now.” Grindelwald waved his hand.

He twisted for a while and changed back to Sean’s appearance.

“It feels good. There isn’t any problem with the change.” Sean said after thinking awhile.

Tonight is the night of the assessment given to him by Grindelwald. Sean needs to accomplish the goal of being able to transform smoothly in various environments. Despite the noisy situation, Sean’s transformation did not encounter any obstacles.

Grindelwald nodded and said slowly, “First of all, you are still not fast enough to cast the magic. A few meaningless magic power movements have wasted a lot of time—secondly, the eyes. I have to say. In addition to imitating his details, your eyes are still your own. You can’t hide from those Aurors with those eyes.”

“In the end, your understanding of objects is still bad, such as the stupid professor you just turned into. He is used to making various gestures when speaking. You should know that. But you have not shown anything with your right hand. He is used to raising his head and voice when speaking. Your voice just now was too low.”

Grindelwald tapped Sean on the head with his wand, pointing out his inadequacies. Sean completely ignored it and firmly memorized what he just said.

“Do you remember these points?”

“Yes, sir.” Sean nodded seriously, and then asked in confusion, “Is there anything else, sir?”

In the previous lesson, Grindelwald could always pick out dozens of problems in him. Most of which were important details that Sean himself didn’t notice. Today is less than the usual.

Grindelwald stood in front of him, staring at Sean expressionlessly. The appearance of him made Sean nervous, and the night wind seemed to be gradually blowing in.

In this increasingly frozen space, Grindelwald spoke slowly. His voice was emotionless, indifferent, and cold.

“Sean Wallup, you know what did you just do?”

The terrifying power that he had seen once before gradually emanated from the old man. Looking at Grindelwald in front of him, Sean gulped.

Grindelwald took a step forward slowly and brought his face closer, “Albus’s mastery in Transfiguration is far superior to mine. I exerted a lot of energy for the human body Transfiguration and created my own way of doing it. While you, Sean Wallup.”

He paused.

“Did you know what you just did?”

Sean froze for a moment. He suddenly saw a smile on Grindelwald’s face.

In an instant, the terrifying power dissipated. Grindelwald laughed and stretched out his hands, “You did a very good job, my child.”

Sean sighed in relief, and for some reason, he couldn’t help laughing too. The joyful laughter of the two reached the mountains of Austria. Grindelwald suddenly stretched out his hand, and Sean’s laughter was immediately stopped.

It wasn’t until Grindelwald laughed for a while and patted Sean on the shoulder with satisfaction that the spell was released.

He ignored Sean’s stare and said, “I prefer to enjoy this kind of pleasant moment alone. Don’t look at me with those eyes. You got a new magic, and I had time for myself alone. Fair deal, right?”

Sean rolled his eyes, “Isn’t sharing the things together make it better?”

“I’m a selfish person.”

The two looked at each other, and then the corners of their mouths raised.

Grindelwald took the lead and walked into the room. With his hands behind his back, he said with a smile, “Look, at least I’m better than Albus.”

Sean looked at him curiously, “Why do you say that, sir?”

“It’s not easy. If you think about it, if you want to master Albus’s level of Transfiguration, you have to learn at least for five years and rely on Albus’ careful teaching. But under the genius Grindelwald teaching, a profound, difficult, and uncommon magic only took a week.”

He straightened his posture proudly, “In terms of teaching, I am indeed better than him.”

Grindelwald returned to the office and casually leaned back on the chair, “There is only so much I can teach you. From now on, it will be about proficiency and magic power. Well, I haven’t asked you yet. How long can you last?”

He leaned on the desk, thought for a while, and said, “According to my intuition, there is no problem in lasting a whole day. Transfiguration will consume energy when casting the spell, and I just need to maintain the spell, which won’t use much magic power. Although your transformation technique consumes a lot, it is still within my control range.”

Grindelwald nodded, “It’s good enough. Well, I will come to you in half a year and double the lesson. All the problems I mentioned just now should’ve been fixed. If you fail to do so, you will be at your own risk.”

Sean shrugged, “Deal.”

Grindelwald clapped his hands with satisfaction, then stood up and walked to the shelf on the other side. After searching for something, he handed over a thick book and a key.

“It records some spells that schools don’t teach. I don’t have the heart to teach you these kinds of stuff myself. So learn them by yourself.”

Sean licked his lips excitedly and took it over. The book Grindelwald was talking about was not a simple thing. It was such a book that some people read it before graduation.

He looked at the brass key. This thing was only the size of a thumb with a faint luster shining on it.

Sean asked, “What is this for, sir?”

“A small toy from an alchemist. This key has an unlocking spell solidified on it. It can open most door locks and can also break a lot of anti-curse and alarm spells. It is quite useful in some situations. You can have it.”

Sean quickly put away his things.

Grindelwald sat back casually and said relaxedly, “Oh, yes, after you go back to Hogwarts, you can use the Vanishing Cabinet freely. Come find me or you when you are free and meet up with the members of the Golden Dawn. The name is a bit mediocre in my taste.”

Sean scratched his head embarrassingly. He is indeed a person who is bad when it comes to naming things, which cannot be refuted.

The two ended the practice after a few talks, and by the time Sean ate breakfast the next day, his attention had shifted from his newly mastered magic to the news that had just been reported.

(United Wizards Guard is officially formed.)

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Published On: November 14, 2023

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