Dumbledore will definitely notice that after his father wins the election, he will talk to the new minister about the recent murder, and his father will be more cautious.

Dumbledore will even find he was being manipulated, and all the plans will be exposed. Leaving years of work and preparation to ruin.

Barty broke out in a cold sweat. His fear did not stem from the possible rupture of his relationship with his father, but he was worried and afraid that his Master’s plan would encounter trouble.

Thinking of this, Barty immediately bowed and apologized, “I didn’t think it through, master.”

Evan had a large dent in his head and leaned down constantly, begging for forgiveness.

Sean glanced at the two and said, “From now on, think before you act. Understand?”

“Yes, thank you for your kindness, master.”

Sean looked around at the Death Eaters again and said coldly, “The critical period of the plan should be put a little thought.”

He turned into a black mist and left Malfoy Manor.

After Sean left, the Death Eaters were still bowing respectfully. This scene turned awkward in the living room, where the atmosphere had dropped to freezing point.

After a long time, they raised their heads. While checking their colleagues’ expressions, they secretly calmed down their heartbeats and put their masks back.

The Death Eaters originated from Tom Riddle’s influence. Purebloods are attracted by their ideas and convinced by their strength. Of course, their Master is getting stronger and stricter under his watchful eyes.

It is not uncommon for them to have seen Death Eaters who were punished or even lost their lives for saying or doing wrong things. After their Master returned to a brand new body this time, they could clearly feel it was getting rougher.

He was a bit different. His irritable mind calmed down, his thoughts returned to his earlier sharpness, and his deeds grew more and more elusive.

However, the cruelty did not ease. After only two meetings, Dolohov had been turned into ashes, and several people suffered terrible torture.

As servants, it should be a blessing for their Master to see them is still useful, but it means that they will have to be more cautious when facing him in the future. Many people have already sighed secretly in their hearts.

Bellatrix crossed her arms, imitating Sean’s way of scanning around the crowd, and finally sneered, “Master is strong, and sometimes he doesn’t care about certain things. I’m different. As his most loyal servant, I am obliged to do the little things he hasn’t done.”

She paced slowly in the living room, carefully looked at everyone’s eyes, and finally said, “You are under the eyes of the Master. He gave you a second chance, don’t waste it. Otherwise, I will personally do what Master did to Dolohov.”

No one said anything more. They looked at each other for the last time and Apparated away.


When Sean came out of the Vanishing Cabinet and returned to the Hogwarts lounge, he stretched and muttered, “Well, they’re somewhat useful, I guess.”

He found that when he imitated Tom’s threat to the Death Eaters, all his movements were natural as if he were him.

“Do I really have the potential to be a Dark Lord?” Sean complained to himself, shaking his head and going down the stairs.

In the stone corridor behind him, Grindelwald looked in the direction Sean left with a smile on his face. He heard Sean muttering to himself, and the arc of the corner of his mouth became sinister.

With a smile, he returned to the office.

Dumbledore was leaning on the wooden railing in the room and looking at the dark night sky outside.

Grindelwald casually returned to his chair, sat down, and said casually, “Do you have any information?”

Dumbledore turned his head, his brows frowned slightly, “I’ve found out a little bit, although it’s not all, but those people all have the background.”

“What? Is it the United Wizards Guard?” Grindelwald sneered.

Dumbledore nodded, “Their determination to promote the movement’s establishment is beyond my imagination. Burke’s charges have been concluded, but he has not been sent to Azkaban yet.”

Grindelwald picked up the newspaper on the table and casually flipped through it, “What tricks can there be? I think the Burkes are willing to support the establishment of the Guards in exchange for his freedom. Think about it, the result came so quickly, and others thought Fudge was forced by public pressure. Would it be possible for him to meet them before? After all, if there is no outside force intervening, this and his defeat in the election is almost a certainty.”

Dumbledore sighed, “Fudge has been too anxious recently.”

“Of course, does he look like a wizard? He’s more of a politician like those in the Muggle world.”

“But now the British Ministry of Magic is just a microcosm, and the force behind that movement is almost beyond my imagination. Gellert, have you seen the news lately?”

Facing Dumbledore’s suspicion, Grindelwald snickered and then said in a somewhat dissatisfied tone, “Albus, you forgot what I said before?”

Dumbledore didn’t speak, but a sorry look appeared on his face.

“Prove it to me, prove that you no longer want to ruin the “Secrecy Statute”, prove that you no longer target the official forces of the wizarding world.”

Grindelwald lowered his voice and crossed his legs on the table, “Albus, for that prophecy, I gave up my goal and started to gain your trust. I huddled here, becoming a headmaster who is as ridiculous as you in the castle. I thought that after all these years, we have at least become comrades-in-arms again, and you’re still doubting me now?”

Dumbledore was silent for a moment, and before he could speak, Grindelwald began to continue, “In the past so many years, you were not even willing to say a few words to me except when it was necessary. You only gradually got back in touch with me after Sean started his school, and that was when I helped you get rid of Tom Riddle.”

Grindelwald strangely spread his hands and raised his brows, “I thought I won back your trust, but it seems this all for Sean?”

Dumbledore sighed, rubbed his temples with a headache, and finally slowed down his voice, “I admit it and apologize to you, Gellert. I shouldn’t doubt you.”

Grindelwald’s dissatisfied expression disappeared suddenly, and he changed his face, “Well, I forgive you. Hell, I should’ve recorded your apology to me.”

Dumbledore shook his head helplessly, “Speaking of business, Gellert. You have more sources of information than I do outside of England.”

Grindelwald spread his hands, “When you become a principal, I could only rely on more people working with me. I can only do my best. After all, your old friend is no longer the Dark Lord.”

“They have made a lot of movement, and our investigation is going slow. The question now is what their purpose is.”

Grindelwald put away his casual expression. He held his chin, thought for a while, and then said, “It’s fairly simple since they are all leftovers from my years of leadership. In fact, the purpose will be revealed when the people behind the scenes reveal their identities.”

“What is their purpose? It is obviously their right in the world. Like my Alliance, Except for mine back then, none of the official wizarding forces in the world has pulled up decent support, and they wouldn’t dare to do anything.”

Dumbledore nodded, “If they have enough momentum, it will be very troublesome.”

Grindelwald snapped his fingers, “It depends on what they want to do. Obviously, they don’t want to fulfill my old wish. Although they arrest several pure-blood families, they want to win the people’s hearts. In my opinion, there is a high probability that they will suppress any information about the movement and completely infiltrate the Ministry of Magic.”

Dumbledore frowned. Grindelwald’s thoughts coincided with his.

“Their ideas are similar to mine back then, but the way they view the world is different.” Grindelwald said.

Dumbledore glanced at him with a disdainful expression and said in a deep voice, “We must consider whether there are deeper forces behind them, such as those whose identity has not yet been identified.”

Grindelwald knew he was talking about the mysterious person who stole the key to the Misty Land. He narrowed his eyes, “It would be easier to focus on the prophecy. We know far more information than them, and the key to the prophecy is still the same. You should see what the kid has been up to lately.”

Dumbledore showed a smile at this moment, “Sean? Gellert, promise me, don’t brainwash your ideas into his head, alright?”

Grindelwald shrugged innocently, “You don’t really think of him as a kid in the second grade, do you? He is mature and knows how to filter out good and bad. If you see my shadow in him, it means that he’s just doing what’s best for himself.”

“Alright,” Dumbledore shook his head, “I have to talk to Fudge again. The United Wizards Guard is a time ticking bomb.”

“The two of us have been the principal and studied the prophecy for so many years. They should have started to move. The few fires I set off back then burned some of their interests, but after all these years, they want to take these things back. Albus, think about it, if the movement is established, do we want to make a move as well?”

“Yes,” Dumbledore smiled self-deprecatingly, “We are the two people who could stop it, but…”

Grindelwald raised his eyebrows, “Are you still hesitant because of your tolerance and peace now? Albus, no wonder you asked me to deal with Riddle. You were not cruel enough.”

Dumbledore’s eyes flickered slightly under the lens, “There are times when something can’t be solved easily. I must admit, my weaknesses are far more than they imagined.”

Grindelwald paused, sat up straight, and looked at him, “The great Albus Dumbledore, please lead the way to your victory.”

“If only I could see.”

The two finally spoke a few words, and Dumbledore left Nurmengard. In the office, Grindelwald looked up at the dazzling ornate chandelier.

“The great Albus Dumbledore has many weaknesses, eh?” Grindelwald chuckled.

There was a long silence. Grindelwald got up and walked to his lounge. The lights went out, and his murmurs were left in the room.

“Sometimes, weakness makes us stronger.”


One night, he was a ruthless Dark Lord, and the next day, he became a student with a strong thirst for knowledge. Sean felt quite natural about the transition between his two identities.

However, the atmosphere in the school has changed. Fabian often stares at Sean when they meet, and more and more reports are in the newspapers.

The students are all discussing whether any major event will happen. Sean and Hermione have already judged the culprit of these events through the information, it’s the United Wizards Guard.

With the constant arrests of pure-blood wizards, they haven’t noticed that none of the arrested have been sentenced. The news about the United Wizards Guard has also started to pop out one after another.

Most of them are about a certain wizard defeating a dark wizard, saving a troubled gentleman or lady, or heroically facing the purebloods.

Many whistleblowers who exposed the illegal activities of pure-blood wizards bravely stood up. Coincidentally, they were all related to the United Wizards Guard.

Under such circumstances, the voices in favor of the establishment of the Guards are getting louder and louder. The Ministry of Magic from various countries has changed from “discussing it in the future” to “under consideration”.

The tide is starting to pick up.

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Published On: November 11, 2023

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