Sean was far away in Nurmengard and learned of the news that night.

His father was the victim of a Magical Beast Hazard accident. Fortunately, the second Parasitic Monster was pulled out after only half a day in his father’s body. Nothing bad happened after that night.

A wizard named Jennings also apologized to Sean in the message. At that time, he discovered and reported the first Parasitic Monster to the Ministry of Magic, but he didn’t notice the second one in his father’s body.

Sean didn’t blame him for this. He also knew about the monster. This magical animal, which is native to southern France, is really difficult to find.

He heard that the Ministry of Magic is worried that there will be a third or fourth one. The Department of Regulations and Control of Magical Creatures, the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, and the Department of International Magical Co-operation have all dispatched a large number of wizards to deal with this situation.

Of course, this is not something Sean needs to care about now. He needs to figure out whether his father was involved in this accident. Was it an accident, or was someone deliberately targeting his family?

Dangerous magical animals that are a specialty of France are too sketchy, and everyone will suspect that was Fabian’s family’s doing.

“Sean, your letter.” The next day, Hermione handed over a letter.

“Thank you.” Sean quickly opened the letter and checked it.

His father received a more detailed examination, and his body has fully recovered. His family, including the maid and driver, have also been checked, and no parasite has been found. Sean was a little relieved and continued to check the next content.

He wrote back and asked his father to record the examination of the last few days and the detailed information of the first parasitized person, Bertrand Barnes, in order to deduce some useful information from it.

Hermione leaned over to him and read the letter together. After reading all the information, both of them frowned.

“From the information point of view, that Mr. Barnes is just an innocent victim. He and Mr. Wallup have no relationship in the past, and he chose your hospital only because his medical insurance is the same as yours.”

Sean nodded, “My father’s hospital inspection is a routine project every month. It should be easy to investigate, but the time is coincidental. If it is aimed at my family, the culprit can’t control Mr. Barnes when he goes to the hospital.”

Hermione spread her hands, “The most important thing is that if they want to deal with your family, they don’t have to choose such a complicated way. If it’s for concealment, Mr. Barnes himself has nothing special. The culprit can choose your father’s co-workers or someone else close to attack him.”

Sean thought for a while, then held his chin and said, “It seems that it is indeed just an accident. But what is the purpose of the culprit who smuggled in the monster? After absorbing enough energy, this thing will break open the human body.”

“This kind of accident can easily attract the attention of the Ministry of Magic. Although it is troublesome, it can still be dealt with after all.”

“Maybe to disrupt whatever’s happening right now? Like making this completely as an accident and the animal was smuggled.” Hermione analyzed various possibilities.

“Disrupting the situation huh? The monster is not good enough. Chimera and a dragon may be able to perform better. It is indeed possible to smuggle illegal magical animals, but the choice of that parasite monster is a bit strange.” Sean always felt that something was not right.

Discussing with Hermione for a while did not yield any results, and Sean always had a strange feeling.

Sean sent a signal through the Dark Mark and planned to hold another meeting this weekend to see if he could get some useful information from the Death Eaters.

However, the next day, he saw a piece of news from the newspaper.

“Herbert Burke, head of the British Ministry of Magic Department of Regulations and Control of Magical Creatures, has been arrested. It is reported that he did the Parasite Monster Incident in London. Herbert Burke has been arrested and investigated for multiple illegal acts of using his position in the past two decades.”

On the cover of The Wizarding World, a middle-aged man with a hazy face and wrinkled skin is being controlled by two Aurors.

Sean frowned.

This Herbert Burke is from the Burke family. It’s one of the pure-blood families and has a relationship with the Burkin Burke. He inherited his grandfather’s name, and Herbert Burke is Phineas Black’s son-in-law.

In several follow-up contacts with Bellatrix, she told Sean that Herbert Burke was one of the members who could be recruited to the Death Eaters. But he was tactful and cautious, and they needed to get in touch slowly to develop him into a Death Eater.

The news did not report Burke’s specific crime, but in the end, it was mentioned that his action might result in staying in Azkaban for several years.

The British Ministry of Magic is quite corrupt, and members of pure-blood families often possess considerable power and wealth. According to Bellatrix’s description, Herbert Burke is absolutely willing to use Galleons to buy the Ministry of Magic.

However, the development of the situation is even stranger than Sean expected.

In the next few days, the newspapers began to report the illegal incidents of wizards in various countries, and the whole of Europe was involved in it. Members of a pure-blood family in Bulgaria were imprisoned after being investigated for an old case of attacking Muggles years ago.

The director of the International Magic Co-operation Department of the Italian Ministry of Magic was dismissed due to his negligence. He is the head of a pure-blood family in Italy.

An ancient family in Greece that illegally brewed banned potions many years ago was exposed, and the Greek Ministry of Magic arrested more than a dozen family members for doing the same thing.

News like this followed one after another, and wizards were arrested almost every day, and all of these wizards came from pure-blood families without exception.

For a while, half-blood wizards and Muggle-born wizards from all over the world were very excited. In their view, this was a harbinger of reform in the wizarding world. Given those pure-blood wizards would not suffer much punishment even if they violated the law. At most, they were only fined.

Those upright and strict wizards about their laws began to appear in the newspapers—Sayaf Badley from Bulgaria, Lindsay Bizar from Italy, and Yasmin Kalaiannis from Greece.

These people have become heroes in the eyes of ordinary wizards, and there are supporters, most of whom hope that these people will get more powerful positions to ensure the fairness and justice of law enforcement.

Looking at it this way, it is indeed an encouraging thing. In today’s wizarding world, pure-bloods have too much power on hand, and arresting those wizards who rely on their power to do all kinds of bad things represents a good change.

However, Sean always felt that these things were not right. The spokespersons of the Ministry of Magic of various countries rarely expressed their opinions on such incidents, and most of them were perfunctory in their official statements.

The students in the school did not think so much, and they were excited by this. Once the situation where the pure-bloods control is taken over, they will be able to get more respect and fairness after graduating from school.

Because of this news, the atmosphere in Nurmengard was different.


On the weekend, outside Malfoy Manor, Grindelwald brought Sean again.

“Sir,” Sean didn’t go immediately but looked at him, who had already started to disappear, “Have you read the recent news?”

Grindelwald’s figure stopped, and he blinked at Sean, “Something wrong with it?”

“Yes, sir. Too weird, and there’s nothing good coming from the pure-blood family.”

“Well, it happens. Official organizations like the Ministry of Magic, no matter how corrupt and shameless they are, they have to do what they have to do.”

“You mean, those arrested lawbreakers can’t do anything about it?” Sean asked with a frown.

“That’s right, the matter has been put under the sun. If those people are not arrested, the people are just going to protest that all of the people who worked for the Ministry should be laid off.”

“What about the other pure-blooded families? Most of them are in everyone’s eyes. They’re coming for them, and it’s inevitable, right?”

Grindelwald smiled instead, “This situation is usually in line with your idea, Sean. Shouldn’t you be happy?”

“They should indeed be arrested,” Sean spread his hands, “but there are obviously bigger shadows behind. The situation would be like this by then, but now it’s not enough to arrest one or two pure-blood wizards. This will inevitably require long-term reformation since doing it all at once would stir things to chaos.”

“I’m glad you know this. It’s good to have you can think things maturely. However, I have one thing to say,” Grindelwald spread his hands, “Although I am strong, I am not a prophet. There is no way for me to know everything quickly since everything that happened always fluctuates and is inconsistent as time passes.”

“Indeed. I seem to be in a bit of a hurry and only a few clues are revealed now.” Sean laughed dumbly.

“The wheel of history is slowly moving, Sean. Try to be the person who controls the direction of the wheel.” Grindelwald smiled and disappeared in place.

The person who controls the wheel? Sean muttered to himself.

He shrugged with a smile and walked towards Malfoy Manor.

When he walked to the door, Sean’s expression became gloomy again. He waved his sleeves, turned into black smoke, and flew into the living room.

In the living room, the Death Eaters were already sitting upright, discussing the recent matter with their colleagues in low voices. When the smoke rushed into the living room, everyone shut their mouths and lowered their heads slightly.

The smoke rushed to the first seat and then turned into Sean’s original appearance.

“We meet again, my friends.” Sean smiled and stretched out his hands.

The Death Eaters put their hands on their chests together and lowered their heads, “I obey your call, my lord.”

“Let’s talk about something.”

Several Death Eaters swallowed their saliva. They could still remember Dolohov, who was reduced to ashes at the last meeting. Clearly, if the Dark Lord is unhappy, someone is going to be burned to death.

Looking at the trembling and startled crowd, Sean smiled slightly and said nothing more. He stroked the head of the Occamy comfortably, “Let’s talk about the recent things.”

“Yes.” Everyone nodded, and Bellatrix stood up first.

She feels that she is in a very good state recently. Her master has returned, and he trusts her more and more. She can even hear the intimacy when he calls her name in those few private talks.

Bellatrix bowed respectfully. She was dressed very grandly today. When she bent down, Sean could see the sparkling jewel embellishments on her linen top hat.

“Master, what you ordered me to do has been proceeding smoothly. Remember the person I mentioned before?” She showed a questioning look.

Sean knew that she was talking about Herbert Burke, so he nodded to signal her to continue.

“Burke has been arrested, and the progress of recruiting him as a member of us has been interrupted.”

“Tell me what he was arrested for.”

“Barty should understand more in detail.”

Sean looked at Barty, “My friend, can you tell me?”

“Yes, master.” Barty glanced at Bellatrix gratefully.

Bellatrix smiled slightly. There was not much expression on her beautiful face. She had already gained the complete trust of her master. It would not be a bad idea to give this opportunity to another Death Eater who was equally loyal to her master.

Barty quickly said, “I wasn’t there when Burke was arrested, but I knew all about the situation. During the investigation, the Aurors discovered that there was something strange about the parasitic monster. Every time this creature parasitized a person, it left an imprint of that person, and Burke has to take the animal away for disposal without the Auror’s suspicions. Until it was discovered that the parasite was brought into London in Burke’s body. “

“During the period of Burke’s investigation, there were continuous reports of his illegal activities during his regime by someone. There were a lot of people in the interrogation room at that time. He couldn’t do it even if Burke wanted to buy back his freedom with Galleon.”

“Who is that whistleblower?”

“Some Aurors have received these reports by an anonymous, but all of them are confirmed to be true.”

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