“What about our minister?” Sean asked with a smile.

Barty followed with a sneer, “Fudge is the same as always. Burke had his help when he was in office. For the election in July, he wants to get all the help and any extra Galleons that can attract votes.”

“At that time, Fudge tried to use his influence to suppress it, but it was clear that the people who planned it were not prepared to make it easy for him, and five minutes later, the Daily Prophet reporter was at the ministry.”

“The situation was exposed too quickly. Even though the Burke family has some power and wealth, they have no time to maneuver. Herbert Burke has now been imprisoned in the temporary supervision room.”

Sean stroked Naja lightly and said casually, “Who planned it? Have you checked it?”

Barty quickly lowered his head, “Please forgive my incompetence, Master. I haven’t found it yet, if you would give me more time to- “

Sean waved his hand and interrupted him, “Barty, I don’t like to listen to this weak, empty nonsense. The Ministry of Magic’s control is our top priority. Do you understand what I mean?”

“Yes, Master. I will eliminate all opposition forces before you enter the Ministry of Magic.” Barty said respectfully.

“Very well, I believe you will not disappoint me.”

After finishing speaking, Sean looked at Regulus again. He raised the corners of his mouth slightly, slowly raised his head, and stared at Regulus with a faint smile.

“Master?” Regulus looked at him calmly, showing a little fear appropriately.

Sean laughed suddenly, and all the Death Eaters on the court tensed up. No one knew if the next second he would raise his wand and take the life of one of them.

Most people could see that Regulus had done something to displease the Dark Lord. A few people around him had begun to shift their positions slowly.

“Regulus, how long have we known each other?” Sean asked slowly.

Regulus even lowered his head, “It has been sixteen years, Master. During these years, I feel more and more that joining the Death Eaters was the right choice. Only you can lead us to the end.”

Sean laughed, then turned to look at Lucius again, “What about you, my friend?”

Lucius gulped, he didn’t expect that he would also be the subject of questioning, and he was ordered to investigate about the French Association with Regulus in the last meeting.

There is a problem in France. The news of the Master’s return has likely been leaked. Of course, Lucius didn’t dare to do such a thing, so there is a high probability that Regulus is the guy who betrayed the Death Eaters.

After thinking about all this, Lucius replied respectfully, “I heard about your greatness when I was at Hogwarts. I join the Death Eaters as soon as I graduate. It has been twenty-one years, and in the future, I will always prove my loyalty to you.”

Sean held his forehead noncommittally and said in a playful tone, “Look at my two loyal and reliable friends. It’s really touching.”

Regulus and Lucius buried their heads lower, not daring to say another word.

He has always had a good impression of the current head of the Black family. According to the information he got, there is a high probability that he has other plans because he has not left the Death Eaters.

He did not use life to replace a Horcrux of Voldemort, probably because of the intervention of Grindelwald and Dumbledore.

Sean didn’t know if Regulus was the one who revealed the news to France. If so, he would definitely notify him to turn back around to Dumbledore’s side. If he’s not, it proves that he doesn’t betray Tom.

Of course, his face had no warm smile, and the gloomy and stern expressions were still the main ones.

“Regulus, Lucius,” Sean licked his lips, “Do you have anything to say? About the task I gave you at the last meeting.”

“Master, please believe that none of us would do that, ” the two hurriedly said.

Sean smiled, “So you can still sit here and talk to me, but what about the task? Don’t you think you should give me an explanation?”

Regulus and Lucius looked at each other and said quickly, “Lucius and I have just re-established contact with the Aiken family. We have made preparations and have not done anything to expose your information. I told them that Bellatrix temporarily leads the Death Eaters, and there will be new cooperation content in the future. But Mr. Aiken is a sly fox, and he has sensed you already return.”

Mr. Aiken noticed Voldemort’s return, which was within Sean’s expectations. But he couldn’t know what he did to his son. Normally, Mr. Aiken would hold this grudge to the Death Eater. However, the information that Sean and Voldemort were “the same person” was not disclosed.

After all, snatching other people’s bodies for their own use is unbelievable.

Sean glanced at everyone present and raised his eyebrows slightly.

He looked at Regulus and Lucius, who were half kneeling, “I’ll give you half a month and give me a satisfactory answer. Don’t let me down. This is your last chance.”

The two breathed a sigh of relief and replied in unison, “Thank you for your kindness.”

Sean waved his hand to signal them to return to their places.

The conversations of the Death Eaters were basically the same. The main task was to infiltrate the Ministry of Magic, and the secondary task was to investigate those dark wizards who would never support the Dark Lord.

All kinds of cold laughter are always indispensable in the conversation. Sean began to shake his head silently after listening to them continuously.

The plan to infiltrate the Ministry of Magic is quite smooth. Barty is smart in planning and executing them. As for the tasks that other people are responsible for, just hearing what they do makes his head shake.

Simple, rough, without details, often talking about the so-called “glory of the pure blood”. It’s really strange that this group of people can be formed together.

But Sean didn’t have the heart to help them improve their plans. In his eyes, most of the Death Eaters present were cannon fodder.

When the meeting ended, a wizard said, “My lord, I was wondering if I could do something while the Old Barty Crouch was running for the office.”

Sean turned his head to look, and the wizard licked his lips excitedly.

Evan Rosier, a dark wizard who joined the Death Eaters in the early days. He came from the Rozier family. He looked cruel and cold.

When he got the information about the Death Eaters, Sean investigated that the Rosier family in England seemed to be a branch of the Rosier family in France. Evan Rosier and Vinda Rosier certainly had a connection between the two.

But he knew from Grindelwald that the Rosier families from two different countries had lost contact a long time ago. Only the family tree still has information about each other, and the Rosier family in France is Grindelwald’s follower.

Sean raised his eyebrows and turned his head with interest, “Let’s hear it, Evan.”

“Master, I have an idea. You will eventually rule this world, and the name of the Death Eaters will shock everyone. I think it’s time to release some news about us.”

“Go on.” Sean said blankly.

“During the election in July, the work of the Ministry of Magic will inevitably focus on the transfer of power between the new and old ministers. We can use this time to create an incident.”

“Let us Death Eaters appear in this world. Old Barty’s voting is almost certain, and there was a major murder after he took office. We can randomly find two dead bodies to send over so that Old Barty can quickly win people’s hearts and show his abilities.”

He looked at Barty with a smirk, “Barty then will use the Imperius Curse to control his father. The higher his father’s evaluation is, the more beneficial it will be for our future plans.”

Sean narrowed his eyes, then looked at Barty, “What do you think, Barty?”

Barty didn’t have any dissatisfaction. Instead, he licked his lips excitedly, “Not a bad plan. My stupid father values ​​reputation the most. We shall give him what he wants.”

Sean stroked Naja and asked calmly, “What about the target, Evan?”

“Of course, my master, I won’t waste your precious time,” Evan laughed nervously, “The Prewett family is a good choice.”

“Those two brothers, Gideon and Fabian Prewett, are ashamed to be listed with them as the Twenty-Eight Pure Blood Families. They have long since forgotten the glory of pure blood and are close to Muggles. They even have some Mudbloods in their families.”

Sean narrowed his eyes. Of course, he knew the Prewett family.

Evan continued, “Master, you probably don’t have time to care about these little things. The Prewett family’s youngest daughter married the Weasley family. The cheapest and most shameless one in the pure-blood family.”

The other Death Eaters also made contemptuous noises in unison.

“When the time comes, I will bring a few people with me and send the two to death. Not only will it help our plan, but it will also get rid of a dirty family.”

Sean laughed. The Death Eaters laughed wickedly along with him, Evan Rosier, especially having a good laugh.

However, they didn’t expect that he suddenly raised his wand, and Evan, who had been laughing, suddenly trembled, and his laughter turned into a mournful wail.

The scream made the living room suddenly silent, and everyone looked in horror at Sean, who suddenly stopped laughing and looked impatient. Evan’s screams lasted for a while before subsiding. He was panting on the floor.

“Master…” he called weakly.

Sean stood up slowly, stepped on Evan’s head expressionlessly, and said, “Stupid.”

He tapped his back with his wand and said in disgust, “Evan, is this your plan?”

“Master, I don’t know where I…”

Sean grabbed his hair and pulled his head up, “Evan, If you are not used to thinking with your own brain, then I can help you get rid of it.”

“Don’t! Master, I was wrong! I…” Evan’s eyes widened in horror, but he didn’t dare to make any resistance.

Sean snorted coldly and then smashed his head to the floor.

He glanced at the others, especially Barty, who had just agreed, until he was also trembling slightly and said, “Come on, Barty. Tell me, the important moment of the ministerial election and a murder case in the wizarding world appeared at such a coincidental time. Tell me, whose attention will it attract?”

Barty was stunned for a moment and finally came to his senses.


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Published On: November 6, 2023

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