The entire European wizarding world has been a little impetuous due to recent events. Time passed bit by bit, and many people have started their move.

In most people’s eyes, the United Wizards Guard, which can be called “unrealistic” in most people’s eyes, is really about to be established.

Many wizards who have been famous for a long time have stood up and supported this new organization. Some wizard organizations have also expressed their expectations for it in various ways, and their voices are getting louder and louder.

Gradually, official personnel began to appear in newspaper reports.

The leader of the Ministry of Magic’s Broom Regulatory Control in France, Soledette Pax, publicly stated that establishing the United Wizards Guard will greatly benefit the future development of the entire wizarding world.

Matthew Peck, the new chairman of the British Ministry of Magic’s Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, also expressed his expectations for this emerging organization in an interview.

For an international organization that is about to be established, the International Confederation of Wizards expressed a weird reaction.

The function of the International Confederation of Wizards is similar to that of the United Nations, but it only has the right to speak politically and has no forces. They override the Ministries of Magic of various countries, and their main task is to hold accountable the institutions of various countries that do not implement the “Secrecy Statute” perfectly.

As for the United Wizards Guard, a member of the confederation once revealed to reporters in private that the members of the confederation were also promoting the establishment of this new organization.

The reason is simple, they want to control this force in their own hands and let the confederation have the law enforcement power it deserves.

Under the turbulent currents from all walks of life, Sean is getting rid of distracting thoughts and devoting himself to an intense study. He completed the task Grindelwald assigned to him at the beginning of the academic exchange and learned all the spells on the parchment.

At this time, the Hogwarts exchange students had come to Nurmengard for nearly four months. During this short period of time, the students had already adapted to the relatively high-pressure learning environment of Nurmengard.

The most intuitive thing is that almost every student’s combat ability has been greatly improved. Naturally, Sean didn’t need to say much. In the last duel training class, he couldn’t find any opponents.

From the first grade to the seventh grade, from Hogwarts to Nurmengard, Sean almost challenged them all. His tricky spells and tricky plans made his opponents suffer.

Under the circumstances that Sean deliberately did not use his Obscurus power and his magical animal. Many students in the seventh and sixth grades won the duel, but they were also injured a lot in the end.

As long as you beat Sean, he will definitely come to you again in the next class.

“Senior, I benefited a lot from the duel last time. Please forgive me for holding myself back. How about we do it again?”

He always put on a very polite appearance, but once he got to the duel ring, all kinds of insidious tricks emerged one after another.

What’s even more irritating is that the his spell knowledge grows too fast. A spell that could work against him before will not work well the second time and may even be learned by himself.

Even if you win the second time, he will definitely go for the third time on you. Under such circumstances, Sean became a dueling maniac in the eyes of senior students.

It was a pity that Sean could only sigh regretfully when he heard about this and then went to practice with the members of Golden Dawn. In this way, he also gradually mastered the spells that Grindelwald gave him, and he could get what he had promised before.

A powerful Transfiguration exclusively from Gellert Grindelwald.

“What grade did Hogwarts start teaching human body Transfiguration?” Grindelwald asked in the office.

He wore a brown-red wizard robe today and didn’t bring any teaching materials. He just smiled and looked at Sean opposite him.

Sean turned his head and recalled, “I remember it was in the sixth grade, and you need to pass the O.W.L. Professor McGonagall only accepts students with E and O grades in the exam.”

Grindelwald nodded thoughtfully, “Professor McGonagall is really tolerant.”

In Nurmengard, only those who have obtained an O rating can continue their advanced studies in this subject.

“Have you learned that step by yourself?” Grindelwald continued to ask.

Sean shook his head and replied, “No, Professor McGonagall said that this is very dangerous magic, and the Ministry of Magic has regulations that you must pass the ordinary wizard-level exam before you can continue to study.”

Grindelwald waved his hand indifferently, “Don’t care about the regulations of the Ministry of Magic. You have mastered the content from the second to fifth grade all by yourself. Also, you speak like Albus, which is kind of annoying.”

As he said that, he imitated Dumbledore’s tone and shook his head seriously, “Gellert, Transfiguration is difficult. Then, after saying this, he showed me a Transfiguration spell before me, turning the floor debris into a giant just as he was about to graduate.”

Sean smiled along with him.

“Okay, let’s get back to the topic,” Grindelwald changed his sitting position while joking, “How much do you know about human body Transfiguration?”

Sean thought it over before slowly answering, “Not much, I have seen it in senior textbooks, and this kind of magic is rarely mentioned in textbooks. I heard from senior students that the spell they studied most of them turn one of their bodies into inanimate objects, such as shields.”

“But few people use them in actual combat. After all, when the shield is hit hard, and you transform back, your body will also be injured. Some students feel that it is not very practical.”

Grindelwald said, “Human body Transfiguration should be used to adapt to the situation. For example, if you have no time to avoid a spell and if you can’t even cast a defensive spell, that spell is a weapon that can greatly reduce your damage. Of course, I’m just telling you about certain scenarios. Generally speaking, people who use this kind of are tricky.”

After speaking, he took out his wand and waved it, and then one of his hands became smooth and white, exactly the same as Sean’s.

He moved his deformed hand to Sean’s side, “During the development of wizards for so many years, human body Transfiguration is the highest category of accidents. Many monsters and magical animals have originated from the failure of this Transfiguration Spell, which makes many people stay away from this spell and dare not to study it in depth.”

“And it’s true. In history, the fanatics who studied this magic have almost no useful information except for leaving a mess for later generations.”

Sean glanced at his arm and asked curiously, “Sir, how did you avoid this risk?”

Grindelwald pointed to his head, “Do you think that I summed up the failed experience of previous people and came up with a set of safe practice methods for this spell?”

“You didn’t?” Sean was a little puzzled.

Grindelwald leaned back on his chair and laughed loudly, “Sean, if Dumbledore stood in front of you and told you humbly that his current achievements are all due to the exploration of the people before him, would you believe it? “

“It’s definitely not just the experience of those who came before.” Sean shook his head.

“That’s right, the experience of those is precious. But wizards who took it must have something in common.” Grindelwald blinked, “They are all geniuses that happen once in a century.”

Sean nodded in agreement with him.

Grindelwald waved his wand casually. His hand was constantly changing, slender, thick, and thin, and various forms switched smoothly without hindrance.

“For example, my talent is destined to stand at the top of the wizarding field,” Grindelwald said with a serious face, “When others are struggling with how to cast a spell accurately and quickly, I have already begun to explore ways to improve this spell, and cheated my way.”

Sean looked over suspiciously.

Grindelwald smiled at him, “I am a Seer, you know?”

“It does have some limitations. If you don’t pay a huge price, the future you see will be vague and difficult to interpret, but some things can be understood with just a glance.”

“For example, today I will conduct an extremely dangerous human body Transfiguration experiment, so I will take a look unto the future. If something about killing and disorder appears in my vision, it proves that what I’m about to do is wrong, and I will turn into something else.”

Sean opened his mouth slightly, and he finally came to his senses.

In his impression, Seers usually foretells major events that will happen in the future or the trend of the entire era. It sounds weird to use it to predict one’s magic experiment’s success or failure, but it seems reasonable.

He smiled triumphantly, “People who have this ability and use it carefully, in my opinion, is a joke. Just treat it as the most basic tool for a wizard. What’s more, my talent is barely can be said to be good enough. I only need to eliminate some wrong answers in the early stage, and I can make solid progress in telling what will happen later. After that, things will be much easier.”

Grindelwald stood up and said with a smile, “I just want to tell you the truth about how talented I am. When you mention Gellert Grindelwald to others when I die, you must remember to say it in the best way possible.”

Sean smiled and nodded, “I will, sir.”

Grindelwald stood up in satisfaction and waved his hand to summon a mirror, “Now, the real lesson is about to start. Sean, come and stand here.”

Sean walked over and stood in front of the huge mirror. The mirror was so huge that it included both of them inside.

“Look at me,” Grindelwald in the mirror stood up straight with his hands behind his back, “What did you see?”

Sean looked into the mirror. Inside, he stood with Grindelwald, who was a head taller than himself. His silver hair and short beard lined his masculine face. Even the years did not deprive him of it.

“I see you look very relaxed, and your overall appearance is pretty attractive. You must have been handsome at your age, right?”

“Do you need to flatter me? Stop talking nonsense and keep talking.”

“You have a beard on the side of your cheek that isn’t good-looking.”

Grindelwald raised his eyebrows, “Do you want a duel with the first Dark Lord now?”


Sean observed carefully and then described his entire appearance in great detail according to Grindelwald’s request.

“Almost. Your observation is indeed good,” Grindelwald said, “I let you observe to let you understand that my Transfiguration and normal Transfiguration magic are not the same concept.”

“Why do you say that?” Sean asked puzzled.

He thought that Grindelwald’s Transfiguration technique, which could freely transform into another person’s appearance, was similar to basic Transfiguration magic. But he learned and strengthened this ability with effort.

Grindelwald explained, “This ability allows you to change the shape of your face freely, but what this ability uses is not the Transfiguration technique, but the special magic power in your blood. It doesn’t need to be learned, and it only takes years and months to be able to master one’s own ability proficiently. My Transfiguration is derived from the Human Transfiguration, and it is essentially a branch of Transfiguration.”

After Xiao En digested it for a while, he continued, “I want you to observe, to let you understand that my technique must first regard the transformed object as a whole and cannot ignore any aspect when transforming, or it will fail badly.”

“Let’s do the most basic training first,” said Grindelwald, waving his wand, and he turned into a wizard Sean had never seen before, “I’ll give you a minute. After careful observation, tell me everything about this man’s physical features.”

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Published On: November 11, 2023

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